Retin a breakout

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My 4 Month Tretinoin (Retin-A) Update for Acne/Acne Scars! + What I added to help with purging!

14 794 views | 2 Sep. 2020

Hey everyone!


Hey everyone!

This is my video update on my skin, acne, and acne scars after 4 months of Tretinoin(Retin-A). I am still using the 0.025% cream daily with lots of moisturizer. And I have also started using Niacinamide from The Ordinary to my regimen! I'll be going over picture updates from the previous month to present, and how I use each product! Hope you guys enjoy the video :)

Also would like to apologize for the change in location/lighting for my photo updates! I just moved back home a few weeks ago so it definitely could look like I am making no improvements from my pictures! I also got wayyyy tanner because I have been going outside more hahah. But I am improving! So keep at it guys it does get better!

Link to my 1 month update: https://youtu.be/1tJsyaJm53I

Link to my 2 month update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq7oZpVwQmc

Link to my 3 month update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGf65jza31g&t=10s

Music: charlie brown's day off by louie zong (https://louiezong.bandcamp.com/track/...)

Anoe Is Awesome

You are beautiful.

Betty liang

Thank you for sharing


I'm happy for your results. ?
I just started on adapalene (differin) and I hope I get the resuts. What made you choose tret over differin? Usually people go with differin first.


You are doing amazing!! Wish TO's niacinamide + zinc worked for me but it sure stung as hell whenever I applied it. However, my skin's texture & overall glow improved. I finished the bottle but I won't be buying it again

Yanni Ceecee

The glow, tho! Great video! Straight and to the point. And you look great! Keep it up! ??


You should really be patient when using Retinoids. I’m using epiduo and it still starting to show effects after 2 months of using.

Hector Barajas

Hi Daniel, you should look into manuka honey. I use it as a facial mask and it helps me with the occasional breakout. Do you drink/eat dairy? If so omitting that from your diet might be a good idea.

Big chungus E

Hey congrats man I hope the extra confidence is amazing ?

Snigdha Sehgal


K David

Tbh, I think your skin looked the best before starting out the treatment. I wonder how the update will look like.

Elder J

Hey, in the beginning did you start using it every single night or just a couple times a week?

tammy johnson


Lili M

Iam on tretinoin for 1 month , my skin is purging , i Want give up ???


omygod u sexy AF

Putra IGP

Right? When it finally shows its magic, you won't go back. ?
I was originally prescribed for acne, but it did more than I could wish for.
I made it for a year, my forehead is beaming.
Keep up, wish you luck!

Beyoncé Knowles

The first 3 months is the worst. 4th month your skin will slowly adjust. I'm on tretinoin for 6 months by the end of September now. ❤️

sizzling girl

Will it help in chickenpox scar too?

Yushi Kuang

You remind me Daniel Henney. I start Tretinoin 0.01% and Ordinary Arbutin 2%. Your skin is really flawless...can’t wait to see my result. First week and no breakout! I had no acne issue but i use it for anti-aging. Probably 0.01% is very mild.

i t

..........still waiting............in 2020

Pheobe Tirzah

I've been using tret 0.025% for 3 years plus now. The thing bout tretinoin usage is when you use it continuously it's hard to keep track of changes bcs the changes r so micro. However as years pass, all the benefits do accumulate and my skin does get smoother in terms of texture and I get less break out. Also extra bonus: I get told I don't age. I'm 27 but pple think I look 18 lol ? (not sure if that's a good thing but I'm asian so nvm). I rmbr there's this one dermatologist I know who looked very young like 10 years plus plus younger, he's using tretinoin only at night. So if you wanna use tret, just be consistent (even if the lack of changes seen can be discouraging) cs this is not a one time magic potion abracadabra but more like a marathon for anti-aging. Your skin will still benefit in the long run provided you apply SPF as well. Tretinoin is the king of anti aging. The effects may not look like they exist but they do.. just continue using it and don't give up unless you really can't stand the irritation. So all the best and keep it up! You're doing great!

Luffy Lau

Does indoor lightnings decrease the effectiveness of tretinoin?

Heidi T

You’re so absolutely gorgeous ??


Keep going bro ???

Daniel Mendez

Your skin looks aaaaamazing. What’s your current skincare routine?

reyna veyna

I’m severely depressed I have a acne scar and it’s been a month now. There’s dark pigmentation on the side and the lines are noticeable, it has texture but feels smooth like skin. I just started using tretinon 1% last night and I will continue using it. I’m scared my skin on that mark won’t even out. I would say it’s a mild acne scar it kinda looks like yours and I only I have one to deal with. I’m so scared I won’t get my skin back as before. In video you said that the scar comes back then quickly goes away? What do you mean, why would it come back if you already healed it?

Kim Lannear

Thanks for the info! I just started 1.5 months ago but I didn’t have any breakouts before or during usage. You’re so cute! Good luck

Fariam Inoc

I was about to sleep but then i saw your video and i was like NO, IM GONNA WATCH DANIEL FIRST

John Paul

Where are u now bro and how u ordered ordinary products

Louis Lee

You looked younger compared to the one month video. Wow!

G Ramadhan

Amazing progress , btw using moisturizer first or tretinoin ?

bol la

Am also on retin A ...it's been 5 days....strange thing is dat...other people skin gets dry and flaky...but to me....I hav very very oily skin....so it doesn't makes my skin dry and also I apply every single night . ..... .
N also I got small pimples here n thr which I think..it's a purging.....
Tqsm for the update...n keep updating us with ur journey..lots of luv ❤️

Mitzi Ganzan

I’m so envious at the same time so happy for your skin ? hope the marks ang acne will disappear forever ?

Jenna E

Can you show before and after from month 1 to month 4? I'm interested to see if the changes are more dramatic when the before and after pics are spaced father than one month

M Vermaaten

Hi, what about blackheads? I am on month 3 and still my pores look a bit noticeable.. did it resolve in month 4 ?

Yushi Kuang

First week on 0.01% and very little breakout. Will use it for two months and will increase to 0,025%. I think my Dr. Really try to make my skin use to it gradually. I use it during the night time.

Lucille Soriano

Hello, anyone noticed their skin became oilier after tretinoin? I’m on my 4th month and noticed my face is wayyyy to oily than before, I don’t have any dryness etc except for the oiliness..should I decrease tret usage?

Edit: my moisturizer is hada labo hyaluronic acid and nothing else (my derma told me to use this)

G Ramadhan

Pls update progress month 5


im planning on starting tret, too. has shaving ever given you irritation while on tret? did you shave like normal?

Sweet Heart

Waiting for the 5th month update ?

Mond Biay


AndreAnugrah HolisticsinHarmony

Turn to 0.1 for real amazing results. Your current dosage won't do miracles at all.
Use the righ dosage and concentration otherwise youre just wasting your time

Joseph Lombardi

Your skin is glowing in the after photo. Stay on it even after the acne clears...it's the only proven antiaging active. I'm on it, too!

patrick Layola

New subcriber here you are so cute damn?❤️?

Samantha Garcia

Hi Daniel, i’d like to ask if you’re using to niacinamide after your tret?

Pauline L.

Did you try over the counter retinol first?

i t

I look soooo sexy after 16 days of use...yes!!


I love your videos. You are beautifully accessible and authentic. Do you have an Instagram account? Perhaps you can do a whole skincare routine one day. Thank you for sharing your journey. Be safe.

Pubg addict

What's you age brother?

Zhaohung Ng

Hey, May I know what’s your skincare routine?
I recently started tretinoin and I need some recommendation on moisturizer, sunscreen, etc.
And what you do when you have active breakout?


Does this tretinoin help with big pores?

i t

Still patiently waiting for an update......

Akmal Farhan

Hai, can I just mix the tretinoin and moisturizer on my palm and apply it on my face? My skin kinda tolerate to it now..but not sure about the effectiveness after I mix it with moisturizer...btw, love your video and always waiting for you to post it?


starting the 0.025% tretinoin cream today, hoping for results sooner than later. I'm a 28 year old male; good to see someone similar going through it too. Thanks for sharing, much appreciated

Doris Tomasi

Hey Daniel, are you from the States? Thanks for your tips. Your skin is really good!!

Retin a breakout

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41 756 views | 26 Nov. 2019

First month on Tretinoin

First month on Tretinoin 0.025%

Current Regimen:

1. Wash face at night with Cetaphil foaming wash

2. Apply CeraVe moisturizing Cream generously and let soak into skin for 10-15min

3. Apply pea size of tretinoin cream ( every other night if sensitive)

4. Apply Cortibalm generously to lips and small amount of scabs/open acne to keep moist throughout the night.

5. Optional- Aczone (dapsone) gel 7.5% in AM

Miloni Patel

I like your personality ?

Alexandra Poulos

How are you doing? We want to see your skin now. I’m currently on tret and waiting for acne to disappear.

Random Vids

If you have no acne, will it cause acne then?


I really hope her next video is going to be her showing off her clear skin :) please, post an update!
I've been using Tret 0,05 for 3 and a half months now (every night). I'm still not acne free, but my skin is doing so much better. The acne I do get goes away so much faster and it's more predictable (I get one cyst during ovulation and a couple of pustules right before my period). It's IMPROVING, slowly but surely.

Nusarrat Shaikh

More power to you

Lilliam Santana

Update ?

Gerardo C10

How are you now???


My acne is almost as if you took all the acne on her face and shoved most of it on her forehead and chin ?‍♂️


I’m a first time tretinoin user. Got it prescribed but at the 0.05 dose. Wish it was the lowest 0.025. I’m 4 months in and still purging on my cheeks and temples. It’s really discouraging. The acne is painful. I wanna give it a year but the acne is leaving scars now too. I decreased the frequency to every 2-3 days and I only use a pea size amount mixed in lotion. Sigh.

Saii Saii

I started doxy and tretin in early December. I never stopped using my proactiv though because I was afraid of the purge. This morning I used Step 1 but not 2 or 3 and used CeraVe moisturizer. I’m getting either a cetaphil face wash or CeraVe to use for a month before I see my derm again. Hopefully everything stays smooth I just have a lot of dark spots, blackheads and this gunk that builds on my face. ??

the doge

Dude fuck tretinoin, fuck this purge I'm going back to isotretinoin.

MJ Salve

update please

Madeline Ledee

How is your skin doing so far? Post an update video please!


Make a new videoooooo


I have used it 2 years ago and I purge then it completely clear up. Once a get a refill of my tretinion I began to broke out again and still breaking out after a year of using it??


How is it now? :O

Jaz :

thank you so much! I’ve only been on it for a week and my mum keeps saying that it’s going to take 12 weeks for me to see results! Thank you so much for the reassurance ?

Tarah McPherson

I’m sorry you’ve had such an adverse reaction. I’ve used it in the past with poor reactions. I started fallowing dr. Dray on YouTube. She’s a dermatologist and it was a game changer. I use cerave in the tub before putting on the retinoid. I use cerave healing ointment in the corners of my mouth and around my nose and eyes before putting on the tretanoin. I only use it every other day! Check out Dr. Dray! Such a lifesaver!!!?

Alejandra Hernandez

My dermatologist send me retinol, but i seen so many reviews plus the purging, im so scared to start using it, i only have some acne on my jaw line, i dont know if im going to use it


Did you continue? Hoping it got better for you.

red white and blue

Hope it work for you. Please keep the updated. Love your personality. Best of luck!


I never broke out this badly but it's been 4 months and my face seems worse. It's very dry I still have large pores, pimples hasn't stopped if anything it increased a tad bit. And I just feel so ugly on this stuff and feel like it ain't working. Also I use it every night from the start. The dry skin come and goes now.


Hello! Is it possible to have no purge at all?

I started with 0.025% one a week on 2ndofJune.
Then in 3rd week i started using daily because i absolutely felt nothing.
Now It's been 10days that I'm using it daily. I've no acne, no redness, no peeling.
I mean is there a possibility that I won't purge at all. Or the purging will start soon? (Mind you it's been 4 weeks now).

Amni Husna Mokhtar

We need an update please ?

KonFly with Me

Judging from her FB account it seems like it works well for her.

Aniruddha Dewanji

My skin is improving gradually by tretinoin
But also it's the ugly stage i am going through.
It's been 3 months almost
I'm having a bit of cystic acne on my cheeks and pilling also
So i am not able to shave, which gives me a good reason to grow my beard nicely

Kamila Dobska

Hey, an update please?

Feisal El Kiwi

Can you update us?

Emerald Jam

NP are not doctors. lol I dont know why they are even allowed to prescribe medications.

carolina martín

Any updates? :)


Plz make an update !

Alezandra Davila

Would love an update

La Magnificent

Updates??? Please

Bernadette Contreras

I've used trentinoin and my skin was finally at a good point in my life for the first time. Due to getting my health in order I stopped using it ( I also ran out and couldn't get a refill) my skin went back to how it was :( the idea of having to use it for ever isn't what I want. Hopefully trying a different method will work.

That Girl

Perfect example of having acne but still beautiful :) I’m on Tetin A right now and it issss AWFUL, it’s very scary and I am sooo fuckin sad for my cheeks, I’m only 17 and teens are already insecure balls of distress so I am very sad rn. Pray for me y’all

Michael Jordan


Monica ramirez

Hopefully she has a update soon
I’ve been in tret for 2 months moved to a higher dose and it’s working well for me


Ok thank you very much, I'll wait


Thanks for sharing! Do you have any updates.

The Vibe Station

Acne on my lip or nose is the worst feeling

Aheed Khan

Uh look beautiful


idk i wouldnt recommend putting that lip balm with hydrocortisone on any pimple because while it does treat inflammation that pimple will most likely come back plus it thins the skin.. also the fact that the doctor did not inform you about anything..crying?

total infinity

Please update us please


OMG This was the exact video I’ve been looking for. I’m currently purging too on the same dose as you and it is hard! To be fair I’m 3 months in and still purging. I was using it every night and I had to reduce it to every other night as the dryness teamed with the U.K. winter was hell! I just keep reminding myself that this is all temporary. Can’t wait to see your skin thrive ❤️


Hey any updates? Also how are you doing with your job nursing throughout all this?


I just got prescribed Tretinoin knowing that I might purge, but I feel like if I stick through it, my skin will dramatically improve. I got 0.025% and have to use it once nightly. Can you do a video of your skin a few weeks/months later so we can see your progress?

Alezandra Davila

Can u do an updated one !!

peace world

How is your skin now...please update

yajaira cebreros

How’s your skin doing?!

Taylor Lauren

Hello! I know this video is older but this is not a medication you should take daily if you’re skin is sensitive. You have to work up a tolerance.

My doc recommended once a week for the first month, twice a week for second month, and every other day from then on. (Every other day and every day have virtually no diff in effects). Bc of this I had very little negative side effects this way. It doesn’t change much in speed of the results to use it every day vs slowly working up.


Do an update vid!

Charliemagne Buensuceso

Hi Kim! That's for this vid. I'm using No.7 advanced retinol complex (once a week -every Sunday night) and yes I'm on purging stage since I use it Nov 2020. There are 2-3 new red pimple popping up after the others started to heal and can't wait to see my face without pimple. My pores are actually gone though. Please post an update. Be safe and God bless us!

Bri M

Please do an update! I started my journey today!

Anna Marie Miller

Can we get an update?!

Robyn Holmberg

Can we get an update video !!




Some people use it wrong, you’re meant to put a pea size of the cream on & then put a pea size of 0.05 gel over it... moisturise with a sun cream ?? thank me later x

Kashmira Nousheer

I thought I was the only one going through this. ? I am having similar kind of situation. And I am using it for about 3 week now.

Tony Huynh

Do you have a follow up video?

Ali D

What's the update!

Catalina Ahumada

hey! so, how did it went at the end? Im in my 3th month and I haven't stop purging , I have been with this awful purge for tow month straight and my skin is horrible as never had been before in my life. Im so depressed :(
Please tell me it will worth the pain !! Hope it did went good for you at the end!

Za Za

Please do an update video ☺

Emy Mualchin


Beyoncé Knowles

I'm on 3 months just today. I didn't have super purge but I still struggle with blackheads and white heads. I can use it now every night but the first 2 months is the worst for me. I've experienced a bit purge , blackheads are everywhere and super oily.

Stephanie Tang

I so appreciate this video! I’ve been on it for 3 months and still purging. Please post an update!!

Yasmina Lee

Any updates?? ?

sara yousif

Im on tretinoin for 1 week and i useing it 3 times in a week and i have oily skin so i still dont have dry face but i have lot of purging but still using it wanna see result

Kajal Chauhan

Same situation right now ... My pores became very large ... Are you facing same reaction ?????


Please post an update❕?

ginger snap

I heard it can take up to 8 months for your skin to improve.

Dan Raj

Are you still using the tretinoin cream... What your dermatologist got to say for that...


Waiting for update

Aïda Monáe

Please make more videos. I’m in nursing school too! So I would love advice about your Tretinoin journey and Nirsing career

Mal M

Can you please try to give us an update. I know all of this virus is keeping you busy at the hospital. Thank you for your help with this pandemic ??????????

Andrea Gallardo

Update?? :( I hope she is okay

Bella The Pomeranian

Im on my 2nd week with 2 days and I’m purging like hell , please know that this product will fuck up face before it gets better but be patient.

Jonathan UK

Could you do an upload video, be great to see where your skin is at. Just about to start on this.

Ruth Alvarez Luna

Please tell us how you’re doing:(
Today I started my journey

Christinia Chavez



How is your skin now??


then what happened?

Shounak Shetty

How about an update video?

Charlene Uribe

Update please!!!!

Abigail Murillo

I'm currently having a similar experience with dapson 7.5 percent. Came in with mild acne and now severe ??


Use only twice a week in the beginning

Henry Verdant

I can tell you all from experience tretinoin cream works and yes be mentally prepared because I well I didn’t care because I thought my face couldn’t get any worse because it was just ugly red inflamed and bumpy but it’s been about 6 months or less and I don’t look perfect because you can faintly see my scars but it’s not really bad because now my face is smooth not red anymore and just perfect enough for me to feel safe and not feel like I’m being watched because of my acne so I can tell you all it takes time be patient it will work but it also depends on what your dermatologist gives you , for example I use a face wash called benzoyl peroxide it’s 10% then I use tretinoin cream and recently some pills called doxycycline monohydrate and I just bought it today my dermatologist said it’s to help with dry skin or the feeling of tight skin so she recommended cerave but yeah anyways be patient guys please don’t touch your face don’t pop any pimples because it will spread more and try to wash your face as much as you can morning and night change your pillow cases ever now and then and just make sure your surroundings are clean if it has anything to do with your face so please guys don’t pop pimples it will not help it will only make it worse if you need your inflamed skin to go down bc it looks bumpy put some ice on it it will hopefully help with the temperature

Darouny Southavilai


Audrey Pelletier

How is your skin now ? I’m in the same situation right now ?

zack morris

The purge effect is a myth. Tretinion works for some and not for others. It is patently obvious this is not for you. Quit it immediately!

Jane O

Omg i related to this soo much especially because im a nurse too?, thank you!

mariano adame

the corners of my mouth are also hurting?

Ray Ray

You can take it every other day. Put vaseline or aquaphor before putting the retin a so that way when you sleep it doesnt travel that area.


You can use benzoyl peroxide wash in morning, it has definitely help some with severe purge.

aditya ramesh

People say don't use oil based moisturizer...in retin a case it's helping me so much...

Claire Baker

This video is really helpful as thinking of starting this acne treatment. Could you do an updated video. Thank you

An Na

Update please. Thanks for the info.


I was prescribed tretinion 0.025. They also gave me doxycycline while helped with my general acne along and helping my oiliness with preventing the purge by killing the bacteria inside of my skin before they reaches the surface. But I thought my skin was dry when I started using doxy! Once I started to use my tretinion it was a desert! ? and this is from a girl that originally had extremely oily skin. 2 weeks in!!!

tammy johnson

Did you say, now you’re only using once a day @ 1:20 mark... no wonder you were so inflamed, once a day is the max you can use it ? Ouch

Roshonda Schmitt

So I start and then this happens then I stop again am I hurting myself by doing this ?

Katie Blair

You may find this useful


Retin a breakout

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12 885 views | 4 Apr. 2020



Contact me on [email protected]

Follow me on Instagram Jorsieeleanor

My new channel



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCBKy... Meditation video

Hi everyone, welcome to or back to my channel, I hope that you are all well and keeping safe! In this video I will be talking about my journey on tretinoin! There are a few hints & tips I would like to share with anyone who is thinking about using it so you can know what to expect.

Thanks for watching. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask xx


Has your skin lightened since using tret?

Deepika Tripathi

The most beautiful eyes ever ?
You're one of the most beautiful persons ever. ❤️


Double cleanse every evening and use a moisturizer with vitamin e and Jajoba oil in :)

شهيوات نور المغربية

I watch from marocain ☺☺

Aarju Choudhary

Hello joise..i have one question. Do i use benzoyl peroxide sope as a face wash while using tretinoin. Because i read somewhere that we cant use both of them at the same time.. well you have most beautiful eyes i have ever seen ?

Alezandra Davila

Great job !!!

Andrea Z

I was looking into rice water and saw your video, I'm leaving this comment after every video where I see someone is strugling with acne. In my country there are capsules, that are good for health in general, food suplement, ImunoZink. It's Zinc with Vit C, and they do wonders for acne. They clear my face completely. Look for something like that in your drugstores. It's easiest and cheapest solution. They cost 7euros-60 capsules, and you take one per day like a candy.

Sarah Masanat

Hey beautiful ?

Septiarini Daryosaputro

you're sooooo pretty ??

Becky Davies

Your skin looks great hun!! ? I started on monday and haven’t purged yet and my skin isn’t peeling. I hope it’s working ??Thanks for your videos I really enjoy watching them.


Them eyes though, Good luck with your skin

Web contact

Hi, I just find your videos, I have for you a natural remedy to try, for acne or acne scars, you will need honey and sterilized compresses. You apply honey with the back of a teespoon ,and apply the pieces of compress over it, let it work on your skin 30min. Rinse after with warm water only , do it daily until everything disappears , great results soon. Love and light.


is it just me or is her voice so soothing!!??

safia hamed



I so need to do better with a routine ??‍♀️
Would love to try this but dont want it sitting on the shelf like 80% of other stuff I buy Lol
Your results are Brilliant, plus your so helpful with bringing us on your journey literally step by step.
You are the best Josie honestly
Thanks for Everything xxx


Your eyes are so beautiful.

safia hamed

I love youu ... i have acne to?

Under the Skin

keeeep these updates coming please <3

Esraa Mohamed

Your eyes colour and calm voice ?

safia hamed


Gospel Outside

When you get to that stage... you will know what stage.... ??

Carla Joy

Oh my gosh! You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen!!

kamilah lige

hi, how did you recover from using it every day? i made the same mistake you did. i don't know how to bounce back from it.

Bruno Andrade

Thanks for your videos I really enjoy watching them!

Debby Shaamena

Hey I just started my Retin A journey last week but I have one question.... Can I use Retin A and Pantothenic acid at the same time?

The dee Alali

Stop using all this products and go to the doctor to give you ROACCUTANE the treatment will last from 3 to 6 months but at the end you will have a new babyborn skin

The dee Alali

You can search for the reaults in youtube

Alek Sandra

2:46 just a question to you what was you was doing/using to your skin before you introduced this and it purged?? X

Zainab Abdelsadeq

Are you child of mix marriage white and black parents? I am an researcher in human genatic and interest in human features

Swati Shree

Can i use tretonoin on my neck and back of my neck??

AL- osaimi

wow! you're beautiful for real?????