I have bumps on my buttocks

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Eight Crazy Nights (9/10) Movie CLIP - Bum Biddy (2002) HD

1 386 816 views | 30 Nov. 2016

Eight Crazy Nights movie

Eight Crazy Nights movie clips: http://j.mp/2gq3rxl

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All the jerks in the banquet hall recall the times they were mean to Whitey (Adam Sandler).


Davey Stone (Adam Sandler), a 33-year old party animal, finds himself in trouble with the law after his wild ways go too far. In keeping with the holiday spirit, the judge gives Davey one last chance at redemption -- spend the holiday performing community service as the assistant referee for the youth basketball league or go to jail. Davey thinks he's gotten off easy until he meets Whitey Duvall, the eccentric, elf


TM & © Sony (2002)

Cast: Adam Sandler, Jon Lovitz, Ann Wilson, Sharon Dugan, Lainie Kazan, Austin Stout, Jamie Alcroft, Rob Schneider, Jackie Sandler

Director: Seth Kearsley

Producers: Brooks Arthur, Allen Covert, Jack Giarraputo, Jan Kunesh, Patrick J. Love, Denise Pleune, Adam Sandler, Kara Vallow, Steven Wilzbach, Ken Tsumura

Screenwriters: Brooks Arthur, Allen Covert, Brad Isaacs, Adam Sandler


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timotej sterkuš

2:11 did his mom like that

Calvin Falcaro

Bom biddy biddy biddy bom bom


That deep ongoing “ faaaa aaa aa air “ note hit me right in the soul.

Michael Rampersant

Bro put on a shirt


I love how the band just knows to join in

Avthen Diarie

A kind heart comes in small sizes

Karen Eastman

I like the songs.:-)


They crazy thing is Davey may have broken a lot of laws, but the rest of the town was just as bad as him. Rejecting a hard working old man who has been nothing but kind to them.

Isaiahwascool 5335

I wonder if Whipped with the wrong hand. The guy yay


honestly a movie like this has no business having such a good-sounding song

Hoi4 noob

Why did someone send me this ?


I dont get why some people disliked this movie?

EpicTop1 Gaming

This is the only weird Comedy Christmas song that actually is really funny.

Davey Stone

if you go to the bum biddy part and put it at two times speed it sounds good

Robert Buie

“How could you be so mean to whitey? Sound to me like you were all on crack!”

Topher Morton

Isn’t it weird that like he like you had to do that many words at the part when Adam Sandler did that

Summer Moffett

This has got to be one of the best Adam Sandler performances in his career nothing is so bad about this movie

Big Boss

Davey: "Iiiitttt's juuuusssst nooooot faaaaaiiiir!"
Me: "Cry me a river."

Isaiahwascool 5335

1:23 that sound was cool

Jaimin Hubbard

The Russian kick guy I think reminds me of Steven Spielberg or some other famous director.

David Baito

Adding to christmas movie list as my lost treasure as a child

Tiffany Bertrand


What is funny is this is clearly a Jewish themed and styled Dance and the big banner in the corner says “MERRY CHRISTMAS”

Mr. H

Imagine being able to get out of trouble with a musical number that the cops can’t resist BUM BIDDY BIDDY BIDDY BUM BUMing to.


imo Whitey makes Jar Jar Binks sound like someone who has a very, very soothing voice

Rob Agu

Is it weird that Jennifer is kind of attractive

isaiah bergmann

Jennifer in eight crazy nights is Jackie Sandler

Eddiward Johnsiones

I haven't seen this in a minute lol

the man 55

Im not jewish but this slaps


2:24 lmafo

Mirlea Kinney

Very good but sad song

Ethan Holcomb

2:56 the hell

gabriel Spartacus

The animation is actually great

Cambreezy The Colorman

Yall was so mean to whitey see that why I say you ain't got no friends that why God and money my bestfriend


This is definitely the best part of the movie.

Sherbert The destroyer

Whitey still had white hair in high school


2x speed makes this a lot funnier

Sarah Telles

Oh, hey one of my many guilty pleasure movies.

Jill Enderson

omg i love this movie i watched it before its kinda sad

Tony Gomez

rob sneider sounded just like an Asian

Rouge Rxxt ::[]

Lol the bum biddy part,I watched this movie like....4 or 5 times..,ok lol

Kid Boeger

This movie is obnoxious and cringey but god damm the animation is beautiful

Michael Rampersant

All of y’all should get smacked

Bren Tenkage

not the best movie...but I will admit this is a pretty good scene

Gottahurt The Albertosaurus

Am I the only one who wonders how the hell Whitey was struck by lightning if he was inside?


2:27 this is the best part of the whole film

Pamela Wallace

Why did the one guy have no shirt on

Abby Sword

My having a sleepover with my best friend. Us at 2 am 2:51

Josh Voorhees

My first reaction to nightmare on elm street: 3:10

The new Creator

DAmn but no clip of the sad part whitey talking to mall when he thinks he is alone I really need to see that

Brian Benfield

Jennifer: Tonight Whitey was counting on this town to show that we care. But the first time he really needed us, we weren't there!
Jennifer's son: And on Christmas Eve and the last night of Hanukkah!
Dave: It's just not fair!

This made me choke up.


When you go to therapy for your weed addiction and you realize everyone else is here for real reasons 2:22

Doggy’s Revenge

The Asian guy is so funny Lol

kelly berry


tony cee

2:28 gonna be honest she ruined it for me

Dillon Espe

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Matthew Caprio

Little operaman throwback

Dean Blomgren

Low-key this song was fire

Brendan Gaines

I know this movie gets a bad rap with some people but I think this and the following scene at the mall are genuinely good scenes.

Mad Angel

?Bom bitty bitty bitty bom bom ....... bom bitty bitty bitty booomm!?

Brian Maldonado

adam sandler is davy , whitey, elenore and the deer.

Jacob Ruelas

Girls locker room: I hate P.E.
Boys loker room: 3:16

Scott Johnson

1:38 it’s a pats game

Ashlee Guzman

If they did those things to me I would never forgive them.

Corrin Jade

Ah the memories of the boys singing bum bitty bitty bitty bum bum on the the bus in middle school. ?

Tessa Pyrik

I've seen this movie exactly once over ten years ago and "bum bitty bitty bitty bum bum" is still stuck in my head


I can hear pictures.
You can’t.


Breanna Snyder

i love that adam sandler was singing, it was pretty good, love you adam sandler.

Halo Nostalgia Theater

This song didn’t have to slap this hard

Davey Jones

No matter how much I love this movie for some reason this scene right here reminds me of Fiddler on the Roof. Aside from the bum biddy bum bum lyrics There is no reason for me to associate this with Fiddler on the Roof but somehow I still think of it every time I watch this

Kyle Schwartz

3:15 it would be hilarious if I walked into a dinner party and everyone was doing this.

Bobble Head

Ok but why is the Asian guy shirtless

Angelo Cudiamat

Jessica stated singing ? of bum bibby. 2:27

Cody Cigar

Dreadful film. Adam Sandler is just trash.

Gage Bunn

Maybe Im looking into it too much but can anyone tell me why they broke out into bum bidi bidi bidi bum bum? Whats the significance if any? Does it represent something?


Why do I feel like Rob Schneider voices that Chinese dude

Edit: I looked it up. He does ??


I’m sure that these rating companies and reviewers etc are paid to rate up certain films and rate down others because there was another movie that had terrible review numbers and everyone in the trailer and clips of the movie on YouTube said they loved it. This was me and my little brothers favorite movie for like a year lol

Samuel Maturino

Does this guy reminded you about Adam Sandler?

Oh yeah it is him.

Abomination 999

I love how unironically good all the music was in this movie

antonio bristol

The part where the cop comes in like "bum biddy biddy biddy bum buuuum" kills me everytime!? 2:50


How can people dislike this movie? Sound to me like they are all on crack.

John Hernandez

My man knows how to make songs


What's the guy dancing saying at 3:23 is that a Jewish dance and saying? Not trying to be funny, nor am I making fun of Jewish culture, just wondering.

T Movies

R.I.P. Norm Crosby(he voiced the Judge)

Samantha Kanker

1:55 Stan Lee Cameo

michael perillo

This movie has aged really well and i dont know why but i like it

Salvador Quintero

Bug: Vibes on my phone screen Me: "So you have chosen... D E A T H

Spencer Josephine Hudson

Me and my best friend having the time of our life’s: 3:00

joseph hernandez

3:23 Spielberg

Kelvin Hernandez

Biddy Biddy Bum

souza matos

Who is watching in 2020 gives the like

Mirlea Kinney

Excellent kind hearted man for so many years he was manipulated and hatee but still kept going thats a super true hero in my books andbif u dont see that well then ur stupid

snack paxks

Girls at sleep overs: omg Tony's so hot

Boys at sleep overs: 2:51 - 3:23

Mario the Hedgehog

When I get 100 million thousand subscribers

3:00 Me


I hope YouTube doesn’t think I like this movie now. I just like the “Biddy Bum” part.

Rafael Alesso

I hate Adam Sandler and everything he makes. Still, i wasn't able to take this song, or the movie, out of my head for 19 years... God, i hate him so much!

Roberto Lopez-Montes

Was that really Adam’s wife singing?

Vontae Woods

Poor Whitey

Savage Savie

I don't care what anyone says, this was one of the best parts of the movie.


its 2021 and im dancing and crying with this video , love from Albania

Anthony Nichols

Literally the best song throughout the entire film. Whenever I rewatch the film from time to time, I always have this song stuck on my head. It’s just so catchy!

I have bumps on my buttocks

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Vehicle Sounds Song +More Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs | Little Baby Bum

239 667 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Lots of vehicles are

Lots of vehicles are having a race around town to see who's the fastest. As they go. Learn what sound a bus, car and firetruck make in this educational song for toddlers!

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Go Buster! - Cartoons For Kids : Season 1


Nursery Rhymes | Songs For Children | Little Baby Bum


Nursery Rhymes for Babies | The Best Songs for Kids


Children love singing and dancing with Mia and her other three siblings sister Ella, brother Ollie and Baby Max who are joined by a fun, diverse cast of the animal, vehicle, and human friends. Through the magic of rhythm and rhyme, their world comes alive.

Watch new and classic Little Baby Bum shows on Youtube. New week new fun and exciting song to learn along with other favorites like The Wheels on the Bus, Jhonny Jhonny Yes Papa, Rain Rain Go Away, ABC Song, Ice Cream Song, Wash Your Hands, Five Little Ducks, Ten Little Buses and many others.

Listen to the vehicles, racing round and round

Can you hear their special sounds?

Listen to the vehicles, listen once again

Can you hear the sounds they make, as they go round the lane?

Listen to the racing car, racing round and round

Can you hear the racing car? Vroom Vroom is the sound

Vroom Vroom goes the racing car Vroom Vroom once again

Vroom Vroom is the sound it makes as it goes round the lane

Listen to the fire-truck racing round and round

Can you hear the fire-truck? Nee Nor is the sound

Nee Nor goes the fire-truck Nee Nor once again

Nee Nor is the sound it makes as it goes round the lane

Listen to the little bus, racing round and round

Can you hear the little bus? Beep Beep is the sound

Beep Beep goes the little bus, Beep Beep once again

Beep Beep is the sound it makes as it goes round the lane

Vehicle Sounds Song 00:05

Wheels On The Bus V3 02:05

Wheels On The Bus V2 03:56

Wheels On The Bus V17 05:55

Fire Truck Song 07:42

Choo Choo Train V3 (Baby Version) 10:18

Bikes Song 12:29

Cars Song 14:23

Bus Song 16:21

Little Boats 18:13

Wheels On The Bus V5 19:43

Color Planes 21:28

Song About Trucks 23:22

Wheels On The Bus 25:13

Tractor Song V2 26:56

Wheels On The Bus V6 28:45

Wheels On The Bus V8 30:21

Wheels On The Bus V22 Monster 31:52

Color Bus 33:38

Choo Choo Train V2 35:05

Row Row Row Your Boat V2 37:09

Shape Train 39:18

Color Bus Song Part 2 41:15

The Vowels Song 43:13

Road Safety Song 44:50

Helicopter 46:37

Wheels On The Bus V18 (Babies On The Bus) 48:36

Party Bus 50:37

Color Train 52:45

Driving In My Car V2 54:28

Wheels On The Bus V20 Underwater 55:54

Learn How To Ride A Bike 57:24

Wheels On The Bus V4 59:13

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