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1 205 views | 6 Jun. 2020



SHOP MELLOW HERE: https://mellow-cosmetics.myshopify.com/?rfsn=4253449.2f306f9 USE CODE:LIPPIES FOR BOGO LIP PRODUCTS!


Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (Natural Beige)


Too Faced Born This Way Concealer - Fairest


Too Faced Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder Loose - Translucent - Full Size


Too Faced Hangover Rx 3 in 1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray 4 OZ


Conpru 12 pieces No Bend Hair Clips, No Crease Hair Clips, Makeup No Bend Hair Clips for Hair Styling and Makeup Application


Real Techniques Cruelty Free Miracle Body Complexion Sponge, Ideal for Highlighters, Bronzers, & Body Makeup, for Streak Free, Precise Makeup Application


Real Techniques 1413 Setting Brush


Sigma F40 - Large Angled Contour


Sigma Beauty Professional E30 Pencil Synthetic Eye Makeup Brush with SigmaTech fibers for Highlighting, Lining and Blending Eyes


Sigma Beauty Professional E40 Tapered Blending synthetic Eye Makeup Brush with SigmaTech fibers Best Selling Blending eyeshadow Brush


NAILS: https://www.colorstreet.com/CHELTSIE/products/all

Song: Ship Wrek & Zookeepers - Ark

Music provided by NCS Music.

NCS YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_aEa8K-EOJ3D6gOs7HcyNg

Shipwrek: https://www.youtube.com/user/theshipwrek

Zookeepers: https://www.instagram.com/zookeepersdk/

Life with Soklene

The packaging is sooo cute on the eyeshadow! Just subscribed ❤️


I Love Mellow Cosmetics. I also was ask to collab. The Makeup is Bomb.

John Chan

make a vid about the scam :( im figuring out the whole ambassador thing tbh its hard

Suzanne Hahn

Hey Gorgeous! I have a question. When you were asked to collaborate, did you purchase the products or they sent it to you for free? Became I have been asked the same collab question.


Did you have to pay for the products they sent you??

Life with Soklene

This is a good review tho!

lena elaraj

Did u pay for the products?

Sonia Shephard

Oooo so pretty!! ???

Jennifer Sotelo

They did the same to me and I was like is this real? Lol felt like it was a scam.


new youtuber here ? glad i watched this video, got a message from them too and great review !


ur accent is actually so cute

No miss cosmetics

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314 830 views | 22 Oct. 2020

hey guys!!! whos ready

hey guys!!! whos ready for another i bought every piece of makeup from video?! today we have shop miss a! which I literally have never heard of but YALLLLL told me i needed to try some of their goodies so i bought it... all LOL

yall seemed to enjoy my dollar tree video and shein video so we are doing shop missa today!

what did yall think?!

Text Me - +1 310-356-0082

Lunar Beauty - Lunarbeauty.com

SNAPCHAT - Mannymua

TIK TOK - https://www.tiktok.com/@mannymua733

If you wanna join the Mannyac family... Subscribe to my Channel here - http://goo.gl/fLSvRP

Instagram - http://instagram.com/mannymua733

Twitter - https://twitter.com/MannyMua733

REGISTER TO VOTE - https://www.whenweallvote.org/mannymua/



I SERIOUSLY appreciate it so much when you guys use my codes and links :D means a lot to me guys. Thank you for always supporting me!

HUDA BEAUTY - use code "MANNYMUA' to save 10% on huda beauty!! - https://hudabeauty.com/us/en_US/home

Morphe Brushes - use code "MANNYMUA" all caps for 10% off everything! - http://morphebrushes.com/index.php

TARTE cosmetics - use code “MANNYMUA” to save 15% off Tarte! - https://tartecosmetics.com

Ardency Inn - Use code MANNYMUA to save 15% off - https://www.ardencyinn.com

Jouer - Use code MANNYMUA to save 15% off - https://www.jouercosmetics.com

Ofra x MannyMua Lipsticks - ofracosmetics.com/mannyxofra

Use code Mannymua to save you 30% off entire site! :D

Artist Couture - Use code MANNYMUA to save 15% off! - http://www.artistcouture.com

Nubounsom Lashes - use code "MANNYMUA" for 20% off! - http://nubounsom.com

Lilly Lashes - use code "MANNYMUA" for %10 off! - https://lillylashes.com/


Music - NoCopyRightSounds as always! They're amazing! Check them out - https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds

Sad Money



Disclaimer: All opinions in today’s video are my own! I will always state when a video is sponsored and I’ve partnered with a brand. I do earn a small commission when my code and some links are used. Thank you for the support!

See you in my next video! dollar tree haul shein haul shopmissa haul makeup haul

Zulema Verduzco

I first heard about Shop Miss A through @ShanShortcakeBeauty here on YouTube and I was super excited when they opened a physical store at the mall near where I live!!! I've loved almost everything single thing I've gotten from there and it's sooo affordable?

Ava Weimar

this is literally ADHD in one video.......I LOVE IT$$$$

Katherine Martinez

name of the lip gloss please?

Monica Gutierrez

omg i was yelling at the screen because that brush you tried to use for the concealer is literally their worst brush so try some of their brushes cuz some are ridiculously good when you consider they are only a freaking dollar n the pink eyeshadow brushes arent even good for the price THE PINK ONES ARE AAAAMAZING BRUSHES period.????

McKenna Roper

You opened my the OA wound ?

Kim Arnold

The sponges are amazing, the brushes in the brush cup do stink BAD, and the scent stays in the brush cup so I would just toss the cup lol, but yes for the price the products are amazing!!


We need more vids like this !!! Awesome

Natalie Sly

Damn it looks amazing ?

kathe rosa

does anyone have MISSA discount codes?

dreamnoblade hasnoblade

You're so funny Manny, you never fail to make me laugh ❤❤

Alejandra Alvarez

"Feels like a Dolphin asshole"???????

Kendra Snively

Tell me why this foundation looks 100X better than my $50 tarte foundation ??

Jill Tarnoff

No one: ...
Manny: does a full face for $6 in a $50 bronzer compact mirror

Rachael McLain

Manny: The OA
Manny & myself on my couch: simultaneously start doing the Movements

Maria Chavez

Ur funny and I love u ?? lol

Kushter Beauty

I have to know if you are alone when you film or are you actually talking to someone. You are hilarious ? I use a lot of products from shop miss a.

Monica Gutierrez

i go ham on that site n buy the good stuff i find for freinds n fam n make them try them cuz i love seeing how shocked they are when i tell them how ridiculously cheap it was.?????

Fance the Nance

That whole target background ?

Camii_ Torres26

Manny I love you ? your videos always make me laugh ? ❤️?

Amanda Mich3lle

Jaundice white??? I'm literally rolling??☠

awesome Mexican

Shop miss usa is the best

Natalia G

you're makeup always looks freaking perfect

Jasmine Trabelsi

Defo impressed

Areesha Anjum 2007

My kpop stan ass after hearing missA and AOA in the same video: ???

Andrea Marin

Loveeeee HHaha

Bella Armbruster

The pro wear foundation is my all time favorite cause it’s so cheap and really nice coverage

Maggie Herrera

Look the eye color!

Paige Leonard

I know younique girls buy this for giveaways smh but make you think they are giving away their products. Lol. And they wonder why people don’t trust mlms

Cruel Moxie

When he smelled the brushes and jumped back, I lost it ?

Bridgette Odunjo

Hey Manny u finally did it love u ?

Beauties & Foodies

You should try dollar general

Abigail Buchanan

This ??to this ⚪️

Shalique Brown

I wish more youtube mua would talk about this site instead of peddling the same expensive brands. It is a great site for beginners. I bought my little sister a bunch of make up for her to practice and play and have fun


When you reference the OA hand signs I lost my shit. By the way your makeup looks awesome

Elizabeth Stokes

Your eyes ? look great!!!

Alexis homan

i absolutely love ur attitude

lilly peck

Shop miss a lashes are absolutely fucking incredible.

I think I've bought 50 pairs already

Lanae's world

I heard aoa was better on shop missa compared to the other brands....

Manny Mua

why did i not know about this site..... WTF

hit man bang

Guys I went onto the missa website and manny is an affiliate

chelsea sadoo

Do a mystery box from Trinidad and Tobago ??????????????


Which dual ended face brush is that?

Purple Sparkle Felicity

I'm appreciative of your adventure. I was considering it too. Huge squishy hugs for moral support

April Wendelgast

Who can't sleep and is watching Manny at 325am ! This bitch is lol

MJ Partyof7

Haters gonna hate.. but hell with them!! Love you ?

Lynn Fultz

You mean to tell me I can spend like 75 bucks and her brushes, lashes, eyes, lips AND face?!?!
Balling on a budget

alexandra morua

“No shade, but shade” ??

Stephanie Griffin

Me and my coworkers do the back and the brows are filled at our makeup counter lol? fkn love ? ?

Maruka Pepita

I love to laugh, you are hilarious, wishing we were friends in real life ??

Tess Palmer

Lol jaundiced white to mean very white makes no sense;jaundice implies yellow

Ivon A Mi Estilo

Hola, primero que nada disculpen mi comentario. Pero quiero dejarles saber que tengo un canal de aqui en Youtube. Y me gustaria que me siguieran. ?? Y miren los oltimos videos que he hecho, algunas ideas de maquillaje para este halloween. Ante mano mil gracias.


Loving this fall vibes eyeshadow color omg!!!!

gian fuerza

Miss A, AOA, kara are all old kpop girl groups so those are made korea ??‍♀️


The product brands /names: AOA, MISS A, ASTRO
Me a kpop stan: ??????

Danielle B

ShopMissA is the sh***t!

alyson dunn

I love shopmissa. Have been buying from them for years !!

Monica Gutierrez

but it has backfired cuz now if i buy them good stuff they automatically go "omg this is amazing n let me guess it...you probably found it on some random site for a dollar fifty"???

Valentina H.

If my skin was this good I wouldn't even wear makeup ngl.


Note on the masks.
Respirator masks need to be fit-tested in order to have the protection rates they claim. If you were working in a hospital, the mask would be fitted to you. So, “legitimate” or not...the average consumer is not using them properly. This is why the recommendation is to wear a “non-medical face covering”


bro when i hear aoa or miss a i think of the girl groups ??

DaJanae Foreman

I had to rewind to 3:56 like 5 times. Too funny ?

Kathiria Calderon

? “she shares her space” had me stop lunch to like and comment! ?


I like the eyeshadow and eye cream, beautiful but I think it is more Manny since he is such an artist.

Sonia Vallejo

I freaking love your energy ♥️


Also can we get an AliExpress make up haul !!

Stephanie Love

“I went like this: bee jee”

Siobhan Brown

On a night shift at work and can't stop giggling at this video! You really do make me laugh. Plus, the products look amazing. I did a miss shop a haul and I was so impressed xx

Wendy Martinez

You need to try colorina cosmetics from puerto rico

Tami O

I won’t buy Chinese makeup... I support USA made makeup (like your gorgeous makeup!) you can charge more because it provides jobs to our country & it’s much higher quality (& I love your packaging xx) ❤️❤️❤️

Cathy Brash

Kara Beauty is the bomb

ayla re'

Where did you go?! You started to blend in with the wall lololol

Charlotte Collins

I swear this has cheered me up so much. I laughed all the way through. I dont wear makeup but i LOVE watching Manny ❤

Monica Gutierrez

i like the more natural lashes but if you like more dramatic lashes they have a bunch of super dramatic faux mink lashes for less than $2 too.

Delta Deann

I live by shop Miss A I'm so excited for you to try them! Yes!

Darci Haynes


Anthony George

I’m so fkn excited you finally tried the pro wear foundation! I been telling everyone how amazing it is an no one believed me ?❤️❤️❤️


I got some concealer today and it works pretty well lol

Danielle Ferrie

Back and the brows are filled Merch pleaseeeee ????

Janay Bennett

I love shop missa!!!!

Brooklyn Hodgkins

I'm obsessed with this site. Best palettes for the proce

Megafoodie 69

Lips not so good, but I really like this dark mood look


Shopmissa is actually dope af.


Shop miss A AOA eyeshadow and face brushes are my holy grail!


The makeup looks better in the lower light. I have been using shopmissa for years. I check back a couple times a year because they're always adding new stuff

ED Barnes

Just going to say,...if you do it right,...makeup is actually inexpensive.

Elena Marie

Flashback Mary? More like Flashback Manny lol

Molly Grace x

The way he jumped sniffing the brush holder ?????

Jessica Mitrea

I feel attacked at the meme at 3:09 ‘I can’t talk’ bitch that’s literally me with my dead ass wisdom teeth taken out lmfao ?

Kaycie Saydie

I am 4 mins into this video and I am subscribed! Dolphins arse hole ??????????? i definitely need MORE of you in my life! Your great ?

Giovanni Conigliaro

I’m smelling some lunar beauty bronzers in the works ???????

ashley leonerd

So happy I used tour code in tarte the other day. LIVE how y’all got affiliate codes! So we all benefit

Ashley Oyler

AOA is the MissA brand!!

Chimamaka Uma

I looove ur readiness to try new thingz????

Brianna Olsen

That eye shadow ended up amazing

Maria Chavez

Try shop cherrie

Maddie Ruybal

idk why but the brows make you look like David Rose (Daniel Levy) from Schitt's Creek

Nicole Reiter


Annie Arnolde

I love this website and their makeup. I was also not impressed with their lip products but the eyeshadows, foundations, blushes, and eyeliner are on point.

Makayla Robinson

Their lashes and their beauty blenders are absolutely amazing!!!!

Introverty_girl W

Omg you look amazing. I’m trying that eye look tomorrow!❤️

No miss cosmetics

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IT'S A NO FROM ME... Makeup That's Not Quite Working Out

45 920 views | 2 Feb. 2021

Sharing a roundup of

Sharing a roundup of things I've tried recently that didn't work. Just my opinions! NEW: Nothing Over $15 at Sephora (full face) http://bit.ly/15sephora21 AND- January Favorites! http://bit.ly/jan21favs

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Baby's First 24 Hours: http://bit.ly/rhett24

Birth Vlog! http://bit.ly/rhettbirth

Hospital Makeup Bag- Baby #3 http://bit.ly/hmubag

Hospital Bag/Diaper Bag- Baby #3 http://bit.ly/baby3hbag

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NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment- Starwoman https://bit.ly/3oFrEld

NARS Climax Extreme Effects Eyeshadow Palette https://bit.ly/3tj16ty

Juvia’s Place- Nudes by Juvia’s Palette https://bit.ly/3cwNzZl

Buxom Powerfull Lip Scrub- Dragonfruit https://bit.ly/2MMLBt4

Sephora Color Enhancing Lip Scrub https://bit.ly/36yxyOO

-also mentioned: ELF Lip Exfoliator https://bit.ly/3rgqMoY

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Lips- ELF Sheer Matte Liquid Lipstick- Praline Petal https://bit.ly/3czKUOH

Disclaimer: Products sent by their brands/PR companies include- Make Up For Ever concealer, NARS lip color & palette, and Buxom lip scrub. All other products were purchased by me. These are my own, honest opinions. Not a sponsored video - I have never accepted money from a company in exchange for a video.

(Some items listed above are accompanied by affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission if a purchase is made through my links. This has no impact on the cost to the consumer. I link to products this way whenever possible, and it has no bearing on the products I choose to review or recommend. I would link the products on Ulta/Sephora/whatever brand’s website anyway as a means of connecting you to further info on the products, so now it simply offers the potential for a slight financial benefit to me, which I greatly appreciate as I do not ever do sponsored videos. Feel free to use, or not use, the links provided. I do not have any coupon codes. After being asked in the comments section about links/coupon codes/how they work and why I use them, I felt like providing this explanation! Thanks!)

Profound Thought:

"We can improve our relationships with others by leaps and bounds if we become encouragers instead of critics."

-Joyce Meyer

Random Thought:

If nobody has told you yet today... you are beautiful. You are awesome. Your best days are ahead of you!

Julie Ligon

Love your new haircut!

Bonnie Wilkie

I LOVE your new hair. You look absolutely beautiful. It frames your face perfectly and allows your lovely features to steal the show❣️Also gives you a more youthful, exciting vibe.
I vote YAY♥️?♥️


Yess, i had the exact same experience with that nars palette. I also found the sparkly purple was a bit of a hard-to-work-with shadow that didn't have much impact and was flaky and just turned into a few random glitter particles instead of a rich gorgeous purple that you'd expect from the look in the pan.


Love the new hair!!


Beautiful hair cut. ?


Yasss Emily ❤️ your hair looks stunning on you ??? so chic

Sasha Hika

Your hair is incredibly flattering on you!! :) & I agree either the juvias place nude mini palette.. And I'm very pale, with golden olive undertones. I had to pull in a darker brown, and even with setting spray the first champagne shade's texture has sparkles all acrossed my cheeks above my mask.. Soo unflattering. I gave it away. With Juvias eyeshadows I find they work best for me when I mix palettes together.


Your hair looks stunning!

Sue Hawkins

I feel your pain with the black eyeshadow in the NARS palette. Wet and Wild had an eyeshadow trio called I'm Getting Sunburned. Pink/Bronze/Dark shimmery copper. The dark shimmery copper was so flaky that when I put my brush into it there were flakes of the eyeshadow migrating in to the other colors. Of course I could not separate out the dark flakes from the other colors so I wound up with muddy colors. Never mind the fall out. So disappointing.


LOVE the hair!!!

Gretchen Smith

First off, thank you so much for HONESTY. You are so professional in giving your reasons for liking or disliking a product. And yet, you are so entertaining to watch! P.S. your hair is really attractive!

Nancy Oakley

I LOVE your hair that way!!


Thank you for the Random Thought, I really needed that today :) The bob looks great on you!

Liz ViGr

Beautiful as always! Looooove the bob!! Suits you!


You look so pretty luv the hair and look !?


Hair looks better this length. Maybe even bit shorter like you had several years ago.

Tammy Monti

Your hair is gorgeous this way!! I too am afraid to cut my hair and I know this cut would look great on me too.
You look awesome!

Deanna Hope

SO SO cute!

Lana Marie

I love the Buxom lip scrub! I love the “white goop” because it is nicely moisturizing. They do instruct you to wipe your lips off with a tissue or cloth after using. I’m not into lip scrubs that dissolve or that you “lick off”. ?


Your hair suits you so well.


I'm so happy to know things to avoid!!

Tammy Robinson

I am LOVING the new look!! So flattering and looks super healthy and shiny!

Hannah Robertson

Love the hair!

Rhonwyn Pattison

I absolutely LOVE your haircut!!

Kell Brigan

Yeah, but, ELF is supporting domestic terrorism and racism. NO THX.


The best lip scrub

Brown Sugar

And if you accidentally get some in your mouth it is delicious. The molasses in the brown sugar leaves the lips smooth and soft

patty grace

Love your hair...

Abi Thomason

Darned if you don’t look great with every hairstyle I’ve seen on you. #hot mama

Charlotte Mortensen

Your new hair length is so good ? it just suits your face:-)


I just love your hair! Can’t believe it’s been so long since the last one!

Jessica Painter

I love the hair!!!


LOVE your hair!

Cindy Graff

Love your hair! Looks so good on you.

Sarah Baker

I love your hair. So beautiful and very flattering❤❤❤

Abi Thomason

I just got into a bed after a long, struggling day where my heart is totally downtrodden. I saw your encouraging thought in your description box and it felt like a physical hug, brought tears to my eyes ? definitely a moment where God spoke through you.


Save even more money and avoid lip scrubs all together and just use your toothbrush!

Briana Champlin

I do the same with my hair. Every fall it gets a chop, I like it longer in the summer and then I want it short ?

Kirsten Fell

I wish I could rock that like you. Looks so good!

Eiman Khoory

Hair looking stunning

Susan Brindisi

Great haircut.

Zoraida Iglesias

Gorgeous... Love it.

Rosemarie Kasdorf

? your hair! Looks amazing on you...and, very flattering!!!?

Martha Dewey

"If nobody has told you yet today... you are beautiful. You are awesome. Your best days are ahead of you!" Back at you !!!! Love the Bob cut on. you - On the last product - the tinted moisturizer being "yellowish" toned - truly wish manufacturers would say Light / Cool or Medium/ Warm....There are a few that do...and it is so helpful... :)

Gracie R.

Love the new hair ! So flattering on you.

S Miah

I think this hair looks so chic and youthful!

Liz Torres

<3 <3 <3

The Guest

Your hair looks good!!! Haircuts have become "events" now. Appreciation of
smaller things, not a bad thing is it??? Coming back from the 1st anniversary of my Dads'passing. He was and is my hero and I miss him terribly. He passed 4 days after his birthday day so the end of January was really tough on me. He was my cheerleader, we're so much alike. We got each other, you know??? I miss that, I miss someone that loves me unconditionally. I just miss him. I know he is still around, but no hugs are tough. Anyways, sorry. I don't get into it much, but figured you'd understand more than most. Thanks. Take care and have fun!!! ???

Kimberly Poston

You look so beautiful! ?

Gayle Morgan

Your hair looks superb.


Oooooooo, Emily Noel! Tres chic! Great choice on the cut! Agree on the Elf Lip Scrub....brown sugar. Great product.

melanie webster

I absolutely love your haircut! Makes you look younger also!!


Oh Emily.... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that hair length on you!! ?????

Teresa Leon

Emily will you please review the milani all inclluside eye, cheek and face palettes.

Nermeen S

Love the haircut, it really gives thickness to the hair. I had it like 2 years ago, but it's a lot of work for me because my hair is curly.

Jaz Helton

Your eyeshadow placement always looks so pretty to me. I don’t know how to describe it but it always looks like butterfly wings to me. I feel like I want to try it but idk how to make it look the same on my eye shape or if I can. I don’t think we have very different eye shapes but I might be in a habit of doing more right next to my outer corner and lower lash line than yours, which is like very high and round?? I don’t know lol someone help

Renee Burich

That length looks good.

Garbage Angel

I actually love the Julia’s place nudes, but I’ve got really warm toned skin. That’s my everyday palette.

Marie-Christine Douare

Love so much your hair like that! We always hear that long hair is better more feminine but I think that look is more powerful ??

browneyes OLIVE

Sooo my experience with the black in the Nars palette is awesome! I absolutely love it & don't find it flaky at all. And I had zero fallout. I use my fingers to apply & it works well. I've done a whole eye look with just the black. Sorry it didn't work for you. I decided to share my personal experience because if most people are like me I usually won't buy anything unless it's Emily approved lol. Fortunately I had already purchased this on sale long before this video. ??

Lynda Wofford

I love your hair this length! More youthful and healthy. ❤️

Sharlene Bradford

Love ur hair


Loving the haircut❤️

Parrish lake

Love your hair!!!

Dianne D Ballard

Love your hair!


Your hair looks really pretty ?
like seeing what products didn’t work out for people ?

Heather Hollis

I don't have that problem at all with the NARS liquid lip. Now I'm wondering if the performance is different between shades.


I could listen to you read the phone book Em !! ♥️♥️
LOOOOVE the hair!!!

Karen-Beth Rynk

No one told me about the hair loss after baby. I was freaking out.

Rivka Pomerantz

For the Nars pallete, I feel like I might just pop out that shade and use the rest of those shadows because they are so nice!

Jaz Helton

I’ve been trying all year to remain pretty strict with myself in COVID restrictions, and haven’t gotten a haircut. I’ve been trimming the ends myself for a while so I’ve kept that up, but it was damaged by a big depressive stint where I could take care of it so it isn’t my best hair day lol. When it’s safer I will get it cut, but in the meantime I’ll just accept a messy hair day as an easy sacrifice to keep people like my dad safer.

Shawna Day

I love you your hair, so cute!!! I had to unsubscribe because I was spending too much on makeup. But I love to come back to your channel and visit! Sending lots of love ❤️ .

Lori Lane

I love your hair! ?

Suzanne McCoy

Your hair looks Gorgeous! There is a new face palette for Milini! I hope you will review it for us. It looks awesome

Rachel Holland

YOU ARE STUNNNNING????? hottest mama ever


Love the new hair Em! <3

Nathalia Jiménez

you look awesome Em! ? you’re so refreshing to watch ?

Sheila Charbonneau

You look adorable!

Christina Cisnero

You look amazing! Love the short hair on you ?

Watermelon Gal

I love your new haircut! I plan on getting the same haircut too when it hits spring. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts on all of those products. Thanks!

linda dee

Lovely haircut Emily oxox

rebecca ramsey

This is exactly the video I was hoping for.

Megan Michelle

I’m so excited to try that L’Oréal foundation now. I can never find tinted moisturizers that are made for light yellow skin!

Brandyn elwell

Your hair looks amazing


Emily, your hair looks amazing!

Devon Moar

The hair suits you

Michelle Lyman

looking good Mama!


Your haircut looks stunning and it makes you look like a young young kid. Very flattering. My hair is down to my waist and you are now making me want to cut it.

Haley Crook

Love this length on you! ?


Do people really wear orange eye shadow? every palette I get has one, and I immediately throw it out and use the spot for a better color. I mean - it's ORANGE. who does that look good on? not me, for sure.

C Yates

Great video!

Irene Thaiss

So gorgeous!

Kelly McDaniel

The bob makes you look even more like Snow White! You are the fairest in the land??

Emily Goodenough

Maybelline cover stick is very creamy and has been around for forty years. They even have green and white shades now. And half the price of that ulta stick.

Krystal Baker

You are such a beauty ! The haircut looks fantastic ?


I love when you cut your hair short; it looks so chic! could you do a video on how you tease/style it? I just got mine cut short as well and always find that I need to style it more short than when it’s longer

Carolyn Farrell

Love the hair!!!

Lori Dupuy

Love the haircut--- VERY flattering !!! super cute!

Crystal Dunne

Emily, can you do a review on different kinds of magnetic lashes from Amazon?


Love your hair! I think this length really suits you.

Teresa Hill

Love your new haircut.