Inside the ear

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A red bead inside the ear !!!

22 558 views | 26 Oct. 2016

This is a video showing

This is a video showing the removal of a bead from the right ear of a young child. This is done using the assistance of a microscope by Dr. S. Wasim Khan M.B.B.S, M.S (ENT) Consultant Otologist at KKR ENT Hospital, Chennai

The man behind the slaughter /William afton

What am I watching that's disgusting

Tonia Moore

O no

Chanel Lorraine Toribio

Its not real ????

Anna Snyder

How did you get that in your ear?

kartik voruganti

Why the happy music tho??? XD

Corey Stanley

I got a lego in my nose but it’s out now

Inside the ear

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Video Otoscope Demonstration- Looking into the ear

898 101 views | 20 Jan. 2009

In this video we are

In this video we are looking into the ear with our video otoscope. You will see what a healthy ear canal and ear drum look like. For more information about hearing and the medical treatment of hearing loss, visit www.hearinghealthcarecenters.com.

Seth Brundle

Is there anyway of looking behind the ear drum? I have constant pain there. It's possibly caused by gas or pressure whilst being inflamed! The Doctors on the NHS say they can't see anything…. then again they don't seem to care either way. Advice would be appreciated!

Andrea E

Pediatric NP student. Very helpful. Thanks for posting.


NEAT! I Learned good stuff!

Cindy Lynn Gagnon

so [email protected]


nice smile and nice demo


Glad to know my GP can only see so far. Time to see an ENT. Thanks for the video.

Mark Greer

Helpful & pleasant

Fred Garvin

This illustrates why a Q tip is a not a good idea.

Olyvia Madrigal

very cool

Goldenboy Productions

cool. Thanks for sharing this.

charlie the

tq, i learnt something nice

Diminishing Augmentation

this is great!

Fenaber Wayne

Insitefull but NASTSY

Mahal Kita



That ear has to be an old man's ear,look at all that hair.

Inside the ear

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Cleaning of epiphytes in ears, 11 minutes

94 779 views | 24 Feb. 2020

People with a little

People with a little medical knowledge know that respiratory infectious diseases of lung diseases, inhalation of mouth and nose must be one of the transmission ways and the most susceptible way

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⬆️⬆️⬆️ Cleaning of epiphytes in ears, 11 minutes

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Do you ever peel the skin at the top of the ear?

Alyssa Charles

Wow I'm early

abril arias

No se que está diciendo, pero su voz me encanta <3

sandra zimmerman

Tx Dr Zhao. My thoughts are the same as Cindi Howells


I’m addicting to your channel ????

dreaming foxy ocean

Ohhhhh doge language plss or fox language


Amazing work Dr Zhao thankyou ❤❤❤

Cindi Howell

Dr. Zhao, I think about you every day. I am so concerned about you and your family. Please stay well. I am praying. ?

Dennis Kurama

I wish there were subs, even if computer generated.



val kemp

I think I may be first.

Thi Lê

Hard ?

Mark Mexcur

Your thumb nail looked like a jaguar coming out of an ear canal...lol





Rocio Rodriguez

Dr.Zhao, I enjoy watching your videos and listening to your soothing voice EVERY NIGHT! Please do take care of yourself and your family! I pray for your safety and well-being! ?✌

Sandee Dee

Wishing you and your family the best, Dr. Zhao.

tracy wu

啊啊啊啊啊 天天在油管蹲赵医生 hhhhhh

Raymx slapped y'all

yes the grabber,my fav

Carol WS

I wish I knew what the heck he was saying. This stuff is fascinating.

Tiffany Caskinette

你把聲好舒緩, 你同我瞓

Halloween lover

Thank you ??

Sunny Z


Dixie Rae

I have a Labrador that suffers from chronic yeast infections in his ears. But it's very deep down in the ear. I I would so love to be able to get a good look at what's down there.


Fungus in the outer ear is relatively easier to treat than fungus of the skin and other parts of the body.One of the symptoms of fungus infection is itchiness and if the fungus is attached to the eardrum, there is a feeling of fullness.Otoendoscopes are primarily use on treatment of various ear pathology not only to take pictures of the ear canal as a lot of other ear doctors do .
Another way to treat ear fungus is to debride the area with hydrogen peroxide and apply antifungal agents with. cotton swab ( for patients living in remote areas with no access to ear specialist )


Why didn't you clean the rest of the dead skin in the ear?

Raymx slapped y'all

anyone know what epiphytes are?


Did you leave all dead skin in the ear?

TouTou Food


Lukeyy is a literally a homo no joke

I've only seen one video that had translated subtitles, please dr.zhao do that for us

Angelina Petrovic

Who came here after the tik tok


Why does this take Dr. Zhao 2 minutes to do with a hook and it takes others 15 minutes and they don't use a hook? Other ear doctors and audiologists (the ones from the UK) don't like using hooks because it can hurt the patient's ear canal wall, but yet Zhao does it with no problem? Why the discrepancy?

Mary Freeman

Epiphytes means growing oon but not taking from the host. Like air plants. An infection which grows but doesn't affect the ear?

Jazmín Rubí Sagahón Mondragón

Dr. Zhao, I love your videos. I think that all the information that you are saying is amazing that's why I would like to tell you that all your audience will appreciate if you could add subtitles in English in your videos, if possible.
I'd like to point out that your work is very very kind and perfectionist, your videos are remarkable.


Lisa Wallis

Very satisfying.


I think he took the brain out

Dora Hale

Doc's laugh is back. Yes!


This is very satisfying

Ms Owl

I don't understand the language, but I find his voice incredibly soothing ❤

Susan Evans


Lori Flynn

A warm thank you for the video, just what I needed to relax and send me drifting off into a sound slumber ?

Dixie Rae

That was very unusual for the doctor not to complete the extraction. He's using meticulous about removing everything that can be removed.