Skinceuticals vitamin c serum reviews

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37 070 views | 22 Aug. 2019

Skinceuticals C E

Skinceuticals C E Feurilic is a well-known product within the beauty world. I’m giving my honest review of this Vitamin C serum and sharing if I think it's worth the high price.

Skinceuticals C E Feurilic: https://rstyle.me/+jsc924mm0Xz2N1lyPdvR2Q


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lola brini

wow u are glowing! dr shareen Idriss also recommends it (just watched her video and now yours haha!)
both of u convinced me: ima buy it tomorrow and edit this comment after a few days of using it :)

edit: i tried it for a few days and it broke me out little clusters of bumps on my chin and a few cystic ones on my cheeks next to my nose. It's too bad I really was hoping it would work.

A friend recommended neostrata's vit c capsules. I will buy that and update you in a week or so..

Alexa Style Book

I want to try this out too, it looks amazing. Thanks for the awesome review <3

Goosey Geese

Your channel is so underrated!! I just love your videos<3


Do you think I could use a jade roller with this also refrigerate? or that’s not necessary

Carol Gay Fagerhaugh

before and after pix. .. I'm pretty sure you can make this at home for a fraction of this cost. . .

Jennifer Nava

Worth every penny

B Kavita

How much is the price

Shelby L

How long can you use the ferulic serum before it expires

Jackie Domino

You’re SO BEAUTIFUL OMG :) Great voice too. I’ve learned alot. Tnx !!

Rosni Lima

I live in Italy Roma..i didn’t' use any vitamin C serum before..can i use it!!? It’s available in Sephora or how can i found it, plz tell...

Love for u♥

kristty leeann

Great review!!! I’ve never tried a vitamin c serum and I think I wanna try now. Lol if it’s going to make my skin look like an angel im here for it

M. Younis

Many dupes out there now.. No need to break the wallet

Susan Shoji Levesque

I stopped using the Drunk Elephant C Firma, since I didn’t like the sticky feeling it left on my skin. How is this product? I assume you also moisturize and apply sunscreen afterwards?

Cameron M

Just a little FYI coming from a dermatologist. You said parabens are one of the worst ingredients to have in skincare. That claim is not factual. Parabens have only been shown by studies to stay in the skin for a while, not causing any harm what so ever. Fragrance on the other hand, is an ingredient you can develop an allergy to, it also sensitives the skin.

Sprim Skincare

Buy SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic (1 fl. oz.) at Sprimskincare Visit https://sprimskincare.com/product/buy-skinceuticals-c-e-ferulic-1-fl-oz/

Jack Opple

Thanks, Molly, really great review.


Per Lab Muffin Beauty Science, the price reflects the money needed to pay back the research and patent, not due to the formulation. You can find a product formulated just as well, with ferulic acid, for a fraction of the cost. Hope this helps

Andrea Santiago


Sharlene Lisanne

You are so so gorgeous! 'Ive recieved a sample of CE Ferulic and going to try it starting today, very excited! Question, how are your teeth so white? Is this their natural color or is there something you use to get them look so white? Thanks in advane and much love from the Netherlands!

Karly Richardson

Does it go bad after 3 months or you were saying the bottle only lasts 3 months???

Dominique Hernandez

Do they make a men’s line?!

Carol Gay Fagerhaugh

is this an oil based serum. .. . it looks like oil. . .

Susan Wang

The one I received is yellow... does that mean it is already oxidized? Was it clear when you received yours?


Can u used this with oily skin types ?

baby moreno

I bought this and i’m so scared if it’s oxidiez so fast? this was my third day and serum’s color turned to champagne color? is this normal???? (sorry for my bad english but pleeease answer???)

julie rothwell

Thanks, I bought it! However....I am having a frustrating time applying it. Like, you drip it on your face but it doesn't spread so I am having a hard time getting it all over my face. Online it says to pat in....but still, doesn't spread. Thoughts?


I have been using this for about 7 days now and it stings everytime i apply it like tingles all over my face for about 10 minutes does this happen to anyone else.

an opinion

trippin!, you only have 207 subscribers? you're going to get so many more if you keep it up! i'm going to be the newest one ! thank you so much for this review. i'm buying some now. CANNOT WAIT!

#willowspeaks Snoopy, Penni Chesmore

Are you an influencer? I'm trying to get into skincare influencing

Melissa Saravia

Smells like hotdogs

Sandra Salinas

Does is fade away dark spots ? I bought mine but there are different prices mine costed $88 at Amazon??

Rita Sharqawi

I have combination sensitive skin which do you recommend fuliric or phlorten?

Abby Taylor

I have very sensitive skin and Skinceuticals is the best thing I've ever used!

KonFly with Me

Hello. Have you considered trying Vit C E Ferulic products on amazon? Also drmtlgy has a dupe too according to one Youtuber who is an aesthetician.

Would love to hear your thoughts. TIA ?

Michaela Roberts

I work in dermatology and plastic surgery and absolutely love skincueticals!!! All of our dermatologist and estheticians recommend it.


Hello, I purchased this product for first time. Does this product help get rid of dark spots. Also, how many drops do you used. Thanks again

Samantha Rose

Parabens aren’t bad unless you’re allergic lol

Kate N.

I live in Ukraine. If for some Americans $160 is a lot, for us Ukrainians it's super expensive. Yet, i am ready to pay it 'cause it looks like it's worth it.


Is this vitamin c good for sensitive skin as i love the ha intensifier? And how long does one bottle last if using just mornings?

Kiran S

It does smell! It smells like hot dogs

Anne Sousa

Your skin is glowing. Wow!! Great review, everyone swears by this product. Will def try it :)
Btw love your personality.

Sonia Najar

What type of skin do you have?


166 for every 3 months is painful

Rachel Rosen

Honestly sweetheart, you're too young to even be reviewing anti-ageing shit. Go outside & play with your toys.

Miss Moonlight

Can I use this, I'm 19

jaliahla hawkins

Has anyone ever used it some where other than face . I have really bad spots on stomach and chest and they’re don’t leave for nothing in the world .

Skinceuticals vitamin c serum reviews

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SKINCEUTICALS CE FERULIC SERUM REVIEW | skincare routine for oily combination skin

2 198 views | 24 May. 2020

YAY SKINCARE!!! Over the

YAY SKINCARE!!! Over the past few months I have really gotten into skincare, and I completely overhauled my entire routine. In this video I go step by step through my entire process and tell you which products I use day and night and why I love them. Enjoy!!!!


Garnier micellar water: https://bit.ly/3g1wDtB

CeraVe cleanser: https://bit.ly/2TbqQHL

Skinceuticals vitamin C serum: https://bit.ly/2AAaGkY

Skinceuticals hydrating B5 gel: https://bit.ly/3dSsbLH

CeraVe moisturizer: https://bit.ly/2Te3D7V

Skinceuticals retinol cream: https://bit.ly/2TdPGa5

Drunk Elephant glycolic night serum: https://bit.ly/2Zgc9ax

Skinceuticals HA intensifier: https://bit.ly/3dMwHLu

Watch the vid, like it and subscribe. OR ELSE....

✩ s o c i a l s ✩

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harddrive: https://bit.ly/32fjw3k

extra batteries: https://bit.ly/2C7Xg0v

HDMI adapter for mac: https://bit.ly/32cDJ9W

*some links may be affiliate links*


Do you incorporate sunscreen into your am routine? If not, I’d highly suggest- it’s the best anti-aging product you can use. While the skinceutical products you use are amazing, the effects of them will be negated if you’re not protecting your skin from uv damage. Otherwise, great routine

Jesse Zaibet

Try the drunk elephant C firma, is a vitamin c serum, is $80 which is less expensive than the one you’re using $166!!! and it’s worth it . I love it

Unknown person

How was your experience with the ordinary products?


Your skincare routine is so good! I reckon if you keep it up your skin will look the same in 20 years, especially if you do spf 50! I noticed you said you have oily/combo skin, have your heard of Skinceuticals's 'Phloretin CF' serum? Its very similar to the 'CE Ferulic' (it has L-Ascobic Acid and Ferulic acid) but it is better for people with oily/combo skin. I think it's a little bit more expensive but also smells better (in my opinion!). I think it's worth a try if you haven't heard of or tried it :)


The way you said chicken nuggets was so cute ahhhh love this video! ☺️

Norht Formentera

hey lexi, how long did you use your skinceuticals? is it still clear or yellowish?

Kosta Kondratenko

Hey, love your videos - just a quick question - what camera do you use? And do you use a lighting set? I want to start creating content - I'm planning on getting an m50 - any input/advice you could give would be much appreciated. Thanks!