Make lip balm

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How To Make Lip Balm at Home: Organic DIY Lip Balm Recipe by mary tylor naturals, Step by Step Guide

54 735 views | 5 Sep. 2017

How to make homemade

How to make homemade organic lip balm like a pro !

Find all the ingredients on: https://marytylor.com

Step by step guide will show you exactly how we do it, with exact ingredients and measurements .

These lip balms are great for chapped lips in cold weather.

We used 100% organic ingredients. You can use your favorite essential oils ( we used organic peppermint oil  )

Supplies and tools:

• Organic Beeswax 2.5 oz

• Organic Shea Butter 1 oz

• Organic Cocoa Butter 1 oz

• Organic Sweet Almond Oil – 1.5 oz

• Organic Coconut Oil 1.5 oz

• Fill Tray & Spatula

• 50 Empty Lip Balm Containers (BPA Free)

• Measuring cup

• Scale

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Website | https://marytylor.com

Renee Smith

Is there a substitute for coconut? I am allergic and would a recommendation that is similar to the same solidify and easy melt to the skin?

Lady brownies

Where did u get the supplies u used


Can you substitute the almond oil with any other oil as im allergic to almonds

andrew and martha sinclair

Hi Mary, very helpful video. Could you tell me which supplier you use for the tray/ spatula and the organic products please, would be much appreciated

Swati Shah

I m from India can i place order ?


Does that tray work with other tubes?

gabriela trujillo

Hope this is not for selling bc cleaning and gloves aren’t in the house

Natalia Villani

Can we add some favorite colors?

Riki Dorothy

Can you cut the recipe in half? And section off the tray to do only 25? Or less even? I want to play around with scents and flavors - but I don't want to have to use a whole bag to make one option. Also - how long does it have to sit before it can be used?

خير الطبيعة

Thank you


What’s the name of the blue tray and where can I purchase one love your video❓❓❓

Gee Willikers

Where are your gloves?!

Kelly Richardson

This is my first time visiting please do one for whipped shea butter moisturizer

Mami lucas

Where I can get all the ingredients??

harivignesh K S

soya wax can be used for lip balm making ???


Where r ur gloves

Good Day Mate

how do you prevent the sink hole at the top of the balm when it cools?

Caroline Bowman

Could I use double coconut oil instead of the almond oil please?


What’s the shelf life for the finished product?

Nicole Adams

How long should it sit before using?

Roxanne Fairchild

This is the best and easiest way to fill lip tubes! I love it. Available on amazon

Eye on art

that music sucks

Make lip balm

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How To Make An Effective & Saleable Pink Lip balm

9 927 views | 7 Dec. 2020

Here is a detailed video

Here is a detailed video on how to make your pink lips balm. Please take your time to watch as all ingredients used and measurement has been inscribed on the video.

Lip balm,scrub and gloss are available at wholesales and retail prices just incase you cannot make one for yourself

Don't forget to like,share and subscribe for more..... Happy watching!??

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•How to make herbal whitening soap 1


•How to make herbal whitening soap 2


•How to make effective facial spot/Pimples cleanser


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Rukeey Abdullah

Wow,thank you

Juliet Mamus Oteheri

Thanks dear

Harzizat Oluwaseun

Am really happy, have been looking for this, do u stay in nigeria


Plz hw do i contact u, im not on instagram though. Are u on whatsapp or so. I want to purchase some

Olateju Makinde

Pls teach us how to make scrubs

Adeoye Oludayo

Please won't the balm turn black later without preservative?

Maya Naturalle

Hi dear please make sunburn and dark knuckles

Ihuoma Roy

All these just for the lips whitening cream, serums.....Nawa ooo

Everything Lammy

You are looking so good dear?


How fast will I see results?

Nene Mimi

Please I noticed you didnt use lactic acid in your mixture...would the pink lip balm still eb effective with its ommision

Pweety Bukola

Like how many days will it take to work

Tatiana Bemeina

Thanks you are the best

adeboye dayo

You are the best dear

Eniola Phillips

Hi dear... pls make a body wash that can give a halfcast tone,

frad zara


Morenike Ade

Hello ma please I want to do mine now can you please help me list out what I should get so I can go get them now and try mine ??and I will send you review when am done?

Gift Ikechukwu

You look amazing.

Naomi Omonobi

Congratulations on 1k Subscribers ???

Aminat Adebola

Do u sell the balm, and how much is it if yes.

Daposh Daposh

God bless u so much sis.....tanx for listening n granting me my wish
Pls can i watsap u my number is 08030604938

debbeautyenterprise A

Can one use any clear lipgloss of choice?

Vickie Pounds

I have done mine o I use every ingredients as instructed I works results in 3days ..

Gift Ikechukwu

Is the clear lip gloss necessary? Or can any clear lip gloss be used?

Mubeezi Deborah

How to get this am in Abu dhabi

Neh Ewarre

is that cyrstal mint u added pls?

Archard parker

Pls I need ur help ??I one to learn please add me up on WhatsApp 08086272052

Caroline Carter

Can I get an order on the pink lips cream??

Vickie Pounds

Sis Pls do how to make whitening active body scrub ...

kalu Japhet

How can i get it in Dubai

Romance glow beauty world

Please what is the name of the food coloring you use

Marvellous Sokoh Odiete

Thumbs up

debbeautyenterprise A

And what quantity of vit e should be added ma

Nene Mimi

And please can one use both lactic and citric acid

Usman Fatima Zahara

I'm so glad I came across your channel

Maya Naturalle

New subscriber??

Rita Richie Fabian


Mhiz Pretty

so interesting I love this pls can you share the ingredients so that I can give it a try

Sophia Okafor

Well detailed....could you please make a video on how to make a lip scrub?????

Doofan Vihikwagh

Wow interesting thank you so much

epole riri

Merde.alot of chemistry there gurl.lol. im in Cameroon,how can i get the balm plz?

Lifestyle By Ebony B

Very helpful video.

Female Conquerers

Please ma'am,thank you so much for the video but I have a question...I have watched so many videos online and when I make the pinklips cream myself,after adding coloring to it,it changes color back to the base cream color which is carowhite I use.. Please is your recipe going to change color or the pink color is it permanent

Please attend to this ma'am cos I have wasted a lot of money trying to make one for myself but I love your recipe and would like to try it out

Otome Vivian

Please u are too fast abeg

Dalu's lifestyle

How can we check the pH
And what's the normal balance

Adebola Adeshina

Sis..pls whc one can I do out of ur black soap productions that will work very fast on me

Lady Royalecreime

Please can you make a sunburn cream? I love this by the way

Kamsi Mario

Pls write out the ingredients you used

Blessing Gegeh

Please make review on belle face serum

Queen Noble

Thanks so much for the knowledge impacted. But pls how do you put the balm in that tube??

Emmy Okechukwu

Waw I love this one

Pweety Bukola

Pls have been using lipbalm for over a week and is not working

favour esohe

Nice one my dear sister ?❤️?❤️❤️ God bless you
Please can you measure all the materials in grams

Crista Tukov

I have been waiting patiently for this darling sis

Mhercy Nech

How can I get it?? I want to buy

money inspiration

How much for retail

Shalom Malik

Your state location I want to buy this

Rose Alaegbu

Pls sis i need the container,how much and how do i get it

Daposh Daposh

Pls how can I contact u to buy materials like wats ur Instagram handle....black lips n dark knuckles has plaqued me 4 years....God bless u sis

Make lip balm

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DIY Lip Balm! How To Make 5 Miniature Candy, Oreo & Bubblegum Lip Gloss DIYs! {Easy} Makeup Projects

1 273 535 views | 1 Jul. 2017

DIY Lip Balm! DIY

DIY Lip Balm! DIY Miniatures! DIY lip gloss and DIY lip balm are great DIY makeup projects to make at home. In this DIY makeup tutorial I show you how to make DIY lip balm that you can make with or without eyeshadows and other items to tint your lip gloss without crayons. I'm making DIY miniature candy lip balm, mini Oreo cookie lip balm, Hubba Bubba lip gloss, Bottle Pop candy lip gloss, tiny laffy taffy lip balm and Blow Pop lollipops. I'll show you some quick, amazing and easy diy lip balm recipes.

DIY Lip Balm - https://youtu.be/EupAH3kq1Bk

Supplies & Printables Here - https://goo.gl/2R4LZS

The first DIY makeup idea I'm making is DIY miniature Oreo Cookie lip balm without using candy or crayons. Melt down some some Vaseline and mix with Oreo Cream filling - crush up some Miniature Oreo Cookies and add to melted mixture pour into miniature cups. Prank your friends and family when you pull out this mini Oreo cookie grab pack and apply it to your lips! Super easy and fun!

The Second DIY lip balm that I made is a Hubba Bubba bubblegum lip gloss. For this DIY lip balm recipe you will need Vaseline Vaseline & eyeshadow pigment. DIY lip balm with eye shadow are super easy to make & you can make any color you want. Mix in some bubblegum flavoring and you have an easy bubblegum lip gloss. I know some don't like using eyeshadow so another version would be to make it with Vaseline and to tint the lip balm mixture you can use Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid is a great way to add pigment to your lip gloss & it smells amazing. Makes for a cool and easy DIY lip balm recipe! Do you love DIY Kool Aid lip balm?

Another DIY makeup idea I'm making is DIY miniature candy lip balm (Laffy Taffy) without using candy or crayons and using an old lipstick. While crayons are a great way to give color to your lipsticks I know some don't like to use it in their DIY lipsticks, tinted lip balms & other DIY makeup projects. I will show you how to use lipstick that is non toxic & very pigmented. Making this way is a great ingredient for the DIY lip balm project. For this one just melt some beeswax and coconut oil along with a pink lipstick then pour the melted lip balm mixture into a DIY mold - then reuse a Laffy Taffy wrapper (recycled candy wrapper project - candy wrappers are so colorful I love to reuse them) and you have your very own amazing DIY candy lip balm!

The Bottle Pop Candy DIY lip gloss is so easy, cool and fun. For this one I will show you how to make lip balm with candy. Yes, actually candy in this one! Mix together Vaseline and the powder candy mix and add a drop of food coloring for more of a tint. Place the mixture into the Bottle Pop container and make your friends jealous with this easy DIY lip balm idea! This is a fun DIY miniature baby bottle look a like craft idea.

The last DIY lip balm is a Blow Pop sucker. This is a super easy recipe for this DIY lip balm - melt down beeswax or Shea butter & coconut oil - this is a no beeswax lip balm recipe if use the shea butter - then use a lipstick to color which makes this a great DIY makeup project to recycle your old lipsticks.

DIY lip balm are such a great DIY makeup project. Making them miniature are even better! Try this fun DIY miniature Oreo lip balm, bubblegum lip balm, candy lip balm for some of these best DIYs ever!

If you love Starbucks, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Fanta, Mountain Dew or other sodas....If you love McDonald's or Ice Cream is your thing then check out some of my other DIY lip balm videos - where I make DIY miniature Starbucks, DIY minaiture Coca Cola and so much more.

Help me translate this DIY Lip balm tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=iMG8WkVvhRU

DIY Lip Balm! How To Make 5 Miniature Candy, Oreo & Bubblegum Lip Gloss DIYs! {Easy} Makeup Projects

Ház tu misma bálsamo de labios {Fácil}!

Бальзам для губ своими руками!{Просто}!

Bálsamo para Lábios DIY {Fácil}!

I hope you enjoy this DIY miniature lip balm video tutorial please remember to like and subscribe -


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Eventos. na. hora Bernardes


Trena Kallinen

Looks like fun and cool

Princess Unicorn


Kyemiya Queen

my favorite was the bottle pop

• Kit •


Cecilia Broadway

it's rainning tacos doh oh and is it edibale i like your ideas gess what my firends trinity and kelsey say that they are in your house.............................................................haha

Nancy Gray

starbuck cofee lip glos

Kawaii Meow

Sooo creative ?????☺️???

Jesus Carmona


Trena Kallinen


Alexus Fitzpatrick

You totally save me of making a lip balm

Terry Taylor

#super videos

Dahiana Tejeda

Is so cute

Stacy Biroc


Sabrina Tolle

I love you

h i


I hope you enjoy these DIY Lip Balm Ideas! Check out some other DIYs:
Miniature Starbucks, Soda, McDonalds & Bubblegum Lip Gloss - https://youtu.be/EupAH3kq1Bk
Candy School Supplies - https://youtu.be/pvF_3RDjcrM 5-Minute Crafts To Do When You're BORED! - https://youtu.be/oBUU0HsGyTY
Thanks for sharing, liking and commenting! What is your favorite candy? Have a great weekend! XOXO Kim

Revati Podilchuk

You should make a raison lip balm ?

Øøf.itz. Pay


Crazy Sheep

Love it


my favorite was the baby bottle pop

e w

Almost 1 MILLON!!

Mabel Pardo


Chloe's World

Imagine if hubba bubba melted in they start eating it

Espeon Tulips

How did you remove the Laffy Taffy wrapper so easily?

What is this witchcraft?

Nasreen Naz

USA flag day??????????????????????????????????????????????

Princess Unicorn


Tim Holtz

Wow how do you do that it is so awesome!!

The neon enthusiast

You should do a collab with sarabeautycorner and/or wengie

Trena Kallinen



Is kalatie love you so much in my lip pink haha thanks for the heads

Trena Kallinen

Kim i enjoy your videos and experience and i love you!

Delfina Fernandez


Amy Pichette

Where did you find those cups

Munch Holder

Some Vaseline????

The Jasmine Moore Channel

Those are nice and I'm new here

Trena Kallinen


Ash Blazer

DIY snack hacks.

And can I have a Shawt out pls I’m not a boy

Sabrina Tolle

I love you as a friend

Kristina Snook

Love the idea

Jawana Brand

Very helpful thanks

victoria almanza

How can I make a peppermint lip balm¿ With Vaseline??


If you put the vaseline in the microwave for 10 second it will met and it will be easier to pour it in the contender plus you won't have mess or waste

Hanah Marshall

All of them are my favorite my sister love the 4 one

Mireya Gil

me encantan estos pintalabios

Sierra Niemeier


meashia Hall

I love your videos make more

Trena Kallinen

Nice videos i love ❤️ you Kim

Schleich talli Kino

Oot paras


make a lunch ubo

Jennifer Baca

I like the hubba bubba lip gloss it is really cool!!!

sierra bell

is this easy to make?

Mariah Santos

Do you do the a lot of times ??????

Gbotemi Oni

The laffy taffy does not work

zeref dragneel

What are you doing today my love how did dad

Stephanie Gunawan

Why not make the lollipop part of the baby bottle pop out of lip balm?


so cool

Mia Ashmead

I need it

Mizz Bubblegum69

Ok loving the bubblegum one
? Was that candy oil Flavor ?

Trena Kallinen

Fun ?

Sabrina Tolle


dashing tristyn

you are so good at these ?

Princess Unicorn


Zayna Edits

Is Vaseline is edible?


For the hubba bubba you should just melt the mixture and then poor it in n the container in then put in fridge for 10 min

Trena Kallinen

I made a lip scrub yesterday and if work you will need
4 soopns and 4 bowls and food coloring. Need purple and red and blue and yellow and red
Then mix well till the suager is mixed make sure you use a container and a cover .

Abbey Slovarp

Uhhh yea totally subscribing!!! ?

Mariah Santos

So cool??????

Vandana Pathak

This video is really amazing . I just love the Oreo lip balm


where can i find the beezwax?


Lol that oreo flew away XD

Gisela Flores

You CAN also add Bush in The bubble gum one

Trena Kallinen

How can you even make lip blam DIYs and I also been trying and trying but can you please give me a recipe if you can please do Thanks Trena kalinen

Patrick Wright

I think your lip glosses are cool. Can you start selling your lip glosses.

once ii

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Brittany Shelton

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We don had Oreo

Hailey Smith

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Xzavieera Lott


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Zuzia Zardzawiecka

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Rebecca Sartin


Jenny Ki

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A gummy bear lip balm

Shalicia Swanson

May. You. Bring. Me. Some. Lip. Bom,s please

Shuhada Begum

I like that video and so nice very beautiful ? from Shuhada Begum xx

chistie luttrell



Beautyful sissors??

Trena Kallinen

The lip balms have made some good smell and if you make some and it can be fun to make other different lip balms and other smelling lip blams!

Sierra Niemeier

I love you

arnis rektins

My favorite is oreo cooke

Patricia Vazquez

Kimspired i hope u do this fover.?❤??

Jose Marales

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