How to use extractor tool

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How to Use a Screw Extractor | The proper way.

19 994 views | 21 Jun. 2020

In this video I will

In this video I will explain the technique I use to remove damaged screws using the proper screw extractor tool and a drill bit.

The tools I used for this video:

Bit extractor kit:




Metric drill bit set:

Dormer A191413 Jobber Drill Set, 1.5 mm - 6.5 mm


Camera gear I use:

Canon Body


Standard Lens


Macro lens:


How to use extractor tool

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How to remove a damaged screw with a broken screw extractor

1 937 684 views | 27 Jul. 2015

I create an extreme

I create an extreme example of a broken screw and then use a broken screw extractor to remove the screw.

Avnish Anand

I did the side 1 bit, but the side 2 refuses to grip, it just spins inside the hole. Am I doing something wrong?


Thanks for sharing..quick and easy. ??


Sweet! these worked great!! Like the video says, I just had to make sure i was using the biggest size I could fit into the screw head

Terry Hennessy

SNAPPED THE DRILL TIP OFF TWO the first time I tried to use, within just a few rotations; pretty worthless metal?

Reemara Abdul

thank you.. it's really breaf and well informative ? ?


??Thank you sir! ? Thank you for helping all of us daddyless daughters out here. Daddy died before he could teach me about this stuff. It takes a village!! RIP daddy. ????

Ido ari

i used your method on aliexpress screw extractor and IT'S WORKED!! thanks :)

Spencer Colgan Wallpaper & Painting

Very good

Zhi Zhen Lee

We sell these screw extractor on Amazon Europe, (UK,DE,FR,IT,ES)

We are looking for people to test our product and give us their honest opinion. You will be given the product for free, if you would like that, please contact me. Cheers

Ginny Monroe

Wow, thank so much for showing me how to use a screw extractor. ???


Looks like the set Walmart has called the Wideskall Damaged screw Extractor on sale online for $5.99.


Says make sure you are in reverse proceeds in forward . Even the Chuck seemed backwards

Chris 101

Great worked a treat on a screw in my double glazed door which was rounded off so I couldn't
 replace the Euro cylinder lock. Worked a treat


Wizardry !!!

1611kjv 1911acp

I have ONE 2" long screw to remove. Went through all 4 bits. Absolute trash. These things suck.

Los wide awake

Any specific brand that’s is better

Karen For Utah Senate District 6

Success! Thank you soooooo much!!!


Nice. It worked so well that now I can't remove the screw from the extraction bit.

MiketheYung God

What about when the head breaks off?

Carrie R

Thank you I thought it was me

Tenoch Xipilli

Ty. About to remove a stripped bolt on my truck.


Are you aware that this video has been reuploaded by another channel? They removed your branding and intro, then replaced it with their own.

Vincent Fink

Thank you. Picking the size was a little confusing still for me but I got it. It worked for me but I tried the smallest bit first and it didn’t work so then I tried the second size and it worked!

Chris C

Thank you so much, very helpful video.

Victoria Boland

Thank you! Short and sweet and to the point. Great explanation!


I've had this set for years and it's a piece of shit
What a complete waste of money

Mykel Nyghet

All kindz of stripped tip action... all kindz.


Hello everyone. I sell a new kind of damaged screw extractor. No need burnish a hole. Remove the damaged screw with one step. Ultra time and energy saving. Now you can get it for free. If interested pm me

Brian Jonson

I bought this and followed direction exactly and laughed when it did absolutely nothing. Not even close.

It's Australia Day Every Day

I use the first 30 seconds of this to annoy my neighbors! Just fond it a bit creepy when you say you are coming at me.

Frank Gonzalez

I got this tool and was afraid it didn't work at all after a few attempts but I finally drilled deep enough and it worked, y'all!

Boza Karlin

I twist it and unscrew it.

Jean Michel Ou a.k.a Da Jamz

Worked for me to my surprise. Made few tries and insisted a bit and ended up removing the screws.

Mei Chip

I needed to know this for my project i couldn't complete because the screws were stripped and i didnt have enough money to get extractors or even knew how to use them at the time


What if scew is seized will it work as well?


Just got back from a big box store and bought a set of 4 of these bits. Tried the smallest one on a brass screw that is stripped. Didn't work. Tried the next biggest size as recommended in the product box. Still didn't work. I'll chalk it up to the fact this screw is brass so it will not hold a good bite on any tool but if it's because I used a drill instead of an impact driver, I'll be beaked because the product package says all you need is a drill.

Brian May


jus pickin

nice one mate just ordered a set

marco cavalleri

i don't know why he does not mention it but you can buy it here... www.eblowstore.com

Houdaloth Ali

Try doing it with the stripped screw deep inside. Your one was already out.

Gabriel Robinson

Love you man awesomely informative!!!!

daibhi seaghdha

sounds funny, removing a " broken screw, with a broken screw extractor " should mend the broken screw extractor first. what about " slotted screws "


Thanks! Mistakenly went clockwise for side 1

Jhansi Chinnam

I tried this today, step#1 did nothing. Maybe I should try for some other options

Dan Pinckard

This video will show you the best way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq9eM0r5lv8 THIS OLD HOUSE MAGAZINE called it one of the best new tools of the year in 2016. It's an effective single-step method for removing stripped screws.


I have the smoothing out part nailed down, that's why I'm here HAHAHA

Bass Fishing Addictions

I've tried to use these things countless times and because they NEVER WORK I always make sure to watch a vid to remember how to use them and well guess what.. they still never work. I dont understand how they work in the videos but my point still stands, biggest gimmick I've ever seen, junk and a waste of money

Asep Pratama

is it twice reverse ?

Tuck Fhis

Just tried this POS and believe me this is a POS.... DO NOT BUY!


Splendid video with an excellent instructions... Indeed. As many commented lengthy introduction excluding where the drill is to be used in reverse can be cut short a bit.

One small thought that crossed my mind, if side 1, of the extractor merely enlarge the bore to render the recess smooth, Is there a logic as to how the side 2 of the instrument could grip the screw head to remove the screw? Unless, Side 1 must make some serrations in the mortise of the screw head for the side 2 to extract the same from screw hole.


Why the fuck do everyone of these videos keep having the same damn screw like I need a tutorial on a ranch screw we don’t need 2000 videos of different people doing the same thing

Jim Bower

2 useless minutes before showing a 30 second procedure.

Kupo Gamer

Sigj, cant set my drill counter clockwise. Is it possible?

Steve Reade

I bought mine several years ago ... about the time they did this video. Never used it until today. Working on my shed, there were several Phillipshead screws that were painted-over and embedded into the wood. The extractorS worked fine BUT (1) start at a slow speed when extracting, and (2) if the "correct" bit doesn't work, go to the next larger, and so on. That got me through a couple of very pesky screws. One "strike-out" ... a screw that wouldn't (wooden-t?) release was actually turning in the wood, so I just pryed the board loose; the screw wasn't holding-on to anything. Thanks for the great info and demo!


great vid. for some reason the audio for the power tools is only panned to the left

Cupids 5210

is it easy to come out from metal?

Yuchen Liu

what if there is thread lock on the thread


Why did this guy stop making videos?

Amar Entertainment

Thank you!

Olin Lagon

Perfect instruction. I'd subscribe but your intro is longer than the actual info needed on your video.

Everything Life

This is very informative for someone like me who has never used this before since the depiction on the the inside of bit case wasn't accurate, I could NOT differentiate the two bits and which side of the bit they meant, do truly thank you.


do they come in precision variety ? I need them for tiny stripped screws for the heatsink of my laptop

Devon Staup

Posted in 2015 and still useful today. Thank you for the quality video.


If you do not like the intro, make your own video. Just saying

David Bean

Good info Merc but your intro at 30 seconds is far too long.

Eder Mendez

You forgot to mention that you must use an impact. Otherwise you will never can do it

Houdaloth Ali

If they are already out, you can use a plier to get it out.

Watt Hansanant

talking toomuch

Edward Amrock

Follower instructions to the T and did not work, its a tool that is a fraud!!!!!


What can you do if you have a screw in plastic that you can turn with a screwdriver, but the threads are stripped a when you turn it counter-clockwise it just turns and turns without coming out?

Naveed Khan

great video and simple explanation.

Frank Castle

These things are trash


when inserting side 2, is the drill still in reverse?


Is side 2 also using REVERSE? Please reply.

Chum Flex

Do these work for bolts as well? For say, I do repairs etc for a laundromat. And the guys who did it before me used a drill and stripped almost every bolt on the washer and dryers and there impossible to get out. Right now I’m using drill bits and popping the heads off than using vice grips too get the bolt out. And it takes a good 5-10 minutes alone just too get the head too pop and I’m looking for a better and faster alternative


You did some of your work in "messing it up" having pieces of the socket in the head can be a big part of the work.



Michael Whiley

Great gear, and a must have for your tool kit


Are you supposed to press down hard while using the extractor?


I have a damaged screw on my dsi and to repair it from a broken LCD screen so this was not of help because where am i gonna find tiny screws to do this :(

jason parkinson

Great video.

Tony Walters

That is not a good test. A pair of pliers would get that out. A rusted flush screw into metal would be a far better test.

Kim Artist

Counterclockwise looks clockwise in the video?

Ro Ho

for those still unable to remove stripped screws with the extractor set:

Use a larger sized extractor because the one you are using is too small

1. drill screw head with larger drill bit
2. use a grinding head and smooth out the larger hole. Otherwise the metal shavings will keep the extractor from biting into the screw metal
3. clean out the hole
4. Insert next larger sized extractor into hole
5. turn extractor COUNTER-CLOCKWISE


Americans love to go ahead

Deejay Garimi

But is it worth getting extractor kit if the screws are very tight deep and the wood old? Like Rvs an MH have crappy specialty screws if pre 70s. Often damaged and if you pull you may take half a sheet of drywall and even a 1-2 inch ching from a stud!!! Wil you have to pressure to remove something so tight you cant manually even make it squeak more than once.


I saw this one like a month ago on facebook. I decided to get it and I'm happy that I did. You can get yours here if you are interested, since I don't see a link to get it in the description. https://onedealunity.com/


I just brought this, I hope it works on hardened stainless steel screws and bolts....

john smith


Blacker Panther

That did not work...


Skip all the bs and go to 2:14 if you want to know which piece and in which direction on the drill.

Kristian Russell

I found this amazing electric screwdriver on a website called GenScrew. https://genscrew.com/kit


video starts at 2:42

Jacky Jack

Spent weeks trying to remove screws attached to stainless steel. I tried EZ Outs/Speed Outs, screw extractors, rubber bands, super glue, drill bits, gloves, and the only thing that worked was using a rotary tool with cutter (Harbor Freight $10) to cut a line/slit(Phillips flathead) in the center of the screw so an Impact Driver can hold onto the screw. My screw was too short and the material was very soft. Put painters tape on the screw before using an Impact Driver(Amazon $12). This was the only thing that worked for me. Hope this helps someone out there.


It worked!!!! Yay!!!


It’s not fair before using the extractor side 2 the screw was in then he took it out behind camera


I have this 'extractor set' and it's a waste of time.

rako bako

put a flat head screw driver on the head of the damaged screw and hit it on top with a hammer then turn the screw driver extract the damaged screw.

kathleen holland

I tried this tool...I went in reverse for both ends of tool. When reverse didnt work I tried forward on the "drill" end and reverse on the grabber end..still no luck. I went slow and I put pressure on the drill as instructions stated...no luck. Waste of money:( good video..thanks..at least I know I was doing it correctly:)

Jamie Dalgetty

Could not get over how easy this was to do. Thanks!

How to use extractor tool

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How to Remove Stripped Screws with a Screw Extractor | Rockler Skill Builder

484 405 views | 3 Apr. 2018

Removing screws that have

Removing screws that have a stripped head can be frustrating. There are lots of reasons a screw head can strip, but one of the easiest ways to remove a screw that has a stripped head is to use a screw extractor bit. An extractor bit features two ends. One end looks a little like a short twist drill bit, and it is called the burnisher. The burnisher cuts away some of the stripped original driver profile, leaving a clean surface. The other end is the extractor, which features sharpened threads that are cut in the opposite direction of ordinary screw threads. The extractor end bites into the screw head and turns it when the drill is run in the reverse direction.

Order a Screw Extractor Set: https://www.rockler.com/3-piece-damaged-screw-extractor-set

Subscribe to this channel for more of the latest woodworking how-to videos and new product innovations. Click the red subscribe button at: https://www.youtube.com/user/RocklerWoodworking

Find the best woodworking products and innovations at: http://www.rockler.com/


I have a damaged reverse threaded screw. Can I use this tool rotating in the opposite direction to extract it ? Actually, it's a drill chuck mounting screw. Any advice is welcome.Thank you.


Short and straight to point. Thanks for sharing!

Chad Lindsey

I never use phillips for this very reason... nothing but star bits for me - T10 screws. I've never had a problem.


that transition at 0:33 tho

Amani Hassan

It does not work that easily!!!


Low quality screws, like the kind you buy at The Home Depot with their Everbilt line. I have even stripped those after drilling a pilot hole just slightly smaller than the diameter of the threads AND using a $25 professional grade screwdriver that never gave me problems even when removing rusted and seized screws in metal.

J.M. Castilla

OK, gracias por sus vídeos, thanks for your videos
[email protected]

Kenneth Jordan

The URL for the screw extractor is not valid anymore at rockler.

Dan Pinckard

This video will show you the best way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq9eM0r5lv8 THIS OLD HOUSE MAGAZINE called it one of the best new tools of the year in 2016. It's an effective single-step method.

Tatiana Ensslin

watching that screw become stripped gave me so much anxiety lol

tro jansky

Tremendous help! Thank you

Ferris 3

I used a screw extractor and it broke into the hole i drilled into the screw :-(

Wave Williams

I Enjoy listening to his explanations. Almost Bob Ross tonnage.

Anette Douglasdotter Brander

Thank you so much for this brilliant tutorial! ❤???


Perfect guide. This guy is good at this.

Jurell Rapay

Time to get myself a set of screw extractor bits. Thanks for this!


Thanks! I remember it works reverse threaded.

James Harris

I once had the pipe from the shower head break off just inside the tile. They make a pipe extractor that allowed me to back out the broken part, then some Teflon tape and I made the repair without having to damage the tile. When you need them they are worth their weight in gold.


Here goes nothin

Ant Bee

Good video and sounds simple. I tried to extract a screw with a kit that was not from Rockler, but the extractor end got stuck. When I applied more force, it broke off and I was left with a mess. I would recommend you to use screw extractors only if you know what you are doing, otherwise ask someone who does.

Michael Goedeker

Really great video! Thank you

Marcelo Márquez


Romana Angersbach

I am really sure you can build it yourself mates. I made it 2 weeks ago thanks to woodprix website.

Harbour Dog

1:27 Man, that is one tidy workshop!! Wish mine looked like that.

Gaurang Patel

Can I use the same for car license plate screws with lot of corrosion?

john doe

When I tried to use the burner side, it didn’t do nearly the amount of cleaning as yours did. I put pressure on and nothing.


I have several set of those double-ended tools you display (extractor bits). I have never found any of them to be of the slightest value.


Anyone know where I can get a really small one of these (I'm talking an extractor for a 1.5mm tri-wing y-screw)?????

Grayson Sheridan

I bought this today... Did not work on hardened machine screws. Ended up using drill to remove heads then a vice grip to back them out.

Peg Dimarco

Go to woodprix page if you want to learn how to build it yourself.

David Omot

Excellent video.5/5


Cringed when you continued stripping the screw. Who even does that? Stripping a screw even more after its been stripped? Oh shit that was me...

Bader Alharbi

I'm wondering why they asked a poet to make this video ?

LPrincess Aziz

Don't care why. Just want to know how to remove it. Nice video.

Rachel Topping UK

Very helpful thank you ???

Kenneth Iman

Excellent video! Lots of good information, no filler.

Hermenegildo Rodriguez


Roberto Longoria


jose cuervo

How does a too small pilot hole affect fastening screws?


What about a very small screw?

Pam Walls

This is so helpful! Thank you!!

Anashen Navasartian

This is very helpful but is there another way if you dont have the extractor?

Joe Rosales



10/10 For detailed & clear explanation of how this thing works.


The drill chuck disengages when it undergoes too much torque going the reverse way, what do i do

Joseph Fry

My bits didn't come with the other side to gouge it out. So. Completely useless.

Trazell Patterson

Professional, not boring and informational!


If the screw extractor doesn't work on a screw that's exposed and not broken off or flush, rather than go the oft-repeated route of taking a Dremel and cutting a slot for a standard flat screwdriver (that still may strip), here's a less frustrating and more fool-proof method:

Take a grinder (full-size or a grinding bit on a Dremel, or a file if you don't have one) and flatten two sides of the screw head on opposite sides. Then grab it with vice grips and unscrew it. The flats will let you get a better grip without it slipping like it would with a round head. You'll get a lot more leverage on a stuck screw with vice grips than you would with a screwdriver and it's a lot less likely to strip again than a slot for a standard screwdriver might.

Lil Narm

What about tvs?

Anthony Johnstone

Thanks buddy. I’m not handy at all and needed the basics.

Papa Xud

Thank you Mr James Hetfield ?


This video should have rap music playing in the background...MC DIY.

Samantha Pagan

Will save my life at work

Caleb Phillips

You’re like the Walker Texas Ranger of woodworking


All how-to videos should follow this format. Informative and quick.

Seamus Warren

I suppose we have to drill it out if a weak head snapped off leaving only the screw shaft.

Tony Hogg

I had to buy a three piece set of extractors today. Was at Ace hardware and asked a female worker were the screw extractor bits were. She said they didn't have any and walked away. I went over to the bit section anyway. Looked for awhile and finally found them. ?. I told that lady they did have them and I found them. She was surprised that I confronted her about it. ?. Anyway, it worked great getting a screw out for some old worn blinds the previous house owner had stripped. I thought I was out of luck till I learned about these from this video. Worked perfectly.


Would it be possible to do this with a tiny laptop screw? I have a laptop that I need to take apart to fix and one of the screws on it is completely worn out and won't budge so I can't fix the laptop until I have removed the screw!

Miguel G

Will theses work on automotive bolts?

Joe Rosales

Smart ? thanks ?

inactive channel

What about small screws? I have to take out stripped screws on my phone.....help.....


Okay but what if the stripped screw is screwed onto a PC motherboard?

Gustavo Padilla

Wonderful video!

Chad Lindsey

Did he just say that stainless steel is softer that steel? ROFL

Travis Smith

Thanks for this demonstration... It helped a lot...

Tariq Khan

Cheers Chris. Good video.


Watching a bastard screw be brought out so easily was very satisfying.


excellent video, but what speed should I have the drill on for the second step?

John Doe

Those extractor bits do not work at all. I spent over 30 minutes using those things and they do not work.


Very nice


Hmm my extractor tip only has one of the two sides...

Live Free and DIY

Hey, that's pretty slick! Thanks for sharing! ??


Absolutely outstanding! Could not imagine a better how-to video. Great presentation skills. Thank you!

Israr Khan

Very nice

James Davey

This video was fantastic! Thank you!


Thanks man this was don great simple and to the point unlike others . This had 90's vibes all over it took me back to" this old house ".

National Health Institute

Wow this tutorial helped me out so much man! Thanks ? ➡️http://bit.ly/2CRaUCO
These work like a charm, when you take your time. Don't have the drill spinning like a jet and get angry when the screw won't budge. Ask me how I know...


Valerin Fejzullahu

How can i order this set, from Germany ?

Jeff Ogren

It worked! I had a stripped two inch screw. I watched the video, went to Rockler and purchased their extractor product, then came home and removed the problem in just a couple of minutes!

Gerson Gutierrez

Great video. Simple, Quick , and to the point. NO opinions, no tangents, no nothing but the knowledge, awesome


The burnisher in the set I used made a hole so big the extractor can't grab onto it... not sure how this is supposed to work

greg adamczak

very helpful video, short, to the point and simple. Thanks for helping me solve my stripped screw problem

Becky Meadows

Beautifully instructive and concise! Thanks!


Beautiful, short, and extremely clear lesson. Thank you!!


This never work on me


I'm trying to find a extractor for a tiny screw, about 4mm across and can't find an extractor small enough.

NonLegit Nation

thanks for the video, I actually did everything in reverse like a dummy before watching this, using the threaded side first then the drill bit side second, it worked, but I'm pretty sure I messed up the threaded side of my extractor, good thing I have a couple sets.

don fecher

Thanks Chris Great help!


Every single reason he mentioned Ive encountered. It actually made me feel good that it happens to pros too lol

Falcon Feathers

Great video, very clear. I just bought a set of 5 goldtoned Easy OUt screw extractors. The instruction is visual image and vague. I will now go to my oven, praying that my Easy Out removes two very old screws which secure my baker oven element to the back wall. Metal screw, metal plate, and metal oven wall which I do not want to damage threads. Will come back and tell you how it went. (hopefully easy)

Lesyoung910 Vauxhall123!

Thank you

yuliy yakubovich


Renwick Customer

Who is this absolute legend and why does this have so few views??? Excellent tutorial with tips!

Efrain Edgardo Pinilla Villareal

very idea

Robert Garcia

Thank you so much!


Great video!! Thanks for sharing


fantastic video. loved it. honeslty i almost never comment. but you deserved it! got 2 kits today.


Thanks, Chris. Appreciated the emphasis on keeping the drill in reverse for both steps. Would've assumed the usual clockwise motion for the first step.

The Devil

I've had screws that have destroyed these extractors.

Ryan A

Will this be able to extract an allen screw?