Quality nails

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Quality Nails - Color classic

1 views | 24 May. 2020

Quality nails

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DIY Salon Quality Nails| No Acrylic| Super Affordable| SoAbby

44 837 views | 15 Dec. 2018

Hey guys? let me know

Hey guys? let me know what you think of this tutorial✨

Link to nails✨ Makartt 500pcs Coffin Nails Clear... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FMVKJRG?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf

Link to nail glue✨ Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001KYQ7LG?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf

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Instagram: @_Soabby ✨

Snapchat: abby_gurrl ✨

Jaylene Little-Woodhull

I love nail videos. I have tons of different types of nails, Makartt, beetle's, Modelones, wolinspring, kiss, ecbasket, all that good stuff. You should do an updated video of how you do your nails?
I'd definitely watch it. Love the color of the nail polish, I also use that rapid dry top coat its great... ???❣

Lue Virgie Jones

You prolly have it by now, but you need to get nail stands. They come 10 in a pack. While it’s on the stand you can file, polish, whatever you need to do. Costs no more than $10. Also, file your nail to rough it up to get rid of the shine, the glue sticks go rougher nails. Then use alcohol to clean them. Your nails will last much longer.

Makeup Jo

How long do they seem to last?

Tina Tube

Just ordered mines, thanks doll ??✨

LONGQI Hair Amazon

Hello,dear,would you like to review our hair?If yes,please reply me at [email protected]outlook.com,thank you!

Sasha LabellaSoul

Its really much less yhen $10 cuz u hve 500 nails n the pack lol..I get my makartt nails frm aliexpress 500 for $4.61 i use superglue frm dollartree n they last me aprx 1 to 2 weeks I rough up my nail bed by filing b4 i glue em down. Im so glad i finally tried these they look good just like acrylic n dirt cheap

Laura Harr

Them look cute girl

Dutchess 1202

I file them first before I put them on my nails so much easier FYI

The Olivia Joi

U just made me place an order lol. Good job ??

Dashanti Malaysia

do they come off for someone who washes dishes a lot ?

Britney Rojas

Did u order your nail glue from amazon ? If so how long did it take to deliver ?

NatDollXoxo *

Best Thing I Ever Did Was Doing My Own Nails. People Really Think I Get Them Done At A Salon!???

Danielle Butler

Is this gel polish?

Gabby Stuart

why did u file the top of the fake nails (not the knobs the actual nail)? Bc it seems like it doesn’t do anything. Thanks!? luv ur video

I am Trinitee

The music was making me mad?it was just cutting in and out but overall the video itself was pretty good ❤️

gigi Bon

If anyone has seen the movie ATL , she sounds juustt like Lauren London . Is it just me ?

anime mistress

Do they melt or come off with nail polish remover just Incase I wanted to change the color?

Ava Goodwin

my song in the background

Box Shaped Beauty

You just convinced me to buy these lol


Girl I’m about to purchase mine right now ??

p r ι ѕ c a

I paint the nails before putting them on bc when i paint them ion have to do it w/ the opposite hand

KeshKesh L

Are these strong ?

Shannon A

I just ordered the uk equivalent and I really hope they’re this long ???


What nail polish did you use?

N. Böttger

preeeeettyyyy <3 hihi

Tiny Canvas Alexa

Love your nails!??? I've never put on press on nails or glued fake nails before, but I am going to try it out tomorrow ??...I bought short oval nails from makkart, and I've been thinking whether to use them or not, but you've convinced me?????....I actually have pretty (not too long) natural nails, but I want to keep them short, and use fake nails when I want something fancy???....I also bought some ebaskett coffin nails (those are pretty long). And I can't wait to try them out too!?? thanks for sharing this tutorial, very helpful ???

crystal davis

Whats the # on the nail polish i been looking all over for it

long live keke

More videos?

Pana_Montana RN

Try putting your nails in a wood stick with some tape or stick putty before applying them and painting save soo much time and less messy on the sides I do this all the time and I can style an put nice crystals or stones in them. I love doing my own nails and ppl be swearing up and I go to the salon??????❤️❤️

Monica Bülow

Beautiful nails on beautiful hands!


was the nails flimsy ?

_Griizzlyy Bearr_

I love the shape of the makartt tips but unfortunately, Amazon is currently all out of stock due to this pandemic man i wished i would have ordered them sooner?❤

Dezire Smith

When your nails are smaller they start to lift faster

Hod-Phanuel Tshimpaka

I love this ?

NewBee T

Very nice


Then where in prison for 20 years we kiss was it ahead of the game in a Still but I have to give it to the other nail makers they are some heavy contenders I have ordered the nails that you have put on your hands they look gorgeous I couldn’t resist.

Mermaid Kaylani

Its exactly same makartt nails i have bought, i love the length and shape???

Ms A

Awesome video! Do you put glue all over your real nail or just at the very top of the nail?

Elle Nevers

are these thicker than the ones you would buy at the store? like do they bend easily?

Chizoba A

Are these nails strong/thick enough to last ?.....how long do they normally last you?

Grace Horeluk

I just made me buy these

crystal davis

Beautiful ????

Tichina Watson

FINALLY!!! A tutorial that I can actually follow.


I love how you kept recording while filing them down because all the other YouTubers that did that skipped the filing and im like HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?!?! So thanks for showing us❤️ new subscriber here ❤️

Mk Lashae

You should have had them sponsor you all these purchases happenin in the comment section


These look great!

Quality nails

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How to get Salon Quality Nails Done During Quarantine

763 views | 4 May. 2020

#pressonnails #presson

#pressonnails #presson #nails

Hey Dolls if you're not sure of the size in reference to YOUR natural nail bed I highly recommend that you purchase the sizing kit before placing an actual order. These are made to order unless you purchase the ready to ship options. Remember these are handmade so please be mindful of order processing & shipping. If you have any questions please refer to the FAQ on the website. I purchased these sets & this is not a sponsored video.

Sassy Nails Studio (Full Website)➡️ https://bit.ly/3d9CV7T

Sets Shown ⬇️

Not so Plain Jane (Long Stiletto) https://bit.ly/3b3r5ux

Fly Unicorn (Long Skinny Ballerina) https://bit.ly/2ymEP6v

Orange/Yellow mood change https://bit.ly/35rMAUJ

Card Swiper https://bit.ly/3ffhOmF

Follow Sassy Nail Studio https://instagram.com/thesassynailsstudio?igshid=xjfv0ql734a4

Business inquires contact me at [email protected]

*if your company is not prepared to pay my review fee DO NOT contact me for free promotion to help make you money yet my fee is not in your budget. These reviews take time in terms of recording, editing, & promotion of the review on my end. A free Wig or product does not entice me nor does it help pay my bills or channel upkeep*

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Tanya Hardeman

I just ordered me some ready to order...I was looking at them plain jane....they look beautiful on....I lov how they feel like and look like I went to the nail shop...thank you for this review ❤️❤️I will be getting that card holder ❤️❤️❤️


Oh mah gah lol. I want that Up In Smoke set?? I'm copyin boo lol

Wiggin Out

I love her work. Those sets are so pretty ?

Lena Taylor

What hair is that the black one on the bottom left ?

ExtraAFNailz 219


Annette Tanner

Beautiful ?

Tammie Cornelius

Hey Aya, your nails are beautiful, love the color ❤️?❤️ I will have to order the Acrylic Custom Press On Nails, my nails look so bad, lol!!! thank you!!? love you!! have bless day.


I appreciate you queen u always sharing knowledge
Virtual hug for that


Dolls how are y'all hands looking? Comment down below


You know I'm all ova them purple ones too!

Erika Kane



Ohhhhh these are jazzy and pretty ?????

Ree Herndon

These nails are beautiful!!! What's the website to order?

Cynthia Cummings

Heeeeyyyyy Aya!!!! ?? These mails look ????!!! I'm forwarding this to my daughter and friends immediately!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Deva19xx Dee Jones

These nails are very pretty. I usually do my own but when I'm being lazy I wear press ons so I will be checking out the ones I currently have in my cart with sassy nails ?♥️??????


Ok now can u do mine boo cuz I suck at press on
I ordered some custom ones but they not here yet
I found out my nail beds are large

Shay shay Mayfield

These are so bomb! I’m ordering right now!!!

Its AsiahUnique

Gurl you just put me on

Inni Baybee

Hiiiii ? It's Day 2 of my Amazon nails....love em so far. Yours are beautiful, God bless ?. How long do they last for you?


Do you reuse your nails or you just dispose them and buy more nails???

Christine Zapata

What size are your nails?

Rasheka Bianka

These are so bomb! If I didn't have to type so much for this job yall wouldn't be able to tell me nothingggggggg lmao

Love Yourself

Beautiful nail designs and awesome job? ???
My nails looking rough ??
Hope you have a Blessed Week ??
Be Safe and Peace ?☮️

Nubian Queen

Nice video..... just so you are aware Sis @ 1:50 those are called Roach clips for blunts? so if somebody asks you what you doing with a clip you know why..

Jae Dun

I love them! Both sets! She does good work.