Neutrogena clear shampoo

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CHEAP Beauty Products That Actually WORK!

139 840 views | 4 Dec. 2019

Hey Babes we know that

Hey Babes we know that Christmas is coming up and if you are looking to save some coins then here ya go! We're just gonna leave em' right here for ya:)) Also, putting you on to some affordable items that will make some good gifts! xoxo, Kelsey & Kendra

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GlamTwinz Amazon Store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/glamtwinz334


Affordable Beauty Products Mentioned:

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner - https://go.magik.ly/ml/sis4/

Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo & Conditioner - https://go.magik.ly/ml/sis5/

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner - https://go.magik.ly/ml/sis6/

Cantu Shea Butter maximum hold Styling Gel w/ Jamaican Black Castor Oil - https://go.magik.ly/ml/sis6/

Tresemme Heat Protectant Spray - https://go.magik.ly/ml/sis8/

Dial Spring Water Hydrating Body Wash - https://go.magik.ly/ml/sis9/

Nivea Essentially Enriched Body Lotion - https://go.magik.ly/ml/sisa/

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrubs (Moroccan Rose) - https://go.magik.ly/ml/j40b/

Carrington Organic Coconut Oil - https://go.magik.ly/ml/sisc/

Aquaphor Healing Ointment - https://go.magik.ly/ml/sisy/

Vaseline (Cocoa Butter) - https://go.magik.ly/ml/sisz/

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash (Pink Grapefruit) - https://go.magik.ly/ml/sit0/

Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner - https://go.magik.ly/ml/sit1/

Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask - https://go.magik.ly/ml/sit2/

NYC Liquid Liner - https://go.magik.ly/ml/sit3/

L’Oréal Rouge Signature Matte Liquid Lipstick “426 Explore” - https://go.magik.ly/ml/sit3/

Original Carmex - https://go.magik.ly/ml/sit3/

NK Makeup Vitamin E Lip Gel “Bubblegum” - https://go.magik.ly/ml/sit8/



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I N S T A G R A M ~





T W I T T E R ~






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Disclaimer: This video is NOT sponsored. Some links may be affiliate links which means we make a small commission if you purchase items through our link.

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Pamela K Muhammad

Beauty and blessings to you and your family ?

Weight Loss with PCOS

Love cheap hair products cause I’m on a tight budget so this video came out right on time for the holidays. Saving my money! Love both of your makeup looks!

Sharnell C. Lewison

Your products recommendations are alwaaays great and trustworthy?????!!

Yvonne Yvonne

Yes I hate Cantu love love Shea moisture

Gerald Murphy

I'm trying the sleek and shine tomorrow to straighten my hair, I'm nervous ??

Moni M

Loved this video. Have you ever used Thayers toner without alcohol? ?❣️it! I ❤️ the Rose scented version the best.

Kittana Smith

Kendras makeup ????????????


Hiii Kelsey and Kendraa ?? I’ve been with u guys since day one and have been following what u guys wash your hair with but my question is what can I do to get moisture to my hair my hair grows but it’s very VERY dry. Do you have any suggestions. Also I believe I have 4b /4c hair

Bronze Babe

Do you have a “cheap affordable products for curly hair” video ? I remember some of your holy grail products , but have came actoss anymore you really have been enjoying ?

Rozelynn Hale

I came BACK to this video just to say that I bought so many of the products you two mentioned after watching it the first time. Lol. Wow! I bought the Tree Hut scrub, which I became OBSESSED with, so obsessed that yesterday I ordered the body wash and body butter in Moroccan Rose. I also bought the Nivea body lotion (LOVE), Carmex lip balm, and Dial body wash. Lol. Thank you both for putting ya girl on! ???


See the Glamtwinz, and I press the “like” button. Period.


Yassss, I can co-sign on the Cantu Gel. I Love ❤️ it! I use it everyday. Thanks girls for the great recommendations. You guys use many of the same products I use and have at home.

Sateriaa Latrice

14:02 Got Me Weakkkk!!! ??

T. Wood

Thanks Ladies!!!

Barbara Brown

TFS... this was very helpful ????

Lauren Fischer

the dial brand is amazing! works so well☺️


i like the vaseline lotions lol

i Morph

I also have that coconut oil brand in my bathroom! Great minds think alike!

Shavonne Stalling

Kendra looks so pretty in this video, i love her makeup... Happy Holidays ladies

Bella Chanel

Kendra I love your blouse!


That Nivea lotion I bought off of their recommendation, it is moisturising but it smells awful to me.

IG: NaturallyPaige_LV

This is me all year long ??

Aureon Smith

Y’all are so pretty I love y’all ?


That's what I'm talkin about I need to see you girls at least once a month or once every two months thank you for that love you guys


I know I'm speaking from one of the weird parts of youtube, but y'all give me ASMR triggers. Both of yall's "mhm's" and Kelsey's hair playing are very relaxing to me lol Also thanks for the tips!


Keri can rival nivea...used Keri for years


I love Nivea lotion. It really is the only one that keeps me moisturized. They also have a Nivea Body Oil. I used to see it in CVS only but now I can only find it on Amazon for like twice the price but it’s BOMB

R Dant

Thanks for the recommendations! I will definitely try the body scrubs and Nivea. And Kendra your nails! Love love love! Another great video ladies!

Kathryn Moore

Beautiful ladies I love your videos


Can you recommend any products that help if you have very minimal heat damage

Yasmin McGain

Baccarrat Rouge 540 is my signature scent! I love MFK, I ended up buying it after first purchasing his Amyris femme. Found out that they make an OUD too!

Kenya's Decor Corner

Ladies, I'm probably old enough to be your Mom (or maybe Big Sister?) but I also get awesome beauty tips for you guys! I have purchased so many products that you all have recommended & I have been very happy each time! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a very Merry Christmas!?❤?❤?


Y’all never steer me wrong. I’ve been using the Tresemme Heat Protectant for a couple of years. It smells good and doesn’t weigh my hair down. I will try the Tree Hut scrub. And y’all are right about coconut oil and breakouts. Lastly, Aquaphor is bomb!

Rosalyn Miller

I love the Tree Hut brand. I love the body butters but you can't use too much. The formula seems like utter had more silicone in them now. Almost like the butters have been reformulated ore something.

Carmia Butler

Yes we want the luxury items that work

Jenna B

I’m curious are you one to avoid sulfates in your shampoos? If not how do you avoid your hair from getting dried out?

Love Moore

Don’t know if anybody mentioned this yet, but Sam’s Club has the 40 oz bottles of the Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner on sale right now until Dec 24th for $5 each if you’re a Sam’s Club member. They’re originally like $7 each but $2 off with the sale.

May Coleman

The garnier whole blends legendary olive great for naturals still clear but without silicones??‍♀️

Farm Girl

What’s a cheap way to remove makeup?

Tamika B. The Bright Side

Tree Hut is the truth! Great video ladies! I haven't been able to find my NYC liner anywhere lately! Help!

Tina Lynch

Y all guys r to cute am a new subbie y'all hair is so much like me and my daughters that's what caught my attention I always thought when u have a twin you don't need friends you have everything together so special we gonna try everything y'all did lol and y'all look more alike with the straight hair can y'all tell me more about using hair masks and why video please lmao luv love??❤❤please please everything twice am asking both

Lynn Natralina

I have extremely dry skin and I use coconut oil on my face and it absorbs it like a sponge like I never put it on so it doesn’t bother me. I have never broke out and as a matter of face when I stopped using it to use something else my skin broke out so bad and I started using it again and my skin cleared up really smooth

Wyesha Watts

Great video guys love it.

Ciera Saneen

i work at a daycare and alot of my parents use Aquaphor for diaper rashes and it seems to work for that too.

Eboni Mirage

Both you ladies looking gorgeous! Kendra giving Ms Rowland vibes ?! Soo crazy how she looks look like Kelly Rowland & Kelsey favors LeToya Luckett at times

Keeanna Mcclelland

Also I guess a lot of people forgot that you guys have your cosmetology license. When it comes to hair care and beauty tips you guys are actually professionals. ?

Bargain Beauty

0:17 so, when are you ready to meet your friend? Kendra: "Who"
Me:"Me. Duh! ???‍♀️"

Justice Peace&peace

Always some Hateful people in the comments section.the ones that have self hate.

Ken Fabre Micabalo

Hi Ms. Kelsey and Ms. Kendra?I am kendra from Philipines. Can i ask A favor from you? Can you please introduce my channel to your vlog. I am hoping for your response. Thank you so much. KEEP SAFE?

Edrian Shavers

Same here at 48 when you love the GlamTwinz. Their advice has help me to inform our teen daughter up on what to do/don't when it comes to hair and beauty. Young women you both are doing such an beautiful job keeping us inform on what works best for you.

JMocha 74



How do you keep your hair straight for a while when working out?

Bargain Beauty

17:20 Make sure it's cold press!!

Kandes Tobin

Does anyone else watch these videos and order from Amazon as they talk? No? Just me? ?

Nida Simmons

Worst breakout ever from using Coconut oil on my face, but on my hair OMG!


I definitely use coconut oil on my face and I've never had any issues.


I love Kelsey’s look ?Matt look all the way ??

Takisha's Age-Free Beauty Zone

You guys look amazing! Something seems different about your complexions. I do like your holiday background. It's pretty, festive and glam. Kendra why are you so stinkin funny?!?


My favorite Tree Hut scrub and lotion scent is the Hawaiian Kukui. It’s hard to come by nowadays but I just checked and apparently they still make it. Please please please try that smell!

Global Community Affairs

Thanks ladies waiting for your luxury brand review. Happy Holidays!!! ?

Shiraa Baby

Hi. I’m new to y’all channel and I really like it ? you gals are gorgeous??

Yolanda Hayes

Both of you ladies are a very bad influence on me LOL..... differently in a good way

Robin Parker

I have some of these products...the body scrub that smells amazing and the cocoa butter Vaseline which I use on my feet and a smaller jar for my lips only, makes them so soft. A great toner is aloe Vera juice and witch hazel. I mix the two in a small spray bottle and spritz my face every morning for AMAZING clear smooth acne free skin.


Hey! The link for the Cantu might be wrong ? Took me to the neutrogena conditioner

Joey Hunter

Hi love the video can you do a video on jewelry you guys have really nice pieces.


Does the twist up and pot carmex have spf in it?

Jalissaahhh C

Lmaooo when she said “ion smell no coco “ I dieddd???.


I can tell you ladies apart. One of you has an oval-shaped face and the other a heart-shaped face. And you're both ridiculously GORGEOUS!

Justice Peace&peace


Britt G

Sorry Y’all, I watched in two parts so I’m back lol- toners are actually really important, they restore your skin’s ph back to its proper balance and is essentially your skin’s first surge of moisture after cleansing and stripping your skin so the RIGHT toner is def something you’d wanna incorporate into your regiment. Witch hazel is more of a cleanser, so it kinda strips your skin a little bit more so I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a toner. Also, idk if y’all tried it but I like thayers witch hazel so much better than dickinsons! It has way less alcohol content, so I really suggest giving it a try. Also, mamonde sleep lip mask is freakin amazing, if you’re in the mood to try another lip mask! Just for clarity, not trying to discredit anything y’all said just throwing out a lil info and products y’all might be interested in! Love y’all! ?


I've been a subscriber for a long, long time. Every "oldie" you spoke about... I USED!! (don't know why I am excited to comment this) because you ladies recommended it... (sigh) time is going by so fast grandma voice


See the Glamtwinz, and I press the “like” button. Period.

Shtira Daniels

Ive been using aquaphor since my son was born in 2013. Once it healed his diaper rash in 2 days i was hooked. Now i use it for my seasonal eczema

Chelsi Posh

My broke self needed this lol


Yasss! Please do a luxury products video, it will help me prepare for my upcoming life as a rich person ?

Poison Apple

I'm new and found this channel through someone that watched your channel and is now a successful Youtuber
His name is Coryxkenshin
Love yo channel btw :3


Beautiful beautiful beautiful melanin POPPING

Jaionnie Roberts

You guys make me want to go to target right now. I use coconut oil to remove makeup then I deep clean my face then use my face steamer and acne soap to get deep in my pores

Gail Vargas

Great informative cheap products video. I love you both for these videos. Sometimes times I don't know what to buy, and I have taken your advice on products and I also feel in love with them. Thank you for doing all the work, just to make my life a little easier and better. Great ?job. Keep up the good work.


Thank you for this video. They have been preaching about Nivea lotion. I have got to try it.
I like gel. Will check out Cantu gel


As an esthetician, im sooo proud of you ladies. You know your ingredients, especially about Jojoba oil mimicking our natural sebum and no coconut oil for the face!

Julie Hugger

Carmex is the absolute best! Been using it since my jr. high days in the 80s started off with the pot-shaped?

Devette Wilson

Kendra the middle part looks great!

L. Smith

Have you guys tried the Bohemian Escape scent, from Tree Hut? I think you guys will love it! I found mine at Target.

Harlem Scent

I subscribed! These beautiful young ladies are soo insightful & adorable . Glad I found them ??


Coconut oil use to have my face clear, hair lit, and body glistening but over time it started to make me itch.


I would like to see a luxury brand video of this. Thanks for the recommendations.


I wanna see a drugstore looks

Quinn Ledbetter

Why do they always touch their hair so dang much? They can’t seem to go thru a sitting without touching their hair. Kendra though, is absolutely beautiful.

Kourtney With the kurls

I love that heat protectant spray!


I would love to see an updated straight hair routine!

Ardell Johnson

Hey Beautiful ladies ???

kim edwards

Hey have yall tried Earthtones Naturals? Their gel and hair butter is Amazing. You can only get it online. It is gear to 4c hair. Mine is 3c,4a. You got to try it. Made by an African American in Canada.

Hazel Andrews

I would like to see you all make a video of the luxury products you all use.

i Morph

Tree Hut is the best, and the pink one! Smells the best! I just bought the charcoal to try it, I think it's new but I was missng the pink! Going back to that next! 2nd, I like the purple! | you guys are awesome!

Jeaniece Benovil

Please keep being technical when you talk about the ingredients in the products, especially about the oils. I love details!

Cris Harris

I also, would like a DC revisit video. Like revisiting what you recommended a few years ago.

I got the Moroccan oil DC because of ya’ll - GREAT Purchase

I think I tried the Quidad DC because of you all - BOMB.

I just found the Briogeo - Don’t Despair Repair Conditioner (that I think I bought on a recommend from you all) - found it at Forever 21 on sale... IT WAS BOMB.

Anyway. I haven’t heard ya’ll really talk about the products you used to use. I’d love to hear why you stopped using it, or if you just found something else that works, or it’s just that it got lost in the shuffle.

I still want to try the Aquage DC, as well as the Joico K-PAC conditioner.

Umm Al Amin

I promise I don't watch no other reviews and can sit thru the whole video like I do you girls. ! And the recommendations haven't failed me yet ? now im excited for when i straighten my hair ?❤️

Anisha Nicole

I just started my YouTube channel and will also be promoting less expensive products. Products for the everyday girl. Thanks for always inspiring us Twins!! #New YouTuber

Kittana Smith

I dead ass bookmark all my faves of y’all faves with the hopes that when I stop being so broke all the time I’m buying it AAAALL! I don’t need to hunt when I got the money cuz my gurls did the work for me! ???

Neutrogena clear shampoo

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What I Use To Clear My Psoriasis: Neutrogena T\Gel Shampoo

14 332 views | 30 Sep. 2016

So in this video I show

So in this video I show you guys what I USE to clear my psoriasis. I've been diagnosed for the past 12 years and I know it is something very hard to deal with. So I hope this product helps you guys clear your skin like it did mine! And if you have any questions please leave me a comment or a message and I'll get back to you!

jazz 01

Is it normal for your skin to burn. It actually works the inflammation isgone but it left red around the spits of my psoriais wich is cauding it to burn

Leo & Dan Ryan

I got the T-Gel, I'll let you know how it works out for me.

Bread 2212

do you rinse it of after a while? by the way thanks for sharing your inspiring story. I have had a bad case for 4 years and your other video was helpful with the mindset. I still struggle tho

Leo & Dan Ryan

I am already seeing results, but I have the same belly issues with plaque, and the smell burns my eyes so I think I will just use it as a soap there. I have enough problems, lol

D Hickmon

Beauty and brains. Who would have thought shampoo can cure skin psoriasis ??

Mark Ford

If you are a psoriasis patient, then you definitely have found the answer to your complaint. Keep reading to know more about this particular skin psoriasis treatment plan. After 7 days, my husband’s skin psoriasis went back into remission & problem fixed. The outcomes it provided were just wonderful.. Google showed me this guide, the guide`s name is Kαyden Molonduz
best wishes

Cloud Kat Sings

So I started using T gel as lotion twice a day on my knees and elbows, and it is causing burning and it looks like my psoriasis on my knees is actually spreading. Have you had this happen? My skin is really red and unhappy. I'm thinking I should stop unless this is a normal part of the process, but I really don't want it go get worse. It's only been 2 full days...

Kathy Ballard

I deluded the T gel shampoo just a little left it on for 5 minutes twice a day my face and arms really started to clear up ! Thank you Julieanna

HQFamily - Funny Games and Activities for Kids

Awesome. ♥ Your videos always is very interesting.


So, Julieanna, you leave it on, is that right?

Devu Chodankar

on Google they say neutrogena t/gel therapeutic shampoo for dandruff...
but this video shows that it was for psoriasis???

Patricia Lopez

My mom has had a very large, scaly dark red patch of psoriasis on her left arm for several years. Within less than 14 days applying psoriasis treatment “Κοkοzο Wuno” (Google it), the redness had washed out profoundly and also the scales were removed!! Mom says there is NO itch and she is thrilled with the good results.



Ara Hera

Can i use other shampoo after using t gel, cause im not a fan of the smell

Ajay K Chaubey

Is it applied only after bath or before bath?

Sha Omari

I used it as lotion but it's burning me and drying out my skin more ,and has burnt my face slightly any suggestions please ?

Gentel Men's channel

Thanks for the advices I am really having some serious problem with my scalp and my skins for thousands of pounds pimples and scars got redness and flake on my scalp well I used a lot of things it's good away and come back. By the way Nevermind you are really beautiful☺️

Kay Jones

This psoriasis treatment solution “Κοkοzο Wuno” (Google it) worked within few days, 90% clear up my partner redness, and also flakiness under his eye, and around his eye, and nose. Right after 5 days it was totally gone. To stop it from coming back, he still uses the treatment once or twice each day..

Thegamingzone 69

does this contain any sulfates? and can this be used as a day to day shampoo?

Sonny Whittaker

Thank you my wife suffers from severe psoriasis and I thought this might work

Slickk & Stickks

I use it after I shave my head as a after shave lotion, highly recommend if you have sensitive skin after shaving

George Swift

Hello. Thank you for your video. Could you comment me the link of the product? Thank you in advance,

Joee Esau

Dam ur fine


i would like to try this but somebody posted this link, can you comment on this

Mark Ford

My lover is struggling with scalp dermatitis and I recommended this psoriasis treatment solution to her. It is a great substitute to her steroid drugs. Great changes on her disorder is definitely seen right after a week of employing it. Her psoriasis is now less sever because of it.. Google showed me this guidebook, the guide`s name is Kαyden Molonduz


I use this as a face wash in the shower, helps with dry skin

Steven S

Phototherapy is a great treatment option. http://www.psoriashield.com

Neutrogena clear shampoo

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NEUTROGENA ANTI-RESIDUE SHAMPOO - What's in it? | Lucy's Corsetry

16 126 views | 18 Sep. 2013

Thanks to all who waiting

Thanks to all who waiting patiently for a new hair video! Today I'm going through the ingredients list of the Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo, and explaining what each ingredient does.

Table of contents (click the links to go to that time)

1:30 Water

1:40 Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES, not to be confused with SLS)

3:20 Sodium Chloride

3:55 Cocamidopropyl Betaine

5:40 Glycerin

6:50 Lauryl Alcohol

8:15 PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil

9:55 Sodium Sulfate

11:05 Citric Acid

12:45 DMDM Hydantoin

14:50 Parfum

Keep up with me elsewhere!

★ Website/ blog: http://lucycorsetry.com

★ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bishonenrancher

★ Twitter: https://twitter.com/bishonenrancher

★ Tumblr: http://lucy-corsetry.tumblr.com

★ Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/bishonenrancher/

★ Instagram: http://instagram.com/lucycorsetry

★ And of course, subscribe here on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/bishonenrancher?sub_confirmation=1

Royalty-free music by Kevin MacLeod (http://www.incompetech.com)

Songs: "As I Figure" and "Modern Jazz Samba"

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


I purchased this shampoo and tried it prior to making this video. I created this video of my own volition, and it's not intended as a good nor bad review of the product.


Can u do the loreal sulfate-free line? Evercreme

Chloe Craig

Now how have I forgotten to subscribe?!


And sad thing is, there is hardly an ingredient out there that hasn't been tested on animals at some point. Even some of the vegan shampoos/conditioners have ingredients that were tested on animals at some point, even if it was 20 years ago. I remember trying Burt's Bees poo/cond and it was like poison for my hair. Made it awful. I just wish someone would come out with a vegan line that wasn't so expensive and that had the same efficacy as the animal tested ones.


and how about "what's in my toothpaste" - your teeth look amazing xD

Heather Grass

Best clarifying shampoo? 1 tablespoon of baking soda and a cup of water. Or mix a bit of baking soda into your regular shampoo.

Ann B

Thank you! Very informative video!

Imperatrix Mundi

What's in the Sanex zero shower gels? They say it's very bio degradable and gentle on the skin, but it has SLS in it.


Ok lol I am lost...lol...but you have the best hair on youtube;);) I absolutely love it ;)

Katlyn R

Great video! I'd like to hear what you have to say about the oil cleansing method (OCM) for washing the face. How it works (or does it), which oils are most effective


Being french I always had a hard time with Castor oil... It took me ages to understand what it was cause in french Castor means Beaver... so i spent years being "WTF??? how do you make oil out of beavers???" It's stupid I know but thank god now I know no beaver is hurt in the making XD


Hey, I'm doing a shampoo video this week too! :)


I've noticed that Suave has a very small ingredients list which I have heard as good (less stuff to confuse us). Is this really better than the shampoos that have an ingredients list as long as your arm?


My favourite shampoo and condish brand is Desert Essence. They can be a bit pricey on their site, but you can find them much cheaper elsewhere. I've found that Vitacost always has amazing deals. Desert Essence also always has sales going on and gives free samples.

Zoë Wolfchild

I would love to hear you describe the TRESemme Naturals silicone free conditioner, thanks :)


Have you tried Dawn as a clarifying shampoo? It's not vegan but I know some who use that once a blue moon to remove buildup. I've never tried it myself but when my dogs get sprayed by a skunk, I use it on them and it totally eliminates the odor because the skunk spray is oil based.


i love ur science video, if i could i would have u do this for all cosmetics! so helpful and informative, i always wondered what's inside our cosmetics, i even tried googling each ingredient but i dont have enough knowledge..


This is SO cool Lucy. I'm so psyched that you like it! And also, this video totally explained some more stuff for me! Totally posting to my page!


Your introduction video is just so beautiful. Thanks for the new vid! Very interesting.


I posted on my ladyknight.wordpress in the category hair-style fashion some DIY natural hair care


Mine too!

Philip Dalton

I can tell you where the word 'shampoo' comes from; some people had dirty hair like poo so they invented this liquid that would make a sham out of the poo.


Lucy, have you tried any Shea Moisture products? If I recall correctly, the Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo is free from all manner of unnaturally derived ingredients, cruelty free, and certified organic. I believe it is available in Canada and online at Target dot com.

Nancy Grimes

I had this shampoo years ago and it was AWESOME too bad i can't find it


I always share these with my friend because she's a student of pharmaceutics and enjoys everyday chemistry :D (I on the other hand don't know anything about it.)


I liked the Chemistry refresher course, btw. :)


Oh! and you said to leave a suggestion for another hair video, and I would like it if you would possibly do a comparison video between a really cheap shampoo/conditioner (like Suave, which is what I use) and the more expensive ones like Garnier Fructis or even Aussie (basically whatever touts itself as awesome) and compare to see if there's really a difference between the two in terms of efficacy.


I love this video! Thank you so much!!! You have no idea how confusing it gets for us non-scientific people sometimes, everyone saying sulfates are bad, no wait, they're good! etc etc... It's good to know the basic properties of the ingredients, that way I can formulate my own opinion and do what I think is best for me.

Prettyredd Bri

Nvrmnd yu juss said you did lol can you do a vid on your conditioners???



Prettyredd Bri

Hey you dont use conditioners??? Only shampoos??? N it doesnt strip you hair??


Heheh yep! :D


Hi Lucy! I just wanted to let you know that Neutrogena (Johnson & Johnson) test their products on animals. PETA verified it by asking them if they test on animals or not. And apparently the response was that mega corporations like Johnson & Johnson test their products on animals. PETA's website has a list of companies that test on animals. Unfortunately, Youtube doesn't let me copy and paste the link. I hope to encourage you and others to not buy products that were tested on animals. Thank you.


Same here!!! And unless I get super sweaty and nasty, I only shower that many times per week, too. Showering every day just seems wasteful of resources such as water/electricity and shampoo/conditioner/lotion to me, and plus it makes my skin really itchy and dry. in between showers I just take "bird baths" with a washcloth and lightly wash the places that tend to get stinky, if ya know what I mean LOL


"Although I would not recommend that you spread it on toast." How did you say that with such a straight face??


I agree with you on PETA, but the reason I mentioned them is because their lists on companies that test and don't test on animals are well organized. Anyway, is Green Beaver Shampoo not a good clarifying product?

Veronica Peña Medina

*pulls out hair* I was never good in chemistry lol but hearing it in beauty products, makes it a little easier to understand. Would you recommend all natural organic hair care? I've been looking into it, since I damaged my hair for so many years and i've lost about 3/4 of the amount I use to have (I had tons of hair.) I would like to know your opinion, since it's a bit pricey. Thanks hope you get to read this and reply. P.S. I envy your hair so much hehe (:


You are an impressive woman!! You are eloquent, intelligent, and beautiful. How refreshing.


Can't believe this doesn't have more views! Very informative! Thanks


Your science-oriented videos are always my favorite! ^^


Just like Monica I woukd also like a break down on the organix brand I currently have the keratin shampoo


Am I the only one who thought it said "what's in my poo" xD

Michalina P

Probably not, but you can find the ingredients on the internet and study. This shampoo is made by a small company and it is difficult to buy even in Poland. Maybe someone will benefit from the advice and ordered via the internet.


Sorry *Monika

LT Cartwright

My hair is very fuzzy, do you have any tips on how to keep it moisturized, conditioned and sealed? or how to close my cuticles? Thank you.


Science porn!

Leighann McGowan

does it strip hair color


It annoys me when people think that washing your hair only once or twice a week is gross, when in fact it's good for your hair. I wash my hair about that many times a week and because I do it takes longer for my hair to get greasy or oily.


I know this video was about shampoo, but I feel smarter for watching it! :-D I'm not surprised though, you are a great teacher when it comes to corsets, of course you would be just as great at explaining chemistry to us!


The good thing is, to the best of my knowledge, they don't test every batch of shampoo on animals. They only test the ingredients and final product on animals, once. then once they're deemed safe, they're used in products and don't undergo testing again. If it were up to me, I would completely outlaw animal testing except for life-saving medications/experiments for humans, but I'm not in charge, so yeah.

Anja Wassermann

thats the reason I love lush. =) They test their products on humans.


I hate that shampoo. It sucked and smelled cologne. Made my hair so tangly. Maybe I didn't need to clarify my hair because I don't use silicones

Azurite Gema

I was just wondering last night " whats in that shampoo?" :)

Brianna MacLean

Finally, a shampoo reviewing video that dives into the chemistry of it all...I dig it!

Sandra Seals

All Neutrogena products dry your scalp out. I tried their facial wash and really dried around nose and forehead. Cannot use it anymore.


Science! Great video :)

Michalina P

Please view "Fitomed, Mydlnica Lekarska, Szampon ziołowy do włosów suchych i normalnych". It's great for my hair. In Poland we have group of girls called "włosomaniaczki" (hair maniacs). It is very popular social movement. Girl named Anven posts on hers website hair renew stories. It changed my hair life. Happy reading!

Talk Nerdy To Me

Have you ever tried apple cider vinegar for clarifying? It's simply the best... just use the cloudy one that's not filtered and use half vinegar half water. I use about 4/4 ounces for my hair but you would probably need twice that. For dark hair you can add a few drops of rosemary essential oil both for shine and to dull the smell. Try it you'll like it :)

Anna Nsubuga

This is such a useful video I wish info like this was all in one place

JenNay Cancerian

I read this product is good to fade hair colour. I hope so ? trying later on ...


You are living proof that brains and beauty can be one :)

Melissa Diamond

wow i just one say you are a beautiful and brilliant girls your knowledge on this is mind blowing

AskVivi 1

Thanks so much for your video! So far my fave shampoo is the argan oil shampoo by pro naturals, it's sulfate and sodium free...i checked!

Brittany Sylvia

ooh yay i use this :D

Bill M

Chemistry class would have been FUN with you as the prof. On a more serious note, have you ever considered designing your own shampoo and marketing it? You obviously would be the most credible "pitch man" ever.


What's in my.. poo??

Anja Wassermann

I only use my solid shampoo from Lush. No conditioner and so on. I like natural products but this video was very interesting. I love it how you explained the science behind it. "They are all very happy together..." So sweet.

Clst V

Is this shampoo bad for keratine treated hair and extensions?