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59 315 views | 6 Jun. 2018



UPDATED VIDEO: https://youtu.be/MrBqfiHsDbQ

Sharing this has been tough, as my eczema often has me feeling very low, but I hope that opening up I can help at least one person find a relief for their eczema!

I'm going to do a few videos on this, so if you have anything in particular you'd like me to talk about please pop me a comment or message on my social media x

Products mentioned:



Aveeno Moisturiser

Epiderm Moisturiser

REN Skincare

Tropics Skincare ABC Range

Tropics Supergreens Serum

Clinique moisture surge overnight mask

Child's Farm baby moisturiser

Simple Shampoo and Conditioner

Tropics Bodywash

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Aquarius Girl

Exederm from Target is a miracle cream! $10.99 USD
I use it at night after my shower

Mee Lim

Hi there’

Erin O'Keefe

just for anyone scrolling through now, I’ve found that Eucerin Ato Control Face Cream helps as well as the Body Shop Camomile Face Butter and Blephasol Micele Water (which you can get in the pharmacy) ❤️

Julia Gаna

I dealt with my tiny patches of eczema using this eczema guide. The effects had been fantastic and so i chose to further use the treatment in the face. I haven’t been happier with exactly how my skin appears. It truly feels so fantastic and healthier. I just researched Google to find this guidebook, it calls Kαmden Koladoz


Just under my own eyes I observed an itchiness has began. Later on to uncover that it is currently an eyelid eczema. Yet thanks to eczema guide, I was able to relieve my problems in only a day of adhering to the guide. I`m very delighted to state, it persisted to enhance and subsequently after A couple weeks of use, I actually feel quite comfortable that it is really cured.. I just researched Google to find this guide, name of it is Kαmden Koladoz


I was not capable to solve the skin rash in the right hand during the last Six month together with undesirable skin rashes. Nevertheless after attempting to use this eczema guide which was advised by a good friend of mine, outcomes were remarkable. A couple of weeks had gone and my skin rashes had been disappeared as well. I just researched Google to find this guide, the name is Kαmden Koladoz
all the best

Oswaldo Guzman

Appreciate video content! Apologies for the intrusion, I am interested in your opinion. Have you heard the talk about - Franaar Alive Skin Formula (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a smashing one off product for beating eczema minus the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my buddy after many years got cool success with it.

Martili Freeman

In only 2 days of utilizing this eczema guide, I have viewed fulfilling effects already. It`s been a few months ever since I got this particular ailments, and I also can confess this guidebook is much better as opposed to the prescribed anabolic steroid lotions that I have got applied.. I just researched Google to find this guide, name of it is Kαmden Koladoz

Rachel Rosen

oh my goodness. The Tropics cleanser alone is filled with so many irritating things. No thanks.

Gold Mark

I`ve got eczema for most of my entire life; only a few red-colored patches in the sides of my own elbows as well as thighs. If my first couple of days of trying it, I can observe my skin area flakes. The irritation are vanished right after trying this eczema guide. Subsequently after the Fourth time of sticking with the manual, I discovered the flakiness to be gone as well as the impacted area now are recovered. I just researched Google to find this guide, name of it is Kαmden Koladoz

mari hidaka

This was very helpful. My child (15yrs) has had eczema as child on body , but last year has become worse on face and I think it’s due to puberty? The flare also gets worse with eating foods with tomatoes. I hate using steroids, but trying to manage with the steroids and a lot of moisturiser (as prescribed by gp). I didn’t think of shampoo! Will try Simple products. Many have recommended it on different blogs.Thx!

Mel Channel

I`ve had eczema for the majority of my life; just a few red spots within the crooks of my elbows and also legs. If my first couple of days of applying it, I could notice my very own skin flakes. The inflammation are eliminated right after using this eczema guide. On the Fourth day, I discover that my very own cheek does not have any flakiness as well as the part has absolutely treated. Google can be used to get this guidebook, the name is Kαmden Koladoz

Robert Clark

I dont know sounds like what I've had 40 years on my face. Burns iches and flakes off white and red underneath and if I use cortisone cream in 2 days or so it's gone for a week...I cannot stand putting it on my face but its ALL that has every worked. Try it. If you haven't. I may have psoriasis but doc said 20 years ago I had a skin bacterial infection or something. But another said no. It was psoriasis or eczema lol. Who knows. Cortisone though. That is all I need. But was offered a trial...I may take it.


man i'm gonna cry watching this vid cuz I finally know I'm not alone.


Just below my eye I discovered an itchiness has began. I later on discovered that I had been going through eyelid eczema. Nevertheless thanks a lot to eczema guide, I surely could lessen my trouble in only a day of following the guidebook. I`m quite satisfied to report, it carried on to improve and after Fourteen days of application, I seriously feel very certain that it truly is really relieved.. Google can be used to get this guidebook, the name is Kαmden Koladoz
With thanks

romain roubennot

This eczema guide is absolutely wonderful and truthfully a life-saver. Soon after putting it on, the irritation and burning sensation of my eczema ceased nearly straight away. I apply it practically everyday to be safe in order to keep the rashes from ever even showing up.. I just researched Google to find this guidebook, the name is Kαmden Koladoz
hope you get it


This video has helped alot, thought I was alone and it was depressing me like crazy, I do use betnovate when things get bad to worse. Try Cetraben white paraffin cream that's really good

Katie Ramshaw

really appreciate this video xx

Ioannis stavrou

Your eczema it can not be treated from outside. The best cream can fix Ph, flare & texture but the eczema cycle will never finish>>>You need as well to treat the cause of it through the Endocrine system and make the skin moisture permanent.


its ok for girls they just plaster their faces in makeup n its gone! us guys cant really do the same we have to still go outside bare faced all red n nasty looking its horrible!

Julia Gаna

I wasn`t able to address the problem in the right hand during the last Six month with bad skin breakouts. Nevertheless soon after trying to use this specific eczema guide that was proposed with a colleague of mine, final results were spectacular. Several weeks had gone and my skin rashes had been eliminated also. I just researched Google to find this tip, it calls Kαmden Koladoz

Charlotte Bouilloux

i got a really severe reaction to the child’s farm moisturiser, it’s crazy how creams can react differently on people


Mine is at the corners of my mouth, under my nose, and most recently, next to my eye. Its a struggle

Hannah Montana

Have you heard of TSW? I suffer with eczema and I’m going through something called topical steroid withdrawal right now. I used topical steroids like hydrocortisone very very sparingly, like finger tip amounts but my eczema would spread and the creams stopped working as well as they used to. If your skin seems to get worse or if you constantly have to upper the strength of your topical steroids you really should look into it. Steroids just cover the symptoms but aren’t doing anything to fix the problems.

Martili Freeman

During the past 2 winters, I acquired this skin rashes on my fingers due to the outbreak. As a result of that I was able to find out concerning this eczema manual. Dry skin, irritation and also soreness were experienced throughout my hands. This really is an efficient guidebook. I was not out of the hassle of wrapping my hands, thanks a lot to this guide. You ought to consider this. I just researched Google to find this guide, it calls Kαmden Koladoz
every good wish

Magdalene Ryderfera

My right-hand was afflicted with a bad skin rash for few months and that i contacted numerous skin experts to help remedy my issue but with no success. Nevertheless after trying to utilize this particular eczema guide that was proposed with a pal of mine, outcomes were spectacular. There were no longer skin rashes after 2-3 weeks of applying it.. I just researched Google to find this guidebook, name of it is Kαmden Koladoz
hope you get it

Mama Mieza

This eczema realy2 make me feel down

miss nasreencl

i hv really bad eczema on my right fingers and now left fingers. also my face im so stressed and depressed ihate my skin i just hate to see other people has normal skin i hate it

Delrae McDonald

Aveeno cooling cream helps me cool my skin down during flare ups thank you for this♡ I feel like I am not alone :(

Amanda Motion

no dont use steroids it will always come back 10000x worse i went through steroid withdrawls for 2 years it was so traumatic and painful. Take probiotics and collagen powder and good simple moisturisers, avoid spicy, chocolate, caffeine and eat simply. It starts from within I was also allergic to dust and molds in my old house when I moved to a new apartment it pretty much cleared up. No it wasnt just a little eczema i was covered head to toe since i was a kid. So bad i couldnt open my eyes from how hard and flaky the skin was.


My own right-hand had been affected with a bad skin allergy for half a year and I went to countless cosmetic dermatologists to remedy the problem but to no avail. After trying a lot of costly steroid treatments and such, a very good colleague suggested I try eczema guidebook. There were no longer rashes immediately after a few weeks of making use of it.. I just researched Google to find this guidebook, name of it is Kαmden Koladoz
Best luck

Mel Channel

Just under my own eyes I discovered an itchiness has began. I later on learned that I had been suffering from eyelid eczema. I found the health problem has slightly reduced the following day quickly after trying this eczema guide. I`m quite satisfied to state, it persisted to enhance and right after Fourteen days of use, I definitely feel quite assured that it is really treated.. Google can be used to get this tip, name of it is Kαmden Koladoz
Good luck

Vampirastico Gamer

This eczema guide has indeed did magic to me. This promptly reveal efficiency in eradicating the eczema which brought burning sensation and also itching. To avoid the anxiety of getting back the rashes, I must apply it virtually daily. Google can be used to get this guide, it calls Kαmden Koladoz
hope you get it


Such a persistent condition to have once it takes hold.
It can go years without a sign then all of a sudden it’ll pop up and stick around for months/years even

Paola Palmiero

Please look here as you might have red syndrome now not eczema, stop using steroids it will make it worse in the future, I wish someone had warned me. Look into topical steroid withdrawal (lots of fb groups too) https://www.itsan.org/

Empress Leia

FINALLY someone making an eczema vid who actually looks like she has eczema.. watching all these videos with girls who have perfect makeup done... and they don't even show their flare-ups, like girl do you even have eczema?! Love this video!! Thanks for being real!!

brian cummings

You're an inspiration! Thank you for sharing.

Eva Mcfarlane

the only thing that ever helps clear my eczema is a steriod hydrocortisone 1% and eumovate on my body. i find that moisturisers will work for me for a certain amount of time and then my skin gets all dry or flared up again and i need to change it out and find something new,these are usually the emolient ones because my skin reacts to everything else when its even the slightest bit dry. i have gone through phases of being able to use normal skin things like nivea and light moisturisers like normal people. so embarrassing when my friends ask to borrow some moisturiser when they stay over and all i can offer is some massive tub of zerobase emollient and not just a nice light normal tube of simple or nivea:/

Jon Foulkes

Thanks for putting yourself out there. Means alot. I'm having a flare up, I'm at the eumovate stage. Not meant to be applied to the face but as you say, you need to "kick start" your skin

Shireen Niloofar

My face looks like yours did, but instead of red... it’s brown/black ?


Hi Nicola! I'm so happy to have found someone who actually had eczema in YouTube. I'm hoping you can help me with something. Due to years of steroid use for my eczema on my upper lip, deep wrinkles have formed. My question is, would I have to use a primer to level this skin out and if so which one? Thanks ❤

Rose Dann

Youre going to suffer so badly from topical steroid withdrawel one day. Please stop using tjise creams jow so so dangerius. Trust me


I recently got hit up by eczema and it HAD to be my face that took the blow. I went to a doctor and he recommended an expensive gel that seemed to do the work but I still have scars. When I stop applying the gel my skin drys up again :/

Mike CMW

Are you in USA or London? Asking as some medicines are available in Europe that are not here and vicaversa...thx

Daisy Syson

I have eczema in the same places as you I also have it on my neck and shoulders and also I have it really bad on my arms , my arms are the worst I have had eczema for years I use the aveeno moisturiser for my face and at first it was working really good but now it has stopped working as good so now I don’t know what to do xx

c.o.G _ 0502

I'm not 100% sure yet but I think I have eczema on my face, it's red and it's around my nose and won't stop spreading. It looks kinda like acne and blisters at the same time and it's just annoying tiny red bumps that make me look like an idiot. The medicine I've been using doesn't get rid of it, it just kinda removes the redness and slows the spread. It really makes my self esteem plummet into the negatives. I already have none.


This eczema guide is utterly excellent, it cleared my eczema on my hands and fingers in A couple of days. These previous months I have got this illness and also recently been applying prescripted steroid products however have not healed the thing that is troubling me until finally I used this manual. I am feeling better right now. I just researched Google to find this guide, name of it is Kαmden Koladoz
hope you get it

Natalie Williams

you have no idea how good it feels to know i’m not alone with my facial eczema ❤️ thank you for this video❤️

Michaela Kramer

I’ve always had horrendous eczema on my body, but since moving back to New Orleans two years ago, I have been fighting with constant face, neck, shoulders, and arm eczema. I also have flare ups on my legs at least once a month (no summer shorts for me :/) . I don’t know what’s going on. Literally nothing works. I put lotion on and it makes me itch more. I go to dermatologists they always do patch tests and those tests come out null and then they just prescribe me tubs of cortisone cream. My routine right now is exfoliating with all natural african black soap (life changer and it tingles which feels good when i’m super itchy) every day bc the build up of dry skin + lotion causes me to claw my skin until i’ve picked off all of the dry skin. Then I put aloe on for scarring and to help with healing (this burns like foooking ell bc of microcuts, but it smooths my skin and helps it’s heal soooo much). Lastly, I’m back with OG Eucerin (this will probably change soon) and I lather all over body and then lather again and then lump on lotion on areas that need extra help and don’t rub in. I used to love natural oils but i find myself clawing at my skin bc the oil sits on top for so long. Gels and extremely thick creams have been my go to. How is it that i have extremely dry skin in one of the, if not the, most humid cities in America. I’m so over this y’all.

Reagan LaFleur

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I'm not tryna come off as better or holier than anyone by sharing my faith but mannn if y'all only know how good God has been to me and how AMAZING He is to those who believe in him and seek him y'all would for sure wanna be involved in his unconditional love !! Leave your questions if you have any and i'll try my best to answer them. I really love you all and pray that you will come to Christ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Tom Dunne

Your super brave.. take a bow. Hope you are fully healed now.

Gold Mark

I`ve had eczema for most of my entire life; a few reddish colored spots in the sides of my own elbows and legs. If my first few days of utilizing it, I can see my very own skin area flakes. The inflammation are generally disappeared subsequently after trying this eczema guide. On the Fourth time, I realize that my cheek does not have any flakiness as well as the area has fully relieved. Google can be used to get this guidebook, name of it is Kαmden Koladoz
With thanks


I have a couple eczema patches on my cheeks and eyelids and I'm not sure why they suddenly appeared for the past 9 months. It itches soooooo bad and gets triggered by stress. And when I think it's going away, I'll gently wash my skin and it'll reappear :(

Tiffany Zhong


Omar Hernandez

I always get roasted and bullied by my family so that’s y I always try to fix my eczema but nothing rlly helps thx for the vid I’ll try some of these problems ?

Arihanna Moreno

Finally someone posted a video with a eczema
Care most videos I watch just make me break out more

Gold Mark

I had been battling rashes since I had been a teen and soon after above 20 years, I wasn`t capable to treat this health condition. Even I’ve been to numerous doctors to examined what exactly I have, the thing is still there. I easily tried using this eczema manual for around 30 days, astonishingly, the condition never ever reappeared for a long time.. I just researched Google to find this guide, the name is Kαmden Koladoz
Best luck

kissy affirmations

I have this aswell

Charlotte Fenton

You shouldn’t be using Eumovate at all on your face !! It thins your skin and is way too harsh for face especially around your eyes !! Hydrocortisone is the only one and even then should be very very sparingly and then layer. Contact your gp they should have explained this to you.

Pam Hankins

I have this also, and mine has flared up due to wearing masks. Breathing back in our own carbon monoxide is very dangerous and can lead to many ailments, including confusion and heart problems as well as others. I pray that this will pass and don’t wear masks because it does exacerbate the condition. Stores and businesses let me in when I explain this to them.


I thought I was the only one ? thank you for this! I love tropic and liz earle!


I'm a male and I've recently just had this start showing up randomly in the past 6 months, never had issues with this before *28 years old*. This video was very informative, thank you!

Martili Freeman

I was struggling with eczema since I had been an adolescent and soon after above 20 years, I wasn`t able to remedy this ailment. Even I’ve consulted quite a few dermatologists to checked out exactly what I have got, the problem is still appear. I quickly tried this eczema manual for around thirty days, incredibly, the situation never ever appear for many years.. I just researched Google to find this guidebook, the name is Kαmden Koladoz

aniqa haider

Kindly watch this video link it can CURE you and Its the STEROIDS that's making the eczema Worse .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JNVj6eAHDs

romain roubennot

Within Two times of utilizing this eczema guideline, I have personally noticed gratifying results currently. These earlier weeks I have got this particular disease and also been making use of prescripted steroid ointments nevertheless have not improved the thing that is disturbing me up to the point I used this particular manual. I`m feeling way better right now. Google can be used to get this guide, it calls Kαmden Koladoz
Take care


steroid creams are great they work buttt!!!! they cause cancer and ruin your skin n make it fragile n thin..coming from a person whos been lied to by the alu snackbar doctors n used it for at least 10yrs! its not good for you at all!

Jessica K

I'm happy I am not alone. I developed eczema on my face at 28 (I'm 32) now. It's been so hard dealing with it and finding all of the triggers. :( My eczema is also accompanied by small pimple-like dots. I just moved to an area with hard water and hard water causes flares, so it sucks. I am happy to know I'm not alone!
I just started using oatmeal masks and Aveeno's Eczema therapy lotion before bed and it helps with the dryness but still suffering! I hope within a few weeks I see a difference.

Wanda Sanchez

Thank you for sharing your story. Not sure where you live but many of the medications you mentioned I’ve never heard of. My facial eczema flares around every 7 years. I’m currently going through one of my flares. I get a lot of flakes and scales around on don my eye lids.lots of inflammation. I no longer have eye brows. They’ve fallen off because of the flakes and scales. I also get cuts around my lids that don’t ever heal. The dermatologist have run out of options to offer me. Starting Monday I have to start using Dupixent a biological that’sinjected every 2 weeks. I’m hesitant because I don’t want to inject myself and once you start you cannot stop. It’s great that you found a regimen and products that work for you. Hang in there. It’s tough to deal with and more so when it’s on your face.

Vampirastico Gamer

Ever since I was in my teens, I currently have this particular eczema, after I reached my Twenty years of existence I have this issue. The problem still continued immediately after talking to a lot of dermatologists and using various recommended products that have only a short term effect. The final choice was to have a shot at this eczema guidebook. In a 30 days of making use of the manual, my ailment had cured and never experienced this skin rashes once more for many years by now. Google can be used to get this tip, the name is Kαmden Koladoz
Good luck

Ehsan Zaigham

Why is there no cure ??

Hayet Bel

I have contact dermatitis only on my hands and it's a pain, I suffer so much...I can't imagine having it on my face, I hope you'll get better soon

Jamie Marshall

I’ve got it really bad around my nose and under my noes it’s really red and flakey really doing my confidence at the minute any tips on how to get it to go down ?

Grace Berg

I try not to wash in hot water and I only stay in certain time because it flares when I stay in the shower for too long. I also take benadryl to relief the flare up with my steroid cream. I'm currently looking for a face lotion and this video came up. I'm glad I got to see it. Thank you ❤

Filippa Vivianne

Thank you for sharing this ! You are so brave! ❤️❤️ I´m having one of my eczema flare ups at the moment, on my face as well and it makes it really hard for me to go outside because of the fear of getting looks from people.. ? I´m trying to accept the fact that somedays are going to be like this and without feeling the need to hide. I´ve had eczema since I was a child so ??

Mandy Morgan

Thanks for this, occasionally had an odd patch but currently have a flare up exactly like this. Have just found out that taking Korean Red Ginseng can help, so I have some to try, you can also get in in a moisturiser. Apparently red light therapy helps to, just awful having it on your face and neck. Thank you so much for this xx

Joanne B

Vosene shampoo works well to clear up any scaby icky eczema on my scalp. I rotate shampoos which tends to stop flare ups.

Eczema on my face atm which dermal 500 lotion is working to clear.

Alexandra Kershner

Yes, I get eczema around my eyes, mouth, and neck and nowhere else. It’s so frustrating and feels impossible to get rid of.


I`ve experienced eczema for almost all of my life; just a couple of red-colored patches within the crooks of my own elbows and also legs. The very first couple of days, it absolutely was a bit flaky. There is no more swelling soon after working with this particular eczema guide. After the 4th day of sticking with the manual, I notice the flakiness to be gone and also the affected area now are relieved. Google can be used to get this guidebook, name of it is Kαmden Koladoz
With thanks

kpop kudi

I don't have any on my eye. Yet I have dry scaly skin on my shoulders and back and thighs. It's the first time my skin got this dry in winter. Is it eczema

adora721 lux

Please consider taking supplements for leaky gut, especially collagen peptides and prebiotics like apple pectin to feed good bacteria. Also, dead sea salt has shown promise for eczema. I use the dead sea salt soap and Minera dead sea salt for a soak and toner. God bless and hope you getter better soon.

Bea FreeAll

avenno has cancer causing agents in it...look it up...

romain roubennot

I had little patches of eczema and also dealt with it testing this eczema guide. I found good results making use of the guidebook and later on applied it to fix the eczema impacted areas of the face and it also appeared to be useful. I have not been happier with just how my body looks. It truly feels so wonderful and also healthy. Google can be used to get this tip, the name is Kαmden Koladoz

Rich Adam Budgen

I've no idea how as a 43 year old man I've found my way onto a beauty channel but I have suddenly for the first time.in my life got eczema on my face and this was very helpful!!! Thanks for posting

Cherry Berry

I've just been told I have dermatitis. I've been going to the doctors for about a year and I've finally been given ointments and such along with solutions. Thank you for sharing.

Vampirastico Gamer

This particular eczema guidebook is absolutely amazing, it remedied my eczema in the hands within 2 days. It is already been a few months ever since I got this particular health problems, and I can admit this guidebook is more effective in comparison to the prescribed anabolic steroid remedies I have utilized.. I just researched Google to find this tip, it calls Kαmden Koladoz




I just ordered the eumovate. Do you get the raised dots too? This is the very first time I have had it on my face. I usually get it on my fingertips. I hate it

Rahima Islam

I use elidel cream which is safe for the face. I have to use it every day.

Dan Murray

I swear by the aveno! And hydroquaterzone as a kick strat

tran vu

Just wonderful, I have been researching "hope's relief eczema cream review" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Eonrayson Simplified Eradicator - (just google it ) ? It is a smashing one of a kind product for discovering how to stop your eczema once and for all minus the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my co-worker got amazing success with it.

Julia Gаna

This specific eczema guide is completely fantastic, it healed my eczema in the hands in 2 days. It is been a few months since I acquired this particular health problems, and that I can admit this guidebook is much better in comparison to the prescribed steroid remedies I have employed.. Google can be used to get this guidebook, it calls Kαmden Koladoz
hope you get it

Gold Mark

I wasn`t able to fix the problem in the right hand for the last Six month along with awful skin breakouts. Following applying quite a few higher-priced steroid balms and such, a good companion suggested I try eczema guideline. A number of weeks had gone and my skin rashes were faded as well. Google can be used to get this tip, name of it is Kαmden Koladoz
Take care

Pablo Magana

Was I the only one getting told at school that I look like I hav herpes

Julia Gаna

Under my own eye I found an irritation has started. I later on discovered that I was having eyelid eczema. But thanks a lot to eczema guide, I was able to alleviate my problem within one day of adhering to the manual. Within Fourteen days of consistently working with the guidebook, I`m certain that it’s entirely disappeared with zero possibility of coming back again. I just researched Google to find this tip, name of it is Kαmden Koladoz


My right-hand was afflicted with a bad skin break outs for half a year and I conferred with countless skin experts to manage my skin problem but to no avail. Right after using various extravagant steroid treatments and such, a good buddy suggested I test eczema guidebook. A couple of weeks had gone and the breakouts had been eliminated as well. Google can be used to get this guide, it calls Kαmden Koladoz

Magdalene Ryderfera

I cured the tiny patches of eczema employing this eczema guide. The results had been amazing so I made a decision to further make use of the treatment solution in the face. I have not been pleased with just how my skin appears to be. It really feels so fantastic and healthier. I just researched Google to find this guidebook, the name is Kαmden Koladoz

melana grace

Guys anyone that is struggling with eczema you haveeee to try Amlactin!! I struggle very bad with eczema all over my body and it clears it up just in a few days. But be aware: it does burn in open wounds


You need to use witchazel. Be sure it has only witchazel and alcohol (the kind that doesn't harm your skin). People who have eczema, have a ph balance that is to low. Its inexpensive and works. It takes a few days to feel the effects. I also do a facial that includes apple cider vinegar. Be sure and dilute it.

Vanicream uk

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1 668 views | 23 Apr. 2020

An introduction to myself

An introduction to myself and a (kind of) brief overview of my history with cystic/ adult acne :-)

I still get spots so I won't be able to help with how to cure your acne! But I do have some tips that I have found beneficial.

Products Mentioned:

Moisturiser: https://www.avene.co.uk/tolerance-extreme-emulsion

Cleanser: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Vanicream-Gentle-Facial-Cleanser-240ml/dp/B00QY1XZ4W

Epiduo: https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-151655/epiduo-topical/details


Thank you for sharing your journey ??? I also went on roaccutane twice and was very happy with the results too. I ended up becoming a nutritionist because of my acne! I’m glad you made the correlation with your diet and acne! I’d highly recommend seeing a naturopath to help you with your pcos journey ? there are so many herbal remedies and nutritional supplements that can help bring the body back to its natural state x

Виолетта Кунцевич

Unfortunately, I do not speak English, I am from Belarus, but I would very much like you to know that thanks to you I learned about this medicine. Thank you very much for your sincerity and activity on Instagram. My skin has become better, which means life and self-esteem. Thanks ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️

Isac Martinez

your skin looks great


I started following you when I first got on accutane back in 2017, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your journey, it helped me so much xx

J Dacey

I love it, keep it up ???

Aisling Belle

I’ve been following your journey on Instagram for the longest time. I think you’re so incredibly brave for sharing your story and it helped me so much during my time on Roaccutane to just see someone who was experiencing the same side effects etc. ❤️