Loose spiral curls

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How To Get Loose Spiral Curls with a Wand Curler

5 views | 27 Jun. 2020

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Loose spiral curls

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DENMAN BRUSH COILS | Loose Curls | TréLuxe

322 387 views | 16 Jun. 2019

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Just as a heads up this technique using a denman brush most likely won’t work if you have strictly 2a-2c strictly wavy/loose wavy hair. I do have a loose curl pattern or some 3a curls forming. This just aids in helping train those curls through transitioning after heat or bleach damage (that I am still trying to grow out and later cut off)

As always, what works for me may not work for others. I’m just here to share what gives me good results.

Music: www.bensound.com

MariJoe Landeros

Would the result be okay if I didn’t have a diffuser?

Maritza Gomez

Hi looks beautiful, where I can buy those products? I have a lot volume of hair ?


Your hair and curls are beautiful!!!!
I’m not familiar with the “2c3a” term. Can you explain?
My hair is straight and VERY fine and is layered.
But I LOVE volume so I‘ve always gotten perms to give me
more fullness and control.
Do you think your technique would work with my kind of hair that is permed?
Thank you. ?

Jocelyne Bazalar


Gilmara Pacheco


Mary Smith

You have curls to begin with.

Carmen Ordoñez T


Rue Judd

Do you have a perm or naturally curly hair to start with?

Jane Meranda

Love it

Suzana Domingues Silva


Katie Deep Beep

Your hair is drop dead gorgeous!

NILA Jackson

But....very cute!

Hailey Crowe

Do u think this would work on naturally straight hair? My hair looks about the same thickness as yours but I have little to no natural curl. How much of this method depends on having a already natural curl?? Imma little confused.

Megan L

It would take me just as long with a curling wand. What's the point of This? Less heat since she just used the blow dryer?


Would be so helpful to know which denman brush you used...

Delcy Martins

Is the denman D3 same as d3n? I’m finding the d3n doesn’t brush out very smoothly

Michele Flores

Super Cute!

Dance of Fire Studios

I do wish you beautiful girls would stop getting tattoos, believe me, they aren’t so pretty at 58.
And time flys by.
I love your hair and video. Thank you ?

Anna Perry

Wow! Beautiful ♥️

Julie Fizpatrick

It is very pretty!❤️?

My stuff

You don't need the brush to do that - you're barely brushing it at all. Just twirl it in your fingers and you will get the same result.

deana nightingale

I love this because my curls are really uneven. Spring curls underneath and then it gets gradually loose curls on top. Top back layers are just lazy and frizzy waves. It’s really frustrating. I’m definitely going to try this because since I cut my hair short, I’ve been struggling to find the right style to wear so I won’t have to damage it by straightening every day. Thank you!!!

rachel chase

Woah I thought it was Elle fanning for the first couple seconds

Samantha Gonzales

I love how beautiful your hair is!!! I think I will invest in a Denman brush now! How long did this whole process take you?


Локоны супер??

Shelley Stinton

What’s with the red hospital armband?

Robin Heath

Going to try!

Elisa Rodriguez

I was wondering what would happen if you didnt section your hair but just brushed like people normally brush their hair. Would it turn out really string or would it still make your curls more defined but just in a different way?


I have 3ft of hair this would literally take hours for me to do. I will stick with my steam curler.


you have some nice layers. I keep asking for MORE layers


Makes me want to go short again ?

Lisa Vanvalkenburgh

I'm so confused...I see your hair and you classified your curls as 2b & c with 3a.... then there's Bianca Renee Today that classifies her curls as 3b. My curls are tighter than yours but not pencil tight like hers so I figured I was between 3a &b but your hair borders on wavy only with manipulated coils. I'm certainly not saying your hair isn't what you think it is I just get confused because so many people classify their curls and it's hard to find my 'zone'. Anyone else have this problem. Thanks for sharing, just got my 7 row Denman and look forward to using it. Smiles and blessings...

Clau Panquecito

I just recently bought a Denman brush, should arrive to my house on friday. And I'm going to cut my hair on saturday (around your length in this video), so this video got me really curious
My hair is a 2c/3a, so I'm going to try normally with the brush and see what happens, but I definitely have to try your way, your hair looks gorgeous!

NILA Jackson

Seems like a lot of work!

Topher Magellan

That's a lot of work. Geez if you have long hair it would take forever.

My husband is better than Darcy 96

Wondering how often you need to wash when using that amount of product?

Roxana Balan


• Alexandra •

You’ve got a hospital bracelet on, the allergy one, right? Are you okay? ❤️❤️❤️


I’ve been doing very similar for years with my long curly hair but have to say I like the length of your hair and looks fabulous


ATTENTION: if you have very long and very thick hair, this technique won’t work unfortunately. I just tried it and it ruined my wash day :/. I couldn’t twist, because of I do and the rest of the section (very small section) get STUCK and it a struggle to remove the hair from the brush ending with giving me LOTS of fall out, tangles and frizz. Also the tugging was UNREAL and my hair wouldn’t detach from the brush!!! I got more definition with twisted my parts together like a bread but two sections I did four all around my hair than this technique. Unfortunately even finger coiling doesn’t give me much definition. What gives me definition is applying my products head down and squish them.

My hair type is between 2b 2c and 3a. Since I’m just transitioning I have all types of curls. I lost definition from always having it straight.

Sharon H

She must have curly hair to begin with. I don’t.

Deborah Cardin

The video is much too long. All I wanted to know was how to use the Denman brush. Your hair is beautiful!

Pamela Henry

Can you explain what the hair type numbers are? And how you cut your hair? Thanks!

Irazinha Santos


Aly B

My hair is just like yours. It doesn't really look curly until it's dry.

ZsaZsa Harris

Your so pretty and your hair to your the image every girl wants ??

Jenn W

The result is amazing but I'm not understanding why this is faster than finger coiling since it seems you're essentially just finger coiling... with a tool.


Tried this and got great results. Need a better diffuser tho. Can you also list the tools you use.



Clare Lovett Silicon Valley Realtor

Wow! So pretty... what is your cut??

Melisa Bauer

Kann jemand sagen was sie in die Haare drauf gemacht hat wie es heißt?


I read somewhere " touching hair during drying process makes a lot of frizz." Is that true?


I need this ? transitioning from bleached and dry brushed hair and I have 2c/3A with some super damaged bits that look 2b maybe even 2A ?

Juliana Wellman

Oh wow!

Henrietta Hump


Milagros Cachay

Wow! Bellissima


This is what I always wanted my hair to be. Mine is dead straight and I hate it

Kat BeWitched

Looks beautiful but I don’t want to diffuse. I don’t want any heat on my hair so I would air dry all the way. Thanks.

Lorraine Paz

Very cute!!!

Marina P

?????????VERY GOOD!?

Betty Sprong

It looks like you also have fine thin hair like mine so what do you ask you stylist for layers or what because I could do this with some practice my hair just needs the right cut and I have a great stylist I just need to be able to covey the correct language.....help me please.lol

Joanne Dean-Waters

Absolutely beautiful ❤️x

Theresa Forrás

Beautifull ?

Kristin Brownell

Love this video. I will try it. My hair is a little longer than yours but I am hopeful! I am so sick of the mess of hair on my head trying to follow cgm. What does your hair look like without curling with the denman brush?

Donna Smith

You use the brush then you finger coiled . Why bother with the brush?

Tejinder Bhambra

.., ,!!!!!!!,..,mm


How do you know which way your curl is curling? Mine are all different, some going towards the face others curling away. Wouldn’t you have to scrunch first before using the brush to know the direction?

Brunilda Marrero

To much work!!

Tsunade Aderinola

Muito joia Ótimo adorei parabéns Muito obrigado

Hanna Pajanen

Wow! Looks like a very hair-friendly way to create soft curls! I find it hard to believe there’s no need to pin the damp curls in any way, must give it a try. Does this only work on short or medium hair?


You did a damn good job adding volume.

Anna L

That was a wonderful video! And I'm so happy to see somebody with a similar head of hair to my own. My hair is about as thick as yours, the same length, only my curls are 3B curls. I can't help but wonder how long it took you to Denman brush your whole head.


Молодец девочка! Отличное видео по укладке волос, беру на заметку!


your so lucky you can finger comb through your hair like that...I can't, any tips around the brush when you can't do that first?

Raven J

Thanks for the video your hair looks great. What is your hair like the day after? Is it really oily due to the products?

Rita Brandow

Hi I have 4c hair will the brush help. It goes where it wants to

Humpty Dumpty Love

I’ve been watching lots of videos about volume with loose curls and this is my favorite. Thank you. You’re hair is gorgeous. Is there a name for your cut ?


Noone with cur,y hair would ever touch their hair as much as u did...my hair would be a frizzy diastee

Sherry Edwards

Your style looks gorgeous. You make it look easy but it will be much more difficult for me. Also, my fair is very fine and straight and does not like to hold a curl. Do you need to use that type of brush or would any brush work? What about just using your fingers?

Jasmin Saul

Love it thank you for sharing ? check out my page I’ve just uploaded my own hair routine maybe you will find some useful tips ❤️

Brisa Isa


Joyce Jardim

My God, it looks great. Thank you for sharing

Krystal Rivera

What products do you normally use in your hair ?

Martha Palomino

you are finger coiling on top of Denman?

Bubbly Brook

omg beautiful u remind me of marilyn monroe with ur hair

Kristyn Joanne

As you can tell the TreLuxe products gave me amazing definition and shine!

Just as a heads up this technique using a denman brush most likely won’t work if you have strictly 2a-2c strictly wavy/loose wavy hair. I do have a loose curl pattern or some 3a curls forming. This just aids in helping train those curls through transitioning after heat or bleach damage (that I am still trying to grow out and later cut off)
As always, what works for me may not work for others. I’m just here to share what gives me good results.

Also, let me know what you would like to see next or let me know what you would like to know about me for a “Get to Know Me” vid.

Michele Torres

New subscriber due to your protein treatment video ??
I have the 7 row denmin brush and just loved your tip on coiling with it. I don’t care for finger coiling cause it takes me forever but will try it your way with my denmin. Thanks

Shirley Andrade

Gorgeous curls

Sharon Williams

Can’t see it working if you have lots of hair .

Iza szym

The effect is very beautiful. I have a question, do you spin a denman on hair dripping with water or just wet?

Jackie B

Oh my, your hair looks beautiful, so healthy and soft, beautiful curls!

Piano girl

Brilliant results but wayyyy too time consuming! I have long hair, a three year old, and I am pregnant. so you can imagine what my "hair styling" routine looks like!

Danielle Bauer

Do you have thin, medium or dense hair? I have very dense hair and find it hard to get the denman brush through my hair. Any suggestions? Thanks

Надежда Куш


Alexandra H

What will work for 2a/b hair then???

Deidre Mitchell

Super helpful thank you!

Kim Ledin

You have a great haircut!

Marie Trini77

Lov3 your hair that’s why I subbed

Ulrike Tanner

Gorgeous ❣️

Dottia Bilic

This is amazing

Loose spiral curls

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Curl Tutorial: How to Use a Curling Iron for Loose Waves and Spiral Curls

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Beauty Blogger Maskara, an

Beauty Blogger Maskara, an Allure Blogger of the year, shows you how to use a curling iron to create multiple curly / wavy styles. From loose waves / beachy waves to tighter spiral curls, Maskcara shows you how to use a curling iron like a pro in this hair tutorial!

Stay tuned for more how-to videos showing you how to use hot tools to create different hairstyles.

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i love wearing my hair in curls and I love watching videos like this for inspiration on different curl types, check out my own effortless curl look and let me know what you think x

Jhonnie Washington


robin rhodes

I have long hair that is a couple of inches above my waist. It's not layered. Would that style work for my hair?

Juliana A

Great job Cara! I love both looks on you!

Xiomari Rodriguez

I whatch these althe time

Sharonda McCain

nmfrallak. mdfDmf,
xe I got pulled

robin rhodes

I have long hair that is a couple of inches above my waist. It's not layered. Would that style work for my hair?