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Fractal Design Define R4 - HDD LED addon

33 594 views | 4 Nov. 2012

David Haines

What size LED is that?


I just posted a video of how to replace the power LED on my channel if you're interested. It takes around 12 minutes once you get the wire unfed from the case so you can easily handle it.It's very easy to pull out, just wiggle it gently or use tweezers.

Lutz Mowinski

Can the power LED be changed as well ? I would like to replace that with a red LED, since I try to keep a red & black color-scheme, but I don't want to ruin my case doing so xD



Lutz Mowinski

Well, i've since taken a look inside the case, and the blue LED seems to be glued into place. Since I don't want to ruin this beautiful piece of design, I decided to can the mod and just live with the blue LED. Sorry that I can't help with modding it :(


is the led for the white one suppose to blink red?


The stock blue one is too bright to be always on. My motherboard also makes it blink like police lights when the PC is in sleep mode - try sleeping next to it when your whole ceiling is flashing blue. I think I'll put a resistor on mine to make it dimmer.

adam pitak

dobry napad :)

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Where can you get a resistor like that? I tried ebay but no luck. Or do you need to make your own?

David Haines

Thanks! Given the shape, it's probably 3mm. I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't a 5mm part (the other common size with that shape).

Ferdinand Bardamu

I think Fractal made a sensible choice when they decided to opt out the HDD led. It's ugly and useless.


ohh, sorry :) Cool tho!


My Led light keeps on flickering on and off (blue) is this normal?


hey man, was thinking about buying this case and making the exact same mod - have you heard anywhere since if that is possible?

Patric Sun

Please let me know if you manage to do this without much trouble. (Where you got the LED/how you did it all.) I am actually interested in doing the same exact thing.

Poe Lemic

Thanks. Really good and useful video.


He meant that the White case comes with a red led.


@ThatGuyNamedSammeh That would only change the colour of the power LED and leave you without a HDD activity LED.


Nice mod!

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Could you tell me where did you get the male 2-pin connector for the resistor cable?
Also, what type of resistor should I buy? There are different Watt types on ebay and I have no idea which one to get. Will a 1/2W do it?

John Dastardly

Its an easy change, just gently pull the cable with the led on. Its glued but have no worries. I bought red leds to fit in mine, just solder it on. :)

Samuel Turesson

Technically, you should just be able to take out the old LED bulb and replace it with a new one in the desired color

John Dastardly

There is actually another video about this, the led seems to be just glued alittle to the case, and some wiggling will loosen it. I want to change my blue to red as well.

Led define

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How to make a 8x8x8 LED Cube at Home

291 842 views | 22 Jul. 2020

Learn- how to make the

Learn- how to make the most complex LED cube. I used prototyping board to create circuit later on I designed PCB layout and ordered from http://pcbway.com

Required Material-

1. Blue LED 5mm or

2. Blue diffused LED 3mm

2. 74HC595

3. Prototyping board

4. Tinted copper wire

5. BD241 Transistor

Tips:- Try use

Circuit diagram and code- https://www.mediafire.com/folder/z79wwa0xke37v/

Follow me on Instagram and get regular updates- https://www.instagram.com/tapendramandal

Thanks for watching my video.

Mark Zen

Someone know where to buy the tinted copper wire?

Nayaab Ansari

Bro what is the overall cost??


Bro how to solder these wires are not solding with the led ????

Fuad aziz


Nathan Boulton

Could you possibly link the PCB design you made in the description, I have never designed a PCB before and have found it quite hard to do, understand if you would rather not though


Bro mujhe bd241 trasister nahi mil raha hai uske jagah kaun sa laga sakte hai please reply.

Tyler Shupp

Why is this guy using bd241c transistor and another guy using 2n2222 transistor

Metin Esmenler

How can I find for 8x8x8 led cube circuit board. Thank you

avinash singh

Hi Bro, can you share your gerber file with me, I also want to make this.....

Kusram Srishekar


IMMaster Y.Tech.

Dark sensor using two transistors
Please subscribe to the channel and like it!


It's cool movie! I'm Exciting. Thankyou.

Asish Kumar Nayak

hi brother.. can you share the Gerber file


Great project!! How thick is your copper wire?

Darien Pérez Cano

Could anyone explain to me how did he control individually the 8 led's connected to just one "y axis" cable?

Niranjan Raj

Bro give ne the link that u designed in pcbway pls

Fun With Nihaal

Please don't stop uploading videos ?❤️


Awesome job! Your patience is absolutely commendable!!!

amit dhiman

can you give me one pcb board ?❤️

Doctorpc Intelligence

Dude.. this project is awesome!!!! The best cube i 've ever seen....

The Off Cycle

Dipping those LEDs in acetone would probably fog the plastic up rather than sanding each one

Amit Chourasia

how did you learn all this things Please tell I also want to learn build things like that

Shashikant Yadav

How to collect from you a gerber file


Wow amazing very thanks bro.


Upload the gerber file in the link please

Hamza Add

Big respect bro

Spectrum_ Neew

hello we are two French students in computer science and we need help following your last video on the cube 8*8*8 in led. To finish our project we are missing your pcb file (gerber file) thank you for your understanding and answer us as soon as possible thank you


Could you please provide a link to the finished PCB because I don't know how to make it. Please help.

Academics Studio

this is perfection <3


What is price of your pcb?

Pravin Dhiver

Pcb layout please


We want the gerber file

Md Tarek

বাই তোমার বাড়ি কী বাংলাদেশ


Awsome video!

fatih can kaya

Hello, the soldering paths in the circuit diagram are not exactly clear, I could not solder some parts.

kaushala dayawansha

plz help me brother can you send me circuit diagrams? ([email protected])

Mohammad Shahateet

can i have the BCP file plz ?? gd job bro ♥ love it

Youcef Assou

Well done, good job, can you please tell me the diameter of the tinted copper wire please, can you post the like for it.??


Impressive !


that coool nice LED cube...
some LEDs are not lights on

Max Ketschik

"I LOVE YOU" ahh how sweet "-TUBE" meh.

Harv # Harsha

Can I buy it from you

Naveen TechInfo

Hats off bro you have lot of patience...good work...

Antonio Segado

Muy bien video, me he aficionado a los cubos 8x8x8 , me gustaria que hicieras mas efectos , yo le he puesto arduino uno para que tenga mas memoria, que pases un buen feliz año


You must be tired now...

Jauhar k

now imagine... The LED at the center is damaged?

sumit kishor

Amazed to see this but I do not have any idea of electronics, will u please assemble a 3D led for me with some programming as u have shown here.Please share ur e mail or reply me on the [email protected]gmail.com

Hyper Tech

Can you pls send the PCB file

Jake Manning

Would it be possible to have these synced to midi or otherwise responding to music?

Shakil Ahmed

Can you please provide the Gerber file?

Yordan Nedelchev

Can someone explain to me how he did the connections to the layers without the cables? I have a hard time understanding it.

Jay Dee

Can we order this from you?

Cap. Barbosa

Wonderful work bro, where did you buy those leds and the steel wire? can you please post the link

SCIENCE and TECHnology

Somebody please lend me 400 subscribers

L' ours blanc

two cubes... You like doing that ??? It must be horrible XD

Benne MY

That's what I call dedication. Youtube is such a shitshow of rich people pretending to have a real job which is why they have to sell you things in every video while already being rich and there comes this guy who puts more energy into one video than Pewdiepie into his whole carreer and he is not even at a million subs. Fuck me.

Suman Khatua

prochur hard work lage . ami faild hoea giachilam banate gia. tai ami jani koto ta dedication lage eta bana te

Juan Fernando Quintero Rivera

Nice video bro

Ich bins Siggi

Ein 8x8x8 RGB Led Cube wäre Cool

fatih gokler

nice job! can u also add mediafire gerber.zip for order from http://pcbway.com


Amount of work done here ?


I want to buy only pcb

ĞeoŚtorm 17

Soooo hard

Loren Dixon

How could I get started building that.


Bro pcb pls????


Please share the GERBER FILE....


Hello bro...plz share the GERBER FILE... It tooks 20 hour to build a 4×4×4 led cube to me...which is 8 times less effort...GREAT JOB????

Sarfaraz Ansari

Please make a tutorial about how to connect multiple Leds in series and parallel and how many Leds can be connected with 12v source.

Miguel Liriano Laureano

Hello! Would you public the Gerber to order it on pcbway? Thanks.


What size is the wire you used?

Jaypee Pagcanlungan

Magkano ba brod ang DIY SOLAR CHARGER MO

Kuntal Murmu

Hi bro... Can I use bd241c in place of bd241b.....?

Ajesh Aji

O my God it's osm
You are really great it's mind blowing men

sobuj islam

i need this

aymen o

Welcome back bro ??❤️?‍☠️
You are Monster???
From ?? algeria

Cedric Maximilian Brenner

Hey man,
I am very impressed of the work u did there.
I would like to ask if u could send me your Gerber File ?

kapil saini

Bro yh circuit mujjay bhi chiya


bhai Bhaut Aache Ap Mere Shop Me aae Milke Aacha laga apse ??

sobuj islam

Ko to taka vai

Mohit Preet

How much power supply to give?
Finally a most detailed video.


We .... The electronics lover want the gerber file


Great work go on, one question please what is the name of the program that you used to create PCB layout??

Vinayak Pawar

Please share your contact number or email id Broh need a help


Can't wait for the gerber file

Loren Dixon

This is amazing....


Bro put a video how to do 8x8x8 club led circuit board plzz bro


Which wire u r using ?


This is the first video in which I felt that
Some Youtubers has worked hard...
Make 8 layers of LEDs
My Godd ?

kiyo terao

clean af

マジョーポルテザ -

can also be an sound reactive?

City Shire

Hey Brother!
It's amazing and we'll organized and clean work.
Can I get to know which software you used in designing PCB?

Marko 44

512 leds ?‍♂️

Jesse Kuipers

do you have the gerber file for us?
i realy need it.

Ich bins Siggi

Ein 8x8x8 RGB Led Cube wäre Cool

Héctor Ezequiel Ibelles

Felicidades muy buen proyecto.

Ngọc Nam

Mình muốn mua đồ về làm ai có k ạ

nathaniel gonzales

am i missing something if you have 2 leds on at ones wouldn't there be 4 leds on? bc the way it was set up you have the gnd of all the led's hooked up together on every layer so do you just turn on the "stack" (a row of one going from top to bottom) that the led you want on on and then turn on the gnd of the layer it's on? bc if you do that it would work for one led but if you turn on 2 at the same time that's 2 stacks and 2 layers on at the same time but it can't tell witch layer goes to witch stack so there would be 2 points where every layer meets a stack and every stack meets a layer so 4 leds would be on if you just wanna turn on 2 right? the only way i can think of getting past this is if it is only turning them one on at a time but doing it so fast the eye can't see it and just sees them all on at the same time a little bit like a tv or a monitor is that what it's doing?


Share the GERBER FILE please

Thanh Hào Lương

Good job


Would this work with layers of different colour LEDs?

Led define

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LED high bay light - How to define an excellent high bay?

65 views | 6 Aug. 2019

LED high bay light - How

LED high bay light - How to define an excellent high bay?

See a video overview of the Edge Series! includes;

-No yellow light ring

-Uniform light

-Lower glare

-Solution with microwave sensor available

-Varies installation ways

Mail us at [email protected]



#LEDHighbayLights #LEDWarehouseLights #industriallighting


[email protected]


Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvxQFAbEJ7fLWfFd1zwYLzg

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