Voluma aftercare

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Voluma Cheek Filler | 1 Year Update!

129 480 views | 29 Sep. 2015

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Anne P Conley

Great video. That top is your color! You look great in blues.

Anabella Nikolaidou

You look great!But i hope you girls are aware that Voluma costs less than 90€/injection .Like ninety euros .900 seem like a ripp off.


Oh god. I'm freaking out because my apples also look sharp and I have some bumps. It made me feel better to hear a happy user talk about that. All videos I have watched so far are either about zero complications/perfect results, or the other extreme of all that can go wrong-- the first, I can't relate to, and the second, it's making me cry endlessly on my bed! I had to leave work today because I just can't deal with life today. I went back to the doctor who put in the filler yesterday and he massaged my face and told me I'm just bruised.

la nomada

Angie, do you have any opinions on PDO threads?

ems kit

Hi Angie sorry I know this video is quite old. Just come across but I just wondered does it help with under eye wrinkles or would botox be best? I have lines that fall near the top of my cheeks and slight crows feet . Thanks

Julia Brown

Hi Angie - I want to be entered into the Temptu Air giveaway.  Love you!  Julia

Yoly Badillo

Where’s the UPDATE??


Thank you for being so honest and upfront about what you have done. I am at the age where I have had botox and seriously considering filler.


I'd love to get Voluma. Especially in my jowls. Love these video's. So informative!!

Betsy Crews

It looks great and your skin looks great too from a year ago!! that is a compliment! btwI love your videos!!


Thank you for sharing! You look amazing.


Is it purely h.a.or is it also botulism (botox)?


I’m pretty sure it doesn’t create collagen , radiasse does that

Lina Monreale

Wow!!!! I am ?


You look great!

Ellen Dicks

Angie, your makeup in this video is fantastic. Complete coverage without seeming "makeupy". Smooth, radient, gorgious!

Jessica Greene

Great video.  I'm thinking about getting this done.

Lisa C

Hi Angie, I think this looks lovely and natural, I would have never guessed you had cheek filler (which is good!).


I am writing almost 2 yrs later. I have to say, you look great. What I also see is honesty & thick skin. You must know by now, people seem to always find ways to be hurtful. I am sensitive, when it's directed at me & others.


You look marvelous Angie,whether it be fillers,botox or the like,you look so young & fresh,so good for you chicky!! I'd like to ask your opinion on skincare as I feel there's no one else more honest & tried & true dear,then you!!
Okay my mornin is:cleanse,vit c serum,cerave moisturizer...then evening is:cleanse,thayers toner(thanx for that suggestion!)rotate with retin a 1 night to hyaluronic acid serum another,then a different moisturizer by mad hippie. So,my question is what about these acids I keep hearing about? How can I involve them in my routine like the hyluronic one I'm trying out??
I heard there's like lactic,glycolic & mentioned above acids!! Confused as to when to use & if all 3 are necessary...Does it have to be all serums or can some be creams,etc?? Any advice will help me greatly as I'm a bit confused on this right now Angie...SO happy to be back listening to you.....xoxo Dee

Mel Vern

You got the right amount of filler. Many get cheeks overfilled. You can see them coming and their eyes shrink up. You look great! Perfect!

Woman of a Certain Age

Thanks so much for being your authentic self and telling it like it is. I think you look beautiful with no fillers, Botox or even makeup, as well as with. Both ways = beautiful. :) Love your channel! Thank you for creating such helpful videos.

Navi Aulakh

Hey I watch all ur video’s.. you are very honest thank u for making the video!! I have cheek filler done 3 days ago.. I hate it.. shld I take the fillers out .. I’m 35

Ashlynn Simms



Fillers or not Ms. Angie, I think you are just absolutely gorgeous anyway!!
Have a blessed week!


I'm considering getting it done, but the side view photos scare me a little. Looked quite "shelfy" if you know what I mean? And pretty angular - seemed like two sharp angles, not just one. Or maybe it's just me? Thank you for sharing. Btw, you looked just as beautiful before!!!

Pat Denning

I am older than you are. I had Voluma and Botox in July and am very happy with the lift that I got. I will happily have the Voluma re-filled probably next summer and will keep up the Botox


Angje, you said you had 1 syringe split between both cheeks. How many millilitres is that?

angela ducci

Hi Angie. I wanted to tell you that I Luv the name you use for your site! Cause that's exactly where I am in my life right now.....hot flashes!!!!!

Janet Castro

Hi thanks for you informative videos! How did you start on YouTube? Were you nervous at all? I admire you!


Hi H&F, looking forward to your 2015 look book thx

lesley decker

I can see the difference. I love it I also use it.

Brenda Baker

Angie, try Sculptra....it REALLY WORKS FOR 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!! I've also heard of a NEW PRODUCT.......SCULPTRA-L....IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE THE BEST CHEEK FILLER SO FAR!!!!!!!!! I LOVED SCULPTRA!!!!!!!!!!! HOPE THIS INFO HELPS!!!!!!!!!!

newlife s

Can you sleep on your cheeks?woulnt this mess the position where the filler sits?

Diadem Glow

Wow, what a waste , barely any difference.... sooner or later you are going to have to accept things.It is part of the process.

Jackie Farkas

900 for 1 syringe? They ripped you off!!

Stella Johnson

I always laugh out loud somewhere in the videos. Haha. Sooo funny, but she brings it so serious. *Angie*, I actually had no idea that you had Hyaluron fillers but I did notice that the cheeks were firmer compared to the videos from a few years ago. Beautifully done!! ~ Thanks for all you do, all your tips & tricks are very helpful. Now I am up to applying RETIN-A daily, without any irritation. :D xxx


52 years old and you are a knockout.Lovely subtle change but most definately a change.I guess there's a chance when the cheeks drop one can begin to look a little mousey.With them elevated your back in the beauty sphere.


The 1st 2 pics (before & 2wk after) look so young. 1 year after looks older. Like the 1st twos Mom... Is it due to the make up difference (??)

G. Dub

Hi Angie, the filler doesn't "fall" like you describe. I think that might scare some people away from it. Perhaps if you inject multiple vials into the same spot, which is not something that a good provider would suggest - I don't know what might happen as a result of that. I see many women come out of my provider's office, and they always look natural. I think women who appear unnatural have done other procedures that they're not copping to, or may be getting over-filled? At any rate, one or even two syringes on one side of a face in multiple spots is not going to make anyone look unnatural - that's one of the things I love about modern hyaluronic acid fillers. Another thing that people have done that looks unnatural is over-plumping lips, and using Botox on the upper lip area

Chris P

Angie,  Can you do an update on this video? I'm curious to know what you thought at the 2 year mark and if you got it again?

Lisa A

Can u do an update on what injectables you now get. Thanks

Joanne Staubs

I am thinking about doing the Voluma. Your video was very imformative. Thank you.

Tracey ocgirl

cant eve see your cheeks bones sorry

Mascara to Midnight

What I find astounding is that you actually look YOUNGER in the after photo, from a year out. Your "droopy" lids are LESS droopy and your crows feet are almost nonexistent.

LaTeace Towns-Cuellar

You look amazing

Anna Emmenidis

hi ang and thanks for yr update. yr videos r packed with so much honest and constructive information. and i thi k yr skin is looking amazing.

οαεδ οαεδ

Angie, if it falls down can have it disolved?

Makeup Obsessed Mom

You always look great Angie! I want to do some mid face filler but am way too chicken! Stacie xo

Rikki Moser

And what have you changed over the last year to reduce the redness in your face? Your overall skin-tone has changed tremendously.

Deborah Bircan

Angie - I know Ultherapy may not be needed with you, because you have a lovely jaw! But do you have a friend who is interested in Ultherapy? I've heard pros & cons. My dermatologist is recommending it, but at a $5000 price tag... :-/

Redbar Clothing

What people dont realize about someone like her is she is natural looking. She isnt trying to look 25. She looks her age but looks pretty and vibrant. A little filler and botox to fill wrinkles is a great thing. These materials cost money and they make us feel better. It isnt drastic and there is nothing wrong with it.

K. Oj

gorgeous lady


Thanks for the update Angie, I've been wondering. I really want to get it done, but it is an investment and honestly you have a long face where I feel the Voluma works great. I have a rounder face with big checks that bunch up when I smile. The last thing I need is a fatter face, but sure could use the lift if offers. What I really need is a chin! It seems as gravity has taken hold, everything drops and my face is losing it's sharpness along the jawline and my chin is losing it's pointedness if that makes sense. Ahh aging...LOL Thanks again for sharing your experience.

AMM 399

Hello, your hair looks great as always, are you letting it go brown? It seems much darker in this video.


You would look great with solid silicone cheek implants, 3 mm, or custom made implants. Much less expensive than filler long term.

ashley john

I see no difference at all !

WillaRose Soaps

I think you look wonderful! I'm in my early forties. I've always stayed out of the sun, although, we spent 3-5 months out of the year on the beach, I always wore the best available sun protection, and covered up as much as possible, I drink a lot of water, I've been a dancer since the age of four, and I still dance, I also do yoga, and weight training. Even doing all the right things, I see age slowly creeping in. What do you suggest for women my age who want to look a bit younger, but don't want anything highly invasive? I would consider the hyaluronic acid injections, and perhaps Botox, but that's all I've researched thus far. I did just begin using tretinoin, and d I have noticed a nice change in my skin.


you're a brave lady___ fillers are Scary, they can move and slide, nothing like having a cheek go SOUTH. Good luck and I think I will continue with the skincare tips for now. Totally love the channel for the skincare

Missbehave Weed

My voluma have lasted for over three years now but i think i need to do them again now but im going to order it myself and do it this time ✌?


How many seringes did u use ?

Batbara Sobczak

What if your allergenic to bird products????????

Julie Lardner

It looks really good. Just curious and I hope you don't mind me asking. Have you had any surgery around your eyes to give them a lift?

angela ducci

Thanks Angie for the information regarding your pretty teeth.

Ishita Dutta Chaudhury

Can we go for facials after Voluma?

Kay Franklin

I am looking at getting Bellafill fillers in my lower face (jowl area). What type bruising did you have? I bruise pretty easily and am nervous about the procedure. Would love to hear your experience.


You should do the conture Kenetic system and do a video to see how that works.its suppose to be a vacuum like that bring collegian and elasticity back to face and neck..

Susy Kings

Did you get a facelift besides fillers and Botox, you look flawless

Diane L. Jordan

Honestly I can't see much improvement the 2 week to 1 yr. You're just being too critical onn something you can't see. I had to pause the video to look again, still not much change.

Chris P

Angie, I can really see a difference in the color of your face. The redness in the before pictures is gone. I know that can't be from the fillers though. what do you think helped make the redness go away?


you are adorable. im persuing everything i can also. turn 50 in jan. had my first botox a couple days ago and probably voluma tomorrow. my BNfolds are very pronounced and they were going to fill them with radiesse or something but i like this lifting the cheeks to address those folds idea. very natural and makes more sense. thanks for posting your journey. any interest in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. im looking into that as well.

Brian Leister

How painful were the injections?

Glynda Phillips

You look great Angie! That filler is amazing... I think I would like to get it too. I will be 52 soon and think after watching you for a while I am convinced that the cheek area would help me too. My bone structure is similar to yours so hopefully it would help my jowls I am getting now. Well you know what they say is its a privilege to be this age right :)


Thank you for the update and the information.

Christie ray

hi angie love your channel could u do a dem on indeed lab products I have heard a lot about them many thanks chrissie


Hi Angie! You look great! but what do you suggest for women over over 40 who can't afford fillers and botox? From your first video to current you look incredible! But yes, I can't afford all of these things...is there anything else besides a normal skincare routine that could provide dramatic results? Love your channel!


Angie, you are looking great! Your skin and eyes look awesome.....

pig let

Wow impressive it actually looks like you got them done not too long ago they look great so plump and smooth!!!


Am getting this done this Friday .. worth every penny !! Can’t wait ..

BB 222

I think you look fabulous and love that you do these updates so we can see the progress over time. I'd say it expanded, not dropped. It's dropped a little, but I can definitely tell a difference from your eyelid to your cheekbone...and the tear drop trough area. It looks filled in more, which is one of the complaints you said you went for this procedure originally. I love that you went subtle. You don't look like you have 'cheek implants' ? like some do. It's subtle enough that you have that nice shape and for me, I can see a difference in the sunken hollow area under your eyes. It's filled in more. Great video, as always!!!!

Katherine Z

I wanna filling with smile line


So now you can call yourself 'hot and Juvey' (for juvederm) , you looked just fine without fillers in cheeks cause when you smile it is like a chipmunk with nuts stored in cheeks ( to me, ) the actresses who do it have that look as well.


Your skin is amazing, great makeup. You l look flawless.

angela ducci

Hi Angie. Can you please tell how you keep your beautiful teeth so white? Thank you.

melissa pintone

Great video Angie! I also had voluma in April still love mine too!! Have you changed any thing in you skincare routine? Do you still use the timeless matrixil serum? Was wondering about that I just got my 5 th bottle of timeless c love it!!! ?

Razan Y

Thank you for this update video. I was looking for videos of the aftermath of injections because i was afraid my face would look saggy after years

C Abad

I just adore you!!

Christina Schmitz

To be honest: I cannot see any real difference in the before and after photos. Love your videos, Angie!

RampageExtreme 5820K

If you don't mind me asking,how old were you when you had this one? Also have you had Botox and any other procedures and in what areas? Also will you consider getting any surgical procedures

Arte Col

You are absolutely gorgeous and I love your videos

v mq

You’re so beautiful

Marguerite Holden

Thanks so much for the update on the Voluma. I'm impressed and appreciate your tips.

Deborah Sherwood

On me it lasts for about 1 year and my face seems to need much more than you. One of the best ways to see the change in your face is to take a picture from above looking down on your cheeks. It is amazing to look at your face that way and boy can you see the difference.


Another one who can't see much of a difference with filler but yes to the Botox which I can't live without. However, your skin looks so much less blotchy than before so that is clearly a win. I've been using Timeless CE Ferulic for two months, thanks to you, and I'm very pleased. I may investigate Sculptra when I can afford it. My injector says that is better than Voluma but don't recall why. Many thanks to Angie for all her experiments, our own little guinea pig!

annie ann

such a beautiful lady with great anti aging advice happy mother's day to you and all the wonderful women in this world

Just Ned

What is up with your neck!????? Mine is doing the same!! Please help & do a video on this. Thanks.

Buffy Cat

Angie..whatever you're doing keep it up. You look better in each video.

D Smith

Yours looks fantastic. I have seen some that did not have such a great outcome. Just saw Kris Kardashian on TV and wow, her cheekbones look unnatural and odd.

Taura K

Your cheese look natural, and soft.

Beauty Queen

Should i do co2 laser before voluma? I discussed both he said fillers first but i wanted to know from a point of view of a patient. I have malasma that's why i am considering laser.