Tria face laser reviews

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Tria age defying laser and my experience

314 views | 18 Apr. 2020

Tria Beauty

Thank you so much for posting your experience with our Anti-Aging Laser!

Tria face laser reviews

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Review of Tria Age Defying Laser;At Home Anti Aging Treatment Worth it?

2 093 views | 19 Nov. 2017

Does this at home laser

Does this at home laser replace a fraxel treatment you would get at a dermatologist's office or a med spa? No, but I use this almost everyday and find that it does help prevent lines and wrinkles from forming, but really does little for skin discoloration and brown spots or rosacea.

Tria face laser reviews

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My Experience With the Tria Age Defying Laser

75 081 views | 8 Aug. 2014

Bryce Gruber tries the

Bryce Gruber tries the shows how to use the Tria Age Defying laser, explains the levels and settings, and how to achieve glowing skin. Full my full review, click here http://www.theluxuryspot.com/tria-age-defying-laser-i-finished-and-i-love-it/

The Tria Age Defying Laser is available http://www.triabeauty.com/age-defying-laser

Disclaimer: I received a free laser and sponsorship to make this video but I really did love and use the product.

Camila Navarro Mackissack

can you use it taking  accutane? and I need to use this with this cleanse? or can I use my own products? thanks


She is full of make up, dishonest video, bye

Deni Silbert

What do you do after you have completed the 3rd cycle? What is the maintenance schedule?


Before & afters would be helpful.

Tree seer

What's better the tria for eye wrinkles or this tria laser?

V Malone

How old are you? I thought this was for people with wrinkles.

Dr Bilal

How we buy this product in Pakistan

channel olaf

I am 18 years old, is it okay if i use it? I do not have problems with my skin but i have certain parts that look darker.

Lauren Parkinson

Cool video

Diane M

How can you order

Anh Dao

Where you did buy it?

Jan C

May I ask how old you are? You look very young and you don't need laser treatments yet.. Now if you tell me your 50 and look like that I will make a mad dash to buy it

Helium Valentine

You're not aged/old enough to be an effective respresentative of whether this 'age-defying' laser actually works.

Ranjan D

Great information. If you really want to achieve glowing skin, then you should watch this video.

Alessandro Pagani

love both my tria face laser and eye laser...they are amazing
feel free to have a look at my review and videos at www.alexinwonderland.net

( i got mine on ebay and managed to get a refurbished one with one year warranty for £139 instead of £450 :)


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Paris Palpal

can I use the hands?

Ellen Kay

When you first started, did you have troubles keeping contact with the skin?  Any advice on this?

Peter Brooks

So how does the laser work? Does it exfoliate your skin? I'm confused! :D

Deni Silbert

What is the maintenance schedule after the 12 weeks ?☺️?

Eimear Power

Feels like an advert not a real review


Hmm... do you have to start at a young age to achieve results? Before justifying the cost... would really like to see a before and after test on a person in their 40's ;)

Peter Brooks

Age defying laser!? Wow! Awesome technology!!! This stuff must work wonders because your skin is perfection! :) Your hair is amazing! What do you use for volume? I'll get it for my wife! :D Be blessed and thanks for the great video! I'm going to tell my wife about your page!!