Lip fillers gone wrong

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Girl cries because Lip fillers went wrong!!!

76 621 views | 17 Aug. 2018

#dont own copyrights

#dont own copyrights


Donna Duck...Quack Quack.

Spencer Key


Michelle Ann

Lol... the vain things people do for beauty...


That’s what u get stupid

Jcm.33 23

Lol who did she hurt? did she hurt her doctor?No seriously though poor thing



Gucci Raccoon

??? clown

Z Reed

Get the lip fillers out duh


Pretty sure it’s just Kylie lip challenge



Craig Bonney

She could suck start a Harley Davidson!

Gnarly Jada

It’s obviously the Kylie challenge

super Joshi

Yo woman....
Your doctor is a QUACK

Cynthia Diaz

I’m so sorry for you..

Funny Welshman

The duck goes quack

Paulus Entertainment NL

Girl: wants big lips
gets surgery
Girl: complains about it
Docter: am I a Joke to you?

suck mybullets

She had the Trump tan going on.

Terry Vigil

Who is she

Lee Wardle

Get a job as a plumbers assistant.

Jerrod Owens


Sam Farmer

Quack quack

Thurston F The III

I wasnt laughing until the very last thing she said bwahaha

Javour Wright


Nicole O Scott

Don't go mess up other parts of your body from now on. You can get a reduction or use a frozen packet of vegs to help with the swelling damn girl. Why do these girls do this I don't understand



suresh kumar

Aye there goes the duck . Quack quack ??


Well now you can go to movie producers for a part as a real life fish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78W1s-dmdf0

Aaron Martinez

Lol, I'm sorry but that's funny!

Dee TMangar

who's she tho.??? can ik if she has ig?? ?pls

Magnus Blick

Look at the bright side, you get all the bread you can eat at the park.

Mark Goodridge

Oh my gosh!!! ????????




Suck power +1000



British First

Your lips remind me of my sore ass I had many years back ???

W.W. 2 Restorations.

Yeah, blame the person who fukked up your lips. DON'T TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILTY FOR MAKING THE STUPID DECISION IN THE FIRST PLACE.... What the fukk is wrong with YOU ???!!!

Sydney Dulong

What's her Instagram called I forget

Gucci Raccoon

What’s her @ ?

Funny Welshman

Quack quack


What's wrong? You wanted big lips. You got big lips!

Eri Bear

LOL omg im sorry for laughing


Make them BIGGER???

Trevor Wright

Well, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck......

The Proverbial Hater

"Look at this shit..."


damn! Did you point to JayZ's picture and say you wanted that?


They're just swollen. There is, however, no excuse for that jacked up eye makeup.

Ronald Mcdonald

BABY your gorgeous

Harmony Moore



You wanted your lips bigger, they look big enough to me


this is the stupid thing about you:
so people,if you dont wanna end up like this girl

William Dittrich

yous looks likes wat uz is …. :D



Original Pinkbird

I hear her crying but I don’t see tears... did she put eye makeup on to film herself? On a serious note, the office staff usually gives you an ice pack to reduce the unwanted swelling... did she ice her lips?


I’m here from ridiculousness



ny kid

they have injections that will reverse the filler they used on the lips ,check with a cosmetic doctor ,hope this helps

Alex Central

That girl look like she kissed a beehive ????????

It is me potatoe


Lace Levin

Who is this? I don't know if it is a joke or...if it's not, I'm wondering if she literally just had them done because that is how they can look for a few days until the swelling goes down...if she didn't just have them done, I'm wondering who she is and what happened! Someone tell me who this woman is so I can sleep!

yadira puebla

F in chat


No they didn’t fuck up your lips......You did

Chad Neel



What am I supposed to do now? Cut these shits off?

dope 21 Savage

What’s her @ ??????

Montarna's World

Omfg hahahah I shouldn’t laugh but damn

Isabella Aladefa

That is sad I feel bad

Lip fillers gone wrong

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my BOTCHED LIP FILLER experience!! plastic surgery gone wrong woops :(

273 279 views | 14 Jul. 2020

#lipfiller #botched

#lipfiller #botched #plasticsurgery

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my BOTCHED LIP FILLER experience!! plastic surgery gone wrong woops :((


all of my social media is @blair walnuts

text me: +17029302436

um also follow me on

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Lip fillers are way too normalized now. Talk about unhealthy beauty standards.


Is this from the first time lip filling?


imagine being naturally beautiful and doing this to yourself


I really appreciate how genuine your reason to get it is. It is pressure and a lot of people only say "it's because I want to"...it's all visual pressure. Women always feel like they need to change their appearance based on trends.

Sallisha Mohammed

Also you prob should see a doctor about those vein issues that you discussed...so it doesnt cause any future problems...with anything not just fillers

Katy Spence

I'm here for team filler ? I've had nearly 3ml in a year and all, it's done is take out the lines and plump my shape.. You do you sis

Cornelia Kobilke

11:45 he hit a nerve girl.. could have really fucked you up

MeKenzie Pritchard

That would be my luck. If there wasn't a mask mandate, I would get it done. But now I'm like... if they get fucked up.. I can just wear a mask :D

emma marie

i could literally never get plastic surgery, every single time i go to the hospital i either get made fun of for having ptsd/anxiety or i get ~severe malpractice~

Zahraa Khalid

Nerve not vein


Girl you went to a bad place. It shouldn’t have hurt to have done and you shouldn’t have gotten so bruised. You should’ve done research before allowing him to put so many mL’s at once! People take it slow so it isn’t stretching your lips all at once like you did to yours.

Angie Cats

ALWAYS get lip fillers just before Halloween so it looks like you were meant to look like that ??

Mama Bearnath

I'm sorry youre always feeling like you have to apologize or walk on egg shells with your opinion and not wanting to hurt your fans. We love you. Sorry there are jerks on here. Youre beautiful!

Jade Shea

I just got my lips done a week and a half ago (1ml juvaderm ultra) and honestly the only part that hurt was the philtrum area for definition, everything else was just mildly uncomfortable! Also no bruising for me, a few lumps that went away by day 7, I did ice my mouth a lot though. My tech was also telling me some doctors don’t pull back the plunger for a few seconds to make sure they’re not in a vein and she did that for me (if there was any blood she’d go somewhere else). Sorry this happened to you!! :(

kitty cat

You look like Lana Del Rey

Cat Grant

sounds like he gave you nerve damage, blair... don't go back there

Cornelia Kobilke


plastic SURGEON does like boob jobs, nose jobs, etc
cosmetic dermatologist is a dermatologist(skin doctor) who does a lot of cosmetik stuff like li filler, laser, botox, etc

im not exactly sure where the line is but im guessing its general anasthesia

Desiree Ramirez

He literally had NO clue, he pinched your nerves, you could have lose you lips....


I love your vibe, currently binging these videos ??

Rebecca Polhemus

Damn, I get my lips filled every 6 months. Never had anything like this. Swelling for a few days, yeah...but this is bad ? So sorry!!

MooWithMe Tubes

This trend needs to die lol its weird.


Girl, your personality makes you gorgeous either way (but it helps that you're also naturally very beautiful)


question razbirash li bulgarski?


I think the lip filler standard is way too much and if you can you should definitely have it done by a plastic surgeon. I had less than a ml, just to even out the proportions of my lips, and I had a nerve block on both sides and no numbing cream. I didn't feel anything when they injected it, in fact the botox was hurting a lot more.


where are those sunglasses from

Lindsay Martin

Okay my lip filler has never hurt me at all (3x ive gotten it done)until hours after when my lips felt totally bloated and tight af


I got a BOTOX lip flip and it didn't work.

Pamela Meraki

hi blair, just wanna let you know that you are such a nice, intelligent and beautiful girl with and without lipfillers
do not let anyone make you think otherwise ok??? <3

Miss Nikki14

I have been getting lip filler for a while - actually I just stopped in the last year bc I’m over it lol - BUT I usually, too, get lumps :/ AND I bruise super easily as well...So your results were pretty normal - you prob bruised so much bc you had the 1 mL and then added a second mL quite quickly after. That’s a lot of trauma to your lip tissue. I had to have the same exact thing done once. Your lips are gorgeous with or without the filler ;)

Carol Lynette

Karuna Satori ASMR here on youtube has had really bad experiences with filler, implants etc. Would be someone great to talk to about this. I'm sorry that happened to u Blair! :(


I swear people that get lip fillers start to lisp I'm not sure why

Emily Campbell



Never ever do that again !!!

Haniye Ahmadi

She looks like tana a little

Jessica Gorash

Wow now that youre famous famous I think fondly back on the time that I commented on one of your videos and you replied! Been here since like 90k!

Sarah McNeil

Awe sweety you can definitely tell you have lip filler. You're more Kim level and not Kylie so you don't look like a freak.

Sófis !

I think your lips were already so pretty!! My top lip is bigger and I didn't know some people wanted their lips to look like that lol I assumed bottom lip being bigger was more desirable. I honestly think some procedures are understandable, but most people who get fillers do not need them at all. You're so beautiful! Please stop touching yourself because you'll probably just be botched and end up looking very fake


honestly i think your lips look fine,they dont look bad,butttt do NOT go back to a dr. bc he was NICE! just dont,all that pain just isnt normal,an clearly your not that happy with it bc well look at the title of your video! lol if after a year or so you decide to get it done,please review the best reviewed around you,an tell them about your previous exp ar your consultation ect

Jesi Harper Cardosa

“Dont piss me off cause I might marry your dad!” ??? love you brutal honesty and refreshingly crass sense of humor! ?✌? hope your lips are all healed up and that the worst is behind you


Do your research. This absolutely does not happen if you go to a seasoned professional that knows what they are doing. NEVER look for a discount. I'm a medical esthetician in San Francisco, CA- i do not do filler but i have been to filler conventions and have had them myself. The only time i have ever seen this is with either black market procedures, groupons, a greedy nurse/dr that decided to just start doing the procedures w/o any training for the $, or discounted/free procedures offered for reviews. Not only did they over fill your lips (by as much as 3xs the normal amount for a first time fill) but they also injected in the wrong places, and couldn't even distribute the filler evenly. I highly doubt the person you saw was properly licensed, even if they said they were, and i would report them.


tbh prettier people have easier lives (getting jobs, making friends,
coming across as wealthy etc) so i want to be as pretty as i can make myself. there are two sides “accept yourself” and “if you have an insecurity go get it fixed” and growing up in cali i am definitely in the latter category.


tbh prettier people have easier lives (getting jobs, making friends,
coming across as wealthy etc) so i want to be as pretty as i can make myself. there are two sides “accept yourself” and “if you have an insecurity go get it fixed” and growing up in cali i am definitely in the latter category.

Kristin Mourning

"More lumps and bumps than the cellulite on my left butt cheek." WOW, so relatable! I love it

A tate

If you're still in Sofia go to Amber Beauty Club in oborshte for your procedures. You'll thank me later. ;)

Desiree Ramirez

Are you stupid... a dermatologist? They have no ideas about the. Veins OMG girl:(((((

Arupkumar Mitra

I used to hate my lips coz they are umm *coughs * Big hehehe
But now I guess I'll just live with it atleast it's better than being botched..........?


My mom bruised real bad too. She owns the spa and my step dad is a doctor so he does the injections. As soon as I saw her I was so upset. I sat next to her and asked her who had done this to her. My step dad said, “doesn’t she look sexy?! I can do that for you too!” ? ? ?

Long story short, I don’t get anything done because it’s not worth it to me personally to maybe look worse due to side effects.

Um but once in a while I’ll do a vi peel if my mom pressures me enough. “You can be ugly for 3 day or be ugly whole life”. - Asian mama

Witty Vixen

Those veins in that picture are varicose veins it looks like.


Girl Знаех си че си българка like what do you mean много любов от България <3

Desiree Ramirez

Girl... you should have gone to the doctor right away you could literally lose your lips or your life


i have a ton of spider veins too and ive had them since i was a teen, im 25 now. don't worry youre not alone and no one has ever said anything about them.

Lizzett Zaragoza

Don’t go back plz

Sara Atlas

I think you got all that bruising because you did this back to back. Your lips are already sensitive from the first round and you go again a week later? makes sense that you'd get tons of bruising


The editing is perfect xD
Blair is beautiful inside and out <3

Amanda Perez

This could have been really bad. It looks like he may have placed filler near or close to a vein and that's why it was so bruised on one side. I would not go back to this provider because he isnt using practices that prevent this. Bruising should happen but not that bad.

Courtney Blake

I bruise & swell super easily, also. It takes two-three times longer for me to heal from trauma... Like walking by a door, accidentally swinging my arm out too far and hitting it on the door knob... I'll have that bruise or possible impact wound (if it breaks the skin) forever. My skin cuts easily and my veins and arteries are affected. I have a connective tissue disorder that causes vascular abnormalities... It's called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. There are SO MANY different types that people can have and I'm curious about you after hearing what you've said about your veins & bruising etc. It used to be considered a Rare Syndrome but thankfully not anymore because most doctors have been exposed to more patients who have it. Anyway! I hope you're doing well. I just stumbled across your channel :)


Omg I got lip fillers on my bottom lip and I never got a bruise, also what a doctor can fill your lips per session is actually not that much ? poor baby I’m sorry this happened to you

blair walnuts

Did I get botched or is this a normal reaction lol


Before this video i wanted to get lip filler but im not good with pain so ive changed my mind lol ill be ok with small lips lol

Victoria Mizoguti

You can massage your lips to get rid of the lumps and get it more even

Brigitta Van Meter

For your veins I think you might have factor 5 leiden like me! The same factors like too much salt and too little exercise give me blood clots so I'd definitely get blood work done because it can be dangerous especially if you take oral birth control.

jiminerse '

Blair: doesnt bleep fuck and d*ck
also Blair: bleeps shit lolllll

Hanny T

you are so BEAUTIFUL!!!! naturally <3


Jesus, I'm glad to be black.

Melanie Marlowe

Girl you should not be bruising that badly! This looks like vascular occlusion which is when filler gets injected into a vein or artery. In certain cases this can cause permanent damage like tissue death. It seems like you got lucky and are okay thank goodness! If this happens to anyone else please see a trusted injector to get the filler dissolved immediately.

Olia N

Did you paint that thing behind with color correctors? LMAO

Daniela Zafra

I got lip fillers about three years ago, it was an absolute waste of money, it HURT and it literally didn't make any difference, 2 months later I got them disolved and I look the same, to be honest I don't think is worth it, then again you do whatever you want with your face and your body but I highly encourage a deep thought before.


I came from your Q&A video because I noticed something different about you but by no means would have said you looked botched (now) ☺️

Karla Žižić

You live near Croatia i live in Croatia i didn’t know that at all and don’t let other people judge you and bring you down

Aryo Salmi

You actually do look a little sexier. But the risks and the pain isn’t worth it. Specially that ure natural lips aren’t too small. Its not worth it. Wear lip liner for when you want to feel a little more.? Thats my opinion!

M&k but just m Mcgarity

I love Blair’s additives and nouns she uses

Ruby Bobkowski

I'm obsessed w you- you & your personality give me life

Katherine Concannon

It's interesting that the majority of popular influencers on insta/youtube promote some form of body positivity/love yourself the way you are/you're already beautiful, and also the majority of the same influencers get some type of work done to change themselves. This isn't a comment specifically on B (love you B) or saying that I think plastic surgery is bad-- it's just a cognitive dissonance between what's being "said " vs. what's actually being promoted via actions.

Linnéa Karoliussen

I thought you knew I liked you for your personality and not for your looks


omg, I thought I was the only one with that vein problem, they're too visible on my skin:/// ✨I'm insecure too✨

Annie Katherine Haze

I think that getting more filler a week later, while I'm sure your lips were still very tender was where it went wrong/caused your extreme pain.

badgyal matilda

i just got lip filler hours ago and now im so scared

Chantel Stephens

Moral of the story: if your going to get any type of work done, don't try and cheap out,(basements, people who don't necessarily spealize in it, illegal places, etc) do your research, read reviews, go to someone who is very famous and known for their work, (which yes you will pay more) and someone who is very experienced (more of a chance they know what they are doing and won't mess up) so in the end you'll get the results you like without being botched.
So to sum it up, if you want work done , make sure you have the money, never try and find cheap alternatives as the more you pay, the better the surgeon, the better the work, the less chance of being botched.

Kylie Albaniel

You look like a blonde Lana Del Rey ?

Erin Degel

So really anyone can be an "influencer" these days... I think I lost brain cells listening to this chick talk.?

Lolo LoveLace

Is no one going to talk about how she used the same picture for her Emma goodies cake ?clickbait

Candii Cubana

He injected the filler into a vein and it burst, hence the massive amount of pain and the big bruises. Try to get filler with a blunt tip syringe next time, there's only only one injection site per lip and very minimal chance of any vein damage.

Sierra Giles

debby ryan who

Faith Salyer

Your lip filler looks good!

Sarah D

but youre so cute uwu

mt. shyna

Maybe not to that extent girl that’s concerning bruising, but I bruised too. Cuz I bruise easily tho. As long as it doesn’t feel numb or like pins and needles sensation then it goes away after a while

Hillary Jones

Does anyone know what editing software she uses?!

Aya 1

I’m actually a very talented person i can do literally anything and i love people i love doing kind things but since my dark circles and my acne got soooo bad I changed drastically not because i hate everyone or anything i just don’t want anyone to look at my face ... so the whole you are sparkling in the inside thing it’s not quite right because i know for fact that i have a lot of talent and a good personality but i just hide it because of my looks

Chris Budge

Geez, girl get to the point

Kirsten Atkins

I love your new lips and your new hair ?


You speak so fast.....


do your veins mainly get dark and "spider veins" in your legs? if so maybe look into May Thurner Syndrome, especially if you get pain and your legs feel heavy towards the end of the day

Hailey Elianna

To anyone watching this video: please do not get filler solely to look more attractive to other people. It is so important that you work on your self-confidence and learn to love yourself. I highly recommend reading The Beauty Myth before getting any surgeries/fillers!

Michelle Prado

Love this longer video style!

Jade Miller-Squires

Girl breath, I thought I spoke fast

Hi bois

Im scared of getting lipfillers because them being «semi-permanent» is false... When people think the filler is gone, it is not, but has migrated from where it was injected. And I hate that thought...

m.subbayyal akram

Don’t call yourself a b** your better than that

Sophia Canfield

You’re definitely not a bitch Blair ?? I love your wholsomenesssss ? not enough out there right now.

mila delfs

hoow do you edit

Aubrey Bourque

To the people scrolling through the comments.....

Your so pretty literally don't let society try to make you fit its standards your gorgeous because your you and don't let ANYONE make you thing otherwise ;)

Lip fillers gone wrong

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Lip Fillers Gone WRONG | He Hates Them

412 093 views | 19 Sep. 2020



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Let's get this Video to 20,000 LIKES!



philly lorrea

'why did you do that to your face' got me cracking

Aniyah Catlin

Lmao bro the fact that she couldnt close her mouth ???????

Weyni Matewos


EllyLa Latinna

???this was so funny

Cadence Mc Intosh

11:00 awhh

Tenzin Palzom

Omg can I please have a boy like him ??


“Hopefully your lips don’t fall off from laughing” hhahahahahahahaehgfhdhdjshHhahahaha

Abigail Pérez

Milo is so sweet ??❤️❤️

Ley Ley

Omg ? you have to keep him forever :(

Anita Allotey

I was just laughing the whole time imagining if that’s how her lips are ???

Shanell Cupido

Team_Hazel ❤️

A Life with Hope

No one:
Malo : you want to be a Barbie?


I like how he's not supportive it all with getting lip fillers xDD

Minni Universe Enhle

When Milo looks at her?❤❤❤

phelo kolobile

LOL when he said "That's not it!" hahahaha i lost it

Tonya Lacey

Milo said yea that’s not it ?????

Osamudiamen Osagie

Milo is a cute and calm boyfriend ??

Trendal Traci Davis

Hes a good one.

Angeliz Puchuela

The way mlio reacted was cute at the end he still wanted to kiss her while having those big lip filters love y’all ?

Yasmine Ngambo

Hopefully your lips don't fall off from laughing ????

Alianna Velazquez

milo said "you ain bouta have no lips" LMAOOOOO

kelvin ndambuki

She look like kehlani tho

Geovani White

if my girl showed me that we done

‘Moon’ Child

Her whining is the most adorable thing ever ??

Kay Grazette

Milo is 1In a million.

osareme stella

Milo is so sweet. Hit the like button if u agree.

Young Niya

“U Can’t even close ur mouth” ??

TikToks And more

A+ to milo mom raising him

Laurine Akinyi

Lots of love from 254

Neveen Bhaye

I didn't know hazel was british


my lips are WAY bigger than that ,, sigh.

Makeba Austin

Lmfaoo i was so weak????..she to cute yes lol

Shauna Obrien

His reaction was priceless ??????????

Shuga Kae

When Hazel started to yell??

Latania Shakespeare

OMG no offense but she looks like a duck but I still love you and Milo

dat boi super.

Yoo girl mad ugly

Shania Evans

Okay but like look at how many times he kissed her when he just came back like this is what a healthy and loving relationship looks like ??✨?

Noxolo Buthelezi

"that's not swollen, that's infected!" ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??????????????

sWetChEesE x1

“that’s not swollen baby that infected “ i’m shriekinggg???????????

Phoebe Richards

im dead?????it looks real af


Milo is such a good bf

Becky Ruth

Milo's facial expression when he saw Hazel's lips for the first time???
He was so shocked????
He kept looking at them and then looking at them through mirror???

Brandon vlogs

Milo was like you aint bout to have no lips lol

Tatiana Garcia

“It looks really bad right” .... ? he said, “it looks horrible”???straight up

Tumukunde Diane

Milo acted so nice surprisingly it's the first time i see such reaction on this type of prank?

Kaydian Callum

Love milo reaction so cute

Kia Mackenzee

He wanted to laugh from the beginning lmaoooooo????

Dakota Gilson

“hopefully yo lips don’t fall off from laughing”.......??

Harleah MoChi

Maybe it's just me but I tried this then it burnt after taking it off

Tereika Nugent

Milo a laugh

ALT Account

"Big, juicy, thicc lips" I think milo would like that ???

Kristassia King

He more than a real one

Mumbi Kinyanjui

When in the intro she said big juicy thick lips....???

zahra ali

Please give the name of song at the ending of the video. otherwise guys u are the best couple ever I am dreaming to have such a handsome and smart, loyal as Milo but hazel is also cute and I love her too
You guys go and get married soon ,get children and be happy for the rest of ur life ❤️❤️❤️.
Please don’t forget to tell me the song name thank you ???


Super click bait this should say prank next to it hun just so you can learn for next time

Angelina Palmer

im such a huge fan of those 2 q vive MILO Y HAZEL hello from all the way HONDURAS ROATAN

Brodie Abeyta

Hazel you should do crying with the door locked on milo

Spèchelle Kennedy

Lmaoo team hazel ??

Serenity Hayes

I loved watching this? y'all funny as hell, haven't seen your guys videos in almost a week❤️?

It’s just Ayonna

He is the best cuz I just just be there on the floor cracking up

Elaine Buerkett

They both got old souls for being so young. You rarely see that with this generation frfr.

Shaya Williams

Always use the LORD'S name with respect and never in vain

متنوعات دعاء


Jajuan Miller

Outro song

Raina Tanae

Awww the way Milo looks at Hazel at the outro

Mourine Menah

Hazeeel yoooh my girl??you got me rolling down on my floor,wtf though....you nailed it though????

Genicia Wiley

He’s Real man?✨great character

Michelle Lopez

If my boyfriend is not like milo I don't want him❤ I love yall❤

It’s just Ayonna

He kept it a buck

Nekoda S

Milo is so sweeettt

Denise Adams

Awwwwwww it's just so sweet how Hazel asked for a kiss and even tho her lips look like that Milo would still kiss her. Couple goals❤?Best couple ever tbvh??

alana Jean

awww hes such a keeper he would kiss her regardless of how she looks

ZariaKae TV

He said "thats not swollen thats infected" I'm deaddddd lmaoooo

Manu Krishnams

Milo.... Your best boyfriend ever..... Man.

Shanequa Gardner

???good reaction you go girl you got it




At this point it's no more than a bad allergic reaction. At first he was like all disgust by it. ?? When he was laughing at her tho ???.

Munashe Muvevi

Milo: "That's not swollen that's it's infected"
Me: LMFAO ??

00 00

If I don't get a man like Milo i don't want no one

juliana dejesus

Someone teach this girl how to do edges?she can never do them right. This girl got a whole line going down the side of her head?

Sif Christiansen

after watching this.. PLEASE don't EVER do lip fillers! Ur so beautiful Hazel <3

nicole jenkins

Hazel do not need lip filers! You are beautiful just the way God made you! ?


:Hazel “ima chop them off”? :8:42
:Milo “you ain’t bout to have no lips”?? I started cracking uppp??:8:45

Tiku Mercy B

Uuuhhhh even with them big ugly lips he still wanted to kiss her. Romantic!!!!

dae dae

Hazel:it looks bad right
Milo:it looks horrible ???

Racheal Silvers

Is this just an intro song or is there a full version?

rosa rdz

the fact that he was still abt to kiss her ??

Xo Summers

“U about to have no lips” HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA

Aliyah Johnson

It’s so cute that he would still kiss her ? .

Pretty Kí

Hazel: “dO yOU thINK THEre To BiG”
Milo: “ THATS NOT IT”???

נחמה וינברג

handsome miloxo i love you

Sibu Mzuzu

Best lip filler prank ❤

nimi michael tariah

Omg am jealous he still loves her

UDP Felony



why is hazel so pretty
omg love yall

Dudu Mavuso

OMG Hazel it looks so real

Lisa Cornelius

Prank idea for Hazel
Wake Milo up telling him he went out last night and got drunk and would probably won’t remember. Leave a bra in the car to make him think he cheated on you. 
Leave a like for this prank to happen.

Erica Marie

When he laughed I fucking died crying sooooo funnny ???????

Prince Sheld

Man she use to be so peng

Yogi Cute -N-Bold