Piercing ear pain

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Quick, Easy, Pain free , Home Ear Piercing

1 009 093 views | 11 Jun. 2013

Edit: I have uploaded a

Edit: I have uploaded a reaction video to this "tutorial" you can watch it at https://youtu.be/cYmpqO-cj4Q

Ok, So I have answered this question many many times now, but anyway, just so you know, I bought the little gun type thing from a chemist/ pharmacy while I was in Spain. It is the type Studex makes to load into the piercing guns, however it does work if you use it the way I did in this video, although keep in mind there are risks involved and it is always better to go to a professional and get it done with a needle. That being said, I know for a fact you CAN buy these on ebay, and I'm sure if you look around you can probably get it in store, however I have never seen them for sale in Australia. Anyway hope this answered some of your questions!! Good luck !!

Mia Charish

I really want to but I'm scared that its gonna hurt

Abella Zhang

But I enjoyed this video


I pierced both my 2 holes with a thumbtack and somehow buy using hand sanitizer it never got infected DONT BE A DUMBASS LIKE MW AND DO IT


? I’m doin my daughters ears and wanted to see how the gun worked, good job and ty for the video it helped ?all the trolls in this comment section,get a life. Ty again for the vid it was helpful

Ha Yeon

can you use different earing to make a hole?


Um um um ummmm um ummmmmmm umm umm

RISE central

You think?

Johji Uehara

why would you spray pepper in your ear?

Michelle M

i love the koala on your top


I bought this too and I’m doing a third part as well and just wanted to see how to use it lol tyty

Julia B

I have the same gun and tbh I kinda scared to use it

ميس عريقات

Where you buy this tool?

Lily Holbeche

I ordered my self a piercing gun


I pierce ears at Claire's and you should remove the first earring before piercing so the gun won't hit it, also the angle doesn't matter as long as you have it straight. If you get an infection you SHOULD remove it if it's bad (if it's just painful and swollen go a doctor but anything else, REMOVE IT.) but if you can, def go to a real piercer. Although we are very safe with how we do it, we can't help the fact it causes damage to the ears.

J- fliper

Are in classroom at school toilet lol

Gaby Sinozic

Please don't follow this instructions and definitely DON'T use piercing gun.

keri caye


Melissa C

My mum got that for me and I’m like nooo why can’t I just get it professionally done ???

Spencer’s Life

You won’t die


First of all there is so such thing as pain free when it comes to piercings

Grimaneza G C

You are the best! Thank you for the video hun!

Jolëne C.

You look like Bindi Irwin omfg

Mia Charish

Will my ear get infected ???????

man boy

If you want to pierce something on your own you should do any piercing with a needle because guns give unneeded pressure and will hurt more than a needle cause it doesnt have a curved point. Your very brave and used alot of safety precautions so good job! Hey as long as it heals properly its ?


bro I legit just stabbed my ear with a thumb tack during my study hall at school lmao

Sudha Rani

How much cost

Uhh Hona

Don’t get me wrong I rather do the piercings guns for my ears because it’s quick and easy
But what ever floats ya boat

Stephanie G

For those of you who are wondering and live in the states you can get these at sally's beauty supply

cassidy jean

This is very helpful honestly. I just ordered the same kind of piercing device thingy and it doing it myself. Also, she’s probably just got home from school; not in the school bathroom

Aldriel Sioko

Where did you buy the product? How much?

Hailey Oravez

"theyre completely clean i havent touched anything but my phone"... phones are more dirty than a toilet

Jessica Dingman

I’m so scared to pierce my ears for a second time. Idk why

Alex Fuentes

This girl got bigger balls then I do. I got my earrings but I’m too pussy to get it pierced ?

Aleeza Shabbir

Do you have to leave it in for an amount of days or can u take it out and it won't heal

tuqa boss

I have a question where can you get the ear pierced from is there an online store or at a specific store you can buy it from please answer I need it

Mia Rose

Aw you seem so nice ?x

Beatriz queen Ayala 49ers till I die

What spray did you use after piercing your ear????

Jess Leigh

Who else thought that the earring was too close to her seconds

Maria Limbada

She did a good job however I just want to point out a couple things before people really go piercing themselves. Angling is a lil more complicated than how she explained. Yes you want to angle to the back of the ear but you also want the piercing showing facefoward. I always use to talk to my customers about what they want because no one ever wants it the same. I like my angles a lil awkward so that the back doesn’t show but the earring also faces a little more to the front. Also she shouldn’t have took the second piercing out because as a piercer I want to know that the earrings won’t hit each other and all your earring are nicely aligned

sana jairal


Wolf Deku

Here in 2020

katey's world

Im here I 2020 bc I need them repirced bc they closed up with my dum ass

Ranhyia Green

Are you at school

zeliang zhang

Hi friends, come and experience it. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Q7NFXT7

Alyana Rose Random Stuff


Jaylin B

Where can I get one of those guns?

Kyra Grace

She looks like the girl version of will poulter


bitch please

Destini Murphy

You didnt convince my 3 year old that it wont hurt. lol Trying to get hre to go get hers done. Got my 15 month olds done a few days ago and my husband got his done yesterday.
What device did you use? Where can i get it so i can give myself a second hole?

Jimin Jams


Mackenzie Hanes

Anything here in 2020?


Idk if I would risk doing this myself - that, and I’d have to wait at least a year before I could donate blood

Sakeenah Trust

What's that spray u used.

Cutebanana25 Banana

Omg your piercing gun is so cute, it’s so small I love it?

Maya Williams

How old are you?


This gave me anxiety ??

Shane Kemp

what camera are u using


Num your ear with ice or something




If u put it to close it another piercing it will like join toget an be one big piercing

A&A Productions

Anyone here in 2019....no just me ok lol

Shane Kemp

wow all the fucking dislikes it takes nerves to do youtube I know that coz I do youtube

Official Marsh

Didn’t hurt


Tambo Mitch

Ye but try doing it with a pin you got from school on your own with the fact you never had it done before and without sanitation, that’s what I did and somehow I didn’t get an infection...

Itzamara Neira

I like your little ear piercing gun ??❤️

Chevy Floren

I love this video not bad at all

Darja murray

I want to get my second piercing but this unproffesional method is extremely dangerous.
Proffesionals know what areas of your ear are safe to peirce because we have special blood vessels/vessels in our ears, if he 'accidentaly' peirce one of those vessels then you can always get headaches. Its not a safe thing to do.
There is % to tell you if its possible to peirce your vessel, you just gotta be very careful.
I advise proffesional help.

Isaiah Lee

I'm boutta just push mine thru

Alondra Madrigal

Can you send me one like you did in the video

Putri Arafah2

I had the same tools Gun likes yours , i will doing it soon , but I wanna ask , is it Painless ?

Inspector Steve

You have great teeth.

Stevie Alonzo

beautiful... Marry me we can make music with the head bangers

Skyla Fallin

Where do did she get it

Bryona B


Kaveri A M

entammo enikku pediya

NatashaN L

is it me or her eyebrows

Tambo Mitch

Ye but try doing it with a pin you got from school on your own with the fact you never had it done before and without sanitation, that’s what I did and somehow I didn’t get an infection...

Victor Flores

Why is her ear so red?

what is happening

No no no no guns are terrible

Zach Kettell

Piercing guns are unsafe use a hollow needle

Joseph Stalin

Why use a 'gun' when you can use a needle?

Abella Zhang

She keeps saying ummm

Aubrey Bowling

Your so specific

Toga Himiko

Roly needs to react to this!!! OMGGG

James Bond

I think she's nervous haha

Angeline Mendoza


Faye Underson

6:15 thnk me lter

Charlie Conlon

I just heated a needle and pushed it through my ear

M A Safi

Liked your technique, it really worked. Thanks.

Liam Ackman

I'm tryna watch how to pierce my ears not fall in love

Kate Sanderson

Bad introduction

H Rush

Annoying video

Tambo Mitch

Ye but try doing it with a pin you got from school on your own with the fact you never had it done before and without sanitation, that’s what I did and somehow I didn’t get an infection...

Karli Carter

I have been sitting hear two God damn hours and I’m still to chicken to pierce my cartilage

Victor Flores

I want me a white girl like her

Caitlin Margaret

Hi Frens, I hope you love this heckin cool video of me being a heckin dumb dumb 5 years ago. I know everything I did was not a good idea at all please don't do anything I did!! Please go to a professional or at least use a brand new sterilized piercing needle and good quality body jewelery, don't turn it, don't touch it.Heck don't do anything I did. Luckily this piercing was fine and I have never had an issue with it, but don't risk it!!!

Munisa Iskandarova

If somebody pierced there ear like this. Did it hurt or not? Can you please answer me as soon as possible please.

スカー藩主otaku des

Thats not in home in school

Millie France's

she’s dotting waaayyyyy too close

Alexis Wells

I just got my second holes done by sister with a piercing gun and I was terrified. I screamed and started crying. I was shaking I was so scared but it didn't hurt as bad as when I had it done at the mall for my first ones.