Strengthen nail polish

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How to Protect, Strengthen, and Polish Your Natural Nails so they Grow Long and Strong

7 451 views | 4 Mar. 2014

If your natural

If your natural fingernails are suffering from breaking, peeling, and splitting, then I will show you how to polish your natural nails for growth and strength. This nail polish technique can be used all year around and you don't need any special polish, you can use what you already have.


1. Polish your nails to for strength and nail growth.

2. Protect your nails from breakage

NOTE: The technique is about optimizing your nail polish application.

Product List

1. Primer: Nail Tech Step 1

2. Base Coat: Nailtiques Formula 2

3. Main Color: Your Choice

4. Top Coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

Tip: This technique is useful for applying the following kinds of nail polish:

• Sheer or thin polish when you desire an opaque color

• Opaque polish that tends to separate when it's applied in layers

• Dark and/or matte polish that have deep colors.


You are gorgeous! Great video!


Great technique

Ansley Harrison

Oh my god my nails are a wreck i think ill try your techinech


This is soooo helpful! Thanks for sharing!


This technique makes more sense to me now! Will try. Thanx.


What a unique and ingenious way to apply polish. Your technique makes so much sense, the oldest and weakest part of the nail (the tip) gets the most polish layers. I'll will try this.

Carrie Kapper

What is the color you put on?


Wow, this was really great and different from other methods funny thing is I have  Nailtiques 2. I just need to be consistent along with the nail polish application the way you shared. tfs

Tashelle Renaye

nail tech causes cancer

Lisa Carter

I've tried your technique this evening. I love it! I have 6 layers of protection coating my tips/nails! I used a light opal shade for my color polish along with my favorite base and top coats. If the manicure lasts, I'll be doing this manicure technique once a week. Bless you!

sky montey

what a pretty color.

Shannon M.

My nail tek step 1 says it is for maintenance, after you build strength w step 2, 2plus,or 3. But if it works for you, keep doing what u do : )

Strengthen nail polish

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Quarantine With Me! DIY Nail Strengthener!

4 446 views | 6 Apr. 2020


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oh_my_gel

Lindsay Hill

Going to make my mom watch this -- she is always looking for a nail strengthener with low (or no) chemicals!

Cynthia Rios

Can we do this with a foundation (base coat) or a top it off gel (top gel)?

Jayati Jaiswal

You are amazing ?

Davida Medina

Oh just what I need lol since I've just started nails I battered them before I knew how u are supposed to take care of em!! Ha no one told me that part before I filed the poo outta my nails ? well ya live n ya learn now n u nails are worse then I started lolbut I'll never give up I really love this stuff!?

HoneyBee Carter

Do the pieces of garlic get on the brush and nails when polishing?

Tsering Dolma

this sounds awesome! definitely trying this tomorrow but I just have a few questions. Why do you recommend removing and reapply each day? Also, can I apply the strengthener then apply nail polish, which would mean me removing and reapply the strenthener after a week or so?

Priyanshi Bhattacharjee

Please make a video on grooming small nails because I play ukulele so I cant grow my nails

Sophia Gunayan

can i use a clear nail polish instead of a base coat?

Julie Flores

Love this !

Leondra John

How long can i keep the nail polish before throwing away?

Helena Barseghian

I did that and my husband said it was too stinky on me. I smelled like garlic too strong.....

Marlie Sandoval

Yes I agree!! The garlic in the coat is amazing. That's the only thing my mami (grandma) uses for her nails lol

Linda Jackson

I'm over joyed that I found your channel! You are heaven sent for us natural nail ladies! I am binge watching all of your videos ???
Does this DIY strengthener have a garlic smell during and after use?

Brandy Rhorer

What product do you use for remover of strengthener?

Priyanshi Bhattacharjee

But wouldn't the nails smell like garlic all day?!

Michelle’s Manis

Might be a silly question but does it smell heavily of garlic or does it dissipate after a little while? Tfs


Awesome love this!!

Jilian Paz

For how long does it last?

masura sannie

dis helps alot thank u oh my gel

Angela Kaimon

It absolutely works I’ve used this method with amazing results, but it is a daily ritual and it does take dedication. I found I was just not finding time to be persistent with it.


can I use this in combination with jojoba oil and vitamin e? I have a huge problem with the skin around my nails, it turns crusty and hard after I paint them and my nails are weak, peel and takes a lot of time to grow. ???


How much Garlic do you use? How many Cloves?

elizabéthh x

First! Entered the Giveaway . Love this video

Tammy's Manis

I need to do this. Thank you. ❤

Kiara Brewton

Idk how u knew but my nails were struggling! Thank you ??


Where do you buy your nail buffer?

Strengthen nail polish

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28 642 views | 17 May. 2018

Watch Greg show you how to

Watch Greg show you how to apply gel polish to weak and brittle nails to help them last longer.


Nice technique ??

A Basic Kiwi Family

Can you please tell me the difference between Caption base/top coat and ManiQ base/top

Lori Duncan

I’ve been doing this method for about a year now and it’s amazing! I keep a foundation of clear powder cured with base and topcoat under all my manicures.

dawn gallegos

What is the process steps for this service in two weeks?


Thanks for all the videos.
Can you use Conversion TC over gel polish? I thought it was only for Caption and slick Pour

Kathryn Sygrove

Hi I work on nurses and I’m looking for something that looks natural but strengthens the nails too. Would this work without using the colour. Would the nail be natural with just the caption top coat??

Sarahi Calderon

Nice tip

violeta otoño

Gracias *_- ))))))

April Mckenzie

Yay! Another video full of awesome techniques! You guys rock the nail world!

Emilia Petrova

What is the powder please?

Vicki Johnson

what do you do for a client that has ridges in the nails..they want pink and white and the ridges show thru even after I use a ridge filler.

Tesynia LaZuri Uhuru

Very helpful

amanda steuver

Also.. I just watched your videos about all your top coats.. I thought conversion top went on reg polish. May I ask why you needed conversion top..? Trying to figure it all out so I order what I need... Of course I'll need yn stain resistant! Lol

Niny's Nails

How much should one charge for a set using slickpour as a base?

Nancy Clark

I do this and when I paint it it looks ashy ??

Tracey Haridemos

Thanks for this video and for developing products that have so much versatility! Would this work with caption conversion, slick pour and caption polish too? Thanks

Mandi Coleman

So for a regular person... use a base gel n put clear acrylic powder on the nail will do the same?

Ezzys Nails

After the next visit, will it soak off? Or do you need to repeat the process over again as a fill or naked nails?

Stacy Orick

Is slick pour the same as your other powders?


So I have the conversion system and the instructions for using caption polish with it is that you cleanse every layer of base after curing before adding polish. My question is: after you’ve cured with the slick pour coating, do you still have to cleanse off the dispersion layer?

Heidi's Page

My daughter had acrylic done in salon, a week after they came off I put gel nails on her I followed all your tips online to a tee and they came off in a week any ideas what I can do to prevent that? I tried looking for videos on back to back but I'm finding nothing and I only watch your videos and your products so any help is awesome thanks!

Natalie Mugridge Nail Artist

This is brilliant advice! Thank u ☺️ x

Shanta Winzer

Nice! I wish you had a nail shop in my area!!

Kristine Baker

Love you guys #1st 2 Nail it?♥️


Excellent tip!!!?

div m

can under the radar be used with gelish base coat before curing? ill buy only if its
compatible with gelish

Ginger Resendiz



I went "awsome" ad then I saw the slick pour now Im in europe and I cant get my hands on slick pour. I cant shop in the YNI shop due to the fact Im not in the states sooo


1st like and comment❤️❤️❤️ love that colour

Stacy Orick

Wait, you used conversion with gel polish?

Nikita Heggie

love these videos. Learning so much! I have naturally weak and thin nails. Which one Is better for this..... ManiQ or slickpour?

Michele Felix

Smart! I have a client I’m going to try this on. Thanks guys & Tracey!

Ksenya S

once under the radar is used, can go time be used instead of maniq ??

Leah Calabro

You're a Genius Greg! So Clever! ????

Lina Panchame

What’s the name of the power again? Can you send me the links of all the products you used for the demonstration? I would like to get them ❤️

Никита Гаврилов

Открыли велосипед. Маник отстой

Mrs. Mercy Les

How could I combine slickpour and conversion polish?

The Lady Lotus

Awesome! Ty????

Nikki Rodriguez

I love "nail school". Some of the most knowledgeable videos ever. I love you guys and your teaching. Love and blessings from your friend in Az!

amanda steuver

If you don't have conversion base, can you use a regular base coat?

antonia syr

What is slick pour? Acrylic powder?

Judy Hoffmann

Perfect!!! This is a gamechanger ?

David Le

I dont think u should drill their nail if its brittle

galina -purplelina

Can you do a video on how to do gel polish on bitten nails? Really no tips on nails. Trying to grow them out,but gel polish peels off cuz well I can't really cap the nails.

Tina Yeager

Information, thank you ❤️

Jane Doe 6:12

Nice ??

Stephie Hell Yeah

What is the best way to file/prep the nails that have ridges? Does this method fill in the weak points with slick pour? Thank you from a US Hair tech! ?

David Le

What if i use gelish base coat instead

Jenny H

i have this issue nail spiltting right down middle very painful and i havent worn nails very long .i mean years .id say few mths my nails are like jelly soft and hurt and depressing when allow ur natural nail breath for a week or 2.and find u cant do nothing using fingers even feel bruising to my britle jelly nails and bloodly hurts then i get ingrowing on sides nail cos way nail as split and then my critical get sore n tender .yet i got all the right metrials .powders polishes b4 nail goes on dyhdration gel polish and base coat all that .but oddly if were nail tips they dont last as long .and i keep getting lefting below cirticles when i either aply well i think enough acrylic powder or to much im.still learning and thank u so much to going to utube in people like myself who wants learn nails ur a huge help i watch u and a lady kirsty miki ur both great and helpful on ways to helpin natural nails to how to apply but my question is why when like i said my nails never last less then 1week like said i do all u ment to and still get lefting on bottom or sides of nail and then it winds me up keep stickin and fixin the nail im.back to re doing a new nail.from start.and its annoying!.. from yesturday 16 may this mnth..im usin fill length nails and i watched u on getting correct beeding with acrylic powder agian thank u
but what am i doing wrong help please.....by the way from full set nails got on now and watching how u get right beeding on brush im not getting much lefting maybe just little on left thumb on side of nail but not massively im quiet impressed with my attempt on the full nail rage and i think it was u or lady on nail school said doing a nail shouldn't take hours should take less
well like said i got my full nail on and timed myself and i was proud of myself cos were took me hour or more to do half tip nails to get it for me looking right as best can .to other night on full nail took me less time on the beeding from watching u. and aplying and buffing ..but if u can get back to me i be so greatful..

i even when my little fingernail split right down middle went saw a lady manicure and said i got cowsome nail vanish n nail harder why is my nails so poor and weak.
she said because u wearing nails give ur nails 2mnths to heal.not easy anyone who wear nails got used to that to try work with flooppy jelly nails that are needin plasters cos so tender and sore .not easy .and like ive said if nails left i take off let them breath if can do a week i will n re aply new set nails cos cant take longer bad sore jelly nails to try work with knowin force nails are harder u feel much better then stressin urself out each time u unwrap or have put in water poor sore tender broken nails lest with force nails u can hide away the embassing own nail shame.. but i no it wont get better .but lady i also follow she had clients who none stop wear force n end up with well cared for healthy natrual nails .and there me staring at my floppy nails goin im doing every step u do yet my nails are poor ..why...so any tips please .let me no nail school thanks ?


Yas!! I have 2 clients with super thin & bendy nails. Ty 4 making this vid.

Jen O'Flaherty

#Imoverittoo. KIDDING,. xxx notting but love for ya,ll

Beth Maack

How much would you charge for this service..... our reg gel polish nails is 38.00 .....if you add slick pour ....how much ? Thankyou ??

Amy Antunez

Love this!!

sasha johnson

So as an alternative can u use clear acrylic as opposed to what u used to powder the nail??

Sarahhh Beth

I’m having trouble getting young nails gel polish (normal gel polish and the conversion gel method with slickpour) on natural nails! They chip on the edges and then start to peel off two of my clients after about a week! They have kind of flexible nails! What can I try differently to see if it helps? I prep by pushing cuticles back, 150 grit sanding band, swipe, and protein bond!


Once the nail grows out, Would you remove this with acetone or would you do a type of fill?


Does the slick pout soak off with acetone along with the gel dnd do you not need to cap the free edge with Caption polish? Thanks x

zoethepug !

Can you use speed clear or core clear for this?

Looba f

I needed this!!!

D Kirk

Great idea without the nail looking too thick

Kahlia S

So you can use any gel base with a clear acrylic? Or sns type dip powder?
Can someone clarify pls? [email protected]

Mariah Volz

Does this method work with other gel polish brands and the young nails slick pour?

Livelike Youareliving

Be careful with toxic polishes ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKKUDaderRg&t=85s

Jay Chapman

Thanks for this video. Will try this on someone tomorrow. Ill let you know how it goes xxx

Anna Maria Witkowska

great tip :) thank you :)

TheeNisha Chrea’

Is there a difference in the maniQ liquid and swipe?