Improved blind fight

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Tactile Line Drawings for Improved Shape Understanding in Blind and Visually Impaired Users

116 views | 10 Oct. 2020




Athina Panotopoulou, Dartmouth College and Boston University

Xiaoting Zhang, Boston University

Tammy Qiu, Boston University

Xing-Dong Yang, Dartmouth College

Emily Whiting, Boston University

Members of the blind and visually impaired community rely heavily on tactile illustrations – raised line graphics on paper that are felt by hand – to understand geometric ideas in school textbooks, depict a story in children’s books, or conceptualize exhibits in museums. However, these illustrations often fail to achieve their goals, in large part due to the lack of understanding in how 3D shapes can be represented in 2D projections. This paper describes a new technique to design tactile illustrations considering the needs of blind individuals. Successful illustration design of 3D objects presupposes identification and combination of important information in topology and geometry. We propose a twofold approach to improve shape understanding. First, we introduce a part-based multi-projection rendering strategy to display geometric information of 3D shapes, making use of canonical viewpoints and removing reliance on traditional perspective projections. Second, curvature information is extracted from cross sections and embedded as textures in our illustrations.

Eduardo [Larry] Marín Silva

Interesting work. I assume that things like exploded views with explicit connection graphs was explored?

Improved blind fight

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PF:KM; Draconic Eldritch Scion/Dragon Disciple Build [UNMODDED]

4 361 views | 13 Sep. 2019

Welcome all! Brothermutant

Welcome all! Brothermutant here. Here, we continue in a series covering the various Bloodlines available to the Eldritch Scion class. I will make builds for each Bloodline, with the exceptions of only one for the Draconic and one for the Elemental bloodlines, in an attempt to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of each bloodline.

Further, I will attempt to show how the ARCANE bloodline is at least capable of competing with these other builds in ways you can't imagine.

So stay tuned as I talk about the Draconic Bloodlines, as well as Dragon Disciple, and what I feel they offer that other Magi can't compete with.

Jonathan Marsh

Love the format of the way you explain your builds mate. Subbed. Keep it up. (old vid i know but just now getting into it)


eldrich scion uses spell strike to cast the spell, you need to have 1 hand empty to do this otherwise you are just normally casting a spell

Alexander Magel

Nice video, i'll try this build.

The Irish Viking

would one of the aasimar heritages work well with this build?


Great build explained in a lot of detail. And I see you're making BG3 videos now. Subscribed.

nikola nesic

Nice build i wonder can i adept this to my 2h Magus/Dragon Disciple my stats are str 16 dex 14 con 14 int 12 wis 10 and cha 17

Improved blind fight

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Cumtown Blind rights and Nicks improved Bleacher Report

11 154 views | 14 Dec. 2020

the fellas believe blind

the fellas believe blind pedos are lucky and how the bleacher report would be better with a closer ANALysis

emf 303

Smart Guy was B.E.T. Doogie Howser.

James Brincefield

This is going to go down as one of the greats.


That's a hell of a Pepsi challenge.

Chris Alan

youtubes comment filter is as bad as the neopets message board

Seth O'Shields

I've heard that an early symptom of adult onset blindness is becoming gay.


This is gonna get taken down pretty quick unfortunately

Dapper Dill

Supreme Court is that like Supreme the brand because that is fucking tight.

Free Bee

the other one keeps laughing way too much for something that isnt that funny

Talking Head

Subscribe for more bits and madlibs from Nick and the other guys. Also when is big man Ian coming back?