Is it bad to squeeze pores on nose

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Nasal Hummus: Squeezing Out The Nose Pores

196 918 views | 27 Jul. 2017

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beez kneez, jennie

Oof, I just did this after coming home from school and ugh it felt gross but very satisfying

Ginger Ninja

I tried this for 15 minutes but my skin just doesn’t do it. Small pores and almost no sebum. :(

GothicKingDee JFS

Mmmm Someone pass the pita bread please!

chokoladekage 140

They aren't wearing gloves

Vicki Melillo

Garlic or spicy or roasted red pepper?! Lol!


It's not hummus it's nose cheese!


This disgusts me but I keep watching and it’s weird but when I squeeze my nose this happens but much less of it and rarely

Tommy Mai

Ewww wtf looks like maggots


I tried this and it doesn’t work I’m 13 btw


I suddenly decided to kinda press on my nose like this the other day and discovered that I've been in the dark for 17 YEARS OMG, update tho, i never go a day without checking up on the hummus machine??



joe shmo

That ain't nothing

Teresa S

I did not know that's what it was called, lol! And that had to hurt. I saw your nose was white from you squeezing so hard.

Chelsea Ballenberger

"The best pimplepopping videos" is stealing your videos, heads up!

Ur Momma

Sí popí

Jazmin Virnig

Love the video

France Neilson


Jude Walters

Wear some gloves..

what Wyt

Their face can break out without gloves


some high quality cheddar cheese

Ellie Goldie

Good one,xxxx????

maria melindra

quick...now smell ur fingers :O hahaha

Mindy Fernandez

Whoa!! Very good! Love it.


This is why you should keep face masks and Cleanser face wash in handy.

Greg Johnson

Hey Ultimate, I'm a big fan


i subscribed!

SkyDasher Animates

why is this so satisfying to watch i do it too


What is it?

Avianna Moore

Y'all niggas nasty asf

Dominic Fong

So satisfying to watch.

Lorenzo Snow

Your channel has come a long way in the past year -- good for you!

Lydia Mitchell

Ahh this is so satisfying ?

Dani Cat

You have my sub ♥ Mainly because I'm gross but you have a cat in the outro ♥



critic for the uploader

Looks like parmesan cheese?

Landon Donovan


Dark Night

Please dont hurt your self and damage your skin. Take care

Liza Terra ASMR

Music pls

luc hebert

am I the only one who finds that satisfying?

aussiemq hi

Finally... A good cameraman

Brad Harp

Wish I knew about this earlier. Tried it on myself and it worked! My nose feels way cleaner and skin looks better.

Nadia Culph

I cant handle it its so grows

Kahleesee Stark

So. My boyfriend is jealous of you. Wait. let me explain. I've been binge watching your vids, he says, "You watching those pimple videos again?" I say, "Yup." He says, "Don't I give you enough pimple popping fun?" I say, "Yeah. But not at 200x magnification." Lol. Anyway, slam dunk buddy. :)


I have mixed feelings

Jariah Jinx

Why is this some what satafising but still gross


This guys skin in gross, not the pus but he has like no smooth skin at all

alex p

Nice vid.........do you want to drink me???

Gabby Boberry

It’s so gross how I just did this myself . Why does this exist !!

Mushy's Life

I like it but I don't?


ewww.. y u chose dat !
go from humus to humour way..u hv scope

Laura Simmons

These are my favorite pops! :)
Would love to give that nose a squeeze ?

Miles Is me

So satisfying yet so gross

Plucking and Popping

Dame un 'thumbs up' pulgar arriba si hablas espanol! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyp2TMA72Fs


so satisfying


First of all whose nose is that big ☹

Small Big World

My dad did that with his nose yesterday, and I was utterly disgusted, yet satsisfied.

Ultimate Popping

The video in the link below is my most viewed video -- by far! It literally has millions more views than all my other videos combined -- and I have no idea why! Please watch it and let me know if you can figure out why!?!

Is it bad to squeeze pores on nose

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Top 6 Nose Cheese Squeeze Compilation

135 737 views | 5 May. 2018

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Do Op

There all fat so there body must pruduce more fat and dead skin cels in to the nose thats why they have so many pores

Lady Chance Forever

Big nose are gross as fuck mostly men

Baker Mayfield

Why am I watching this?


Isn't this a sign of you not cleaning your face or nose?

Fortune Pearson

Slomo makes it more wierd

Kevin The Sea Cucumber

I no longer want my snack


Me: squeezing my nose like an idiot


Tasty ?

Spirit Animations

The song is good but the vid is fucked


I dunno but this kinda gross and satisfying at the same tine

Donald Hawk

Ummm, it’s really simple. Wash your fucking face everyday. Yes i get it everyone has this happen to them, but on this scale, y’all are gross af.

not auri

항상 3 년 동안 샤워를하지 않은 것처럼 보이는 뚱뚱한 사람


pores and punk goes well


This is what puberty does to you.

David Cairns

What NCAA football game is this song from?

Drea Amaya

Ewww omggg

padma lakshmipathy

the weirdest part of YouTube


Ya nasty!


When I run out of butter for my toast in the morning.

20_Kylie Tow

Forbidden cheese


use a butter knife and spread it on a bread

braniaaa b

parmesan cheese tease ??

Pat B

#5 wow get you a lady who does that for you

surup n chiggen

how is this even possible


Hooooow?? Do they wash their faces with crisco?? I need answers


I bet each of their nose stinks so bad

Sami Khan

Wow cheese ?

Seth Falke

I think I might throw up

Cassie Smart

Dude, so nasty but AWESOME AS HELL! I think I’m in love!

Dariah Roberts

Why am I watching this ??

Alanah Manticos

nose c h e e s e

Kyran Brown 991

5's Girl must really love him



jennyjennie G

What yall doing to your skin that it gets to this point


I broke my nose wtf

Booga booga trogolodyte

Olive Garden be like

bernard javan

XD when I was a little girl I always squeeze my dads cheese and now I'm 6

Thomas B. Howard

Still not as repulsive as dick cheese.


Number 3 is really bad holy shit

AirPlane Mode

new challenge ??


what is that stuff


My father has this so i squeezed his nose and it was disgusting

The Polite gamer

I had no idea this was a thing until now. And I wish I didn’t .


God why


That's grease u fat obese bitches

Funny Xp

notice how all these were boy's bc most boys dont use face cream or face mask so u are a dirty pig USE A FUCKING CHARCOAL FACE MAsk liKE ME AND KEEP UR SKIN CLEAN ADFFAFAFAFA


The music is so unnecessary

Daniel Häusser

If you call it Top 6, you should start with 6 and count down to 1, the best.

summa juice

im kms

Demgphi x

I tied this. It hurt, and nothing came out, then again, my nose is very differently shaped then these. Maybe that's it?

Daddy pMicheal

saw this on tik tok am now petrified

Michael Lunati

When you run out of Parmesan cheese

yoyoyo sk8terg0rl

well theres this thing called skincare

laila shehab

My father has these stuff but he isnot obese

jasfer dy fajilagot

I already tried this and its super oily


why are they all fat

Rude Dolphin

That has got to be the most disgusting fucking thing I've ever seen.

Itz Leana

The song tho?

Gabe 80

I went to the bathroom and tried this on a small part of my nose. I had to squeeze extremely hard but some came out. It was the most surreal experience of my life I was terrified I almost killed self. 0/10 do not try.

Infinite Flamey

What tha fuck is that

Bing Bang

Ok but the music completely ruined it

Maddisson Malott

It’s called black heads

Brittany W

my dad has it


My spit is sitting in my mouth

Molly Pavkov

yeah i thought mine were bad jesus


Omg people are gross

al fresco



People are gross! Why do some people let it get this bad?

DZE Killa

Phil Swift

Sam Howie A. Nivera


Jay Sanity

how to cure this

Alexandra Mendes

DO NOT DO IT THIS WAY THIS IS DANGEROUS. You could fracture your nasal passages

Random Videos

Don’t do this unless u want a creased line in-between ur eyebrows


I don’t have any


Hmmm cheesy


This is horrifying and satisfying at the same time

Alessandro lippi

At 2:00 the singer gets really out of tune and weird

xMerlin xxx

The back ground music tho lmao

Watermelon Podcasts

Whu did I look this up :/



Ruenlex V.


Cómo se edita el nombre de perfil?

Yo estaba viendo videos de twerking ?


I tried this, nothing came out and thought I broke my nose..

The Cyberninja

anyone else broke their nose by doung this?

Madeleine Callan

This needs to be in 1080p why are the juiciest skin vids always the shittiest quality like come on


All of them have humongous noses

Måns LL

was the best

Lawrence Wallace - guitarist

How do u get this much to come out? Nothing comes out when I do it.

Joseph Joestar

What the hell are these comments .-.

stoneisland casual gcfc

That is minging but can't stop watching

Puny Pete

What the song

Sernonymous Pyramid

It's like a new dna mutation. Why get snot when you can just squeeze it out.

Spectacular TV

Grossly satisfying ew

VPU PartyGhostxX


Donna Galler

The noses reminded me of the play dough fuzzy pumper barber shop I had when I was a kid.

Asian Mom

I did that and I got confused on what came out lel


I'm watching this while eating cheeburger. Weird


Samara niggas

Diana Prince

This music sucks


Forbidden cheese

Is it bad to squeeze pores on nose

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Removing the white pore on the nose will make you feel uncomfortable

25 311 views | 26 Jul. 2018

Removing the white pore on

Removing the white pore on the nose will make you feel uncomfortable

**Warning: This video is from a Spa in Vietnam. This video may contain dermatologic surgical and/or procedural content. The content seen in this video is provided only for medical education purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Awesome Daycores



She’s tearing ... looks so uncomfortable ?

Julia Dixon

Not uncomfortable at all.

Cole Barry

I hate people that just squeeze the whole nose. It irritates the eyes way more than necessary. You will to squeeze with 2 fingers and use both hands

Christian Katelynn

So we just gonna ignore the blood bath on this person's chin?


always remember to wash your face, this is a classic case of failing to look after your skin


You can see he’s starting to cry lol