Purple hair chalking

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Domestic Divinity - Kevin Murphy Color.Bug (Pink & Purple Hair Chalk) Review

25 822 views | 2 Jun. 2012

Today I review the Kevin

Today I review the Kevin Murphy Color.Bug hair chalk product which was kindly supplied by luxelist.com.au.

Color.Bug retails for $24.95 and you can purchase it in most salons and also here:



Oh definitely!! It hardly makes a dent in it using it for one go!!


As you can see, I have dark brown hair so it works fine.


No, my hair is dark brown - not black.

Emelia Bolton

Does it wash out??


Lol ur story is just like mine. I have black hair, and started with the purple. It got everywhere! Later I tried pink and I was a lot better. Thanks for the texturizing product tip. I'll try again with that. :)


Of course! Any salon that has Kevin Murphy products will have it.


Yes it came out instantly :) It also brushes out if you don't use wax under it.


It works.

Nina Hardy

what about on black hair?


I had so much texturising stuff in there that it was more gunky than dry!!


I had textured wax stuff in!


was it easy to wash out?


do they sell it in Australia ?:)

Dallas Nicole

Will the color bug last for more than one use?


How do you get it to stick so well in your hair?

Ania ?

U cut ur hair looks good


"only" 24.95

They hardly give you any product. If you wanted to use it on your entire head you would hit pan easily.

The price isn't justified at all. 

Myra Chang

is it stiff? like hair chalk?

Jasmine Meenie

Lol u have to let it dry and then brush it!!

Purple hair chalking

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New Hair Chalk ? Demo & Review | Safe and Easy to Use

9 853 views | 14 Oct. 2017

Hey everyone! I hope you

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy this demonstration and review of the deluxe scented hair chalks! I think these are a great way for kids and adults to play and experiment with different hair colors without damaging hair or having permanent dye!

Thank you to L.A.C Beauty for collaborating with me on this video!

Get your own hair chalk here⤵️

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075ZHGVXB 36 Color Hair Chalk Set

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*this is a sponsored video*

v e r a

you girls are so cute ??

Monroe Cannon

They look like colourful tampons ?

Rimpa Kaur

Nice video dear...stay connected

Kamilla Vismane

Im 11 i have LARoC hair chalk and its amazing you soak your hair in water then apply hair chalk then when your hair is dry and hard as a rock with chalk all over it you brush your hair untill it is like your other hair and it is done! It litterally looks like you dyed your hair its amazing! And you cant tell its chalk unless you brush your hair in front of people cuz then coloured powder will fly off of you like a dust cloud but other than that it is amazing! If you like hair chalk i recommend you try it! Right now i have a blue streak in my hair right at the front and it looks like i dyed my hair.
Love your channel

Muzgaan Muz

She is sooo cute ?

Lucy Snewin

These would be fab for halloween!

Try new everyday

Nice???? have a great day


Nice xx


Who was that singing? Sounded very nice!!

Andile R

Does it work on 4c hair?

Delina Pinto

These are so cool ??

Patricia Paquette

OMG she is precious ?!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! See you in the next one!!! ??❤️

Emily Matta

Awwwww she is so cute???


You both are beautiful!

Evan Moon

The Amazon link looks like the same product but it is a phony set that is so so smaller pieces of color

Beauty by Jas

Awesome! Loved this video ??

Janeth Maranillo


Kamilla Vismane

Im ur new sub

Rylene Hindley

She is so precious!❤️

Ania Skurska

you are so cute together <3

Richa Fell

Nice review dear

Laiken Jordan

First <3

Madison Victoria

I NEED THIS FOR HALLOWEEN! also love her HAHA she's just like "whatever do my hair I don't care"

kicking it With Kriss

Great video that's so cool

•{A l e x S p a c e}•

Where you get it? I want them please and your amazing

Laiken Jordan

Molly is just presh!

cat lover cat lover


Kamilla Vismane

Your channel is awesome btw

Chloe Beth

What state is she from

Laurie Latimer

She is cute as a button and so proud to be in a video with you! Great job ladies! I have never heard of hair chalk before! ???


Wow that is so cool! I had tried something like this a while back, but they weren't scented. I would love to try these. Great review beautiful

Kamilla Vismane


Nuryadi Family

you are beautiful, i am glad to see you

Purple hair chalking

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Hair chalking my hair purple (well only the roots) ?

15 views | 15 Jan. 2016