Milk bath benefits

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Everything You Need to Know About Milk Baths | Bend Soap Company

6 227 views | 25 Sep. 2018

Milk baths are great for

Milk baths are great for your skin, but who has — or can afford — raw, fresh milk? Instead, draw yourself a relaxing bath using our milk bath — the milk bather’s economical choice that’s a relaxing treat for the body and senses!

Get your milk bath from Bend Soap Company here: http://bit.ly/BendSoapCoMilkBath

Each container of our 100% all-natural milk bath contains curls of our goat milk soap which quickly dissolve when added to a warm bath, turning the water a beautiful milky white color and infusing the tub with alpha hydroxy acids which are naturally found inside goat’s milk. As the curls of goat milk soap dissolve, the milk bath gets to work while you soak, releasing the delightful aroma and therapeutic qualities of essential oils and leaving your skin soft, supple, rejuvenated, and moisturized. The perfect self-care treat for both men and women, even just one soak in our all-natural milk bath will let your mind unwind while making your skin look and feel it’s best.

Our milk baths are perfect for adults and can also be used as an all-natural bubble bath replacement for the kids!

Get Marilee's mix & match milk bath recipes here: http://bit.ly/MixAndMatchMilkBath

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A Herbert

My boys love putting in the shreds for their bath.

Kimberly Hillman

yes, always need to make great things affordable for everyone!


I love the milk bath. Never thought to mix scents ?

Kim O

i need to try this.

Natalie Chinchic

All shield is my favorite!!!! I also am always using the oatmeal and honey for my kids!!

Patti Toole

The Sweet Orange mixed with the Oatmeal and Honey sounds Amazinggggg in a relaxing Milk Bath.

Paula Johnson

I love the milk bath! I eagerly look forward to my bath as I choose a scent of Bend Soap milk bath and toss it into my bath water while it begins to fill the tub. I also, often, add plain epsom salts along with the milk bath. My skin feels so soft and I feel pampered after using the milk bath. Lately, I have been enjoying the All Shield scent.

Camille Tindall

Love the milk bath! I like unscented but that's just a preference.

Mary Jack

I love taking baths and have sensitive skin so this product sounds perfect

rachel davenport


Holly Frandsen

Your kiddos look so happy to take a bath! I wish my daughter was the same way! I need to try these with her with my next order!

Nilda Aguilar-Reyes

I need to try this product next because this momma needs a relaxing bath really bad ?

Mya Murphy

Milk baths are wonderful.. They make you feel clean and beautiful.

Bend Soap Company

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to check out Marilee's mix & match milk bath recipes here: http://bit.ly/MixAndMatchMilkBath

Alena Adams

Mill baths allow you to get clean and feel so soft without all the toxins!

Amanda Laine

My son now asks for the milk bath before he gets in the tub. I love how soothing they make the water feel!

Titi Marci ZAHA

Love your products...

Teresa Maletich

I'm buying some to try!

Becky Shipe

I don't typically take baths, but I'd love to try your milk bath - especially the rose one!

Cora Whitmoyer

Is this ok to use on dogs?


Goat milk baths are good for sensitive skin? That’s good. I heard that people tried milk baths but I think I read online that milk baths were bad for people with sensitive skin. So, I was wondering if goat milk is good for people with sensitive skin, would goat milk baths work? I couldn’t find anything online or at least didn’t look hard or long enough. I wonder if goat milk baths are good to take every day after a shower? I would love to take a goat milk bath. I heard that Cleopatra use to bathe with donkey milk. I like beauty secrets and tips like that, or how people might have bathe and take care of their skin and hair throughout history.

Michelle Leverette

The milk baths are so relaxing!

Joy Gifford

Can't wait to try the milk bath.


Milk baths are my favorite product!!


There could be more baths in my future

Laura M

Would love the boys to try it!

Chris Sloan

These lip balms are hands down my all
time favorite!!:

Scott & Patty Roemer

Love this soap and this family!

Amber Dameron

Can’t wait to try this!

Heather Mass

My daughter loves bath bombs. Id love to switch her to milk baths instead!

Cassie Giles

milks baths are great and my kids love them

Michelle N

I will definitely have to try these

E Gervais

I can't wait to get it, and try it

Debra Godinez

Oatmeal honey sounds great!

Crystal Schultz

I have 2 of your scrubs but not this yet

Cathy Davis

Very informative! Plus, cute kids!


Like this

Caron Whitlock

makes my skin feel wonderful!


My kids love bathing with your milk bath crumbles!

Erica Pummel

This is one of the products I want to purchase

Lauren Shportun

baths are my favorite thing to do to relax and i’ve started enjoying them a lot more with this milk bath ?

Nicole Margrif

love taking a bath with good products

Rea Olalia-Mourad

can't Wait! I'm so excited to try all of them!

Milk bath benefits

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Ritual Milk Bath (Vegan!)

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Learn how to make a ritual

Learn how to make a ritual milk bath for cleansing, purifying and removing negative energies. Uses all vegan "milk" ingredients!

Where else you can find us


SHOP http://instagram.com/shopaquariansoul

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Milk bath benefits

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Spiritual Bath For Luck & Anti Negativity

53 862 views | 25 Sep. 2015

Ivy Mahadewsing

no is not pasely

Elizabeth Mercurius

Gm and thank u god bless

Soar Catchmadr1ft

I didn't hear what she said after Our Father3 times Hail marry3times

Ronetha Johnson

Thank you very easy bath to make. I will be taking minds this morning.

Kat Kat

This bath was refreshing! I added everything she said in there, i also had the Holy water in there too, i stayed in it for 30 minutes.. i said all the psalms just like she said! my goodness, im feeling lighter right now! Just took it ? Thank you!


Isn't the parsley going to clog your drain?

Ivy Mahadewsing

is not pasely ask ane one what that is

Chi Mom

Nofretete use to bath in goats milk?

Nina Poulad

im gonna use coconuts milk....?

Blue Raven87

I'm broke right now. Lol is there any type of food or product that can protect my family and I from negative energy?

Hdfuh Fddch

Who tryed

Ivy Mahadewsing

what is pozeli what is the meentong of that

Huevo Head

Can you use powdered goat milk? And where can I get holy water?

Ivy Mahadewsing


Ivy Mahadewsing

what is the green thing

Soberano Zar

Pslams 91 & Psalms 150

Engine omar

fake shit

Monica Williams

What if you don’t have access to holy water?

roxy roxy

I can use hot milk?

Tanty Paul

what about if you don't have that kind of water? can i us any water?

marie Tamayo

thank you God bless


Hi i have been looking for something like this for awhile now.thank you

Marie Smith

Where do you get goat milk at

know thyself

???????? ??

Patricia chraibi

Very kind your video and spiritual


Highly doubt that using products issued from animal exploitation and death will bring any positivity

Viciouss Productions

What should i use to replace goats milk as i am vegan

Learn Languages With Yogee

The channel name is Indian... neeta salunkhe... so please give substitute for goat's milk ... not easily available in India


Can i skip the holy water?