Mineral make up comparison

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Doctor V - How To Treat Eczema around the Eyes for Skin of Colour | Black or Brown Skin

7 383 views | 10 Feb. 2021

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REACTION to Priyanka’s skincare routine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktpo61QHj-k&feature=youtu.be

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BEST The Ordinary for skin of colour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXHbtc_cNWg&feature=youtu.be

WORST The Ordinary for skin of colour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BL-UqxfTJh4&t=3s

Flake Free Scalp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xj3EZjVuz80

How to Grow hair FAST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFClPscoXIk&t=337s

Treat Dark Marks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbEi6os9L94&t=75s

Truth about OBAGI: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xr05xLU_uj0

Anti -Aging Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWeEKFHkgxo

Acne Routine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4oAzarUFBo

Chemical Vs Physical Sunscreen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f65lj5Ll42I&t=3s

How to wear Vitamin A in skin of colour? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-KS19nYtnc&t=9s

Is niacinamide good for skin of colour? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVWJ9Ok4PuA&t=2s

How to use Vitamin C in skin of colour?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGZOX2xM6Do&t=2s

Dr V Skincare Routine:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPdyCcIrl4Y&t=4s

Secret to minimise pores: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ctwj-opW3g&t=2s

How to get Glowing skin? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drGUDmcs6MA

Disclaimer: This video is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Content provided on this Youtube channel is for informational purposes only. Please consult with a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or health related diagnosis or treatment options. Information on this Youtube channel should not be considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional. The statements made about specific products throughout this video are not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. hyram susan yara James welsh

Menolia Lewis

Pls make a review on namyaa intimate lightening serum

Bethelihem Anbese

This channel is dedicated to skin of color but you never specify which type of skin. You have to be specific, no offense but other wise anything you recommend is of no use.

Priya Priyavinod

Dr which is the best moisturizer for combination skin teenage girl

Joane Andrew

Thankyou for this. I want to share something that actually worked for me and is not recommended. I stopped moisturizing! Yes! I was getting contact dermatitis on my eyes for past one month on and off. I dreaded steroids, so when i saw the skin is bit calm i stopped using it and after couple of days started skipping moisturizer after every two days and it helped tremendously! I feel like skin should build up resistance on its own. But i do not rec this for severe eczema, please follow your derm but just wanted to share❤️

Egle Tamulynas- Mendoza

Can you please do a second Cetaphil and CeraVe video?? They both launched new products that are supposed to be hydrating, so I would love to know what you like about them and if they’re approved. Thank you!!!! ?

Simi Sundararajan

Is anyone else able to find any of these in India? If yes, please suggest where?
I'm able to find he bioderma cream & bioderma intensive balm but not the eye cream :/

Dr Kay Explains

Eczema around the eyes (and in general) is SUCH a tricky thing to treat! Traditionally as GPs we've only had limited things- mostly steroids and emollients. It's good to see a step by step and no-fuss guide for all of us to refer to!

W.M.N. Nethmini

Please please maam do a video about ichthyosis vulgaris skin care....lot of people are suffering from inherited dry skin...from childhood and they don't know to deal with it and complete guidance is not available in you tube...thank you...

Fatima B

Hi Dr V can you do a video on the texture/ small bumps on forehead please!

Baab e Umoor

Dr v please do a complete skin care video for combination skin people plz

motivation and objective

Please make a review video on different eyes cream for wrinkles around eyes like neutrogena, ponds age miracle etc. Please suggest which is best for wrinkles around eyes.

Dashna Amin

Thank you so much for doing this video!! And thank you for referring multiple products that ppl can access depending on where we all live. We love you from Canada!!

Ninsiima Maria

Doctor, can I do Tumeric face masks thrice a week while on a cydamycin and tretinoin gel? Thanks

s d

Dr V please do a review on the Korean skincare brand named ATOPALM... i would really like your take on the products before i buy them... thank you


Thank you I needed this video!

amran Abdi

Im having really bad eczema around my neck Eyes and chin

Valanka Travasso

Please can you do layering of paulas choice products ! It will be of great help


This was a God sent ??? I used to get eye eczema when I was a kid and all of a sudden it’s returned thank you ??

Mehjabeen Hajwane

Thank you so much for this! This is exactly what happened to me in October. It’s only just cleared! I took out of my routine a new sunscreen I was using ( I think it may have had denatured alcohol in it). And I started using pure Shea butter on the super dry areas, that helped a lot ??

Marie-France Dominique

Hi Dr V! I've had contact dermatitis after applying aloe Vera gel on my face. My doctor prescribed me cortisone cream for my face and it is all gone now. But still have some eczema left on the upper lid of my eyes. I went back to my doctor and she prescribed be a cortisone cream for my eyes but I couldn't stand it because it started to burn inside my eyes. So I stopped it. I wonder if plasma injection around eyes could help regenerate the skin around the eyes and consequently treat it?

Renesha Malhan

Hello can you make a review on the BioDerma please

Milli G

I have been dealing with left eyelid dermatitis for past 5 years. And I simply cannot wear drugstore mascaras even if it’s cruelty free. There is something in them that immediately flares up my condition. I can only use organic skincare and makeup. Xx from Australia

Christos Segkos

I have eyelid eczema and I have tried so many creams.. my holy grail is Avene XeraCalm Balm and face wash. Unbelievable! So so good! Please try them out if you are suffering from eyelid eczema

Ebey Ross

Please do a review of baby eczema products.Thanks


Hi Dr. V,

I used to use a humidifier with tap water; I then realised it is actually not good for our health and create white dust. Would you agree that we should use Distilled or demineralised water in a humidifier?

2. May I also know what is the best humidity level for our skin to stay healthy?

3. As I watched your video, And fully understand perfume and essential oil on your skin is a big No-No. How about adding natural organic essential oil, such as lavender oil into the humidifier being seen as a No-No for our skin too?

Thank you Dr V!!!

Because I'm happy xx

Hi can you please do a video on how to get rid of old eczema scars. Thanks xx

Winniemargaret waithaka

Please review mentholatum acne products

Anisha Goyal

This is literally happening to me right now, thank you!!

Smita Shrestha

Hi Dr. V, Can you do a review on Origins product? I have blackhead, redskin with blemish combination skin type. I do not know how to make my skin flawless like yours.

Safina Khan

Plz can u do a video on kids with eczema how we can treat it


Hi Dr Rattan

Can you do a video on blue light and sunscreen? Do we need mineral sunscreen with iron oxides especially if we are in front of computers all day?

Shraddha Chintawar

Hello mam....i use hydroquinone for 2 years...just because i stoped it now my forhead my jaw line became black...somthing balck for inside ...what kind of treatment should i do now

Meera Karunakaran

Hello Dr.V! Can you please do a review on the skincare brand: Allies of Skin

ayesha nadaf

Plz do a review on 'isntree'. They claim their every ingredients to be 0 on irritant scale...so would really like to know from u


Can do the ordinary skincare for some one that is 60 years old African American

Ariej Al-Banwan

Can you please do a video on eczema around the lips?? I have been struggling with contact dermatitis on and around my lips for years now!

swetha p

Can you please review Etla products!

Joanne Govender

Hi Dr V.
Please can you do a video on your approved chemical sunscreens.
The physical ones you have recommended are not available in South Africa.
Also, I really appreciated your video on Eucerin cos it is widely available here. However, could you do a recommendation on particular products from the Eucerin range as a full skincare routine, eg cleanser, toner, day cream, night cream, eye cream, etc.
I am using the Drops of Light range from The Body Shop and I realize that it is bad for my skin as I have already watched your Body Shop review.
I have gone through the inkey list on some of the products from Eucerin but am not 100% certain if they will be good for me. The one I am referring to is the Eucerin Q10 active range.
Just some info about me which could assist, I am 40 years old Indian female, and have recurring bouts of contact dermatitis particularly on my neck area. I have started removing products that contain fragrance and denatured alcohol from my routine in general. But, I feel that I do need proper skincare products to prevent ageing, and to help with my hyperpigmentation.
Please could you assist.
Your expert advice and recommendations are extremely valued.
Lots of love from Durban, South Africa

Rebeca Gangwer

I'm 39 years old, I live in Utah (really dry); I have sensitive skin pron to roseacia, my skin barrier is damage I watch your video about how to repair and I'm following the steps. My question is should I apply honey on my skin as homemade mask?
Thank you so much for educated us, God bless

Linda Nanan

Thank you ? so much ! ❤️

pallak bammi

Please do a review of 'Conscious Chemist'. It is a sustainable skincare line in India.

Gabby Call

Hii, can you pleaseeeee make a video for body hyperpigmentation on what products to use for the body?

jiya sarma

Dr.V can you please do a video on neem leaves benefits and side effects

Ashita Panda

Doctor, would really appreciate if you could do a review on some reliable Indian sunscreens.. there was a scandal last year about Indian sunscreens similar to the one with Korean sunscreens..where it was found that Indian spfs from the popular brands Lakmé and Biotique, advertising an SPF of 50 & above were actually no more than SPF 0.5!!!

subha sababadi

DrV can I apply niacinamide serum if I have barrier damage on my face?

Pooja S

Hi! Can you please do a video on Seborrheic Dermatitis on scalp and face please. I get SD on my eyebrows and eyelids too and I think I may have already damaged my skin barrier as I can see discoloration. So would love to know how to treat any future outbreaks. TIA.

pavi singh

Thnkyou so so so much di❤ lv u ?

Happy vibes

Hey Dr,
Can you please make a video on ordinary skin care layering routine for Dry acne prone skin & hyper pigmentation.
Thank you !!

Patricia Naidoo

Hey Dr V, thank you for recommending products that are available in other parts of the world ??appreciate it


Hi dr v! You should probably review heimish! I hope you can see this

Ituah Tessy

Great job Dr.V, thank you so much for this information, I have really learnt a lot from your videos. And please more of this global product ? ? ?

Sachin Arora

Hi Dr V,
I have watched a lot of your videos. They are very helpful ???
My dermatologist suggested me a widely used Indian sunscreen. Some say it is better than PhotoStable(another Indian Sunscreen)...
UV Doux Siliocone based sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++
Can you please review it????
I would be really grateful to you...

vashnavi velumony

Review more on powders should use on the face.

shreya l

Hey Dr V! please review good molecules, specifically the niacinamide brightening toner and the discoloration correcting serum


Hi Doctor V, Please please review a few sunscreens that are available in India, The neutrogena one has a terrible white cast. There are a few physical scunscreens like La-shield and Suncross that claim less white cast. Please review them ,

reetika pun

Hi vanita can you please review 360 physical sunscreen

Priscilla Abekah

Thanks so much for your video. I saw your videos a few days ago and decide to do skin care routine. I purchased simple moisturising face wash, Garnier micellar cleansing water, purifying cleansing lotion, soothing facial toner, and the Ordinary niacinamide10%+Zinc1% and changed mine cream to cerave. I hope am on the right track as I don't have anything on my face but decide to get even skin tone.

Neethu Kp

Di you please do video about Try shampoo....i have extremely oily hair.i really need routine for oily hair especially shampoo and conditioner

archive archive

Hi Dr V, what do you think of the cerave eye repair cream? I know you like the majority of their products and it's easily available on amazon. X

Tatinee Dey

Could you do a review of Q+A range of products? They seem to have a lot of collagen related products.

Nirmal jeet

Hi dr v, pls do a video on Sunday riley (ex products) been using it quite a while, waiting for yr advise n video on it tks

Lexii Morillo

Hi Dr. V!
I just wanted to ask your opinion about the products of Murad:
1) Prebiotic 4 in 1 Multicleanser
2) Intense recovery cream

divya reddy

Hi Doctor V - Do you recommend laser treatment for lip pigmentation and for skin pigmentation ? I’m Indian with brown skin color. Please suggest, I am struggling to take a decision. Thank you so much for your help!!

Siya Karwa

can u pls do a video on best orange correctors

Amina Chowdhury

What’s the best way to get rid of dark the pigmentation after you’ve had the flare ups especially if this has been the case for many years?

Vanq Ivanova

Hello Doctor V , ❤️❤️
I love all of your videos, even if I don’t have problem with certain thing, I still watching, because I always learn something new ❤️❤️
can you please do video about aloe Vera, if it’s so good for skin of colour, it’s every where is people recommending it ..

Fiamma Souza

Love watching your video's. Could you do a review on the brand caudalie?

Ghayathri B

Hello Dr V mam..how can i order ur products from India..tnq u..thanks fr all the knowledge u share in ❤

Cynthia Wright

what about the white patches around the mouth? Not flaky definitely slight inflammation,n dry.

Samantha Byake

What should I use for my face am having acne problems

princess chionsa

Hi doctor can u make a video on how to deal with acanthosis nigricans for skin of color other than weight loss ?

Nida Kamran

Respected Maa’am,please review on Forever living products please❤️

Rose K

I have dry patches on my upper eyelid and I used calandula cream and that worked like a magic

Aaisha Chowdhury

Hi Dr Vattan, Could you review the Bioderma brand , especially cleansers? :)

Sarah C

Hi Dr V, thank you so much for this video. My eczema around my eyes is still a constant battle and I completely agree with what you say about the steroid creams. I’ve been using corticosteroids for a looooong time and my eyes are still flakey and just as dry! Just a quick question, when you say not to use actives... is it still ok to use it around my face and just avoid the eye area or just don’t use actives whatsoever on the face until the eye area has been repaired? Thank you ☺️❤️


Hi mam, love you, mam may theoly l glutathione serum use karti huu, mam iss serum mein glutathione, alpha arbutin, vc, b3, kojic acid, orange peel extract, glycerin, chamomile, v e , hai,mam glutathione skin per use karne kaya sahi yea nahi mam, please please please mam answer dijiye please ? reply me details mein please, bohot confused huu please please please ?

Nusrat Jahan Amy

Your thinking is very good and I love you lot and thanks for all of your good advices. I want yo know about daily means full week night time skin care routine please please please..... share six more vedio coz you already give 1 night time skin care vedio ????

June Askew

You are right on time with this topic. I was just trying to find information on this. I have allergies along with itchy dry eyes and it dawned on me that I might have eczema around my eyes along with hyperpigmentation. I don't rub my eyes and the skin isn't broken but I do get a burning sensation when I use certain products. HOW CAN I TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO?


Dr V can you please please please do a video on best make up brands for acne prone skin of color (specifically dry skin lol). many of these products as you know, has fragrance and after just one use I have red pimples all over my face ?

motivation and objective

Please make a review video on different eyes cream for wrinkles around eyes like neutrogena, ponds age miracle etc. Please suggest which is best for wrinkles around eyes.

archive archive

Great video really needed this. Thank you Dr V ?xxx

Jeenu Joy

Dr V

Can you make a video regarding oily eyes? What products can reduce oil around eye area?

Shavone Boston

This came just in time. I am having a flare up around my eyes right now and am trying to calm it down.

Matexvn 08

Just like sub good video keep it up

Nicky Bains

Could you please review the brand ‘Eclat’

Anwar ul haq

Please make a video on toxic chemical free eye cream for finelines and wrinkles around eyes. ???????????????

shruti eg

Hey what do you recommend for women of color when we go through dark patches of skin during pregnancy?

Nikita swarnkar

I have a request please do a video on skin care products safe for pregnancy

Rma Kaushal

Hello Dr Rattan thank you for all your videos, they are very informative and useful for my skin care. I have a request could do a video for dark underarms for of course skin of colour ladies. Thanks

Maryam Javid

Please make a suggestion video for finelines around eyes, best economical and easily available eye crea in subcontinent. (Pakistan)

Yaht Bergstrom

You have no idea how much you have helped me. My skin has drastically change since I started watching your videos. Thank you so much. Stay blessed


Mam can you pls review on "Moms and Co" brand...their vita rich range....pls

Aarav Baby

Dr V love your videos .... can you please make video on toddler eczema? What product to use and to avoid. Thanks

Archana J S

Dr. V, Please review Tranexamic 3% + HPA from Be Minimalist.

M_ Khatun_

Can you please do a video on nail care, in particular cuticle care during winter? Thank you!

Valerie Oye

Hi Dr. V Can I use calcium ascorbate on my skin

Upendo McCabe

Can talk about discoloration pls lam struggle with discoloration on my face am black .thanks

Kirandeep Kaur

Hi thanks for sharing info. I wanna ask something if you can help me please. I had a big scar from burn on my face and little pigmentation on my nose. Someone suggested me to use retinol 1% when I used it for 2-3 days. My skin started peeling off and feeling more wrinkles around my eyes. I stopped using that product but still worried if I can get my normal skin back?if you can answer would appreciate. Thanks

Gwendelyn Lim

This is spot-on. It worsens every winter for me. This winter I just started dabbing niacinamide around my eyes and apply Centraben. It seems to help.

ann harris

I was just wondering if some time you can talk about the best products and supplements for thinning hair or hair loss? Is there different products for people of color?

Mineral make up comparison

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Joan Baruch

Just try E.L.F. Flawless finish. It is soooo amazing i was stunned . Gel like consistency, covers beautiful, lasts more than all day, etc. etc. the only drawback for me was finding the right shade but i mix the Sand shade and Buff shade together and its perfect! You wont be disappointed!

Julie Quates

I have such a hard time finding a right foundation match. Any tips? I never have felt like the associates at the stores pick the right shade.

Amanda Pierce

Hey thought I would just pass along some info. I think you should give JI another try and apply it like this: the powder is supposed to be pressed into the skin, not brushed on or buffed. Also, it is never supposed to be used on its own, but is designed to be set with a JI setting spray. They have different ones for different skin types. I think if you press it into your skin you'll find that it smooths texture better, and if you set with the correct JI spray, it will keep it more matte and it won't look powdery. When I was taught how to apply JI it transformed into an entirely different makeup for me! Anyway, thought you might want to give it a try!

Nikki Shubert

I enjoy your show. I wanted you to know that you should re do this review because you used the Jane product incorrectly. This is a cosmecuetical grade makeup that is meant to be used with a system. Please consult with a trained Jane professional to get all of the info you need. Thanks!

Linda Holder

What mascara do you have on? Did you have something done to your eyes? Also what did you use for the bottom of your eye, shadow/liner?

Face Up

Hi, I just watched your video comparing the JI Pressed Base and the Cover FX Powder Foundation, and I just thought I would throw a bit of advice concerning JI Pressed Base. I work with JI products every single day, and, and also wear it every single day. I too have an oilier skin type, but no matter what you use for foundation, good skincare needs to be the first step before any primer and any foundation. JI also now has a makeup primer for oily skin and honestly although a person should be able to use any primer with any foundation, I'm not 100% certain it actually works that way...The JI primers are really really different, in such an amazing way. It does not have that silicone slip that a lot of other primers have, which (by the way) do not work on oily skin. The primers for us oily people need to have an "encapsulated silicone" which the JI has, which feel more like a moisturizer than that velvety slip of regular silicone. The buffing of the JI Pressed base is absolutly fine as we use the buffing technique to build coverage if coverage is what you are wanting. The setting spray is a godsend product as it comes in a formula also for dry, normal and oily skin. Instantly takes away that cakey just applied powdery look, and sets the makeup. Use it over your entire makeup application. Just a couple of tricks form a JI educator.

Judy Bard

Have you ever thought of trying luminess air.....I have a friend that swears by it....I'd love to see you do a review on it...

Rebecca Harnett

Unfortunately You applied Jane incorrectly, you must use downward strokes only, then hydration spray then apply another base if you wish (most pressed bases do) I am a Makeup artist and I I can tell you it pays to research your product.


Angie, I LOVE your videos; and thank you for your detailed reviews, especially on foundations. I have heard great reviews for YSL Le Teint Touché Éclat Foundation. It sounds like a great foundation for mature skin.


I love your videos and your honest reviews! I would love to see you do a match up "face off" of It Cosmetics Your skin But Better full coverage CC cream (my holy grail) Vs. Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream!


Hi Angie I want too start off by saying I love your channel !!!!  I am also 50 plus years old..  I would love to see you do a tutorial on TARTE Amazonian clay full coverage foundation or get your input on this.. I love that you give us such good advice and I will continue watching you.  Thanks for the time you take from you day to help educate me and others on your make up uses!!!!

Eve Wee

i think you should get sponsors on products  that are sold worldwide instead of only just US.

Annica Burman

I'm so bad at commenting. Don't think I have ever left a comment. But I watch your every video and has done so for at least a year. Oh watched most of your older vidos too :) I'm a 55 yr old Swedish woman with nearly your colouring, so many of your recomendations fits me perfectly. There is only that hazzle that I live in Sweden and we really don't have all the brands you have in the US.

You are such an enabler :) You should take a peek in to my bathroom cabinet - and you would feel right at home :D I started on tretinoin 2 months ago. My skin is not very sensitive so I'm already using it every night - the 0.05 strength. I have the Timeless Vitamine C and ferrulic acid serum. Oh and my latest purchased item is the UD Naked Basics 2 :)

So just a BIG BIG thank you for your GREAT videos. The work you put in doing the foundation comparisons is just AMAZING!!

Kaye Carter Mature Woman Daily Dose

Great review! So happy that you are doing well. xoxo YAY!  Hugs, Kaye :) xoxo


Great review. I appreciate you doing these reviews. It saves me some money :) I love this series. I'm trying a new foundation right now. It's called Stila Perfectly Poreless Putty Perfector. I would not recommend it. At least for us over 50. It makes my enlarged pores & wrinkles look worse & it gets shiny within a couple of hours. It also clings to dry patches. Hope this helps someone save some money!

Kelly Lovegrove

Angie, I think Ive found my holy grail summer foundation.  I heard about Teint Miracle on Ellebangs youtube channel.  It is Teint Miracle by Lancôme, oil free but feels and looks like silk with a satin finish and spf 15.  I am 64 and Sylvia (Ellebangs) is much younger but it looks great on both of us- I have dry skin, used Epionce moisturizer and  Smashbox primer water under it and set with Tatcha Luminous Dewey skin mist.  It has amazing coverage without being heavy and wont settle into lines or pores. I used Bisque 4W and you and I have the same skin tone.  I think you would love it!


Hi, Angie! I just love your channel! Unfortunately, I bought the JI powder foundation at the end of June. Doah! And I agree with you. I really think (even though I'm about a month late), like many subscribers, you should take a break. When you're ready to return, maybe you could switch to doing less of a full review on epic fails. Mention it to us in a failures video & move on. Then you could do the more detailed reviews on foundations you like. Just an idea. Thank you for helping us save money & time by muddling through all of these products for us. Over time, I've come to realize we feel the same about many products so now I don't bother with things you don't like. ☺ Enjoy the last of summer!

Ms. Healthy Face

Have you tried the Kat Von D pressed powder?


Thanks Angie for all your advice for us 40s & up.. I personally never liked powder foundation.. & now that I'm 41 I just don't think there's anyway it would work for me ... I do love cover fx pressed powder for setting & a little baking it gives the most beautiful finish ..

debbie klemcke

Thanks for all your hard work! It is appreciated! I'm using EL double wear light and it is doing a great job on my 63 yo face. I recently started using the Rapidlash. Have only been using it about 1-2 weeks but am hoping to see some results in the next couple of weeks. I have tried the Lancôme definicils mascara several times (loved it) but there is something in the formula that coats my contacts or causes a film to appear. I try it every few years hoping that something has changed. I will try this new one. Maybe it has a different formula.
Love your videos! Enjoy your break!

Marie Mac

Still again~ loving the reviews. ... I think that even if you have "epic fails" and you've already done he work on them you 'should post them...Or if you don't want to post just mention them so some of us have been wondering we won't waist time and money on epic fails... ;)    thank to you and for you hard work.. even on the epic fails..

Clare L

Hi Angie!  I know you tried Makeup Forever HD a few weeks ago.  I have been meaning to suggest the Makeup Forever Liquid Lift Foundation.  I love it.  It has great coverage,  a slightly luminous finish and is great for mature skin… not drying at all!  Only certain Sephora's carry it so you may have to check around.


Angie, could you please review the Elcie foundation? Thanks!! Denise

Laurie Ehrhardt

P.s. Juice Beauty collaborated with Gwenyth Paltrow on a new liquid foundation and its suppose to be great for women over 50!!

Carey C

Can you review the new Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation?

Connie Ceballos

Omg hope you and your daughter are doing good my daughter also got her 4 wisdom tooth out omg she was in pain but they gave her codeine I told her just as needed so she’s better now lovely videos what your favorite foundation I have mature skin

Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

Angie have you ever tried Sheer Cover? In UK we see endless ads for it and wondered your views please ? Thank you .


Hi Angie,
thank you again for your detailed review, such a shame about Jane Iredale, I wanted so much to like Jane Iredale because it is all natural cruelty free, but I hate it because it only lasts a few hours before you look like a total grease ball!  Unfortunately for me, I bought my Jane Iredale at a place I couldn't return it at and I'm so mad at myself for that.  Also, the color I have (warm silk) is not a perfect match for my skin, but because I can't return it I will slowly use it up unless I can find someone I know that wants it.

I'm sorry that these foundation videos are bumming you out, but please know how much I (we) really look forward to Fridays to see how different foundations worked out for you or didn't, I really love your foundation videos and trust your opinion about how the foundations worked out or didn't and especially if they didn't work out I really really appreciate knowing that so that I won't even bother with sampling them in the store.
thank you!!!

Amber Loves Mystery

Have you tried lingerie de peu by Guerlain?? Its AMAZING! Love your videos Angie!

Shani Schultz

You should try Mally Beauty foundations like her face defender bb cream and poreless perfection powder foundation.


Thank you for all your work, Angie. TAKE A SUMMER BREAK!! xo

Sarah D

How about IT CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder SPF 50+? I would love to know how it stacks up against IT Celebration foundation. May be nice since it includes non-chemical, broad spectrum SPF 50.


Try Clarins? I had pretty good luck with that one some years ago...
Maybe Chanel? Mac or Bobbi Brown?


How would you rank IT Cosmetics Celebration powder foundation compared to these?

Pauline Monk

Hi Angie, what was that foundation brush you used?

Charlene Graveline

I have been searching high and low for some sort of foundation for mature (50+) skin. What have you found that works the best? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Love & Light to you... Charlene

Laurie C

Angie, What do you think of cleansers or moisturizers that have fruit stem cells in them? Have you ever used any products containing them?


Ok. I'm noticing the new mascara as well! Looks fab! Better than the benefit? Or maybe it's just that Rapid Lash effect!

Melissa M

Have you tried Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder? It's my all time favorite. Thanks!


Angie, I would like you to ask, if you will have an opportunity, to review Clinique City Block sunscreen SPF25 (Not SPF40) It is all mineral sunscreen (with even higher amount of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide than Exuviance) and with light coverage. I am curious what would you think about it. I did buy Exuviance and really liked it, however, I have rosacea and after couple of hours it would slightly irritate my skin. With Clinique city block I could walk all day without any irritation. It is also half of the price. So, please, if you have a chance, would you please review it. In any way, Thank You very much for all your wonderful videos!!!

Lorena Sienko

Have watched many reviews of foundation, both line, Which are your favorites up to this point? our skin looks very very Similar?

Marcy Kelley

Hi Angie!!! Unfortunately I was a sun lover, got the baby oil n iodine mixed together we found this little jewel of info in one of the very top notch magazines we bought the sheets that looks like plastic aluminum foil and baked away. I'm now 53 years old I'm surprised I don't have more wrinkles than I do but I was using Qluinque facial products religiously personally I think it saved my skin as back then the lotion had minimal sunscreen in it. Anyway. I've been watching your videos like I'm addicted to them...I think I just might be..LOL I was told to try the foundation makeup by It Cosmetics product is called It Celebration Foundation supposed to cover wrinkles,dark spots basically anything you want to go bye bye it retails for $38.00 has no application tools but it's supposed to be GREATfor dry skin. Be very moisturizing all natural ingredients and give you a slight glow to help diffuse what you don't want seen not supposed to settle into wrinkles or pores says it lasts from day till evening never needing a touch up n doesn't rub off on clothing won't come off till you wash it off.
Could you please try this out n see if it's up to snuff it's made for mature skin, I would love to hear your remarks that are completely honest n that's why I love your YouTube video's you've helped me beyond words an do so APPRICIATE all the time and effort you put into each video keeping us all from looking like Zebras whose stripes are sliding off!I am a newbie at all this stuff you put on before your foundation n then powder after to set it. Could you also do a video for a very natural look you know your wearing make up but everyone else just thinks your well rested!!TONS OF LOVE N LIGHT TO YOU N YOURS!!!Sincerely,Marcy K

Eve Wee

your camera is too high. omg


Thank you for all your effort in trying these foundations. It is driving me crazy as I am still searching for a fabulous foundation. Truly, what you wear normally for your videos is the best. You look radiant, gorgeous and your skin looks flawless. You and I are on the same scehdule- daughters wisdom teeth and college!!!! Glad she is feeling better-7 days is a long time to feel crapy in the hot summer!!!

Makeup By Lydia Rose

Love these types of videos!!!
You have the best taste and you look absolutely gorgeous in this video!!!!

Karen Stacey

Angie, I love your blog and You Tube channel. So great to see someone so thorough and professional, yet personable. I've watched a few of your posts about foundations for mature skin, and, being well over fifty, thought I would recommend two foundations I've liked quite a bit (although both look best with a primer, my current favorite being Laura Mercier Radiance): Lift Lumiere by Chanel and Double Wear Light by Estée Lauder. If I were forced to choose, I'd probably pick the Chanel because the coverage is amazing. But the Estée Lauder is wonderful, as well, and much more "buildable," as they say. Hope this is helpful. Hate to see you so frustrated!

Laurie Ehrhardt

New to your channel! Thanks doe the review. Check out Lily Lolo loose foundation. I also use the bb cream kind of as a primer. Then I use the real techniques beauty blender damp instead of a brush because I have super dry skin and brushes tend to micro exfoliate my skin - I have tried all kinds of brushes! Anyway, the Lily Lolo loose is the best I've used and I have tried everything!!! They sell a sample pack so you can choose lots of colors to get the right match. And you can order multiple sample packs. Also love their mascara and blushes and bronzers. Honestly everything I've tried I love!

Diadem Glow

Angie, have you ever heard of any skin condition that makes your skin peel. I am older and My skin has always been very very good, no lines, etc. I am very happy with my skin, but a strange condition staeted many months ago, the skin on my nose is peeling, it hen grows back and peels again all over. Thetexture is also different. Going to see my second specialist soon but getting scared, just wondering if you had ever expereinced or heard of this. Thnx!

Annette Turnbull

I haven't watched a video by you in quite some time for no reason... life got busy and all that but I use to watch you all the time. This being the first video I've seen in awhile I JUST HAD TO SAY... I think you look BEAUTIFUL and actually more youthful NOW! ?? Way to go! Whatever u have been doing is working!

Julie Quates

Hi Angie! I really like your videos. To the point and you hit all the key points. I'm "only" 30 but feel like my skin is needing a bit of help lately. I appreciate your reviews and skin care tips. :)

Melissa M

Have you tried Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder? It's my all time favorite. Thanks!


["!IyBCorBDq02Y2zpEnlGwvk8TnZ8CAAAAbFIAAAAgKgEfQrd78di5wGwKorbzLeWEX2NgiLIeN9A3BncXLX7OeUUQq8YZn1stRvfzQRowAnLrbO2zgnRpQMSLdKz-6vNdwb7sNvdHBfynKJsAWrji1Og7pCWKccg3nwczF37H-SDxDjPcm4apOOjNcKc5b9qKPbXhnav7wR3SjoZunHBwogVQCgtEEU4GM8ebLnw7knkJ1V3EWFlzYLpZ0Vm8Deh_zf6lP9C0NHljJAJrpL-gkUOM8f2LZtBt06DR7o8bGyopA4_21celrGvDCN_9Wp9iQhB_hOEO5Zu68iAwO4WHZ6VmrsbnBPpFBrU42DUusgkjgweHuMg2uLn2aetB-7FtV5u1yaftds-sR8WzjiWOQTiBM79gtPgWxHxhKOc65Ao","I'm 55 years old. I have also tried a ton of foundations. My favorite is Mirenessee 10 Collagen Cushion foundation, from Australia. It is expensive at $70 but I buy mine from Amazon, (directly from Mirenessee) for $49. I would love to know how it works for you.",[[[null,null,1]],null],true]

S Douglas

I use pur minerals 4-in-1 and I can't find anything else that I like as much.  For your tests, thank you for the tests, I prefer the Jane Iredale side.  That side looks smoother.


Thanks for the review.  Yes, I do love your FF videos and selfishly hope you do not discontinue them because we have similar skin and issues.   BUT I have to say that I've just about given up with powder foundations and heavier pigment products (many concealers etc).   All of them sink into pores and accentuate flakes.  I just seem to find better success with light liquid foundations and set with loose powder.   On hot days I stick with some sort of tinted product and set with loose powder and call it a day.    Thx again!


I do not like cover fx at all and I have tried many different ways to apply it.

Susan Keller

I meant *review!

cassey elsie

Do try Armani powder. I like it but I only use it as touch up during the day after I applied my liquid foundation. It doesn't look cakey even after few times of retouching.


Jane Iredale is the only foundation that has helped me clear my skin. Every other foundation I tried made my skin break out.


I use cover fx w wet sponge and I like the way it feels it's light. I don't use primer. Hope you give it a try

Chelsea Greenwood Lassman

Very thorough!



Angie, this came up on my newsfeed. I don't know if you're aware that your picture is being used for some product.

Brenda Baker

GOD BLESS YOU ANGIE & PLEASE TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!! WE WILL ALWAYS ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! ☺☺☺☺☺??????????????????????????????????????????????????


Angie, have u tried the NEW Stilla Poreless putty yet? And also, I hate to ask this but it is n EVERY women problem n u have prob already been asked... BUT have u ever try facial hair removal? I know since I have been, ALL my makeup looks so much better, EVEN some products I HATED. I epilate, no chemical to worry about... And I don't think ANY of your followers will b upset if u decide to take a break for yr search... Not sure how many women would b as dedicated as u r... BLESS U, for sticking in there, I would have lost patients long ago... :)

La Carmen

you are so beautiful!

Jody Jingles

Terrific review Angie, very thorough and concise! Thank you :-)

Mia Doser

Love them both. They both work well and are cruelty free ?

Darya Ryan

Can some of you gals tell me what would be the mid shade between JI Satin and JI Riviera foundation colors? Thanks!

Kellian ham

I was so bummed the discontinued stay 24 hour foundation. I did find it in france, I could kick my behind for not buy a couple more bottles.


I have to be be honest, they both look really good to me; but then I prefer powder foundation (I’m 54). I always think that as long as things look fine at a conversational distance, that’s all tickety boo. No one is getting up that close to me except my other half, and heaven only knows he’s seen me at my worst already. I’ve got combo skin, I’d say. No sun damage thanks to a 33 year SPF 30 habit and always finding sun bathing really boring. I like both of these.

Vicky -sandrift-

If you have it in you to try something else, I've found the (admittedly expensive) Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation to be spectacular on my 44-year old freckled skin. Thanks for sticking to it this long!

Leslie Goodson

I wouldn't mind if you start up the series again in the fall/winter because I don't want you to feel bumped out and wear makeup in this hell zone of heat and humidity. I don't like wearing makeup in the summer either. You could actually probably get a better wear out of them too, because it wouldn't be melting off your face ?? thank you so much and I always enjoy your videos!!

Lisa Stein

+HotandFlashy, I know the feeling about foundations. There are Only 2 Foundations That Works for me. With full Coverage and No TRANSFER, AND LAST ALL DAY, THE HIGH END 1 IS ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR FOUNDATION, THE BEST DRUGSTORE PRODUCTS AND FOUNDATION IS THE REVLON COLOR STAY PRODUCTS, THEY BOTH ARE GREAT, YOU REALLY SHOULD TRY A tutorial on both of These foundations, ??

liselle sloan

Please do the Chanel powder foundation.

Denise Alin

love your Foundation Fridays!


Thanks for video. Have you tried Tata Harper?

Natalie Wold

Thanks so much for your time, I have steered clear of powders on my aging skin. I noticed you didn't use a setting spray, do you think that would help with longevity or the drying look? Thanks again Angie.


You know already I love this series Angie keep up the great work!!! I haven't tried any JA & for the price,I probably wouldn't as I'd prefer to buy one's in this price range like Guerlain if I"m going to splurge big!! I like CFX products I have the anti age primer,like it & I think it blurs a bit too. How are you liking the mattify one??
Bit disappointed that CFX didn't do it for me,I agree for you these weren't for me either. Why don't you try the new improved MUFE HD or MJ has a new one out too!! I'd look into these for sure one may be the winner your looking for...Understand how summer gets busy & you need time with family too! Love this series but do what you need to do hon....we'll be here if you hit on a foundation winner!!!!! Much love...xoxo Dee :D

Adriana Franklin

Hello Angie,

Thank you for your hard work doing all these videos. I am 46 with dry skin. I have had rosacea for many years. I have been using Jane Iredale products for 5 years. I love them. I use my suncream (LaRoche Posay) ,  the loose  powder Amazing Base (SPF 20), bronzer and after the hydration spray D2O to set up everything. It gives me a very nice finish and it covers my rosacea. When I want more coverage I use the primer Smooth Affair, the BB cream Glow time (Jane Irdeale) I finish with a little bit of the Amazing Base. I love this products. If you can, please test them and let us know your opinion. Thank you, Adriana

Vanessa Alves

Thanks for your close ups!! Your foundation reviews are the best! I appreciate your time and patience that you put in each review/video. Thanks

Into Light

Most makeup experts, like Jane Iredale, will tell you to use your moisturizer, then a PRIMER, before using any foundation. Why? Because that acts like a barrier between the foundation product & your skin. Plus, it helps to blur imperfections.With many people their skin tends to absorb the makeup without putting on a primer first. I'm the same age as you (56) and I always use a primer. It makes such a huge difference. Also for anyone not allergic to Bismuth in powder mineral foundation, the Bismuth is what helps that foundation to "stick" to your skin & is necessary. Personally, I love Bare Minerals & Sheer Cover foundations. I also at times, will mix 2 colors to get the perfect one for my skin tone, depending on the season. As we know your skin will tend to lighten up in the Winter months.?

Happy Place

Looks shocking

Eman Mandeel

i really love ur reviews thanx! im getting the jane iredale for sure, ive been looking for a green brauty full coverage compact powder and i think its a winner

Cheryl Johnson

I've heard Estee Lauder has a fabulous liquid makeup. Try that as the holy grail for older skin.

Susan Keller

Hi Angie,
I'm a longtime Lancôme Beauty Advisor, and I would love to see a revue of Teint Idole Ultra 24hr foundation. It's our best selling foundation and I put it on women everyday who have your exact skin type. It looks beautiful on almost every complexion... long-wearing, pore minimizing, oil free, fragrance free, full/build able coverage yet light as air. A Demi Matte finish and best of all...it's non-transferrable! (I apply it on my decoletè to cover sun damage!

Kerry Somma

I coudnt help but notice your eyelashes!!!!!  OMG they look amazing!!  Is this just the Lancome mascara or do you have falsies on??  Thank you for your videos!!


Jane Iredale bb cream is fabulous on me. Best skin match and wonderful full coverage. Have you reviewed the bb cream?

Kimberly Oertel

Hi!!! I'd love a review from you on the Makeup Forever Face and Body foundation. I've heard it's incredible. Thanks!

Ishita Dutta Chaudhury

Try YSL Ink Fusion Foundation

Ruth Smith

Still watching the series...still loving it~


Also I always use a moisturizer first before the Jane Iredale pressed powder foundation. I love it.

Deb White

Have you tryed Clarins?

Darling Eloise

Angie, the Cover FX is a great product but for aging skin your best to avoid powder foundations. Their cream foundations in tube and compact which give much better coverage and those that have tried it rave about their Custom Cover drops. You should try a video which those, especially the drops.

Jennifer Harris

I came here for the review on the Cover FX foundation, but was mesmerized by the fact that you (apparently) wore nail polish on only one of your hands all week.


Angie I love this videos.  Very helpful.  Are you only trying high end?  I am over 50 and I have a couple drugstore foundations that I like.

Theresa Medley Harding

Hi Angie....have you tried Glominerals pressed base? Possible review??  Thanks for all your tips!

Sue Cone

I have used JI for years and always thought it did a good job of coverage. You do have to apply in a certain way but when finished it always looked good. I am always into products that have a high SPF and the JI does. Great testing. Enjoy the summertime.

Cozette M

What I find about pressed powder foundations is they cost as much as the liquids yet last only half as long if that much. I can make a liquid foundation last 6 months, the presses powder I’m lucky if I get 3 months out of it.

Lisa Brackett

Hi Angie, I'm hoping you'll try the Born This Way foundation by Too Face. I'm really interested, but only see reviews from youthful ladies and would love to see the opinion from someone in our age group.

Robin Falcone

Hi Angie, I sent you a note not long ago, raving about the Smashbox dual finish wet dry foundation. Scratch that, I have absolutely, hands down found my HOLY GRAIL foundation! It's the new It Cosmetics CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder SPF50+. I cannot believe how this stuff works! I'm 53, and I swear this stuff has taken 10 years off! The weird thing is, you only have to lightly sweep a little bit on, and you get nearly full coverage, but with NO cakiness whatsoever. It feels so lightweight and fresh but covers up everything. Give it a try, you'll be done with foundation Fridays because your search will be over!
Love your channel, thanks for your excellent reviews!

Gone with the Kale

your eyes are spellbinding.

Mineral make up comparison

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Setting vs. Finishing Powders || Quick Tips - Elle Leary Artistry

91 667 views | 30 Aug. 2017

I always get asked what is

I always get asked what is the difference between setting powders and finishing powders? Do I need both? What do they do? I hope this video clears up any questions on the difference and how to use them :)

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Finishing Powders:

Hourglass Ambient Light Powders: http://go.magik.ly/ml/6jji/

BECCA Soft Light Blurring Setting Powder: http://go.magik.ly/ml/6jjk/

Setllar Haze Powder: http://go.magik.ly/ml/6jjl/

COVER FX Illuminating Setting Powder: http://go.magik.ly/ml/6jjm/

NYX Professional Makeup HD Finishing Powder: http://go.magik.ly/ml/6jjs/ Promo Code: MAGICLINKS350 for $3.50 off $15+ spend

BareMinerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder: http://go.magik.ly/ml/6jjt/ Promo Code: MAGICLINKS350 for $3.50 off $15+ spend

Too Faced Born This Way Ethereal Loose Setting Powder: http://go.magik.ly/ml/6jju/ Promo Code: MAGICLINKS350 for $3.50 off $15+ spend

Wet n Wild Online Only Take On the Day Mattifying Powder: http://go.magik.ly/ml/6jjv/ Promo Code: MAGICLINKS350 for $3.50 off $15+ spend

Setting Powders:

Coty Airspun Translucent Extra Coverage Loose Face Powder: http://go.magik.ly/ml/6jjj/

MAKE UP FOR EVERUltra HD Microfinishing Pressed Powder: http://go.magik.ly/ml/6jjf/

Urban Decay The Velvetizer Translucent Mix-In Medium: http://go.magik.ly/ml/6jjg/

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder: http://go.magik.ly/ml/6jjh/

RCMA Makeup No Color Powder: http://go.magik.ly/ml/6jjn/

No7 Perfect Light Loose Powder: http://go.magik.ly/ml/6jjp/ Promo Code: MAGICLINKS350 for $3.50 off $15+ spend

NYX Professional Makeup Mineral "Set It & Don't Fret It" Matte Finishing Powder: http://go.magik.ly/ml/6jjr/ Promo Code: MAGICLINKS350 for $3.50 off $15+ spend

Video's you might enjoy!

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6. Color Correction for Pigmentation https://youtu.be/9DE-HQT3OBA

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The views expressed on this site are the author's own and are provided for informational purposes only. The author makes no warranties about the suitability of any product or treatment referenced or reviewed here for any person other than herself and any reliance placed on these reviews or references by you is done so solely at your own risk. Nothing on this site shall be construed as providing dermatological, medical or other such advice and you are always advised to seek the advice of a suitable professional should you have any such concerns.


Love your earring where did you get them ❤️

Tanya riley

I love every single one of you videos! I have learned so much.

Valerie 715

Great job explaining! Just subscribed to your channel .
I have dry mature skin ,and use Laura Mercier Candleglow. Love this sheer perfecting powder!

Diane M

Makes total sense.  Thank you for breaking it all down.  Your makeup looks fabulous.  Love that look.

Sha Bamm

Are these finishing powders listed keep everything locked in because I use the physicians formula airbrush finishing powder and it seems like every concealer I use causes mascara transfer with it

Reina Cedeño

Revlon came up with a finishing powder

Marissa G

I've always wondered.. Now I know.. And I thank you, my dear.. Muaah..

Diane Meadows

Very helpful!! Thank you for the product suggestions.

Kelly V

Thank you thank you thank you!!! As I get in my late 40's I am noticing more lines and my pores are getting larger. I have been fighting with different foundations, primers, powders etc. I also need a fuller coverage because my cheeks are redder than I prefer. So no more setting powder time to go to finishing powder!

Aimee Hyland

one question. Do the different types of powders have different bases eg. talc/mica/silica? and if so which is which?

Y.C. Bergkotte

I’m confused: i see a setting powder in the row of finishing powders and a finishing powder in the row of setting powders..........


Yes dry skin and fine lines is what I have!!!!

Masha Huq

Im so confused. Do I need both? I use Nars luminous foundation in Syracuse and set it with powder. But I m looking for new setting powder pressed or powder. Do i need finishing powder and setting spray as well? I dont wear make up everyday and i never used finished powder or setting spray. Im 30 and have combo skin but in summer it kind of oily. Please suggest.


I'm in my 50's and I only use a setting powder in strategic areas where needed, not all over my face. Under my eyes to set my concealer which works great to not only keep my concealer from creasing but to also blur my crepey skin somewhat. I also use it over concealer in my deeper set lines like around my mouth which also helps to minimize/blur them and prevent shadows. I love the NYX pressed banana setting powder for this. The only powder I use all over is my bronzer which has a slight glow to it to lessen the dry look that can come with it. Thanks for the info on this! Really helps to clarify what all of these products are for. :)

Layla Hassan

What’s a translucent powder considered as? Like the Sacha buttercup powder

Jos O.

me: slowly puts back setting powder because i already have a compact foundation

Claudia Colomine

Still not clear and btw you have to much blush for my taste.


What’s your best tip on wanting to reduce foundation transfer but have dry skin also?

Christy Hinckley

hi Elle i just love youre channel !

Faustine IORI

thanks so much I was using an illuminating finishing powder but didn't know how to name it and, as I have almost finished it and can't repurchase it, I didn't know what to search for, mine was a drugstore but I can't seem to find a one this cheap these days and in France

Cynthia Kirkland

Hi Elle ? I was hunting and hunting for a video to do with powders...and there you were..all my questions were answred...thank you so much for this video...your videos really do help us all...this is really like a beauty school..lol ? I really appreciate what you do in skin & beauty education..lots of love & hugs xoxo ??? from san diego

Kerri W

I am wondering if the Mirenesse blur setting powder is actually more like a finishing powder?

Make Up by Gabs

Thank you for this video! It is really helpful!!

Dominique Siwulich

So u can use the ambiant light powder instead of artting powder or still wanna use settong powder if ur using liquid foundation?


Thank you for this video. I just turned 50 and have noticed how the powder is really affecting my skin. This is very helpful. You have the best tips for mature skin which I appreciate.

April thomas

Thank you thank you thank you well tons of information I'm a newbie to your channel yes so people that are 44 should they use a setting powder like Laura Mercier or the velvetizer or stay away

Miss Joy's Art Room

Is the MAC mineralize a setting or finishing powder?

Shweta Singh

You mean for mature skin, setting with a loose powder first and then topping it with a finishing powder helps? If not then how can we set the make-up for mature skin?

Sabrina S.

Will a finishing powder like the Hourglass Ambient Light set my under eye and prevent from creasing?

Pat Roberts

Always wanted to know the difference! Thanks??

Jessica Mendez

What a helpful video! Thank you!

Chrissy Moss

I understood all that you said ??. I Also know that I Will be ditching the setting powders. I was , obviously, mis-sold this product ???. It's finishing powder I need for my fine lined skin. God bless you Elle ??? xxx

Kandii Queen

I'm More Confused. You kept talking about foundation...I never wear pressed foundation. You do not advise a setting powder only finishing (for mature skin)... what is the difference ONLY between setting and finishing powder?

Elizabeth B. In Texas

How do you feel about the Two Face Born This Way lose powder? I just bought this yesterday and hope it will give me a light luminous finish.

Court Brucker

QUESTION: If setting powders are not recommended for mature skin due to it settling in fine lines, why use it for special occasions? And are all compacts foundation and setting powder or are there some that are just powder that you can use to apply with a brush or sponge and use to to touch up while out?

Yossi F.

I use the laura mercier translucent powder to set. I'm still trying to find a good finishing powder for touch-ups. But I don't know what to go for. I know I want mattifying since I am extremely oily but I also have a lot of texture on my skin that I want to blur

Heather Unger

I've been really focusing on skin care this year. I find that my skin care really affects how my foundation wears (slipping right off of my face). If I use powder to set, it starts looking cakey. I've tried several foundations, moisturizers, sunscreens, primers and serums in an attempt to remedy. Any tips on how to avoid this?

Juanita Gartley


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If use fulll coverage fundition do need finishing powder?

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What about the Bye Bye pores powder

Dominique Siwulich

Nevermind i qent bacl amd u amswered my question

Beatriz Sandoval

I just turned 40 and these tips definitely help me. I’ve always used settings powders but like you said now with my mature skin I find it more and more drying. I have to watch more of your videos to learn techniques and perhaps go buy the hourglass powder you mentioned here. My biggest problem is the concealer and setting powder for under the eye. I have a little kid so I never get a full night sleep so my dark circles are tough to cover.

Tammy BUI

Thank you for such valuable lesson.

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Great video!!!! Do you recommend Mac's Mineralize Skinfinish?


Please do a tutorial on this look-you are so pretty!!!

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He see this comment I know it's an older video I was wondering when or when it says perfecting powder does that mean setting or finishing

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Elle Leary Artistry

Hey you guys!!
I have updated the products mentioned in this video in the description box since you guys wanted it, YAY! I am also going to include a few more drugstore options so you can have some choices. Hope this helps xo

Cristina Erlendson

Charlotte Tilbury AIRBRUSH FLAWLESS FINISH vs Chantecaille Hummingbird Perfect Blur Finish Powder?? Thank you!


Thank you Elle!! When I get up tomorrow I'm looking through to see if I even own a finishing powder! Great tip!! Xoxo!!!

Old and Still Here

Thank you!

Corena Garoutte MAKING BUBBLES

Setting powder " sets" your foundation. Finishing powder " finishes " the entire look.

Setting = sets your foundation and concealer
Finishing = finishes the entire look

You don't have to use a finishing powder. Its used to add glow, illuminate and to marry your products ( blush, contour, bronzer, highlight..) together for a "more" blended flawless look.
If your going for a Matt look you don't want to use a finishing powder.

Juanita Gartley

You are bomb......

Kay DeLaMater

Thanks for the information! I really love Dim Light by Hourglass. Also, I really like #NOFILTER Finishing Powder by NYX. What's the best method and brush(es) to apply finishing powders? I'm so confused. There seem to be a couple recommendations. Should I just dust it lightly with a fluffy powder brush? Or should I dust it on with a fluffy powder brush and then blend it with a kabuki brush? Or should I do something else? Thanks.

Ellie Carpenter

I like you ? So glad I found you on YouTube! Looking forward to you helping me through this makeup journey

Reina Cedeño

Can you bake with finishing powders?

Beatriz Sandoval

I just bought the La Mer the powder and so far I’ve used it two times I like it but it’s my very first high end powder so I’m still trying to forget how much I spent and justify my purchase. Thanks to your reviews I really really want to buy the hourglass ambient powder so here is my question, do I set my foundation with La Mer and then finish it with Hourglass? I also want to mention I am NC 35 from Mac so which color do you think I should buy? Diffused or Ethereal? Answer me pretty please because I want to buy ASAP before I spend my money in something else ☺️

Lauren S

Now I get it! Thank you ?


Thank you I really needed to know the difference ❤️


Could you use the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush to set ? I am 43 and trying to tone down the wet look without looking chalky...?

Nadzirah Ramli

I got even more confused after watching this... I read somewhere that finishing powders are the ones that are for photo shoots or something like that.

B's make up

Hi Elle, I'm so glad I watched this video. I have the Hourglass Ambient powder and I wasn't using because I really didn't know how to but now I do, thank you. I'm new to your channel.

Susan Peterson

Hi Elle a great video. I am still curious about fixing spray vs powder for over 50s. I am 51 and a fellow youtuber Sue Maree P. I am fairly new to filming myself. I am struggling to know what is the best makeup for videoing. I don't want my makeup to look too flat or too shiny. I currently wear MAC studio face and body + studio fix perfecting powder. I need to purchase a new powder or finishing spray, but I am unsure which way to go. Any guidance would be appreciated. I still have lots of foundation so I don't want to swap this over just yet. Also, any advice on primers. I recently bought the Chanel Le Blanc primer, but I feel my fine lines now show up more. Thanking for in advance for your help.

L Gempet

I agree w/you on your assessment of the use of setting powders for more mature skin but am thankful that powders have improved over the years. So many have hyaluronic acid in them now & many are even created for dryer skin types. Having said that, I primarily use a light application of finishing powder for buffing & setting the under eye. If I need to take a compact with me for touch-ups, there are some great ones like the La Mer Sheer Pressed, Sisley Blur Expert, or a selection from Chantecaille which are created for dryer skin types.??

Allison Howell

Absolutely love your videos! I have a special request from you for a video I would love to see you do. I have been in the market for an illumination under my foundation. One reason is because I have pretty dry skin and I also just love the look of radiance that looks like you are glowing from within. I have watched so many of your videos explaining great products but was wondering if you might give a more detailed video strictly on illuminating primers, moisturizers, and things that you can mix in with foundations to give that extra glow that won't disrupt your foundation. Also would love if you could give both high end and drugstore options. I respect and trust your opinion and would love to know what you think are the best products are out there for this issue. Thanks for your time :)


Sometimes, powders can be misleading or confusing. I have the Milani prep-set-glow powder and it's labeled as a setting powder but I use it as a finishing powder because it's very lightweight and gives the affect of the ambient light powders. I will not do a face of makeup, even my no makeup makeup where I am basically wearing concealer, bronzer, brows and mascara, without my milani powder.

Jana Mae

Oh my gosh. This is so helpful! Thank you!

Zaina Haddad

Can you do a tutorial on this look?


So if you have dry skin, you shouldn’t use setting powder ?

La Franglaise

Best video on the subject ! Many thanks for your advice. At 53, I was lost in a desert of powders which were not working for me. So gave all my HD expensive powders to my daughter (she was delighted !) & bought the BECCA Soft Light Blurring Setting Powder which I like. I would have like to try out the Hour Glass Ambient lighting ones but they are not available in shops in France so I'm waiting for an online Sephora sale as they are really expensive here. Bisous from France, Michele

Blue Light

Can I used the hourglass powder without the other powder?... Lol! Yes, I'm confused. ??? I believe what I mean is can I use hourglass without the setting powder? I'll be 39 on the 15th with normal to dry skin but I exfoliate and have a wonderful skin care routine. Not a lot of wrinkles but very few fine lines. Thanks!

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Thanks Elle for clearing up the powder confusion so well!

Joan Jaffe

Great video, very informative.  I am an mature  lady who is into makeup and skincare and never too old to learn.  After watching this video, I went to Sephora (right around the corner from where I work) and bought the Diffused Light.  I am going to use it this morning.  I felt something was missing from my makeup routine, and I believe this will solve the problem.  Thank you.

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Make up has gotten complicated. Thank you for the video. Very helpful!

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How do I which powder from Hourglass to get? I see all the different colors . I went to Sephora and was of course ignored. I saw a three pack also. I was thinking of trying their foundation stick my dermatologist said it's a good one.


Yes...it did help! I am 56, felt I should use a setting powder and yet kept finding it settling into fine lines. Thanks so much!


This was very helpful! thanks.

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Hi..my son chose my pic..lol..this video helped so much..what about ones that say perfecting powder?..which one would they be..ex: flower beauty light illuminating powder...in compact

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I love this video ! I’m 65 and my face seems like it changed overnight . Needing to find a better makeup that won’t oxidize or sit in lines. So hard ! This video really has given me such great information. Tomorrow I’ll be out and shopping ! Thank You

Kat BeWitched

Iv’e been using everything and it’s no wonder I look like a walking powder puff! I love the hourglass finishing powder and I think I will stick to that. You have so many golden nuggets in previous videos that I have to go back and review the ones I have not yet seen. Thanks for all the info!

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Just picked up double matte oil-control pressed powder by Estée Lauder. Is this considered a finishing powder?

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Can you talk about self setting liquid foundations thanks ?

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Jesus Fundora

Love and enjoy your tutorials. Very informative and helpful. It gave me a clear understanding between finishing powder and setting powder. It is makes it clear for me as to how and on what I want to spend my money when purchasing my beauty products. Thank you and have a blessed day.

Mandeep Bilg

Hi i am confused if I am getting ready for my wedding event can I have mac studio fix and also finishing powder on the top of it ?

Peggy 770

unfortunately, you are assuming that "mature" skin is dry and possibly wrinkled. I am a "mature" woman, but my skin is combination to oily. "mature" skin comes in all forms.

Kimberly Dunn

Need a recommendation for under-eye setting powder for dry skin??? Banana ? powder or hydrating powder?

Robbie Curbo

Wow Elle I had no idea there was a difference and of course I've bought and tried the wrong (setting) powder and wondered why it looks horrible on my aging skin. Great now I'm smarter. Wahoo! Thank you teacher!


Very very helpful !!!

Cathy Cawley

Will a finishing powder like Hourglass look good in photos? Will it sink into wrinkles? I put on a setting powder the other day and I immediately looked 10 years older. My makeup held up but I didn't look so good.

Nicola Oetiker

You look stunning in this vid!


What would you recommend for finishing powder for medium to tan skin tone?

Danann Moreau

Elle..i have mature skin I hate heavy setting powders..i have makeup forever HD and hourglass VEIL setting ..which one will give me the best set,blurr but not look so powdery..now I am talking about face cuz I have HOURGLASS AMBIENT LIGHTING POWDER IN LUMINOUS LIGHT FOR UNDER MY EYES CUZ LIKE U I LOVE THE BRIGHTNESS AND I HAVE PINK UNDERTONES BUT IT IS BEAUTIFUL AND UR RIGHT IT WILL LAST FOREVER AND I GOT IT IN A MINI!!!?
BUt if I can have ur opinion that would b wonderful..plus I hope to help others?


Hi Elle, of the finishing powders, which are safe if I can’t wear bismuth oxychloride please? Thanks for such a video