Is petroleum jelly flammable

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7 DIY Fire Starter Hacks

200 views | 4 Jan. 2021

From dryer lint to cotton

From dryer lint to cotton balls and chewing gum, it's easy to make your own fire starters. DIY fire starters are one of the few guarantees in life. They’re certain to make your fire starting struggles a thing of the past. Inexpensive and easy to make, they’re all about reducing your fire starting stress.

Here’s my seven favorites -


Ferro Rod – SparkForce - https://amzn.to/2JHFk0y

Water bottle – Super Sparrow - https://amzn.to/2X750H4

Canning wax - https://amzn.to/2JIlK4j

Vaseline - https://amzn.to/3hHKZAe

Cotton Pads - https://amzn.to/3olccLW

Cotton Balls - https://amzn.to/3b9qPxN

Bic Lighters - https://amzn.to/2Xd3D9X

Hand Sanitizer - https://amzn.to/35c05Jl

Wax Paper - https://amzn.to/392J5q2

Rubber Bands - https://amzn.to/3rUYQI7

Duct Tape - https://amzn.to/2JJSdHv

Trangia Camp Stove - https://amzn.to/35qUTSf

Foil backed chewing gum – Wrigleys Extra - https://amzn.to/3nfiP0A

Rechargeable Batteries - https://amzn.to/394hvZF

TrailMeister Amazon link - https://www.amazon.com/?tag=thetrailheaco

More practical tips for camping - www.TrailMeister.com


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Is petroleum jelly flammable

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Making Alcohol Jelly (from Calcium Acetate)

156 604 views | 19 May. 2016

In this video, we use some

In this video, we use some of the calcium acetate that was made in a previous video to make some alcohol jelly!

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/nilered

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NileRed2

Nile talks about lab safety: https://youtu.be/ftACSEJ6DZA


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Jake Dre Pyro

the left over is calcium carbonate and then recycle it to make again calcium acetate, calcium carbonate+10% vinegar=calcium acetatep

Victor Gigante

Colloids are fun to play with. XD


These are great fire starters for camping!

Victor Yu

0:43 "isopropynyl"

Žan Pekošak

Dont add acid if the ball isnt fully burnt. It will make toxic gasses.


5:31 eveyrone


i know acetone isnt an alcohol, but would it work


Can the calcium Acetate be reused after the alcohol burned off ?
Is it possible to use something like a press to make fuel tablets from it, or would be to much alcohol pressed out and the burntime would be reduced to much? ?


Can I eat this?

Brisingr eragon

Children : snowball fights!
Nile : FLAMING SNOWBALL FIGHT MOFOS, get on my level

Hailey McCurry

aha! one time I mixed ethanol with a store brand frozen grape juice, and it resulted in a very sterno-like smell. Calcium Acetate is used as a ph regulator. Coincidence?


fun party trick, get some 70% easily acquired from the store, start by adding ice to very cold water and then take a spray bottle with alcohol and spray it through a candle flame at your hand, it should burn up as it gets close but it burns so fast and theirs so little that you only feel a pleasant warmth, also good for removing hair XD.

subZero Electronics

Fun fact: Moonshiners spread this on their toast.

Žan Pekošak

Can I make this from sodium acetate?

Frank B

So, is this basically Sterno? If no can you make sterno?

Nick Washburn

How long can I hold a fireball?
Until it burns me.
Let me know if you have any more burning questions.


I Want To Know If Copper Acetate Could Be Used As To Produced Blue Or It Green Flame ?

justan payne

Just a thought. Can the jel be wax coated? For a simple fire starter.


Is this safe to put in a tube and squirt it onto wood to use as fire starter?


Looks like i'm not the only one who's wondering if you can make chewable shooters with this method.

Saulius Ogenskas

can you eat it and get drunk?

Rick Rascon


Daniel Bickford

Is it edible?

Brendan Zink

I tried this and it did not work. What alcohol did you use? In the materials list it says isopropyl but you say ethanol and isopropanol. What is it because my tests did not produce any gelatin like substance. Instead I just soaked the calcium acetate in a little bit of alcohol and ended up with a flaming paste rather than gelatin.


Does it work with Sodium Acetate or can you make calciumacetate aut of sodium acetate?

I went to Google headquarters and I got this shirt



And here we are to napalm-c

P P Latey

This stuff was once made and sold in large quantities as "Chafing dish solid fuel" in India

Sanatkumar B.S.

Hii brother is there anyway to prepare fuel gel by using sodium acetate ?


Wait did NileRed just teach me how to make Napalm?

Nick [Classified]

Saw flammable jelly trap?

Haddox Guitars

Mine is not working at all. I used a white wine vinegar, maybe that had to do with it? I also did not clean the powder afterwards, maybe that was the problem? Maybe I overheated while crystalizing. I'm not sure what I did wrong. I also soaked the eggshells with the vinegar in a stainless steel pot. Any tips here? Thanks

Chris Mott

Use denatures alcohol


There's only one thing left to do
Add nitrate

Truly Infamous

Does it remind anybody else of that squishy baff stuff?


Very nice ?

The IT Geek

Could i use sodium acetate?

Shadowa Twillight

So this would not be considered a precipitate?

Alpo Turunen

Does this work with other acetates? I'm thinking about creating nice coloured flames with transition metals

Edwin van Dijk

do you need to use high concentration ethanol? or could you also use 10% to 30% ??


Some say i do my cocaine to snif, but im better playing with it to make a portable stove


Mistake at 3:59. You said ethanol instead of isopropyl.

Kenneth Phillips

Where can one purchase the calcium acetate? Thank you!

Sebastiaan Hoek

Wait so patreons get extra content?


There's actually a trick to holding the burning ball. If you hold it in your open palm, less air gets in below it and the underside burns cooler, allowing you to hold it for longer (I'm talking half a second to a whole second here). You also want to handle it *slowly*, to prevent fanning air onto the ball. You can also throw it back and forth between hands slowly in a sort of juggling motion, allowing you to hold it indefinitely. I'd also encourage you to do this without water on your hands, as it's actually safer. The next trick is with a friend try throwing them to each other, over a distance of 5 - 10 metres, the noise they make while airbourne is something to behold. Again, just like holding them, nice gentle arcs through the air, limit the speed of any movements you make, and do it in an area where you can drop it if if gets too hot. Also, tie back any long hair, and make sure you pull up the sleeves of any shirt or jumper you're wearing. The smell of burnt arm hair and bacon will go away in a day or two.

Mark Pinther

This was cool. A few times you said “isopropanol” which appears to be unintended.


can you use this to make a flamethrower?


Make sure to super saturate the calcium acetate solution and use alcohol that’s some what concentrated


Who else is coming back to this video thinking about making your own anti COVID-19 arsenal?

Buck Starchaser

I bet this would be handy in a toothpaste tube, along with one of those spark-making rods. This stuff seems like it would be much easier to use for starting campfires than many of the other handy firestarters. If you run out of the paste, you still have the spark stick, but both should remain functional if the tube and stick got wet.

CrewRanger Gaming

4:10 that fire was lit af.


DONT USE METHANOL, Calcium acetate is solulable in methanol and will make a dangerous, caustic , toxic , flammable, useless solution.

Maxim Mikhaylov



Would have been nice to have the calcium acetate prepared from household materials

Di M

What's a piranha channel?

Oscar Poll

At around 4:00 you say "I expose new fresh ethanol" and i think you used isopropanol


Could this work with Methyl Hydrate? I use that as fuel for a "do it your self" pop can stove. It works great to heat up water and make coffee. But it be nice if it was in a gel form.

Martin Gritsch

I had the impression that the jelly isn't easy to moldel and won't stick together to allow more or less arbitrary shapes.
Do you think it is possible to control the jellification process in a way so that you can mold nice looking items?

Ron Johnson

Will trying this with 95% ethanol fail?


Is it possible to use methylated spirit ( i dont know the actual word but it i mean the liquide that you use in small burners) instead of isopropyl alcohol?

Sean Not-telling

How do they make the fire jelly that pops and snaps?

Jose Paredes

remember us when you're famous


Now mix gasoline with Styrofoam!


Where is Nile Blue?

The Crude Lab

where is the epolepsy warning??


Just watched this again and noticed one thing: DO NOT DO THIS WITH METHANOL. Methanol is a contact poison.

Corey Heidemann

Since calcium acetate is used as a food additive, would it be safe to assume you could make some sort of edible alcohol jelly with ethanol?


Have you tried making jellied alcohol with methylcellulose?


Hell yes it works! It seems like all that work paid off. I failed to pyrolyse my calcium carbonate so it got half burned which made it brown, but I turned it to calcium acetate anyway, it was very hard when I dried it so I was really unsure it would work, but it turnes out it did.

Edit: Huh is doesn't last when I stored it away, it just turned into more of a liquid. Must be the impurities.

Big Bruh

How badly does this stick to fabrics?

Kirxtin Kirstine

Are you using white vinegar or cleaning vinegar?

Wheein Here

"Alcohol jelly: sounds like something crazy kids from MIT would come up with.

Emil Almberg

I did this experiment with my children, we started from the calium acetate we also made from eggshells.
The kids loved to play with fire!
The recipe is perhaps 5 times too big to be safe for children ...
Thanks for an effort to make all those nice video!

Tùng Tuấn


Harris Casiano

we are going to make an expiremental research in which instead of eggshells, we will use golden apple snail shells. Is it a good alternative as source of calcium carbonate?


I really love that even going back 4 years your content is still totally enjoyable and educational. My 4 year old loves your videos and as soon as I'm not poor im going to make him his own lab


This stuff is in gelling-for-flame purity really easy to synthesize. Just get 25% acetic acid from your supermarket, react it with as much calcium hydroxide (in the cement section of your local building supply store, you might wanna check the web for "brand" names. (Here in germany its "Calciumhydroxid" vs. "Löschkalk", which is called slaked lime. If you cant get that, try to substitute for calciumoxide. Beware that this does more damage to skin, so be more carefull. The dry/non-slurry hydroxide is not more dangerous than the acid itself, and that is not too dangerous. It is defatting thoug by creating soap.) The mixing ratio should be aroung 1 volume part calcium(hydr)oxide for 10 volume parts 25% acetic acid. Maybe even 1:30 or so. just try a small scale to get a feeling. You have to barely dissolve all lime, but you don't want more acetic acid than necessary. Anything above 10% over the required amount could lead to slower gelling. The resulting mixture (mine was a little brown stained, like tea, but that doesnt really show in the gel) can be directly used from between 1:20 to 1:5 calciumacetate-solution to (for my case) ethanol. The key is to mix it before it gells, as that prevents further mixing. I had good results pouring the ethanol into the burning container and injecting a stream of solution with a syringe. Also usefull to get the right dose. Just align and shoot as fast as you can. Try not to touch the syringe into the alcohol, and ofc you do not need the hypodermic needle. Just as simple plastic syringe suffices. If you do touch the alcohol, the syringe might require cleaning. Use cold-ish water (hot might be dangerous for your hands and the plasic of the syringe. Really cheap. Like 5 bucks for gelling a 10l bucket of ethanol. Also the only heat required is to ignite. It does however speed the reaction up.

Petros Adamopoulos

You mentioned nile blue but you don't link to it or list in in "channels" on your channel, so I couldn't find it actually.



N Trung

I lov u

Amy Heins

What the hell is a piranha channel

Melissa Hauke

#NileRed Please tell me how to turn my rum into jelly. The thing is that I want to make edible jelly from 80% dark rum and need to add a little bit sugar. Someone adviced me to use agar-agar but it didn't work for me.


HEET, yellow bottle blue label is 99% methanol. FYI

masoud ahmad

Question, if a spiritus liquid ( I hope I wrote it right) mixed with calcium acetate will it have the same effect???? And when it was mixed will the results of the mixture could release a gas as well when it was put in tube container???? Please reply if you have the time, it's crucial for my project assignment

yingxia wei

Flammable snowballs

Amml Seri

Could you do that with calcium formiate?

Junior Cervera Villanueva

You're genial ??

Hondurez 7

I tried asking google, so ill leave this here. How flamible are tumbs?

jack long

You know there’s an easier way to do this? Gasoline and styrofoam its very safe


Hi, man I was looking for way, how to solify alcohol for the purposes of the computer game I am going to developed durring the summer, so I would like to thank you for this video :)

AARGaming Dead

can i directly add isopropyl alcohol to calcium acetate


Could you use Acetone? (I want to use the acetone that I made following one of his other videos)


If you want a nice fireball to juggle in your bare hands, use a cotton ball, or paper towel, with alcohol on it. That is what is what I am doing in my profile picture.

Kastyn M.

The closest i can get to this is jello shots


You Sir, brought me back into chemistry. ?✌

Chris Gregory

You can also use it to protect yourself from extraterrestrial viruses.

Vytautas Eičas

Can use ethylene glycol or glycerol?


would denatured alcohol work


I like this video very much. It reminds me when I first discovered this after I added Isopropanol to dissolved eggshells in vinnegar.


A much better alternative to napalm then styrofoam and gas

Is petroleum jelly flammable

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Olive Oil Soaked Cotton Vs Petroleum Jelly Cotton Fire Starter!

17 741 views | 17 May. 2016

Which Is Better?


Which Is Better?

I found that the Olive oil produced a much larger and consistant flame! Stay tuned for more and Subscribe! Thanks :P

Sir Ian Treloar

I've only just found out that petroleum jelly doesn't burn; try it [safely] and see. I had thought it did. PJ only slows down the burning of the cotton ball. Olive oil does burn. But this has now got me wondering how lard or other solid fats would go. A solid has the advantage of not leaking as a liquid oil could potentially do.

Greg Sloth

Well, you didn't pull apart the vasoline cotton ball. You skewed the results for your own agenda, and therefore, your a fraud. Fuck off. Money you never spent a day in the woods

Ryan Martin

You made a Weak Vasoline Cotton Ball then, mine burn for at least 5 Mins.

English Woodsman

hi mate try candle wax melted onto toilet roll .. last for about 20 minutes

W. Maximillian de Johnsonbourg

Very informative.


but does the olive oil one break down with time where the vasaline one i wouldnt think so

Dimitar Dimitrov

Another thing is that olive oil is much cheaper than petroleum jelly. And is much more available. What if we put olive oil on other types of balls? To soak compressed dry grass ball into olive oil.

Creative Redundancy

Great video . I also shown a fire starter on my channel that uses oil. I find it less messy than PJ but wont melt and run crazy like wax does in high heat conditions like summer sun.

Daryll Williams


Allison Beck

My 2 cents: The petro jelly is made from a chemically treated, miniscule amount of crude ore derivative, so its mostly unnatural. Of course it would burn ineffificiently! It's far from wood indeed! The chemical soup that petro jelly is can't sustain the heat because there is only so much material that will actually burn by itself within it. The chemical base of the jelly probably is a very low flashpoint etc. I am thrilled to see olive oil worked well. I have been storing the cotton fillers that come in my supplement bottles as fire starter! I pack them in ziplock baggies for barter as well. I'm doing well there but didn't think of what I would soak them in at all. I was planning on going dry. Good post!

James Reed

i burned one in vasoline and it burned 10 minutes.

Long live the King

i'm use coconut oil it cheap, smell nice not keep long fire but still enough times to do anything :D


Thanks for posting this! I am a newb with fire starting. I tried this with my new magnesium ferro rod and it worked great.


Graveyard music

Richard Peterson

what if we combined the two to make a paste? maybe add ground charchol as a bit of a binder, and to serve as a wicking media for the fuel? fire paste is handy, but why should we always have to feed the industries that care nothing for us, aside from how much cash they make from us?

Darin Espinoza

Online I found Olive only per gallon for less than $17. Not bad at all. But how long is the shelf life to use oil if one planned on buying it just to store. Yes, the use for food would eventually not be good but would it not work as well? Also, how much olive oil are you using per cotton ball?

Michael DeMarois

waxed jute burns longer than both

Charles Manch

....and the water resistance for olive oil vs. Pjelly? Submerse and repeat. That's what you need in an emergency situation. Something that will always light.
Give a comparison side by side with a spray bottle simulation of "rain" and relighting.


Nice video & very interesting results. Will give this ago myself when I get a chance. ATB

Dea Carey

Thanks for the video! I use olive oil or coconut oil (depending on what's handy). I do not use petroleum jelly for anything else, so why buy it just for fire starters?

Petroleum jelly is made from petroleum (oil), which is a valuable limited resource. Humans destroy environments, endanger lives, and wage war to get it. Seems a shameful waste to use it for mundane things like this. (It's also one reason I limit my use of plastics.)

Kon Tiki

this video could have been played in half the time if the test was conducted side by side.

A Person

I tried a lot of olive oil on a big rag and it burned for 20 minutes straight. I did the same thing except with Vaseline and it burned for 7 minutes.

Nerding for Nature

I've never even heard of using olive oil. I always have olive oil in the house, and sometimes in my pack. The only reason I have petroleum jelly is for fire starter.

Google User

Why waste good olive oil. Just use used cooking oil that you're gonna throw away anyway. I imagine the results would be the same