Skins man

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Games that recycle the same skins - Skins

1 048 005 views | 9 Oct. 2017

Greg the garlic farmer has

Greg the garlic farmer has started to notice something odd...

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Who's the female actress?


Why is he surprised? Shouldn't he be encountering players who look like him all the time? Or is this a documentation of the first one?

Shadow Ghost

You forgot Bodger you guys

Arch Anjel

One better than second.


Picklerick upload to imgur we all know you’re a guy irl


Lol ProZd

Franc Schiphorst

Look Morty, i turned myself into Britt. Awww geezzzz Rick....

Shiva N

what game is this?

Alex Wert

Love Bodger the Blacksmith little cameo on 0:40
"Its finished"



Colshot Lp

And that's why you can't look like an Npc (normally) the developers don't want the Npcs to be confused

Gokulaprian G

Just realised one of the player has the username as proZD


So basically metin2 ?

Adam Sharp

Ayyyy proZD


When I first watched this, I didn't realize until a copy of Greg arrived to pick up the quest.

I think I've been playing RPG for too long that I didn't realize it anymore


I am faceblind and I found this very puzzling, lol


Dark season 4

Your FBI Agent

Ubisoft does that in all games. You see same police cars in watchdogs2 as r6s or backpacks in gr:wildlands/bteakpoint. I don't think its a bad thing

Si Dunue

Anyone knows what kind of filming technique is this? This looks way too seamless to be someone doing a low budget green screen on the same actor/actress. And the background environment (Leaves/grass moving) doesn't look friendly enough to utilize the filming technique used for Michael J. Fox scene in Back to the Future 2.


I kinda don't get it.


I didn’t understand a thing but still laughed


I've noticed this in real life. No, not as dramatic these likenesses, but I have seen what to me, appear to be duplicated traits in people from across racial and geographical boundaries that make it highly unlikely they are related.

engineer gaming,

Ih characters played buy the same peaple are in the same frame

- Void -



PickleRick's armor protection is 5 times greater than icanfixthat's armor protection.

Quentin Styger

Recycling is supposed to be good for the environment. Until you realize that you've been lied to for decades and South East Asia won't accept your country's garbage anymore.

mike dubovs

Britt... Picklerick... Hells yeah

Brian Blueblack

Guard Vs Fishermen Trash Talking Battle Start 0:02

Gabe Angel

As someone with face blindness, this video was very confusing until I read the comments, and then rewatched it once I knew what was happening to enjoy the joke!


0:34 all that detail....that’s a super premium special edition skin, with a voice pack. ?


Quatschk0pf R.W.

I really like his Adventurer Design.


Wait ¿Is Greg the one? I mean... he's starting to see the matrix

Eric Moore

Warclaw didn't have a look-alike, though.

Fredrik Svärd

Its finished

Mizan Ahmed

Nice, prozd reference

Jasper D.

Reminds me of an old Skyrim meme.

Hadvar: “So who... are you?”
Player: “Why Hadvar... I am you.”

Christopher Dibbs

0:20 Isn't that the name of a YouTuber or something?

Call me Zelda ONE moar time

ProZD lmao

Whispering Platypus

Alan’s voice work is actually awesome:)



K.M Shahin

I didnt understand a shit


Reminds me of Morrowind...

ZillaSaiyan 1M

Wait did anyone else see the ProZD gamertag?

Александр Ally

Bening a self-aware NPC... must be horrible.


PoE in nutshell

badreedine Djellali

ya that's exactly what I was wondering when I playe rpgs

Super Random Gamer

the best example are gta games older than gta 4 its like evry second person is the same

George v V

These stunt doubles are getting out of hand


Damn pickle rick is looking good in that armor she didn't want.


I hope they expand on this one in the future. I'd love to see Hamish call his evil Wizard self a dickhead.

Wyte Cro

Wow to the t

Adrian Erickson

Too me, the fact that it took a while to catch on is a testament to their good acting and how well they're able to portray different characters. I could just be stupid though.

holypap ashit

pickle rick

Joshua Maxwell

Hello! Nice day for fishin ain't it. huh ha!
I would wear a shirt with that quote on there. lol

Damien Dingus

Brit finally got some real armor. Nice!

Duncan Morin

I just noticed Prozd, nicely done

Mikl Fog

but the fact is we all look the same with just lots of minor differences that give the effect we are different that is why we have so many real-life doppelgangers and yet we are supposedly made unique one of a kind by a God who hasn't got anything right it is just laughable lmao PS God sux


Aight now get some lads to choose the female one and have a massive orgy hahaha

Pat Conolly

I've watched the PickleRick character so many times, and I just now noticed the icanfixthat character.


The only npc in the game who's a player, but the devs coded him thats why he cannot freely move

Bad Wolf

0:20 I reckon that conversation had A POINT.

Astro Black

Reminds me of the Hadvar meme in Skyrim lol

Micah Thot

I done this to my CS Go skins ?? so that Terrorist n CT and VIP have the same skins, my cousin plays it and confused as hell ??

Andrew J

ProZD callout!


Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!

Jock McBile

Oh, that was so sad, for him.

Devil's Advocate

I like the ProZD shoutout

Gabriel Frank

Did you ever played Risen 2 xD

Frost bite

It's finished

Glenn Cox

Wheres Bodger?

Bass Galaxy


Yves Fröhder

Her name is PickleRick lol

Kai Tee

Prozd shout out thats awesome

Emily Paille

Nice day for a skin change ain't it?



Wait.... he's a poor village person... he shouldn't have a mirror.... so how the heck does he know that they look similar?

John Moran

I did not understand this 1

Bare Bear Hands

Even ProZD is there.


.... so you are telling me people are not supposed to look like each other?

Nevermore 728

Reminds me of Dragon Age origins

Furkan Efe Türeç

This is what you get fro inbreedin.

K Bowser

Hey that's the first time I heard Alan make that raspy voice like BEN Ben and Rowan.
LMFMO. I can't believe I am just watching these now. Good work. Keep it up

Robert Li

0:20 Damn, ProZD looks so different. Maybe it's the beard?


Why do those helmets make people's chins look so meat-headed


Meanwhile, in Ryan George universe...

Ah you getting existential crysis only for that !?

Delete RinseRepeat

Confirmed, D&D episode about time travel. This is Greg pre-adventures meeting Greg now...after watching Bob jump out of every corpse he can find.

Belal Abu Sultan

good morning, nice day for peace of he kingdom aint it? heuh.

Fata consilium

Nahhh not interested. You’re a good looking chap. Alright I’m off. stands there befuddled

Aniket Narvekar

She is wearing the breastplate boys we made it

I am Cajostrofique

Destiny 2


So did you use proZD’s name in the skit or did proZD get his name from this skit or very unlikely but you both thought of that name


Anyone replayed it just to see the hot Britt in breastplate ?‍♂️?‍♀️

Blue flame

I don't get the joke, someone explain?

Lennart Regebro

Nah. An NPC in such a universe would find it completely normal that there were only ten types of faces.

Quazi Ishrak Arib Niloy

Assassin's Creed Odyssey


Who else noticed ProZD XD

Nopporn Wongrassamee

I'm pretty sure no game npc (and many players for that matter) identifies people by their FACE. They go by the tag above their heads.

Still funny though.

Alex Zer0

Who else heard the "ah, it's finished" at the end from Rowan off-screen?

Masked tuber gaming

I know I make a lot of fallout things but hear me out I have seen the same faced guy in fallout 4 in 5 different places all around the map and it’s just funny how cheap game devs are

Jungle Berry

0:40he said its finish he was talking about the video


I somehow didn't get it the first time. Then read the comments and suddenly I noticed the doubles. Probably I am used to not look at people faces

Skins man

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I got 50 HULK vs 50 IRON MAN SKINS to scrim for $100 in Fortnite... (best superhero scrim)

471 434 views | 22 Aug. 2020

I got 50 HULK vs 50 IRON

I got 50 HULK vs 50 IRON MAN SKINS to scrim for $100 in Fortnite... (best superhero scrim)

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✨ Text Me (215)-273-9456

Disc: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMSXHBVT033NZyOGccDwSug

I got 50 HULK vs 50 IRON MAN SKINS to scrim for $100 in Fortnite... (best superhero scrim) I hosted a scrim tournament with 50 hulk vs 50 iron man skins in fortnite...



Hulk is the best he could crush Ironman can you add me send me a friend request my epic is FaZe kazs

Auriana Tapia

Hog Stephanie better I am in no hogs the bed how can you play kiss you and break his bones shake one

Ravinder Boparai


Jacinda orwat



Ironman has got the hulk buster which did beat him so...

Dariusz Powalski

Team hulk

Jake Fisher

You guys do a lot of call out dead, dead, dead, dead, right here, right here, It is funny


Somone diac Stop calling himself the big disc that’s clixes thing only plus he is smaller then me I’m 14 I’m down to 1V1 disc

Franco Vazquez

Can you plz add me my name is vale.vazquez14

Parad0x 4

Using only fishing rods in a scrim

Sushi Samurai

Maybe you could do a scim where there’s no fighting and only a heal off

Or only land at bridges

Or only a certain weapon or somthing

Emmanuel Skordalakis



I played a cash with my duo like so form can see

Andrew Johnston

Formula I like and subscribe to you and to your Minecraft channel too

Melissa Judd


Joedy Gomez

Hulk is better

Abhiram Malapaka

Iron Man is better

Ayden Rider

Iron man

Jake Teh rake

Iron man is better cuz he has the infinity/iron man gauntlet


I was watching u when u were in obey

Zone NotTrue



Hulk bro what you thinking disc

Tameka Mccarter


lilcash_ 0

Iron man

Ashley Schill

hulk is better

Red Hight

İronman has hulk buster

Cael Dorman



Iron man

Erica Napusi

i think its gonna be iron man cuz iron man has the hulkbuster auit and hulk loose

Umeir Khan

Iron man

clutch Can’t build

I mean Iron Man’s better with it as he did survive Thanos Thanos Thanos is way more powerful than hulk, Hulk could not even snap when he had Thanos glove on

Ahmon the Plug


Objects _

The better one is Bruce Benner for Ogs.


Ironman is daddy


Hulk is better

Sage Mode Owning

Iron man

jay tanner


Jediknight luchi

Form I get idea for u 100 rengread and 100 recon

Carter Johnson

Hulk all the way

luz herrera

You play avengers beta

Yt Midpos777otheracc



This vid was insane

Cracked_ Shreds



i've seen people before saying to give more money for each scrim game but they don't understand that $100 a day for a month at a time is $3,000 thats a lot of money if you are a kid that begs for them to give more money $3,000 a month is a lot of money.

Sophia Sundberg

Spider man is the best

Matthew Cyprianos



Iron man already beat hulk once


Iron man is better


Iron man is the best

unknown Xuchiha

Legit like i was his subscriber since he had 900k subs

Dequoi John

Hulk you alreadyknow

Peter Savage

1000000000% hulk

Felicia Taylor

Hulk better

Antonio Sherrill


Jacklyn Esposito

hulk is so much better he can just smack iron man and iron man would be done for

Mario Green

Hulk is way better. If iron man was better he wouldn't need the hulk buster suit to fight him

Auriana Tapia

Oh it’s gonna rain on the way oaks go nowhere


Iron man's better cause he can call in hulk buster

Jacinda orwat

iron man

I_smell_a_loser2 K

You can get those on Xbox to ?

Amy D'Angelo Kraft

Pickaxe only scrim


subscribe & like...ignore for bad luck for 908 years! (don't risk it)
MINECRAFT CHANNEL https://bit.ly/Form2Subscribe

Flixrr ツ

iron man duh ?

Cristian Villa



Like iron man
Reply hulk


No joke I liked (Already subbed) and my Crush likes me back!! Or is it just luck that it happened

Nathan Bobinski

Hulk is better and I love your videos


Iron man is better


Formula I think I have aimbot
disc I know I have aimbot

joshua samuel

no healing pickaxe only game

Blake Morrison

I think hulk is better than iron man

Denise Laufenberg



Iron Man

Mr. Evan

Iron man is better

Alice Brown

Does kayli like me back then


Hulk on top

Ezell Rodriguez



Fun fact:you wont like my comment

Dariusz Powalski



Iron man

2raww_ Clapz

Iron man

Callum Brydson

Iron man all the way

Miguel Goncalves

I love your formula

Taran Dhillon

Hulks better

Denny Huaman

Iron man

Aaron R


Rylan Scott


Amanda Taylor


Miata Green

Hulk better obviously disc u stupid

Michael Gorman (Student)


Carlos Polanco-Roca

I think iron man wins because he can fly and shoot misles


Do batman vs Harley Quinn

Krownz Tryhard


Pierson Rhee


Deal with DR_M

iron man

Bilal Awais

Harpoon only

RetroHDTV Gaming

Ir on man cause hulk only fight people when he mad

The sweaty Sniper gods

Hulk is better


Fortnite but no weapons

christopher presume

Iron man have a hulk lookin skin

Skins man

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134 168 views | 4 Feb. 2021

In this video I'll be

In this video I'll be showing you to get the Animatronic Dealer skin and the Survivor badge in Arsenal on Roblox!

► Follow me on Twitter - https://twitter.com/Conor3D

► Join my Discord server - https://discord.gg/Conor3D

► Become a channel member - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPnGatTXxMGFtys-uUBlNqA/join

► Play Arsenal - https://www.roblox.com/games/286090429/Arsenal

I mostly make Roblox videos on my channel. What is Roblox? Roblox is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It’s unique in that practically everything on Roblox is designed and constructed by members of the community. Roblox is designed for 8 to 18-year-olds, but it is open to people of all ages. By participating and by building cool stuff, Roblox members can earn specialty badges as well as Roblox currency called robux. They can use robux to shop at the online catalog to purchase avatar clothing and accessories.

#Roblox #Arsenal #Conor3D


I do not have ROBUX well I used all of mine so I gotta do it in normal servers witch is hard

Chocolate Animates

I cant beat the event ;c (im cry rn for real)

Jerry Gu

I did all steps, get delinquent skin with dagger and such. But when I hit the keys on the keyboard it doesn't register.

krisz 876

Man i want these skins but i am too scared to play this event


how does the computer work?!?!?!!?! IT JUST WONT LET MY TYPE

Gaboski123 Official

Type in B1 M7 K2 F4


Can you do it for me please

Rhatchaphol Warothai

only work in Vip sever?

Michael Schott


Festive Bee!

İ really hate my life i almost enter the code but round has been overed im so MAD

Eiman Alamia

someone have private server i can use if yes, my user is mikay_playzzz

Com Official

I got 10 slaugther skin

edit: i complete the event 10 Times

Kath The Cat

I’m rlly scare of horror games but movies I’m alr lol

but I rlly want the skin so imma risk it for the biscuits uwu


Is it possible to play this event on mobile

SoftieGacha [{Simp}]

i give up-
this challenge is amazing but it's so frikin hard ;-;


wont let me click deploy

Ravagnani Carlo

this game is more cursed instead of the RBB final battle, when i try to get to the fnaf minigame it just cver me with black screen

Derpina Sinaga

The animatronic is scarier in arsenal than in the normal FNAF game

Hp legend

O literally jumped and almost had a heart attack


It s impossible for me because im noob arsenal


Is there only one animatronics? (inculcating the puppet)

Fathan akbar

Conor mine is lagging and if i go to the event game its till lagging and i Saw my mouse thing and i can't do the event

Stanley Sean Cano


izaac bunny

I need help

Jeremy The bonnie

Bro I have phone How can I press phone Pls tell me CONOR3D


The hard thing isn't the event itself, it to be in the midtown map so you could actually do the event is hard.

Milkshake Moon


Coca Cola

hey do you scammer me


B1 M7 K2 F4

Stanley Sean Cano


Angel Madrid

You can't or do on mobile I just wanna know


why is this so hard to me

I just cant do it everytime i did the code someone just kills me

I mean my friend lets me use a vip but no one to kill

12ศรัณย์ญวิชญ์ เปรมจิต

At the beginning it was scary. Later it was more annoying.


Me : Ez clapz Me : on the second night : HEEELLLLLLLLPP HHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP


so what u do is take all gas and tinder after that u press e twice on x floor then pull lever

Im Vaterik

Why when im joining "Deploy?" im cant swing with cam

zxee_` roblox

How to do it on mobile the code one


Pc players: omg this is so easy
Me a mobile player: what do you mean


They changed the locations of the gas and tinder :(((


does this still work todya

Classic Sonic


Xx_Gacha John_xX Love galaxy

It wont work


I got traumatized easily and i haven't started yet-


I need a vip server but I’m mobile

James Warfield

the skin kinda looks like a guy that i know from some youtube channel


For some reason, I can't turn the camera and im on pc, Is there a way to fix this?

Barakat Khan

bro i cant move my screen

Skarloey Fan

Dawko pogchamp

Erin Goluboff

I like just won that if u look at my profile picture

Noahsark12 GD

I have that event cause I kept dying and keep dying cause of that stupid wind up box


this is literally impossible to do on a public server

GamingWithAlexyt27 Alex211yt2

B1 M7 K2 F4

Abril Quiroz

FunFact: You need get the number of 5 Kills

Ozette Canlobo

When i dont have a vip server because of how hard to find the map: bruh im too broke
My freind: has a vip server
Also me: yes a vi- wait i need my alt to help me get 5 kills
visual pain


what's first night on music box max times when you're winding up until max times


this is basically the Fnaf arsenal


I spent hours and I still haven't managed to get to the Midtown map, it's nearly impossible as people vote for something else if it even gets brought up in voting.

MrCookie Man

Ok there is a problem I can’t stun the main animatronic:/

• Caroline •

This isnt fair!! You need a vip server SMH

ąņømåľý 082

The sad thing that i dont have private servers :(

but thats ok:D

I can call my freind:DD

ArsenalGamingWith Dave

this video is rad

RyanGaming Playz

Bruh part: The items are randomized

Mohammad Zohaib

When you beat all nights but for some reason you dont get the badges so you dont get the skin
Me: :smile::gun:


B1 M7 K2 F4

Aye Nandar

conor3d help i cant even move my camera when i always deploy in fnaf (arsenal)


It was pretty hard on the begin, but than.......also pretty hard lol

Iustina Bradescu

I did everything, I even got the badge, but I don't have the skin :<

Marco Gaming

How do you stun the animatronic I am on mobile and they won’t be stunned I shit them with a gun but they just keep walking please help

some random channel

Nvm 2 players noticed that I was trying to get the event and they helped me


My game keeps CRASHING

Magnificent Controller

Is still available?

bruh hurb

hard to get on public and there was a whole server of weirdos dressed the exact same on your private server.

Kevin Luiz Dionysius

Conor3D : I'm not giving jump scares to my fans.

Yaqeen Ahmed

To scary

Guest Guesty

Wait how do you do it on phone?


spring trap is jumpscare me

ChicoCosmo Life Animation

Conor3D, i'll trybplay thisbgame and get all badges, i think.

Mario Gaming

Quick heads-up: The items do NOT actually appear in the same place. If they do, you just have good RNG.
The items spawn randomly, unless you die and restart without leaving the game. In that case, they stay in the same place.

bruh hurb

B1 m7 k2 f4

Kapow2006 Alex

The animatronic dealer reminds me of Dawko

Reizo Kazuo Wong

im too scared to play :)

Gamer Jalal

Thank you. Imma go kick dem buts

Midlife Yu-Ri

4:36 you missed it

Jaswinder Singh



1:35 code


so scary

Benji Li

It's to scary i need support

el pibe de roblox ツ


Bluelight 567

How many wood and how many gas I will get?


I want these skins soo bad too bad i dont hv private servers and i am not too good at arsenal D: guess i will just let this chance go


He makes it look easy

Henry Sticmin

what should I do if I can't move the mouse?


who else had a near heart attack when they died :(


Support me by using star code "Conor3D" on Roblox when buying Premium or Robux! I also have VIP servers for Arsenal in my Discord server if you need help!
►Twitter - https://twitter.com/Conor3D
►Discord - https://discord.gg/Conor3D


Not work(((


Mission: Kill 4 people without dying
TanqR: That's going to be a Streak

Amazing MH

I got it now from your VIP Server, but when I try to rotate it dint work



Armaan Prasad

I used to LOVE FNAF... until I saw the springlock failure.


How many times can this guy beat night 1?