Over moisturizing

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Hygral Fatigue (OVER MOISTURIZING) Natural Hair Update

35 936 views | 22 Jan. 2019

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I have the same hair type as you. I just recently had this issue with my hair. You can add protein back into your hair by doing the following:
1/4 of fresh ? avocado
1/2 ? banana
1-2 whole ? eggs
2 Tbsps. Extra virgin olive oil
2 T Water ?
Add all the ingredients to a blender
(Make sure you take out the pit of the avaocado before adding it to the blender)
Blend all the ingredients
Apply the avocado mask throughout your hair.
Let us sit for 30-40minutes
Rinse out with lukewarm water
Style as usual
Optional: you can add your favorite conditioner after the mask. You may not need it due to the avocados also give moisture.
I tried this 2 days ago and it changed my life. It’s great for those who have sensitivity to hair products.

Samantha Ivy

Girl I live in Atlanta too and I'm having the SAME ISSUE. I also have low porosity hair. I usually deep condition my hair once a week. I'm going to skip my dc this weekend. Hopefully that will work. Then I always put a leave-in conditioner in my hair.


Girl. Get you some Non-fat Greek Yogurt. It works wonders! It makes my curls super tight.

Anna Brown

Thanks! I deep condition once or twice a month and have been doing it overnight...Ima stop lol

Elvonne's Essentials

look at us! its really a journey of trial and error

Shawnya Brown

Thanks for the info....do you think adding a couple days before your wash may help once your deep condition with a protein maybe 5 days instead of 3-4 ..... then go back to your reg routine


Please can someone help me with a protein treatment for my 4c hair. I over moisturized my hair and all I am seeing is aphogee which is sooo expensive here in Ghana. I want something I can use even after restoring my mushy hair. Hellp plsss??


I didn’t know anything about moisture overload until my last wash n go, (eons ago, and I was spraying water on it everyday to moisturize it and ... a mess ?

Kenya Miller

Happened to me ??‍♀️? and I knew something was wrong with my hair. I no longer sleep in my deep conditioner anymore.


Some people alternate between both each week. I use both every week...a light protein treatment and moisture after.

Gabbie B

I need your help I had a protein overload (I’m low porosity I know it was stupid) but I bounced back from it but the front of it is still kinda dry and brittle

Kishi Thompson

Try aphogee curlific line


i have medium porosity hair and i do deep condition overnight most of the time because im lazy and have no problem with overload except for one time when i first went natural and i knew nothing about protein treatments, but now i do use mostly Shea moisture products and haven't had this problem since. i regularly protein treat every two weeks with the aphogee 2 minute re-constructor or rice water rinses. Good luck on your Bounce back!

Natalie Jones

Omg ik I'm late but I friggin love you Kim.


I’m annoyed cause I swear this is why my hair is fucked up and the curls aren’t as popping. I wash my hair A LOT!!!! I never let my hair completely dry...

Lidia Tadesse

The new mielle rosemary and mint strengthening masque would definitely help.


Bingo...everyone needs protein and moisture balance. Playing around which works for you and how often is key.

Natural As Abby

Hey?? Thanks for the informative video!

Julia Romy

Im SO glad i found this video, u confirmed every struggle in my mind.? I was wondering where my bounce back has been.... for.. ages......

Judi S

Hey Kim i feel your pain! When I first went natural I was washing my hair everyday and then tried the green house method (wet my hair, covered it with a plastic cap every night for a week). Why did I do that??? I had THE WORST hygral fatigue!!! It took a while for my hair to recover. It was sooo bad my hair would stretch and NOT bounce back. After doing research I also found out that protein is key to recovery. So to fix it I did several protein treatments some of which were homemade. My mayonnaise, eggs, avocado mixture with essential oils was one of my favorites. I also stopped washing my hair everyday and eventually my hair got better. It takes time but your hair will get better. Stay strong!!! You got this!


I slept in my Moisture Miracle Pre Poo, and didn't rinse it out until the afternoon. AND now here I am :(


On the plus side, you look hella cute

London Marie

Hi Kim! I’m wondering how long it took you to get rid of Hygral Fatigue? I feel like I’ve been trying to fix it for forever with no results?

jazmine Pepper

You need a exfoliating shampoo or a clarifying shampoo to fix this problem.


Girl we’re going through the same thing!!! I haven’t used protein in a while then blew it out a couple of times over the holidays and my hair was outta wackkkk. Thennn went to a salon, got it “treated” & cut and still nothing ??? I’m glad we’re going through it at the same, let us know how it goes! I was definitely going to go to Sally’s for that aphogee sis ? so what’s the deal? What you sayin sis ?

Fruit Loopy Asmr

? ??? ??????? ??? ?? ?? ???? ????????? ??? ????? 7 ?????. ????? ????? ??????? ?? ???? ????? ?? ?????? ???? ????? ?????????

Actually Arie

Girl I’m going through the same thing and I honestly cried at first cause I was just like “ my hair is not acting right “ and it was more frustrating when people would be like “ oh your hair looks fine “ and it’s like no I know what my hair is supposed to feel and look like you don’t understand ?

Adela Scotland

I deep condition overnight all the time... waw!... I do, do regular protein treatments though... but I'm scared now lol! Thanks for this

Brittany Lindsay

3:54 ?? kim i love your attitude towards everything. So i have medium to thick hair but my stands are super thin but i have alot of hair strands. I get knots pretty easily and i also get moisture overload pretty easily as well. Idk my hair doesnt do well with an hour of deep conditioning. And doesnt like to be deep conditioned every week either. Can you do a video about different types of protein conditioners? Where its not to strong but its okay to use weekly/bi-weekly

Daisy Flower

Hi guys. If anyone needs more information on hydral fatigue especially for high porosity hair, you can check out my blog https://wp.me/paVigA-1s

Beautiful Taylor

Omg. I sleep in my deep conditioner all the time. I have to do better

L8ter Ivy

i had ridiculous shedding with hydral fatigue ughhh so frustrating glad im not alone. thank you for bringing attention to this

Amoya Clarke

I’ve been having a similar problem and I’ve decided to just take a step back and get my hair professionally taken care of for a while because the front of my head is a frizzy mess


Hey! What makes you so sure you have hydral fatigue vs heat damage? I had heat damage from a silk press 2 years ago. I'm still growing it out. Deep conditioning over night is not the devil. ? Good luck with your hair! ?

Viki Pierre

What was the deep conditioner's name again. To this day I've been natural 4c but never deep conditioned my hair as I'm only 14 but I still want to take care of my hair. I'll be care full and wash it out after 15-30 min so that moisture doesn't defile my hair.

Timeless Utopia

Do not deep condition over night
literally just finished deep conditioned over night the day before ?? whoops.....

Ellison Smith

THANK YOU, your so on point with this info, I'm a natural hair stylist and your so informative please keep sharing, and your personality is so beautiful


I’ve been co washing daily for my wash and go and at first it dried but now it’s not drying at all ?

Kendra C

Here I am with moisture over load 3 weeks after protein overload because I was so afraid to put protein back in ?? why on earth is it so hard to find a balance! Lol

Anna Nexton

Omg I didn’t even know over moisturizing was a thing! I’m so glad I found your video. I’m so happy that I could cry because it took me so long to figure out what’s happening to my hair.

(June 2018) So basically I fell in love with this condition and I thought it was so great that I left conditioner in my hair overnight and I woke up and when I combed it out it was the most hair that’s ever came out of my hair so I stopped cowashing it and did normal washing. Nothing worked. My hair is normally 3b-3c but today it is spongey and much harder to maintain. I was really on the verge of shaving my head but this video gave me so much hope. Thank you if you read this whole thing lol.


I think I gave myself moisture overload. I’m glad I remembered this segment because I’m ???????? close to going bald again. I had a break down in my bathroom ???

Edit: it’s not moisture overload. I think it’s the opposite. I’m about to cut my hair off ?

Totally Tondra

Not “rain down on me le-le-le-le-let it fall on me!” ???


I deep conditioned overnight and never got moisture overload. I never heard of it. That’s crazy! But I also do protein treatments as needed and I only wash my hair every 2 weeks. Also, I use the mayo protein treatment and it’s very good.

Gigi Livaditis

Omg I love her sm she’s hilarious

rebecca lynch

This video spoke to me! I'm going through hygral fatigue atm and it's so annoying!!

x x

I even dont know whats my curl type, it's definitely 3a, probably 3b. I used to wash my hair every, really every single day! I treated it like it was straight, I used my blow dryer on the hottest heat setting, every single day:))I never put anything in my hair no moisturizer and no protein, literally just shampoo and conditioner for dry hair! Although my hair IS NOT DRY! Now that I am on my natural hair journey, my curls just do not last. If they dry nice, an hour later my curls are mostly gone. It is so sad! Thank u a looooot, for this video. I always thought I would be alone with that.

Kamma Sutra

Mielle Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner is a really good protein deep conditioner... Love your videos and I enjoy this learning experience you! ?

Oumou Ly

Currently going through a moisture overload crisis, thank you for this vid ?

Andrea Branch

Holy goodness do I love your personality!!

Bri Simone

I'm about to do the aphogee 2 step protein treatment for the first time. I don't have moisture overload but I need a protein treatment!

Erika Lee

@Kimberly Cherrell - Since, you do like Camille Rose Naturals products too check out the Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment. I LOVE this deep conditioner & have been using it for 2 years now. It has hydrolyzed keratin in it. It's moisturizing, hydrating, & strengthening!!


How do you know what products have protein?

Kdeja Williams

WOW!? ...watching this as I'm laying here with my overnight deep conditioner...? anymore! Thanks for the info.


Protein treatments are the only way to fix what happened.

Jo Richards

I’m going through the exact same sis ??Thought I was doing good by adding lots of water and leave-in conditioner everyday to keep it moisturised ??‍♀️. It’s backfired and I can’t wait to try this protein treatment method to get it back to normal.

Bridget Ude

Is it okay to wet my natural hair everyday then apply oil.. My region here is too hot ?


Have you tried to do the “strand test”?


Natural hair that does not have hydro fatigue does not need protein , if you don't leave a conditioner over night you won't need protein. 87% of your hair is Protein and keratin naturally. I am a licensed Cosmetologist.

Lauren Simone

“Moisture overload? That just sound stupid don’t it?” ??? you really be having me dying

Taycurls14-Shanta C

I had moisture overload some yrs ago and it was not pretty?had to use the heck out of some protein?it takes time to get it right you’ll get there tho...hope you’re doing somewhat better still praying for you❤️

Jo Richards

Does anyone know if rice water will help? My hair just feels so limp and mushy and the shedding is ridiculous.

Elvonne's Essentials

you diagnosed yourself lol ... you're a hair doctor

Dominique Desmarattes


Sarah Royer

That Shea moisture JBCO deep conditioner ??????


Thank you Thank you Thank you. I knew something was going on with my hair. So helpful ??????


Try the “Real Protein Treatment” by Green Beauty! Check out her video on it.

Queena Williams

I’m honestly going through moisture overload too


pre-poo also prevents hygral fatigue x

Rushia J

I did this and rice water treatment help. Its a protein treatment and wont break the bank

cassandra taylor

Your hair is looking good. You got this Kim


You said lelelele let!? took me out! Concerning the video though, last year I got moisture fatigue reviewing some products and that ORS brought me back... Well that and the ApHogee 2 minute reconstructor. It was definitely a process but I got my hair together on no time!


The curls are poppin!!!

Boujee B. with the Tea

I just slept with conditioner in my hair last night because I was too lazy to wash it out ? I even thought about over moisturizing, but I didn't care

Michel'le Phipps

Can i jus sayyyyyy thank you for recommending that lovely damn braid out glaze!!! I mean sussss come thru


This video came right on time! I am currently experiencing over moisturization of my hair ?. I am trying to get it back to its regular state


I balance out with a deep conditioner with protein ( novex moviestar) and without ( novex black ) it still does the same thing. I use products with protein and then switch out without protein. I have low porosity 3c hair now and no elasticity. I don't know why this happened I used to have normal porosity 3c hair and 70% elasticity . All of it changed after I did a twists in my hair and had put a gel over the cream I used so I could have a better twist out.

Kara Tio

rice water girl, rice water :) I love it and it balances for me~


u talk too much, like.. get to the point sis!
the vid is all about u complaining of the state of ur hair ?

Naudica Courtney

I’ve been experiencing this too for a while now and I’ve tried everything and nothing is working ? I’m not going to give up. I believe I have low porosity 4a/4b natural hair that is over moisturized ( & has been color treated in the past). I tried protein treatments, rice water, and recently the Aztec clay mask and nothing has helped my poor hair ?. If anyone has suggestions!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Naturals Way

Try an apple cider vinegar rinse. Stay away from wash and gos for a while. Do some dry twist for awhile. I went through the same thing about 7 months ago. My scalp was mushy too it was bad.


Girl, there is a "Protein Overload" too! Cuz it happened to me. I just stop using products with protein. But now, I have over conditioned my hair a year later and having the same reaction. So I am going to try a protein treatment once or twice and see what happens.

Virginia Lorthe

Had me rolling the entire video ?

asia simone

i’m getting a lot of breakage from moisture overload ? my hair can never just be long anymore . i wish i never cut off my locs they were so easy to take care of and my hair was so long.

Raquel Federowicz

I love all your videos! We have the same type of curl and you have helped me figure out the right products and how to perfect my wash and go’s. I did the protein treatment and my hair still thanks you lol! Obsessed with your new shelves for your product stash.

Lee Trader

Try its a 10 miracle mask with keratin... its on sale at Ulta right now for 29.... normally 60... and Aveda hair products are AWESOME... they have protein in them, and they are up their in price, but DAMN they do good for your curls, a little goes a long way... watch Mo Knows Hairs channel, she uses Aveda ALOT

lateefah john

Girl i just came across a post about this and it described everything I'm going through now. For months I have been wondering what is going on with hair. It's not reacting good to products it used to LOVE and my 1 day wash and gos be looking like 5/6 day wash and go. I honestly didnt know this was a thing and i wet my EVERYDAY and I've been doing that since i big chopped 4 years ago??‍♀️??‍♀️. It's currently 2:28am and Im just
researching articles and videos to figure out how to fix this mess

Courtney Anderson

this is much needed??

Carlie C

I’m going thru this too ! I over moisturized thinking I need it for growth and now my hairs thinner ?

Charity White

I feel you! im in such an akward stage...i use to wash as frequently as you do...but i realized that my hair has gotten so thick and is much longer that i have to change my routine...so far ive noticed that as my hair grows i've had to learn new ways to take care of it. As of now,i have flat ironed it and will be wearing it straight for a while only blowing it out once a mth on wash day! Yes i will ONLY be washing it once a mth for now!"the struggle"Wishing you luck!

Desiree Coram

Very informative thank you


Don't deep conditioner over night, listen to her! I didn't listen to my products instruction nor did I listen to CurlyProverbs. It really sucks cause one of the symptoms is hair loss. If I can bring it back I'm thinking about posting my progress and including the YouTubers who I got my tips from especially this video. Thank you for continuing to educate us, being human and keeping it real♥️

Hope Ragan

Your hair ain't the only one goin bananas... because I ended up doing the SAME darn thang you did....???

Melissa Ramrattan

since I've started to deepcondition overnight I've seen alotttt of growth and i love it

Kacie Rosa

Deep condition our curls they said ?????? girl they lied to us

Stacy Bee

You crack me up!!!!! I’m dealing with the same shit


I use the 2 min protein treatment from aphogee every week, it’s easy and a light protein treatment that won’t overload your hair & I use a beyond the zone protein leave in too

Cristina Salomao

I wish I had found this video before I cut my hair. :'(



Bria Conner

I didn’t even know moisture overload could affect your hair. Do you need protein with washing your hair every week or two? I haven’t done any since I’ve been natural. Thank you sharing you experience with the #Gang #KimChe #NewToTheChannel

OG Baddie Brit

What do you think of the Aphogee 2-step protein treatment??

Over moisturizing

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2 159 views | 19 Apr. 2017

Might be my last video for

Might be my last video for awhile...

Wavy Leon

great vid

park starz

I only used products 3 to 4 times a week when I first started now I do it 2 to 3 times a week but I spray my hair with oil and water every single day before a long brush session but when your hair is healthy I will almost feed itself hence the reason yup won need of use a product as much as when you first started

Donell Thomas

I'm from London and I love your videos

OcEAn Xyz

This is a great tips bruh ??fr


Wut abt oil? My hair soaks up moisture and it looks a bit dry. So I put a dab of oil in it after my evening brush session.


Good video bro was loving that snack huh lol

Roderick Hebert

Good video I was thinking I was using to much and this helps with the answer......

Eugene Collins

???.SALUTE lil bro

D Nuck20

Great info bro ??

Snap Tube

that boi wavy

Maris 30000

Can you do a video about wearing hats with 360 waves ? Please

Over moisturizing

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631 views | 7 Jun. 2020

I cannot believe I ruined

I cannot believe I ruined my natural hair. Could I have really over moisturized my natural hair? What is hygral fatigue? Is my hair damage? Let's find out the signs and symptoms of hygral fatigue and how to prevent moisture overload in your natural hair.


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Website: https://deeraynatural.godaddysites.com

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When maintaining natural hair, you must be very careful not to over moisturize your natural hair this is called Hygral Fatigue. You may ruin your natural hair if you do not keep a moisture and protein balance in your routine. Stay tuned to find out how I prevent and return from hygral fatigue also known as moisture overload.



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“DEERAYNATURAL” for 10% off entire order


INTRO BEAT ? (produced by AJNinetySeven)

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYtdDc-Yaz5qlVd2HftQw8Q



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F A Q:

My Hair Type: 4b/4c

How Do I Stretch My Hair? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bi7QYHidh58

My Natural Hair Journey? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTdXEFLEBcs&t=6s


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Editing ► iMovie/Final Cut Pro


*FTC: This video is not sponsored. All honest opinions, of course!

Janelle Amoy

I need to get my hair over moisturized cause it just stay moist for a couple of hours and then it dries out.

Pamela Coon Naturally Beauty Naturally You

Yes over doing things to your hair can and will ruin your hair

Persia's Glo

yup moisture overload can be real ?


I suffer from that too??‍♀️