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biolitec® medical laser: Polypectomy with MyoFiber CC (Minimally Invasive)

2 324 views | 11 Jan. 2017


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A&PI Myofibril Contraction

38 299 views | 16 Jun. 2016

Class of 2020

This is awesome

Shayan ss

Thank you for this useful and brief clip.


mind blowing, something divine designed all this.. thats all im saying..

Mr Wrong

Solemnly it's amazin'

Rokan Moschus

Great .. thanks

subramanian abindinesh


Rusc Ross

great clip

אנסטסיה טורצ'ין

very helpful, thanks

Dee Dee Romelus

Please more anatomy and physiology lecture. ❤❤❤

spider gaming

Thanks ..it is very helpful ?

Nathan Barnhart

Thank you so much for this video, was very simple and well narrated and illustrated

Akash Yadav

Very useful thnx

raja Alahmar

thanks alot

Hafiz Muhammad Mudassar

Yeah it was too good It heaped me to learn

No one

Precisely explanatory in quick time. Thanks

Dee Dee Romelus

Very good teacher
Please keep the video coming ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ the lecture was very clear to understand


This is the best explanation ever. Thank you so much

Johnathan 4b

Thankyou so much ??


You rock

Budget Audiophile TV

excellent clip

Fahad Alazzawi

This is the best explanation anyone can find

Priyanka Chaudhary

this is awesome..thanks a lot..very helpful

Ivailo Pavlov

Excellent explanation!

Soul Nomad

You just summarized 5 page in 1 video. Great


my head hurts

Max Fitness London

Thank you so much! This 4 minute clip made things fall into place!


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Myofiber model

34 views | 1 Jun. 2020


Fantastic! what are your future video plans? Stay Safe :o