Ingrown hair abscess

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Mr. Blackhead's Ingrown Hair & Pilonidal Abscess!

58 635 views | 27 Sep. 2016

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In this video we look at how an ingrown hair can get infected and become an abscess. In this case we show you several infected pilonidal abscesses. They are quite painful and occur on the tailbone. We even remove some ingrown hair from a pilonidal sinus under the microscope at about 100x magnification. This is rare and exclusive medical (surgical) footage!

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Stacy Hoefflin

Seems to me that laser hair removal might help since it is usually caused by ingrown hair?


For the love of God, please find more appropriate music. It doesn't have to be a funeral march, but playing what sounds like BGM for a PBS show for preschoolers just does not work.

Furst Lahst

what microscope do you use?

youtubers 102794

the most satisfying video ever