Melanin suppressant

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adrenocorticosteroids and antagonists By Dr Mubasherah Jamil Class 3rd year

91 views | 11 Jul. 2020

Melanin suppressant

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How to reduce melanin in skin naturally | How to reduce melanin in face | Get fair skin

329 662 views | 30 Jan. 2018

This video is about How to

This video is about How to reduce melanin in skin skin or How to to reduce melanin in face to get fair skin by following some home remedies.

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You must have heard of how exposing your skin to the sun darkens it,

the work of melanin, is to keep your skin protected from the harsh UV rays,

but when in excess, it makes your skin darker, Exposing your skin

excessively to these UV rays, improves the production of melanin pigment.

melanin pigment is responsible for giving a dark complexion to your skin,

Quantity of melanin in your skin controls your skin complexion, People with

fair skin when atart prodcing more melanin, their skin becomes dark.

Causes of excessive Melanin Production,

Over exposure to sun,

Hyper pigmentation,

Vitamin deficiency,

Skin disorders,


Adrenal disorders,

Liver disorder,

Hormonal changes,

let's see How to reduce melanin in skin naturally.

Here are some very effective face packs you can try.

Mint Leaves paste,

Grind a few mint leaves, and mix them with water to make a paste,Apply the paste to the melanin spots,

on your skin,Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off with plain water to

reduce pigmentation in your skin.

Lemon And Honey,

lemon is natural bleaching agent, and help a lot to lighten dark skin,

Here is how you use it, Take half tea spoon of honey, and one table spoon

of lemon juice, Mix them well, and apply over affected area for 15 minutes,

wash it off with water.

Vitamins play a very important role, when it comes to reduce melain,

Here is what you shoul eat, or include in your diet,

Vitamin A exfoliate the hyper pigmented dead skin cells, and promote new cell growth,

green and yellow vegetables,

yellow fruits such as broccoli,







cheese and whole eggs are aexcellent source of vitamin A,

Vitamin C,

Vitamin C Reduces the production of melanin in the skin,







mangoes and grapefruits are some excellent sources of vitamin A,

Vegetables such as





spinach can also help supply your body, with vitamin C,

Eat them raw or a bit cooked, Steaming or cooking them for long breaks down the vitamins,

Now smile with your glowing skin, and click subscribe.

Gaikwad Sai Ganesh

Ye video hil raha hai ya mera phone

No Username

Why’d you do that you looked better before

Candace Beater

Dumb ass video! Melanin is beautiful!

Anita Sinha

Thank you

Deezy FMFP

What's wrong with "your skin getting darker".
This video is clearly for Neanderthals cuz it's only pertains to white people

that badbleep

I love my melanin skin

Munkuikizi Nsosolo

Hahahaha! Is this a joke???


Stop this shity black racism.

ayesha zareen

Comments laana bhi koi in se seekhe.... Just because we will comment on them they are shaking the video

Esther Pauni

This video makes it sound like dark skin complexion is a disease/disorder/big flaw :(

Moneli Yazdani

me watching this video because I get made fun of for my skin tone and I don't reach the beauty standard :/

The Me

Foolishness!.. Melanin helps reduce the ageing process in your skin which also helps to absorb uv rays from the sun protecting the skin and converting into energy, which is also why the government had been extracting Melanin from the heels of African woman for years now

Imhotep Ma'at El

This video is RACIST AF

silfa joy

why do you keep shaking the video. This video totally suck and nothing works

Sample Text

Lol this should be how to become white

Maheep Singh

Beautyplus Camera
Best app for reduce melanin..!!!
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ayesha zareen

Why are you shaking??? Get the hell out of here?

Niyouna Brown

These are lies melanin prevents these things from happening don’t listen to these ppl

Raymond Tung

so... I just put the paste all over my body. Got it.

The Thoro Network

Why would ANYONE want to reduce melanin? That's exactly the source of instability within the minds of the non-melanated. STOP CARING WHAT INFERIOR MINDS THINK.

Dan Hombre

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Please let us know if you wish this video to get recommended. Would love to help!
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Lmao this video makes it seem like having melanin is a curse

vasavi karumanchi

Can we use any one of the remedies?? or all......?!!!!!!?

one time

This should be called how to turn yourself into a freak. By the way pale people are sickest people on earth physically and mentally. What a sad video someone is suffering from self hate!

Ashneel Anand Singh

Your a disgrace be proud of what you naturally have

Miss Drea

The guy in the thumbnail kinda looks like Lee min ho ?

Bandna Kumari

Why r u shaking too much
I feel like vomiting??

Rukhsana Khan

I have taken screen shots of remedies ,because I can't watch this shaking video again??

Ray Bantawa

I would rather be black n brown n have melanin in my skin n age slowly n have protection from skin diseases than have whiter skin n have more chances of getting skin cancer n age quickly.

can we get 6,000 subs with few videos?

why the fuck would you reduce your melanin?

Shaheen Shaikh

Hindi me boleye

Gualfitsum Rahel

Hey u! Ya u! Y tf r u here?!

vaishnavi badole


مقاطع متنوعة

how often do i have to make honey mask to get rid of melanin

Sad Cunt

Alternative titles: how to lose your n word pass


Colourism is real

Ripon Hossain



Why the hell would anyone in their right minds reduce the substance to which protects you from the sun’s lays?

Kannada kannada

Madam i have pigmentation patches on my face pls help me

Jozie Quervo Yo

That cheesy smile repeating at the end was hilariously annoying.


So so so fake

Black_Dog_ X

Melanin is good for you. Why remove it?

gusha King

This is very racist

Screw this shit I'm out

How to be racist 101 without getting in trouble: this video

Yahmell Judah

caucasian has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world there skin blisters and burns because of the lack of pigmentation or melanin

Lotus MUA

Why would I not want melanin? It connects me to the sun.

sandhya shrestha

Many people say this type of videos...or whitening beautyproducts are ..racism but..I dont think so....its for those people who feel insecurities having dark skin....even I've kind of dark skin...my skin gets tanned really fast when I stay just for some seconds in sun ....and when I stay away from sun it starts to glow in yellow....

But it is the main insecurity..I can't even go out in summer for long time even if I want to......its for people like us ..so dont call it racism ...and there are a lot of people who loves their skin color even if it's dark or white ..so they dont care about this videos ...

Goodie Haygood

I love myself.....Melonin is connected to the universe

Jie Ha

Are u Parkinson's?

Shiddu Hiremath

Is it true ? Medum

srimayee archana

I am feeling ?. Why your letters are dancing?

• kooKoo •




Patrick Smith

Idiot natural idiot ! Lol

The Isolated One

Reduce melanin ? ? wtf is wrong with melanin and why would one want to reduce their Melanin

Yahaira Parra

Why wouldn’t you want color if it’s beautiful some of y’all just don’t deserve the beauty of Melanin at all?!

Vvijaya Bhaskar

Back ground music too iritated


I’m sorry this video had me laughing ?? the shaking wtf

Teddy Bear

Love yourself people

summer glow

Y’all hate the sun that gives life and give you melanin to protect you , I guess getting whiter you will hate when dangerous cosmic rays gives you cancer . The sun has up and downs , it will give life to everything and take back in colder climate , the sun dies to rise again. Would rather have melanin than be white Casper ghost that get cancer when solar minimum hit . This racist culture of thinking white is beautiful makes me sick . Accept your natural melanin , it’s a gift made to protect you and makes you more spiritual and compassionate . The sun gives energy and birth us , people without any melanin are always horrible people with no compassion that’s a fact .

Morris Hicks

Thumbs down !! This video is racist I’m going to report this and cause you guys to decline.


What a fucking idiot you don’t even realize how much benefits you receive when you have melanin... sad that this society is whitewashed. Do some research.

Carol White

Melanin is your electrical system. You're pretty silly if you want to reduce that.


You’re Asian? Same...

Carlos Lopez

All fruits and vegetables are to increase not reduce melanin!!!


Fuck that i'm good dark


Ye to baabro ho gayo...

Murshid Kulikkiliyad


Yogesh Kadam

Reduce melanin and got skin cancer free??


I taught it was just sweet:(

jad stars

Can a light brown person become white by reducing melanin?


I think I dont need the tips anymore, I want to know how to feel better after having severe nausea.

Niketan Naidoo

All these Indians trying to look white

Hugo Wulf


Dab Da Mysterious

I'm so glad I got my sweet melanin skin. ?

Melanin suppressant

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Albany City Council - Dec. 3, 2018

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City Council meetings are

City Council meetings are held on 1st and 3rd Mondays at 7:30pm. See meeting rebroadcasts on KALB TV or online at albanyca.org/KALB and youtube.com/AlbanyKALB.

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