No 7 face lotion

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Boots No. 7 Boot face super balm.. Boots body lotion REVIEW

1 095 views | 9 Sep. 2013


Product review

Boots face super balm

Boots organic body lotion


No 7 face lotion

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#No7 #SkinCareReview No 7 Skin Care Review | Is it worth it?

408 views | 11 Feb. 2020

Disclaimer: All the

Disclaimer: All the products I had in the video was bought in our own money. We're not paid to promote or advertise this products. And all the opinions are based on personal experience.

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The Sage Family

Ness Viaje

Nice review sis , ang gandang tignan nang skin nang face mo makinis walang pimples amazing naman ginagamit mo effective .

Emelita Papa

Very nice skin care review. we women must do this specially before go to bed. never sleep with make up .

Hungry Explorer

thank you review sister, yan din ang ginagamit ko sakin ok sya sa skin ko.. love this video

Jenniebeb In USA

hi sis na try ko na yan sis and maganda ang result nyan

JC Couch

Thats good sis hiyang ka sa product. It seems that I love to try that cleanser. True we need to take good care of our skin and if were stress, it will also show up on our skin tone.


wala talaga akong alam ng mga ganito sis. Salamat sa pagshare nito

ate edz

maybe that product is good sissy nice review

Yuan Family Vlogs

Ang ganda ng pagkareview sis..


thank you for sharing SkinCareReview No 7 Skin Care Review | Is it worth it bell narin


You always make a good point on how used this beauty product enjoy

Da Kirks

Ma try nga yan sis I never try that brand
Look so nice hiyang ka Sis


maganda na skin care makikita sa resulta po madam. like it. maam kadungiz jr po.

USApinay In the Bayou

Marami ang mag rereviews sa brand nayan malamang maganda yan ma try nga, thank you for sharing sis.

Tropical Tim In the Philippines

Nice review even I don't know about those products!

I don't envy women having to think about foundation and make up. Seems overwhelming to me. We only have shave?

Yes everyone needs to take of their skin.
My asawa does a really nice job of caring for her skin especially her face.

You are in a select few women that doesn't really need makeup. Same for my asawa.

Nice presentation and you seem knowledgeable about these products.
Have a blessed day?

Marivet Boysillo

nice review thank for sharing dear

OFW Nurse Leonalyn

Nice review sis

Havi Bella

Nice product review sis..^^

Janette Pinay In Las Vegas

Good tips sis you have beautiful skin

beybs life in the US

Good job my friend skin care is good

We The Dalaguits

Good to know sis nga bagay sa imoha kani nga products, it is hard gyud to find which one suits us, true sis, dako gyud kaau nga factor nga confident ta sa akong skin specially our face.

life is fun enjoy learning new things

Nice review sis hiyang mo ang product na gamit mo

Lyca mae Artica

Looking forward for the end result

Soxcy P.

Good skin care .. i recently started my own skin care and now i am so addicted.. haha.. might try the brand next time..

Lhexy Storm

It's good the product suits your skin type... And yes, we need to take good care of our skin.

Ngọc Anh Kaul USA

These are excellent skin care products. Your skin is beautiful.

Mummy Jen

Nice product your using sissy

Discovering a Wonderful World

Stay beautiful sis

Fatz vlog Official-USA

Nice review sis.
We have to take care of our skin especially this cold weather. Nakaka dry ng skin.

SimplyGen's Kitchen

great info sis thanks for sharing...

GRayce Vlog

Thanks for sharing your review sis i will try this product next time. Yong eye cream ba nila maganda din sa eye bags?


I used that before sis hiyang din sya sa akin,great review tama sinabi mo we need to taking care of our skin lalo na sa face

Gretchen Baran

That's nice product sis.. Where could I buy that products here in Saudi... So that I can try to use it.

Kirsten White

I have seen so many people using and talking about the No7 range in how good it is, I might have to give it a try! Hydration mask sounds amazing! The cleanser sounds so nice! Ooo that day cream and serum sounds wonderful! I need to get some serum! That eye cream is so cute, I do love a good eye cream! Such a great informative honest review which I just loved! You gave some really helpful great tips! Really like seeing what everyone is using in the skincare world! Your right we have to look after our skin it’s so important! Wow your skin looks great! Brilliant video really enjoyed watching, filled with great advice! ❤️ Thank you for this!

Nene Bloggers in Sweden

parang ang ganda nga ng product sis kasia ng ganda ng mukha mo

YopiL Gamix

yan pala secreto mo maam kaya pala ang ganda mo

roi palma

nice ang ganda hiyang sayo

J Reed

Salamat sa tips sis

Manilyn Lee

It’s true. We do need to take care of our skin. I definitely need to give it time. I’m so lazy to take care of my skin. Your skin looks good.

Days With Deon

I always see this brand in the drugstore. I’m more fond of Korean products but I want to use this and see how it works for me.

Filipina in Idaho, USA

You did an amazing job sa pag review

Genevieve & Lira vlogs

Thank you for sharing sis.

Jove Serrano

yes sissy ive just watched the vlog of lauren uy and she said that as early as you are in your twenties you must take care of your skin..thats a nice review..well done

Jossy Vhi Vlog

nice review sis

Quirina Schmidt

That's a lot of skin care but it is a good routine for our skin to maintain our younger looking skin smooth like babies behind hehehe..

Glory Amago Vlogs

Maraming salamat po sis sa pag share about sa skin care

No 7 face lotion

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Boots No7 Men Energizing Face Wash Review

21 048 views | 27 Dec. 2013

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Product info:

Boots No7 Men Energising Face Wash

5 oz


$7.99 at Walgreens



Disclaimer: This product was purchased by us. These are Tyler's own, honest opinions. He has never accepted money in exchange for a review. No ducks were harmed in the making of the Friday Funny.


Happy unbirthday Emily! Sorry catching up on vids! Lol late on birthday wish so now it's a happy unbirthday wish to you!


Happy birthday, Emily!! Hope you had an awesome day!!!! :D Your videos are my favorites!!!!


Happy happy happy birthday :D


Happy belated birthday em!! Hope for many more to come and I hope you enjoyed it! :)


Happy Birthday!


Happy late Birthday, Emily! :)

Jen log

Happy Birthday! Woohoo..love ya xx




Happy Birthday Emily!!!!!


Aw happy birthday Emily!


Happy Birthday to you Emily! You're 30 today!!!! My little sister is 40 today as well, but she's spending it in Hawaii with her hubby. I wish you a very happy birthday and I hope you have a great day planned!


Happy belated birthday. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. 

Kathryn Berryman

Happy Birthday, Emily!!!!! Wooohhooo 30!!!

Paula Schramm

Happy Birthday, Emily.

April Michelle

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Happy birthday is Emily!!


Happy Birthday!!


Happy birthday Emily! You're so young. You're doing an awesome job Tyler, keep it up.


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Ligia Caldwell

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I wish you all the best in 2014! 
Love love love your channels! Go girl!

Tasha Rickman

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Hello, It’s Me

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Happy Happy Birthday Em !!!

Rebecca Benson

gotta love guys. your skin looks nice! and his face is like... yeah but who cares... lol that's like the whole point for us girls. i'd wash my face with something that smelt terrible if it'd make me looked better. that's a girls reality.

Tammy Mason

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great Christmas and Have a Happy New Year! Can't wait to see what in store for 2014. You two are the best!!!!

Megan Campbell

Belated happy birthday

Christine B

Happy Birthday Emily!



Angie Lovely 1869

HAPPY BIRTHDAY best wishes 


Happy Birthday! Love your videos...

Robin C

HappyBirthday Ms Emily!! To be young again : )

katrina salyga

happy 30th

Melissa O'Neill

Oh my word! I tell this joke ALL the time, and everyone always asks me why I say "gwapes" instead of "gRapes!!" I'm so glad I'm not alone in this!!

Krysta Takitch

Happy Birthday Emily!

Zora Blakewood

Happy Birthday Emily


I'm with you on the fragrance issue, Tyler! Esp. in face products! YUCK!

Peach Tea

Happy birthday Emily


Your skin does look good

Shannon Howell

Happy 30th Emily!!

Motivational Hangout

★Happy Birthday Emily! ★Your hubby did a great review★

McKinley Mickelson

Happy Birthday!!! This was such a cute an enjoyable video!


happy birthday Emily!! (:


There's a video called the duck song ft this joke. I love it!

Rena Ash

I'm a little late but Happy belated birthday Emily.

Sandy Zhang

Hum... I'd have to say that Tyler's skin looks really good here...

Barb Cobbett

OMG!!! Happy birthday Emily!!! I hope you are having THE MOST FANTASTIC DAY!!! You rock, both of you rock!!!!


"It didn't give me any extra energy." Too funny.

Flory Sparks

Happy Birthday Emily!!  I missed Ty's demo...lol!!  Enjoy your celebration!!


Omg that Friday funny was hilarious!! Lol i loved it!


Happy Birthday Emily!

Cam B

he is so cute! haha

Dawn Livingston

Happy Birthday!
Bacon and eggs walk into a bar and the bartender says we dont serve breakfast.

Claudia Kafader

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Shonagh Osmond

Happy birthday Emily!!!!! Great video you two!! The two of you remind of of a modern day Romeo and Juliet!!!


Good job stepping out there and reviewing mens' products!!!!! It takes guts to do this! :-)

Amber Sutphin

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Beth Graves It’s Beth’s Life

Happy belated birthday!!!


Yay Happy Birthday!!  Is your husband a Sagittarius since you're a Capricorn or are both of you Caps? 


Happy Birthday, Emily! Thanks for all you do :)


Happy Birthday Emily

Jenn B.

Look up the duck song on YouTube. My daughter loves it. Oh, and happy birthday!


happy bday emily!  hope it was great!


Happy Birthday!!!!!!

alexis saeyang


crystal E

Happy Birthday Ems!

Renee Bruch

Happy Birthday Emily!!!!!!


Thanks Tyler...I've been curious about the men's Boots line.


Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Emily! Happy Birthday to you! ??


Belated Happy Birthday Emily! <3

Christine LaPorte

Happy Birthday, Emily! Many happy returns of the day and wishing you a super stupendous 2014!

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"Got any gwapes?"  lol

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I love Tyler's jokes! And happy late bday Emily!


Blessings on your birthday Emily! Have a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY one! :)

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he's so cute when you tell him his skin looks good!! haha seems like such a sweet hubby

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Happy birthday Emily! My birthday was Dec 18th!

wendy blassi

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Dee Ca.

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I like it when Tyler does reviews. He is hilarious.


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Jaime Bellon

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Happy Belated Birthday Emily!! I'm glad Tyler reviewed this item because I've been keeping an eye out for a face wash for my husband...keep the reviews coming!

Monica Falcon

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