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Dallas Kybella Procedure for Jowls by Dr. Lam

118 views | 9 Feb. 2021


Dallas facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Lam demonstrates and talks about how he uses Kybella to manage jowls and why he does not use it in the neck.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

Wondering how to schedule a consultation with a Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lam? Easy! Contact us at: ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

?972-312-8188 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

? www.lamfacialplastics.com ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

? [email protected] ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

?6101 Chapel Hill Boulevard, Suite 101, Plano, Texas 75093 ⠀

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The Look of a FACELIFT with MAKEUP, Women's HOODED EYES, BROWS, JOWLS, Mature over 50

17 463 views | 9 Feb. 2018

Heather doesn't want

Heather doesn't want needles or surgery so she does the look of a facelift with makeup. If you have hooded, downturn, droopy eyes, sagging chin or disappearing brows this how to beauty video is for you. Whether you're in your 30's, 40's or a mature woman over 50 Heather will show tips and techniques on contouring, shaping and sculpting you face with make-up to take years off your look. As a woman in her sixties Heather is a former 80s model who wants to share and inspire women to feel confident and awesome over 50.

Sharon Dean

Another wonderful video, Heather ! You definitely showed how the power of makeup works, and what little amount of makeup we truly need to wear in order to look like a more polished version of ourselves ! By wearing just enough makeup to enhance our beauty, we’re still “us”...not some stranger in the mirror ! I look forward to seeing your next video. Until then, much love to you, Bill, & of course...lil Hurricane !!


Love that this is out here! Super cute with and without make-up! - <3 Erica

Sandi Miller

Try pure frankincense essential oil on age spots. You can mix it with organic coconut oil and use on your face. I've been using it for about a week and see a noticeable improvement.

Tinkerbell B

? you're beautiful ?

Rhonda Meow Readman

I love your channel. Your attitude towards mature skin is wonderful. Thanks for being on YouTube.

SVR Reservations

Great video! Thank you! I love how subtle and pretty the effect is. :-)

May Lee

Hi Heather thanks for showing us that a little know how can turn back the clock a few years. You look and act like a natural woman. I will add some of your techniques to my routine although I am very minimalistic cuz I am often on a tennis court or a golf course so just use some eyeliner and lipstick and sunscreen. Bill is a great videographer and I am so envious every time I see Hurricane in your arms. You are a lucky lady. I love yiur sweetness and authenticity. ???


You are so pretty. Love the tips you give. I too am am 80's girl, love the 80's music etc. I like all your video's By the way Hurricane is a doll, soooo cute!

Susan Webster

You look absolutely amazing Heather.

Cosmic Energy

Just found your channel and am loving all the info you share with us. You're teaching us so much and it is much appreciated. Love your channel. You're honesty is very much appreciated.


This is just beautiful! Ok, now I am going to try this today before I head out.My eye are down-turned. I just love watching your videos and spending time with you. xxoo Happy Weekend! xxoo Sues

Rosana Piñer Guillen

Hola guapa, eres bella con y sin maquillaje!Besitos ??

Lena Coogan

You look amazing

Sharon Capehart

What a great video, luv the side by side comparison :-) Always so much fun spending time with ya! XOXO Sharon

Angela Smith

Thanks Heather x

Patricia Spell

I am 65 and glad to see someone my own age doing this. leave the hair long, makes for some great up do’s with nice combs.


thanks for the tips and wow you were one sultry model! xo

Leslie solway boyd

Going to do tomorrow. ?

Debbie Glass

Great video!

Gail Williams

You and I are the same age. I think you are beautiful! I am so happy I found someone who has the same needs as I do. Thank you for the good advice.

JoAnn Gediek

Hi AWESOME one, I loved this video. It literally opened my eyes. Thank you. Hugs and love from North Carolina


You look great...without a ton of makeup. I need to get the anti shine cream. Will check out your blog.

Denise Sawyer

Great video. I’ll be starting and pausing it when I do my makeup tomorrow morning. Hope you feel better soon! ?

Mona Scott

Amazing the difference using the correct product and brushes makes. Thankful for you.

sandra brown

When the jowls dropped and wrinkles around the lips appeared. I ran to the needles and very happy I did.

Kim wade

Have a cold too.... no fun. However, great make up tips thanks!

Jeanette Dalton

AWESOME video tutorial Heather!!! Sorry that you & Bill have colds:(...Went to my doctor (Bronchitis, yes), taking antibiotics, a cortisteroid for my throat & eye drops for my left eye; boohoo: (. I'm feeling better though, yay!!! Moving on, I basically have most of the same little flaws that you have. So I really appreciate your input. I use a collagen cream & coconut oil, as well. What I have to become proficient at is using contour where needed & great coverage. My skin is not bad, however; as I'm getting older I've got discoloration&age spots. I'm not deterred, however; because I'm still my sassy,saucy self :); WINK!!!Keep those AWESOME tips coming, your BEAUTIFUL & BUBBLY Heather!!! Thank you Bill, AWESOME camera work. Hello to the cutest little pooch in the world, HURRICANE... Be well, love you guys.:)

Roxana Mcglinchey

Thank you Heather. What a difference little tricks in makeup makes! You're awesome honey


I've been using your tips....guess I'll have to do what you did to see if there's a difference...lol tyfs

Rosey C.

Hi Heather: I LOVE how you keep it REAL! Most of us aren't buying a dozen different expensive brushes, or every new pallette, or contouring like the Kardashians! Love your simple yet effective techniques. Keep up the good work! Rosemarie ♡

Brenda A.

Good job, Heather! I would just suggest that a highlighting stroke down your nose would help with contouring it. Thanks for the video.

Darklight Tarot

You're beautiful.


The dark areas are from thinning skin. The veins show more as people get older.

Alice Diamond

I have the same issue on my eyelid! I keep going over the same spot because i think I haven't applied or blended properly and it really is just a shadow from some bump or wrinkle that showed up (uninvited of course). Eye primer does no good. But, hey "you know what, it's real." I found your channel through that hooded eye video and subscribed immediately.

Stephanie Tomlinson

Thank you for your videos! I love that you’re so real. My eyes are very similar to yours and I’ve was looking for tips on how to do do my eyes, and I found you!




Really helpful video, thank you so much!

Teresa Keough

Heather you look lovely. I can definitely tell the difference between the makeup side of your face versus the non-makeup side. Love the way you made your eye pop and contoured your cheek. Thanks for the great makeup tips! Hope you and Bill feel better. Little Hurricane is so adorable!!! P.S. You don"t need needles, you look lovely with or without makeup. I agree with the confidence factor of makeup. We want to look the best we can for our age. Much Happiness, Teresa

Awesome over 50

Hi, Heather here...here is the link back to my blog where you can find many of the products I used in the video https://www.awesomeover50.com/beauty/the-look-of-a-facelift-by-makeup/

Teresa Keough

Hi Heather,
Great practical storage and organizing tips. You look lovely, the suttle makeup added a brightness to your face. You can definitely tell the difference in your eyes, that's amazing! I love the anti-shine product! I got it long time ago from one of your previous videos. It's a wonderful find! We got our Lakeland Terrier puppy last night. He's adorable and has a sweet personality. His name is Viper. Lacey, our one year old dog plays gently with him. He only slept three hours last night, but that's par for having a puppy. Much love and happiness from Teresa

gais b

haircut shorter hair you would look younger

Marty Long

Love your videos I have only just found them this week!

Bobbi Buttons

Gosh thank you. I’m just turning 60 and suddenly realized that my makeup isn’t working for me bow, the heavy hooded eyes and jowls are not flattering ! This has helped so much. I’ve lost my confidence and need my mojo back!
It’s my eyelashes that gave fallen out but sadly so is my hair, I’m loving owning wigs though

Kimiko Fujimura-Warren

Great video ( you looks good just natural) and awesome tips for us older women’s please keep on coming with new ones.
Much appreciated! ??

Love My Doggy

You are aging beautifully and your attitude towards aging is so much more desirable in terms of just plain dignity versus desperation. Just keep on keepin on. I find the most attractive anti agers are the ones that do not have the obvious work done.

Sloan Chessman

Hi there Heather & Bill....great video, and as always excellent tips and tricks! Thank you so much for sharing! ??

Sandra Guajardo

WOW! Your so gifted in giving us details. I started to watch you to so I could get tips for my mother’s makeup. Your helping me boost her confidence.

Cece’s Cosmetic Chaos

Awesome techniques and so nicely done so I could follow the tips and understand. Very cute puppy too

peggy awald

try packets of emergency C n your water bottle each day, It will build your immunity Stay well


So beautiful inside & out. So wonderful to see someone not ashamed of aging, but still trying to look their best. Very encouraging for a 44 year old who is seeing the aging process begin, seeing you helps me keep things in perspective. Keep it up!!

Cindy Nicholson

You have beautiful skin,Heather! I'm 57 and everyday is a new adventure with makeup and hair!! Thanks for all the little tips and tricks!! You are very cheerful and encouraging to this lady!! We're all trying to do the best we can with what we have!!! Thanks also to Bill!!

Michelle Greenhalgh

Beautiful with out makeup and beautiful with makeup, Vaseline on the end of your noise takes the dryness and pain away when you have a cold.

Pam B

I bought the anti-shine powder. I don’t think I have used it, my face doesn’t have much shine. I also bought all the face creams you use. I think it’s doing a great job. I didn’t take care of my skin before watching your videos. So keep them up, please!

Mari Bostater

This was a great video Heather!! You can definitely tell the difference!! Thank you for sharing this!!

Hazel Meldrum

I put make up on today for a meeting after I was finished I was not sure I saw a real difference except around the nose, So I think I will do a practice tomorrow using the half a face idea. and this time I am going to write down what I did.

Christine Badagliacco

Thanks for the tips. I’m 69 and until recently I used makeup. No matter what I do I feel it makes me look older. I quit using a foundation so maybe that’s the problem. Also, I have never used lipstick. My lips are not smooth. They have creases and lipstick looks terrible. Always been that way. I enjoy watching all your tips.

Sexy After 50

We experienced women all struggle with these issues, thank you for putting them all in one video! I've learned so much about eyes alone from YouTube ladies, including you! --Kay (HI, Bill!)

Sugar Lee

You have amazing skin. Years of walking have kept me fit but have dried out my skin. Think raisin. Moisturizers bring on whiteheads. Any suggestions? I’ve been doing your hooded eyes and love it! I’m 67.

Maureen Cram

Thanks for your videos - it really helps that you are honest and show us things that everyday women can actually use.

Alice Perez Bautista

Wow Heather, your mini facelift is magical? I could very well see the difference from your other half face?thank you again for giving us this very effective make-up tutorial?btw, I also love to use my five fingers in blending and also the mini washable sponge you used?we must always remember that "Age is just a number" and once you have that self-confidence then everything is wonderful?love you guys ...hello Hurricane?

crystal raffone

Well done!


Beautiful! Thanks for the nice tips!

Debbie Glass

Heather, thank you for being so personable! It’s very refreshing! I love how upbeat and real you are, that’s why I’m binge watching!

Pamela Morley

Yes...you can so tell the difference what a little make-up can do. Thanks for the lovely video. You are a great inspiration to those of us who are over 50. Or whatever age. 30's, 40's, 50's, etc. Thank you Heather.

Billie Baker

Big help,thanks. A shout out to Bill from Billie.

Sharon Capehart

This was such a terrific video, I can definitely see the difference :-) You rock hunny!! XOXO Sharon

Linda Johnson

TFS Heather.I love your videos! You always share such wonderful tips,and you are so real about everything.You were so beautiful,when you were modeling,and you're still beautiful today! Bill is a real sweetheart,too help you with the videos.Hurricane is the most precious,cutest and adorable little thing.I hope you all have a great weekend.Love you !!??❤️❤️

Just Call Me Hanna

Not a significant difference. Attractive lady without makeup. No major flaws to camouflage

Palladio 747

OK. So now we see the real reason for the secrecy in saying what products you are using in the videos!

Chatty Kathie

I think the right Hair style, can left your face, as much as make up. Keeping your hair healthy, and shiny, with volume isn’t easy especially with gray hair, but a great cut and a little product, makes me feel like a million bucks! ?


You are so pretty with or without makeup. I have started doing FaceAerobics. It’s a channel right here on YouTube. Look in to the face exercises this lady Peta has .
I have been doing FaceAerobics for 8 months and I have seen improvements in my face.
The face has so many muscles and by working out with FaceAerobics it will improve your face muscles just like
any muscle in your body.
And I love watching your and your husband videos.