How to get natural curls back after straightening

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How to get your curls back after straightening curly hair

19 958 views | 14 Mar. 2019

Straightening curly hair

Straightening curly hair is forbidden by the "Curly Girl" Method but I'm not strict CG. Sometimes I straighten my hair and this is how I keep my curls looking good afterwards.

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I love to change up my look and I think hair should be fun. It's ok to try a different style as long as you protect your hair and don't flat iron it until it burns. You can straighten and keep your curls!

Products mentioned:

Bond treatment:


Olaplex 3




Heat Protectants:







Australia - http://bit.ly/2UaN6Qb



Australia - http://bit.ly/2DxgzhX

Curl Cream


Hair mask




Alternative gel


Hairdryer / diffuser


Australia - http://bit.ly/2B0IdSJ

Hair turban


Here's why I don't follow the Curly Girl method - https://youtu.be/CjH5_RSuYr0

If you've got any hair questions or video requests, please leave me a comment below.

Thanks for watching! (and for reading this far down!)

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Have fun with your hair!

Christina xx

Georgina Jacobs

I’ve seen some reviews on the Shea products saying the ingredients have changed and are now poor quality - would you still recommend it?

Lauren Day

I love your hair colour! Love all your tips and it's so enjoyable watching your videos.

Jan Holdridge

I blow dry and straighten my hair during the cold weather here in Iowa. I'm waiting for it to get warm enough so I can go back to wearing my hair curly, and letting it air dry.

Unicorn Elly

So I have curly hair naturally and I only get to have it down for like 30 mins before it goes puffy.. and then I have to tie it up :(


Can I ask for the Shae moisture you used the orange container, how much do you apply and to what parts of your hair? Im a guy a very similar hair style to yours and am curious cause yours looks really beautiful.


I straitened my hair way too much and now my bangs are straight


Plex treatments are fantastic. ???

Camdyn Strong

Aghh as a tot I had corkscrew curls. the tightest little things. then at around 12-13 I had curls like yours! Super cute and I LOVED IT. butttt I started bleaching and using bright neon dyes (the brand pulp riot at the salon) and now my hair is like half and half. I recently cut it short to help but it didnt do much. well- the top layer is the same, frizzy and super straight and fried but the under side like when I flip my hair over, its super cute curls! Ive always wanted to just start over and chop it in a pixie cut but i couldnt pull it off and my mom wont let me. Im so lost on what to do!!! (Edit: ive colored it for the past year but havent in a while. im 14 and currently growing out a faded ginger/ strawberry color I got in august??‍♀️ love this color but my hair is so dead no matter what. )


I love having a nice blow out with curls at the bottom that I make with my round brush. I’m at the point I almost never use my actual flat iron. I like to rock a blow out when I go on a trip because it keeps me from having to wash and style my hair so much. I just started using Olaplex number 3 and 6 and I’m interested to see how that will change my hair as well

god vs king

You totally read my mind. I was just wondering this because I got my hair blow dried at the salon today! Thanks!

Unicorn Lover

Hi I don’t know if u remember but my name is Anna and u did my hair at the Samsung thing.
Later when I did shopping I had 3 people come up to me and say how much they loved my hair.


Yay! A new video! :-) Welcome back and this is very timely as I've been straightening most of the winter and ready to break out the curls again! :-)

shere Thompson

My mom is straightening my hair today and I have natural brown curls

Veronica Mieres

glad you're back!

Stencibelle Cookie Stencils

Hey! Love this video! You mentioned some silicone free heat protectants? I can’t see these in the description would love to know what you recommend!? Thanks! ❤️

Kelsey AussieMomCreations

What a view from your office! ???

Cheryll Ross

Great tips thank you. I've missed your videos and I'm very happy to see you back!


I have curly hair, but I straightened and bleached it for years. On my journey to rediscovering my curls I bought a silk scarf in an attempt to tame the frizz, however I discovered wrapping the scarf around flattened wet hair overnight essentially straightens it! (For me at least). And no damage!

socks lady

This is so helpful. I've always wanted to do the curly girl method, but i also didn't want to give up on my favorite heat styling tools. Life is too short. Thank you so much for helping me have both!

Josie F

Thank you so much Cristina for sharing this valuable information with us for that we are immensely grateful. ????????⚘?????????????

Cassey Steph

I was just thinking about how much I needed this video omg?? I do full CGM and I haven’t straightened it around 2yrs, so I’m kind of scared about doing it for prom lmao Thank you so much

Maisoon Ebrahim

I get a full blow dry once a week and in wash I started using olaplex 3 with deep conditioner and my curls recover, before I used to just wash and my curls will get so rough and dry and won’t curl back.


I get straight hair by putting it up in a bun all week ???. I'll have half curly half straight hahaha (this is of course because I'm not refreshing in between. If I did it would be fine).
Have you tried the no-heat straightening methods before, like stretch plates or wrapping methods?


I straightened my natural curly hair for almost a year straight ? will my hair still have my natural curls?

Janet's Planet

Nice to see you again


Ok I just keep wondering how you make a blowdry last a week? When I get one, it lasts two days max with clipping my hair up. ✌?


When i was young i had a really very curly hair but my mom used to cut my here so often and it turned to wavey how can i get my curly hair back ?:-(


I love my curly hair, but it's a bit too curly.  Is there a technique to calm my tresses to a looser curl?

How to get natural curls back after straightening

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3 657 views | 9 Jul. 2019

In this video, I discuss

In this video, I discuss how I maintain my natural hair after flat ironing it. Below I've linked the videos and flat iron I use.

Link to flat iron (my Amazon store front) - https://www.amazon.com/shop/naturallynella

How I blow dry my natural hair -


How I trim my natural Hair-


Silky Blowout video (products included)-


Darnisha Bell

I love your hair care style i know you feel funny being preggers but your doing a great job sis keep it up, the judge your momma part real and hilarious

Bernice Baker

Girl I Love your hair. I mean really it's GORGEOUS? I'm not even close to your length. I've done rice water the Biotin vitamins faithfully. I've had zero success with growing my natural hair. It has gotten worse actually. I have a ball spot that has gotten bigger. I'm really desperate here. Do you have any suggestions?

Shantil Wallace

Notification gang gang

Hevin Amber

GORGEOUSNESS HAIR!! Girl you're tempting me to straighten my curls LOL

Doris Balogun

You have a good grade of hair. Nice and full

Yeama Neal

Wow! So glad I discovered your channel! I need help with my natural hair



Dasia Blount

Can we plz have a make up tutorial

Curlyhead Rain

Great video luv ??keep up the good work

Lila Thomas

The last two times I flat ironed my hair the styles didn't last a day. I didn't flat iron it really straight so that is part of the problem. I just bought a maxiglide and will see how it works on my hair.


Beautiful hair! UGLY attitude!!!



Katrina Barber

New subby here ??‍♀️

Love your hair ?

Lynn Williams

Hair is beautiful, but the judge yo mama comment, No! smh.

Destiny Melbert

The things we go through for our hair to look nice ??? the struggle real!!!

Ashes OfAsh

I straightened my hair and it lasted less than 3 hrs. I literally cried.

Ros Cat

Gorgeous hair

How to get natural curls back after straightening

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WATCH MY HAIR REVERT! | Straight Back to Naturally Curly with No Damage!!!

91 128 views | 15 Jan. 2017

Hey Guys! Thanks so much

Hey Guys! Thanks so much for watching!! This method of reverting my hair has dramatically helped me limit damage and breakage to my hair after straightening it. We work so hard to keep our hair nice and healthy so taking a few extra steps to keep it that way is worth it I promise! Below is all my information about this video and all the products i mentioned!! If you have any further questions you know how to ask :)

Also be sure to follow me on social media!!!



*Spray bottle of water

*Organics Hair Mayonnaise

*Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

*Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner


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✔IG: @_kaicealea

✔TWITTER: @_kaicealea

✔BLOG: www.kaicealea.com

♥wanna talk business?♥

[email protected]

? camera, lens, music + EDITING

►main cam: Nikon d5100

►software: Final Cut Pro

►♫: https://soundcloud.com/purely-kaice

►light: Natural

other FAQ’S

►what's my hair type? 4a/b (presumably)

►where’d i get my name plate?: http://www.bestnamenecklace.com/monogram-free-hand-name-necklace-bestnamenecklace/

►skin? how?

-spin brush! (70% off code) http://vpwow.com/purelykaice

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DOWNLOAD LINK: ask.campfire.fm/BrGgHv0Vrz

Abigail Fosu

I love this routine it's dope, but my problem is my hair is really naturally straight, wanted to know if am still gonna get curly hair after using the product n steps

femina thanzeer

Can i use other moistures

Sailina De Bellotte

Did you relaxed your haor or pressed it?

Liza George

How long do y'all presses last? I'm trying to figure out exactly when to wash my hair

raquel alexis

Hi, I have washed my hair twice since getting s silk press in October and I still have straight strands. Will this method still work for me???

just Hi it is me! ! !

I dont have curly hair but i am going to try it out because i love curly hair !?

Alisha James

what all did you use to get ur hair like that

Aja Truitt

What do I do of my hair is naturally curly and I wash it and it comes out straight ???? Someone help



BeBe ChocolateinBarcelona - A Natural Diva

thx so much! I will try this to see if I really have heat damage that has removed my natural curl or not! I pray this works for me! Even if it doesn't, the process is still good for my hair.

Kenquina halmon

Allnu have to do is wet it

Katiana Augustin


Jasmine Johnson-Slaughter

Could I replace the coconut oil with grape seed oil?


This video was everything, thanks for sharing. Cant wait to try it


I love how simplistic your convert method is! Your curls look so juicy! ??? I'll def be trying this.

Love ManiAmor

Definitely have been contemplating on going back natural and haven’t found a proper way to do so ! Thank you for posting this video!!! Will start using this method TODAY!!!

Natural Nay

Thanks for the details I needed this??

Julie Nova

I loved it! ?
Same hair,hair twins i think ???

Jim Fitz

Execellent Video, I had my natural hair silk pressed for the first time once, after 5 years of natural. Silk press was beautiful but after a week i wanted my natural 4c hair back and was worried I’d lost it....Nah.....found this video and my beautiful 4c is back no heat damage...phew. Although the silk press was great, I missed my 4c and don’t think I’ll be doing another silk press for another 5 years.

Jorhenis Vasquez

woah, your curls look amazing ?

Glo Brown

Thanks for sharing....im.going to try this process on my hair

Mani Burns

do I necessarily have to use a protein treatment ?


Can you do a video on how you straighten your hair please.

Adama B.

How long do you leave it in for?

Déja Blue

Instrumental at the beginning of the video please :)

Yalon Mishaél

Your curls are so pretty!


Sometimes when I was my hair after straightening it my hair stinks sooooo much, does this happen when you do it

Cierra F

How often do you straighten your hair?


Where did you get the coconut oil?

Wawa 2020 Loves

i straighten my hair 1month ago n my roots are way to straight can I still doing this ??! I think I have heat damage but I always see heat damage in the ends not on the roots ? please help my hair is my sanctuary I love it but I don’t wanna have to cut it all off I been natural for 3 years now , I’m depressed about it anyone help ??


Beautiful curls! Your videos are always to the point and entertaining. You're amazing! :)

Hi &

What's ur curl type

brianna mychele

what is your hair porosity?

Uziela Jacob

I love when I find what I'm looking for. Finally, someone that actually went through step by step, stating what the product is doing and why you're using that product.!!! Perfect.

Wonderful Seven

You're so pretty


Will it be reverted after chemically straightened hair three days ago?


Your hair texture is so beautiful ??


This was very simple and so easy!! Definitely going to try this routine on my hair


You're hair is exactly like mine! Finally someone on youtube with hair like mine.

Saniah Janaé

Did your bar hurt?

Maya Mohammed

would you get the same results on damaged hair?

Nakyla D

Okay soo I tried this technique and it definitely works ! I used different stuff of course but i really love this method and I'm gonna do it more often

Kamiyah Barnes

Do u shampoo after cleansing

Kendall Jones

can i use a different protein treatment?

Ali B

Thanks for this video , really informative!!!!


???? yes curls!!


I wish i could just do this and get my curls back?


your hair is so pretty ?

Motolani Eko

Pls is d reversion from a relaxed hair to d curly or from natural hair tocurly


Definitely trying this !!


Who straightened your hair ? Do you have video on that ?

caroline simeon

You can really see the shrinkage in this

Prudencia Bertrand

your hair is straighten in this video ? like with chemical?

Santana Gonsalves

Thank you, it worked

D Guz

Wow this worked so well on my 3c curls! Thank you so much!

Michelle Briggs

This method REALLY helped my curls come back. I trimmed my ends as well before hand and I could tell that the hair mayo and coconut oil seeped in and brought my curls back to life and more ( insert 100 heart emojis)

Her Expressive Mind

wow this video is soo helpful! definitely gonna use this method when wash day comes ?

Dawatha Brown

love watching these types of video's...?????

Desss & Ajj


India T

excellent video with great technique. thanks for sharing

La'Shayla Pryor

heyyyy luv may I start by saying I luv your video, and secondly did you flat iron or silkpress your hair

Tee Brown

New Subbieee


Can I use this method right after removing my braids??

Xllest Gurlx

Hey quick question, can I use just my normal conditioner or does it have to be a protein treatment?

Ashley B

Loving how we are getting these constant uploads. Thanks for sharing the process and those curls are popping!

Williams J

Great video. I'm so glad your hair reverted back. When you blow dried your hair was it on medium heat? Also what was the temperature of the flat iron? Please share ?

Leah Marie

So informative!! Thank you!

Deidra Whitfield

This video is a life saver!!!

Saeeda Cherry

Loved how your hair converted back ! Definitely need to try this technique out ❤️


girl we literally got the same hair. I'm stealing all your methods lol

Gabrielle Williams

Hi! I watched this tutorial yesterday and tried it today on my hair and girl...this technique did WONDERS for my hair! I did a mayonnaise and egg protein treatment on mine instead of buying the hair mayo already made....not as much shedding, no breakage, and my curls came back with ease! Thank you soooo much!

Diane Maduemezia

I love the music

Shanel Miller

Your content lately?❤?

Njoki K

My formerly relaxed self cringed when she wet her straight hair

Charlinia Thomas

I watched your video yesterday and headed to my local beauty supply store. For the past couple of months I have worn protective styles that required me to straighten my hair. I wanted to go back to wear my natural curly hair but did not know how to get my curl pattern to come back. Thank you for posting this video. It was easy to follow and I have great results. Thank you for showing me how to get my curls back.

Nidhin Nidhi

Hey mam...
I have straightened hair now. Can i get my original hair by this tip???


you're hair is so beautiful waa ?

afeni laws

my fav YouTube atm ❣️

Donnie Love

Just used this technique last weekend and it was amazing. The first time I washed after straightening and had little to no shedding. Thanks

Lavern Pitcher

was your hair always curly

Shannon G

Soooo...for the first time I accidentally wet my natural hair while straightened. I completely wet my hair while wearing a shower cap. The water went inside of my shower cap and onto my hair. My hair was only straight for three days. I did my hair for my birthday (on Tuesday), and was going to get braids in two weeks time. Just wanted to warn ladies or men not to trust shower caps fully just get in out of the shower that's it. Not everything is fool proof. Idek, what I'm going to say when I get to work tomorrow lol...so embarrassing. I'm going to play it cool and say I only keep it straight for my birthday. ??