How to wax without wax

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Easy Hair Wax Removal | Remove Hair Wax Without Damaging Hair

65 615 views | 10 Sep. 2016

3 Step Easy Hair Wax

3 Step Easy Hair Wax Removal:

1. Rinse The Hair With Luke Warm Water

2. Apply Conditioner : Patanjali (used Here)

3. Finally clean with warm water

Products Used Here:

Pantajali Conditioner (Available online and Patanjali stores) :http://amzn.to/2gHhn9H

Hair Styling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bYtsg2_q8w

Hair Care: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHvyT8s2I9M

Buy Patanjali Conditioner (Rs.60): http://www.amazon.in/Patanjali-Hair-Conditioner-Damage-Control/dp/B00PFJR5ZE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1473513944&sr=8-1&keywords=patanjali+conditioner

Srinivas Rao

nice one bro. Not sure why you are lacking views.

Abhinay Kesarwani

I use......hair wax by Ustra is it okay ?

Bhupindersingh Pharwa

plz do a video for a pomade

Rjspsufiyankhan Sbz

jaldi bateo

Sachin Lenka

be awesome

Abhinay Kesarwani

I use....Ustra hair wax is it okay ?

Jasper Norman


Abdul Rahman

What happened to video volume

O.T.B Harmony Limited

ifi use It veryday..I should do head bath everyday?

Steines Francis

These videos are very helpful...but tell me if i use wax everyday would it cause damage or white hair??

Dhruv Shukla

can we use wax daily?

Rohit Ramesh

can even make a video for hair styling plzzz

Harsh Raithatha A 160

is hair wax safe .......
do I need to use shampoo even though I use conditionar if yes then before or after the conditioner
please reply bro.........


is it my headset ?!


shamoo doesn't give hair fall lol. It makes your hair very dry if u do it to much and it's possible that some of the hair breaks out because of the dryness. But it doesn't make you balt or something lol

Soham Chatterjee

My hair r becoming sticky n dusty.. I prefer loreal professional now i turn toward tresme ny suggestions for my sticky hair?

Abhinay Kesarwani

Does.....hair wax cause harm to our hairs ? ?

Rishabh Singh

heyy.. ur videos r really helpfull bcoz.. we can easily relate to u and the hair products u r using... #thanks.
plzz answer this question plzz... does the tresseme thermal creations heat protectant u r using also softens the hair or not..

Mukul Bhaskar

if I oil my hair in night and apply lukewarm water and conditioner as you say will it remove oil from my hair as I cannot shampoo my hair daily after oiling plz reply


nice video.... but still... my left ear enjoyed the video! :3

Abhishek Kumar :- 01

From what we have to wash our hair sampoo or conditioner, or we have to put conditioner after sampoo

Jion Vergara

Im Using Loreal Sculpting wax But i cant take it off do you know what i can do without
Using Shampoo

Abhinay Kesarwani

Does.....hair wax cause harm to our hairs ? ?

Kalikota Naresh

dry and thin hair persons which wax use can u suggest me

Harsh Raithatha A 160

is dax wave and groom wax safe for once in two days
please reply bro.....,......

Rishi Thapar

if we apply wax daily we should wash our hairs with warm water daily.

shubham negi

Bro what about gatsby tough and shine hair wax?? I mean the review. Should I use it or not?

Rjspsufiyankhan Sbz

bhai falak sabir jeise heir style keise kere

Raman Grover

Bro , I've white or grey hair ? , I usually use oil which gives an Illusion to look black. I am also facing Hair Fall. I just use Coconut Oil and Park Avenue Beer Shampoo (3 Times a Week) as Hair Care. I've no knowledge about Hair Care and Styling Products. How can I make my Hair healthy and look great ? Shall I Dye my hair (I am 20yrs old and my Typical Indian Parents don't allow me as they say "Saare Baal Udd Jaayenge" ?) or Is there any other Possible Home Remedies Coz Currently I am following Coconut Oil with Curry Leaves Remedy , But haven't got any significant results.

My Current Routine :-

When I shampoo my hair , I just comb them (They're slightly wet as after Towel Dry). When they are completely dry and I apply oil which gives shine and Illusion to hide my grey hair.

Other Days , I wash my hair just with Water and towel dry. And I apply Oil on slightly wet hair (As after Towel Dry) as it gives a good hold and as they dry completely after 1-2 Hrs , I just use a Hair Brush to style them.
At this position , They are completely rough with a hold (This is not the case for the day I shampoo , its second day).

How would you restructure my routine and What Hair Products will you suggest for Care and Styling.

Brother , I will be most grateful if you can advice me anything.

I appreciate all your Efforts !??

Shashi Gope

Nice topic bro I love this video

Jicon Recker

Thanks!! I got vakses off my hair. And nice staring tho

Rommel Pinca

looks as though he's looking at the script behind the camera hahaha..

Daniel Pytloun

I dont understand

Attiq Rahman

Can u Guide me pls. I use Gatsby mat and hard wax. But my hair fall in barely one hour.

Raman Grover

Bro , Can you suggest Dyes !? And Thanks For Your Reply Bro , Much Appreciation ???

Bhupindersingh Pharwa

actually I want to achieve varun dhawan's hairstyle from dishoom movie

Rāizādā Sohan Bālī

I apply Hair Wax daily. Should I wash it daily using a shampoo or a conditioner? I use Lóréal Professionél Tecni Art Web. Please reply asap +BeAwesome


what about patanjali shampoos?

Abhishek kumar


Abhinay Kesarwani

Does.....hair wax cause harm to our hairs ? ?

Attiq Rahman

Is the Revlon conditioner OK for hair. Cuz I have that easily available.

Abhinay Kesarwani

Does.....hair wax cause harm to our hairs ?

Bhupindersingh Pharwa

which pomade will be best and will brylcreem help me to achieve what I want

ss dg

It is a paid review and this patanjali product have harmful preservatives that are printed in the product

Muhammad Patel

What happens when u don't use shampoo after using wax???????

chzia Shahid


Akash verma

can i use wax after oiling the hair

Bharathi K Thevar

Yes i use pathanjali Alovera shampoo it's great

Nkay 143

hlo...my hair is almost 70-80% white...for the last 5-6 yrs 1 used hair clr.but the problem is this...my hair is falling it becomes vry thin my age is only 23...can you help me to stop my hair fall...and white hair problem

Abhinay Kesarwani

I use....Ustra hair wax is it okay ?

k p

every day we can wash our hair with condisner ? Or not. because everyday we using wax..


I use lo real Paris hair wax is that fine?tecni art!

Elsy Cherono

Wow.. It really helps


My right ear feels lonely.... :(

Jasdeep Rai

what about dominate hair wax?

nav m

I use shampoo soap bars. I rub the bar in wet hair, lather it up and wash it out. I repeat if necessary depending on the product i used the previous day.

Bhupindersingh Pharwa

heyy my hair is actually wavy and hard so which product should I use to make it smooth for styling rather than hard

Harsh Kumar

hey do we need to use this particular condtioner? can we use other patanjali conditioner like almond

How to wax without wax

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How To Wax Skis / Snowboards At Home | CashedOutBoards

10 228 views | 14 Jan. 2017

I show you how to hot wax

I show you how to hot wax your skis or snowboard at home in the cheapest way possible. I go over the materials you need and how to keep costs down, from the wax itself to the iron, the scraper, brush, and buffing towel. I then explain how to hot wax a board, from start to finish. This method is also great for storing boards for the summer. This DIY will help save you money!

Matrix Modulator

what if i dont scrape off the excess wax? what will happen?


I’ll think I’ll pay the $25 and have the shop do it


Can i do anything with an old board that has a lot of scratches on the bottom? can I fill it with something, beacause i want to learn, but i don't want to buy a new one.

Javier Cueva

do you sell the boards you make

Longboard UK

Love your videos, keep the hard work up!


Thank you!


Your videos are great, you do a very good job at showing exactly how to do what you're doing without droning on and on like a lot of other youtubers. Great job!

Longboard UK

could you do another how to build a longboard video but with more plys as I am trying to build one and I want to know how it will turn out

Chris C

what is the reason that you make a good job of waxing the base then scraping it all back of again

Alex Pope

Any ideas for a cheap scraper, or cheap brush? I don't understand why a scraper costs $20. It's just a piece of plastic

em kay 2

Great video. I have seen many of this kind but no one talks about how to deal with scraped wax. It goes all over the floor and gets stuck on it. I think it is the most annoying part of the whole process.

How to wax without wax

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How to wax a snowboard WITHOUT an iron, heat gun or wax scraper

58 946 views | 1 Nov. 2013

How to wax your snowboard

How to wax your snowboard from your house with common household items


lol. wtf

Jeff G.

This was the dumbest way to wax a board...

Sire-kai Jordan

He filmed this shit wrong

rockycopenhagen dipper

I like how he said skateboard and not snowboard


Oh thks. Noob   !
What an inspiration   !

And when to do it again   ?           : ) 

Andrea Burton




John Brendel

fyi you dont need to wax a new board

Jeff Smith

There needs to be a charity organization to prevent this kind of thing. I'm watching this cause I got an old board from the 90's covered in cat piss and a nice board for 20 bucks from a hot chick at a garage sale for my son and we need really need to get into this sport this year.

I really pissed my mom off with this kind shop work in the house.

Ride on.



Little Timmy

okay....who doesn't trust this dude with your 500$ board?


What price of shit board is $100


about a substitute for an iron, instead of just heating a pan try pouring a boiling hot water in it, this way it will stay hot for longer. Waxing was terrible, but an iron trick is great, for example for college.


You forgot to touch the pot to check it's the right temperature. Too hot pot will separate the layers of your board.

subscriber s

thx a lot helped me but im more ghetto I uses candle wax lol

deuce fiji

Lol everything was not bad till I seen you scrape the wax against the grain lol

Rusty Shackleford

Hey bro... Here's a good addition. If you have a liquid in your pot, it will stay hot 20 times longer. A tea pot is perfect. That's what I just used lol


cool story bro. This is great engineering !       .......

Jared Al

when you show the items required i just think you're going to melt the wax on that pot and then drop it to the board XD 



Joshua Walters

your an idiot.

Christopher Flores

You shouldnt scrape the wax side to side like that. It's better to go from nose to tail


walmart has an iron for 6 bucks. i just bought it and waxed my board last night worked just fine

Erik Lundström

Jesus this is painful how little wax he got on there, probably ruined the board as well ?


"If you're doing it you might as well do it right"  Right out of his own mouth!  That made me laugh.

Luis Molina

Just a thought what about using a clothes iron wuth aluminum paper around it to protect the iron

ray smith

more like .how to almost burn your mums house down

Conner Burrows

Next time scrape with the board like up and down the board

John John Hutchens

Damn you lucked out.

Zach Eiriksson

your a fucking idiot dumbass. that actually wasted your time on a board not even worth riding

adam roy

calls himself ghetto then proceeds to say "okie dokie" but thanks for the tut, really helped

subscriber s

oh and a space heater

JoeL Lynch

i do it with a tea kettle,  keeps it at the right temp for quite a wile,  then just use the entire kettle as an iron and when done have a nice hot cup of tea!!!!! works great and save a few bucks 

johnny missfire

Scrape the wax front to back unless you are a typical snowboarder and slide down the mountain slowly sideways scraping off all the snow?

Nick Farinha

broke ass homies out there


I hope you don't actually try to ride that Walmart piece of shit board


Definitely not destroying your base or anything

K Hat

thats great man, I should try the giftcard/credit card, I've been using my old motorcycle licence plate for the longest time and I always shave off way too much at the apex

Elliot Toms

damn just buy an iron and a scraper i mean you only spent $100 on the board 

Djalma Borges

You could put boiling water into the pan so that it keeps its temperature, no? Or is it too hot?

emilliano gradillas

That wax on the bored looked like cum..

Christine Dunphy

shame on you...

Luke Johnson

I had an old metal pot that i just put some coals in with a few layers of foil and it worked great


My fucking god.. Noob is right

Jack burton

This was fucking awful but funny:)

Brandon Achey

You said skateboard

Hannah Kahrs

Crap... I don't have a hair dryer.... Back to craigslist...

Cyprus Green

honestly i ride for a board team at holiday valley and seen this on my recommended vids so i tried it and not gonna lie it does work fairly well if you know what your doing i used a scraper instead of my ID but it held for 3 days i rode and i usually re-do my wax every 2-3 riding days good for you man good luck and have fun on the slopes buddy. i would definitly recommend getting an iron or taking it to a board shop but your choice.