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The Pearl Flexi Adjustable Safety Razor. New from Pearl Shaving. 1st use and opinion.

9 521 views | 20 Nov. 2020

Trying out a new Safety

Trying out a new Safety Razor today from Pearl Shaving. This one feels heavy duty right out if the box. It is an adjustable razor that is individually serial numbered and made in India. Here is the description from their website-

MSRP-Rs.5,100.00 ($68.81 US Dollars)

“Pearl Flexi razor is all set to leave its mark as a game-changer in the whole wet shaving world. This innovative piece of the razor is made of 100% Brass & 100% CNC machine process. Each razor will come up with its own unique serial number which will differ from razor to razor. It is a two-piece adjustable razor suitable for both beginners as well as experienced ones. This razor has multiple 6 digit setting numbers which is “1-6” with 1 being the mildest & 6 being aggressive. It can be used in all types of skin including sensitive or not so sensitive. These Custom settings varies from one individual to another as per their beard growth, their experience & preferences. With this razor, we recommend blades of Willy’s, Wilkinson sword & Supermax platinum plus to get you the perfect shave.

This razor has it all what a perfect shaver would always demand & worth every penny! The supremely creative pearl Flexi will work wonders in your shaving routine & the luxurious feeling after the outcomes will reveal the hidden gentleman in you.”

Razor Details

* Razor Total Height: 90 MM

* Razor Handle Height: 83 MM

* Razor Type: Two pieces razor

* Razor Head Type: Close Comb.

* Razor Weight: 130 Gram*(4.59oz)

* Blade Gap: 0.35 MM – 1.40MM

Thanks for watching and subscriptions are appreciated.

Websites used in this video:


Links to Kensurfs Custom Products (custom brushes and shave mug-coffee cup for sale from DSCosmetics).

Coffee Mug-


Kensurfs Winter 2019 2 Band Badger Shave Brush


Kensurfs Winter 2019 Synthetic Shave Brush


Kensurfs Summer 2019 Synthetic Shave Brush


Kensurfs Summer 2019 2 Band Badger Shaving Brush


Thank you for watching. Subscriptions appreciated.







Preshave- Proraso

Brush- Semogue Owner’s Club

Shave Soap - Proraso Green

Razor - Pearl Flexi

Blade - Wilkinson Sword Gillette

Aftershave - Proraso Green

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Nice shave Ken.
I'm sure you will love the Rex. It's shaves as good as it looks. The grip on the Rex handle is insane (it's like having velcro on your finger tips), easily the best of any razor I've used. 
A tip I would give with the Rex is, start on a low number (even on one on the dial), as its deceptively efficient even on its low settings. It's one of those razors that while it can be really efficient on its highest settings, it still remains smooth and comfortable. The good thing with the Rex is, you don't have to adjust in 1 or half steps. You can turn the dial a very small amount to give you that precise amount of adjustment to give you the perfect setting for your preference.
Stay safe.


WARNING Kevy Shaves did a quick video update on this razor. There seems to be a bad batch or something, and the cap to bar gets skewed after going past setting 3, until around setting 4.5
Buyer beware!

Thomas Powers

Both you and Kevy noticed a possible lopsided blade reveal, Hmmm! Just picked up a used progress, man what a shave... stay safe

Mike Rose

Traditional WetShaving for 3 years I’ve accumulated about 30 modern and vintage safety razors. Not too long ago I started downsizing slowly because I did not need all of them.. I went from 20 down to 15 now I’m at a comfortable 10. But this is a razor that I would add to my collection. I always wanted to try the REX But I couldn’t see myself spending that. Here comes this razor.... yeah I got my eyes on it!!!
~Mike Rose~

Simon Austin

Nice review, I like my little Pearl Flexi, but some seem to have build quality issues, it is an aggressive beast, but efficient, like you say I came originally for the shave but definitely keep coming back for the banter and chat, stay safe.

Orochi Yagami

Hi, Ken. Just a heads-up that the Gillette Heritage has been restocked at Amazon for the holidays. Get ‘em before the scalpers do!

Ruben Hernandez

That razor looks like a fatboy futur hybrid. I also like the 2 piece design with the long stem. It seems to check most if not all ok my preference boxes so I may give this one a go. Of coarse I'll stand by to see how it goes with the ambassador on one of your upcoming videos. Anyways, another epic shave good sir ??

Peter Winding

Had a few of those screenings myself, and they are much needed. Some gents don't go, but man they should. Looking good as always, Ken. Love the shirt too. ? That razor looks like a REX down to the knurling.

Mike H

Hi Ken- Great shave and razor razor review; thank you! This razor definitely looks like it has some heft to it, which is not a bad thing, at all. I hope you have a great weekend ahead of you. Downsizing Thanksgiving was a good call; I’m doing the same. Take good care and be safe and be well. Best regards, as always, Ken!

Lee Haseley

Those blades are new on the market, Ken.
I am super glad to see you get a Flexi. I just Saw Joy use it the other day and was impressed.

Peter Kaufmann

What's this? Matt all of a sudden wants to send you a free ambassador? Why now??? He's shaking in his booties. Thanks for the review. I'm gonna buy my a pearl. Don't care what it's made of. The rex ambassador is a total rip off! Thanks Ken

Pedro Catalan

Hello Ken.

Watch Kevy Shaves with the same razor. He noticed a problem with the blade gap being uneven at certain settings. May want to check yours, as I did notice in your video that the blade gap was also uneven. Stay safe.



Great video Ken


I lol’d at your description of the handle

Wayne Rowe

I like well built boxes like my viking emperor adjustable razor with magnetic clasp to keep shut:I clean and dry my razor each use then place back in it.Shaved with my newly honed gold dollar straight razor without switching hands but at some point your hand blocks your view on one side,it was good but prefer the safety of the safety razor,however,there was zero burn on aftershave use.If you find a good Rolls razor on etsy you will love the straight razor on the stick since it was the first safety razor.

Rui Santos

Hi KenSurfs. Shoud do a Batale Parker Variant VS dis ,Pearl Flexi. Thank You.

FirstName Ivermectin

Ken, did you ever get around to trying out these Willy's razor blades? I have heard good things about them. Curious about your take on them.

Matthew Lawrence

Ken great video! there is definitely a issue with the spring and tolerance with the bar adjustment mechanism. The one I have is worse than yours.

Michael Gossett

Does it come with a longer handle?

the Game, Review and Reallife Channel

Really looks like Ambassador cool, is it worth it ? Is it high quality ?


Such a good laugh lol I'd split too ?

Nolin Chitnis

How does it compare to the Parker Variant?

Mick Joyce

Hi ken I started wet shaving a about 6 months ago and I subscribed to your channel a while ago and I can shave 2 passes no problem no cuts no razor burn nothing but on the 3rd pass my neck really gets burned and cut and irritated any suggestions please it would be very much appreciated


great video n´shave as usual Ken, stay safe....cheers....Peter

Sandeep Ramaiya

Hello Sir Great Video on Flexi Razor Very Informative.Exicted For The Give Away...


So most folks are interested in this Rex knockoff made in India with terrible blade gap issues and complaining about the GSC fat boy remake that nobody has complained about blade gap issues. What’s wrong with you people?

Paul Cooper

97.48 outta my range

Jj D

Hey Ken are you gonna do review on the new parker adjustable Injector razor I like to see it thanks

The Spectre

I like the looks of this razor. Thanks for sharing the review, Ken. Cheers!

Ron Campbell

Thanks for the review. Considering getting this razor.


What is a good razor that cuts real close and good enough for every day use for military members?

Andrew Hill

Nice review Ken. Since I've only been wet shaving bout 6 months, I've only got 2 razors. Every time I think I've got my mind made up on an upgrade, a new razor comes out. Unreal how many there are. Kinda overwhelmed on what to get. Want an adjustable though. Do you have a few adjustable ones your partial to?

lance berry

I just laugh at the thought of your accent if you had stayed in Newcastle a while longer, The geordie joke, what difference between a kangaroo and a kangaroot, one of em is a Geordie stuck in an elevator, ( lift UK )


Ken, you should keep the moustache when you get rid of the goate ... you know... for a change for a couple of days :P

CB Shaves

Hi Ken.. Great review of this Ambassador clone, but I think I will give this one a miss and stick with the real thing. I have heard nothing but complaints on this razor on the Shaving forums that I am on. Have a great weekend buddy, stay safe;-)


Bet you keep the REX, needs respect, best blade for me is the Voskhod. Cheers Ken.

Rob S

its too late now but for Christmas - tell everyone you want to be with to stay out of the public for 5-7 days before Christmas Dinner - some MD's are willing to do rapid tests to augment that even further so no one has to be alone

andrew hawkins

Great video again Ken. I like the look of that Pearl razor. I prefer the heavy ones. A comparison with the Rex Ambassador will be interesting. They look very similar. But the Rex Ambassador is way more expensive. Looking forward to your next video. Stay safe.


Looks like a Rex ambassador clone.

JT 6188

I was SO excited. I ordered some Wilkinson blades from India off of Amazon. Then I opened the package to see MADE IN CHINA ! Talk about a BAIT-n-SWITCH ! Not a happy camper today.... ? ? ?

Razor Michl

top review Ken, cool razor !!!

Lee Mullen

If hearing "feedback" is important put in some ear plugs and see how much louder it is.

Edward Rodriguez

In hindsight? Really?

Daniel Marcin

Think I subbed when you were somewhere around 3k...nice to see you still doing your thing Ken


Great shave and review. With the Rex Ambassador about to arrive at your house soon, I can’t wait for your review on it. Meanwhile, Cook County is sort of back into quarantine with a stay-at-home advisory still in effect, and it’s put me back home with the only time I go out being to go to school or somewhere important

Mehboob Ali

Super lesser

Charles Smith

I spent a week in Philadelphia one day.

Ketkroket Dumont

Totally uneven exposure of the blade, wow. Watch around 6:05 . No wonder he got an aggressive shave :-)

Petter Olsen

There is a manufacturing defect with The Pearl Flexi Adjustable Safety Razor. The blade gap becomes uneven between setting 3 and 5.

The Barcelos family

That,s awesome razor ken

Terry M

Nice shave Ken?? Have heard this razor has a few issues, I'd research it a bit. Glad it worked for you this time. You are absolutely gonna love the Rex Ambassador, a very efficient, smooth and beautiful tool. I've had mine for a long time and it still impresses. Proraso all the way...yep? Gotta love the burn! Nutcase Newsom does what he wants but you can't... really? Stay safe.

Jose H.

Complete Rex Ambassador knock off ?.
Support American businesses. The Rex is pricey, but it’s a long term investment. I have been infatuated with my Rex since receiving it.

Steve Evans

Seems like the Covid situation is getting a lot worse over there Ken. Stay safe and I hope your wife is OK. Nice shave too love the Proraso products

David Hill

Thanks for the video, Ken. You are the sea of tranquility. On the Covid situation, be encouraged by the recovery rates. Nobody wants to get sick, but for most people it is lnot a death sentence, nor is it likely to leave one with a permanent injury.


Ken great vid. Im a huge car guy. Can you do a video on your mustang?


Stay safe Ken??


Man I remember just over a year ago I got into DE shaving and was watching all the videos and no shave Novemember was coming up. Now it is here again, time sure flys.

Nick Roseta

God bless ya Ken! Enjoy your banter. Happy Thanksgiving.


Good review Ken. The Pearl is a complete knock-off of the REX Ambassador. I own the REX and it's far and away my favorite razor. It is a bit on the aggressive side as the highest I go up is 1.5, but nonetheless it's still a phenomenal shave. No possible way the build quality of the Pearl compares to the REX. I think the Pearl shipped is <$100 and the REX is $250. Brass vs. Stainless steel, precision instrument is the REX. It will last many lifetimes and I use it more than any other DE razor that I own. Can't wait to see your REX review. Matt is hooking you up! Enjoy that beauty!

Gora Chand

I have this razor it's like the Rex Ambassador

Chuck's Shaving channel #shavelikeyourgrandpa

Thanks for taking this covid seriously and psa Ken! Pittsburgh, and West Virginia is my wife's family and my dad's stomping grounds. Looks like a stout razor. Great shave Ken!


Nice one Ken, hope you and your wife are safe.

Кирилл Смирнов


Jens Wagner

Man how many days of growth was that? Looks like over a week!
Interesting razor. Love the look of the original more.
Cheers, Jens

Folea Enoh

Hey Ken! I've been bringing your videos lately which inspired me to order a vintage razor but now I'm kinda anxious. Cause the razor I've found in a prestine state is a Gillette Black Beauty Y4, the plastic tray variant. This may be an odd request but could you please please please do a side-by-side shave with your black beauties ? Anyhow, I love your videos, take care and stay safe :D

Kevin Orr

I begin to suspect the usefulness of these videos a reviews. Certainly presentations, or an unboxing, but I feel like anyone that sends you a razors gets an "atta-boy". Now, I have to look for other opinions.


Hi Ken! Another great video. That razor has definite Cool Factor. I enjoy your videos and I am putting that razor on my to get list. Enjoy your Holiday brother


A "semi-request"; try to stop being so rigid in your thinking that using familiar shave accessories with a new/unfamiliar razor will always yield an accurate depiction of what others might expect or even in your personal instance. For example; some novice buys this razor and since it comes with blades all he has to do is add lubrication and try a shave. If you did the same using the supplied blades as opposed to your regulars-the outcome is most probably NOT be as bad and/or unpredictable as you think. And, in my opinion, more realistic/similar to what the novice will experience. I tend to agree with some vendors-these first time on camera shaves are not always a good idea. It is disheartening to see someone so fixed in their thinking in this regard; at least consider it..

Lee Haseley

Yaqi also have an adjustable nealy ready for market, which just like the Rex, is based on the Gibbs, but the Yaqi seems to be more of a straight up copy than an homage like the Rex.

Dan Dunning

Have you ever tried the Gillette Silver-blues, Ken? Curious what your opinion on them is.

Alexandre Bittencourt Ramos



It's funny I just bought a used 2019 Rex Ambassador off of eBay lol

William Bates

Is this just an aftermarket version of the Rex Ambassador? Looks incredibly similar.

Joey Rizzo

Nice shave ken ! Stay safe bud hope all is well

Solid Shaves

Great shave Ken, that is a fine razor. looks like good build quality. :-)


I sometimes think the difference in blade gap is an optical illusion.

Jim German

Matt Pisarcik posted a photo of a Pearl Flexi razor and a level. The head was way off plumb. Not surprised yours was uneven.

Walter Morgan

How much is this razor?


Nice looking razor. I like the weight. My heaviest is my Viking Emperor adjustable; which is a great razor!
I’d like to see another video on a different setting, same blade to see what you think of the adjustment.

I know your opening is from iMovie > Trailer > Adrenaline; and you mentioned your editing in a video before. What is your current setup and routine for making your videos? As in this one, you’re starting to cut in or B roll additional footage.

Charles Lynch

Glad that the wife is ok great shave as always your my favorite shave channel


Great shave with a badass razor. Covid has a 99% survival rate ... I’m having thanksgiving with my family.

hany habib

Thank you sir.
Did you recieve the new version yet ??

Ron Wright

Good shave. That razor sure looks quite stout. Thankfully, getting covid is not an automatic death sentence. I survived it. All the best to your wife none the less. Have a good weekend.

Alain Betournay

The Rex Ambassador is a fabulous razor. I am convinced it will be the winner between both.


Great shave with the adjustable Ken. Affordable 2 You can’t have enough affordable adjustable razors ??


Creepy India copycats of Rex - we need to put these thieves out of business. Great review as usual!

Dennis O'Drane

Smart move Ken. COVID numbers jumping out of control. Stay safe folks.

Arturo MR

Oye Ken, están bien chidos tus videos, ¡Sigue así!, saludos desde México


Great shave, Ken! I can’t justify the $250 for the Ambassador but I could go for the Flexi at about $70. Looks like a winner to me.

Richard Barnby

Looks like they're trying to imitate the Rex Ambassador.

Nathan Cruz

I personally enjoyed the adjustable safety ? better than modern version of safety razor.

Zack Schaeffer

I had the Rex Ambassador and I have the Rex Envoy and I experience the same issue with both razors, a lot of DRAG! I don't know if it's because it's a matte finish or there is a issue in general with the coating but it's very annoying with how expensive both razors are to experience that. I've had no issue with any other razors I've owned over the 8 years.

Miguel Angel Ripoll

Hi Ken. One thing to think about: This razor is an obvious rip off of the Rex Ambassador. Why support a company that so obviously rips off designs? I’m sure the Rex folks invested some money into design and research. If we want innovation and new top notch products available to us we should not support clones and piracy. Just my .02. Have a great one!

Dennis O'Drane

Ha! Ready for winter? Anything below 65 degree f is considered winter weather in SoCal.

Michael Lacy

Hey Ken! How about a video of holiday themed soaps and lotions! Give us some ideas for family and friends.!


Great vid as usual! I’m looking forward to seeing a Pearl vs. Rex shave off vid. The Rex is my favorite razor.

Derek S

Great looking razor. Skyfall was on tv as I was watching this. Im not one to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving but with Covid I feel the need to listen to the joy right about now. Stay safe!

Dan Cheatham

You are fortunate enough to try all of the best and the wannabees. told another viewer my wife bought a fat boy that was irridium plated last christmas. Beautiful, but I do not like the shave. Always end up back with my future gold razor. It just does the trick everytime. Tried most all blades....Stuck with personna blue and gillette 7 ocklock sharp. Get multiple shaves from both with very little to no neck irritation. That being said. What is your favorite razor for everyday if you had to thin the heard?

Eric Jones

Thanks for the video. I watch a little for the shave, but mostly for the narrative. I had my heater inspected last week. They check the manifold for cracks and carbon monoxide leaks, as well as make sure the gas air mix is at its most efficient setting. It’s $90 per unit and I have two units, but it’s money well spent. My thermostats keep track of the hours on my filter and I change them when it says to. The tech just leaves new filters to be installed at the next alert. I end up buying about two sets per year for in between visits. I look forward to a video on the mustang once it’s completed. Anyway, said too much already. Stay safe.

Mason Gates

if you could pick a "one and done" razor ( not counting vintage) thats on the market today. what one would it be? I just started wet shaving a few weeks ago and i picked up a Van Der Hagen at wally world, I would like to step it up to something with a bit more quality. without breaking the bank

New shaving razor

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Christopher Bradley Karve Razor/PAA Club Guy Shaving Soap/3D Shaving Bowl & Brush....

441 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Thanks For

Thanks For Watching.

Please Consider To Subscribe, Like, And Share.

Stay Safe...

Products Used and Links Below...

Razor: Christopher Bradley Karve. https://karveshaving.com/

Blade: Gillette Winner Special Steel 1st https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gillette-Winner-Stainless-Double-Edge-Razor-Shaving-Blades/224318369806?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=523110791685&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2648

Soap: PAA Clubguy. https://phoenixartisanaccoutrements.com/collections/phoenix-crown-king-shaving-soaps

Brush: 3D Shaving 26mm Synthetic. https://www.etsy.com/shop/3dshaving/

Bowl: 3D Shaving. https://www.etsy.com/shop/3dshaving/

Alum Block:

Aftershave: Clubman Pinaud. https://shavingstation.co.uk/collections/aftershave/products/pinaud-clubman-aftershave-lotion-177ml

Balm: Aqua Velva 5in1:https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01MXHAThttps://shavingstation.co.uk/collections/aftershave/products/pinaud-clubman-aftershave-lotion-177ml56/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

3D Shaving: https://www.etsy.com/shop/3dshaving/


[email protected]

Follow Me On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cbshaves13/

The Scentsless Shaver

I can solve your problem with the handle being too big for your hands.....

?? ??????? ?? ?? Memphis, TN ???

NYC Wet Shaving

Awesome brush

Shaver 37

Great shave Chris I’m sure that shaving display behind you grows with every shave lol


FIRST my brother!!

NYC Wet Shaving

Thank God you’ve recovered

Sean Arter

That was a great shave Chris. Every product was a perfect match. A friend sent me a sample of that soap and it is a banger I agree, take care you and Mrs B :) The Karve is my best razor now I love it, got the 3 inch handle but I love it. Got C plate and it is perfect for me and the wide cap is nice to hide blade over hang.

The Scentsless Shaver

Nice intro music!! (I don’t remember that before). Drop the beat!!! ?

NYC Wet Shaving

Just tuned in bro

rip vanwincle

Great shave mate.I've only got two PAA Astra planeta and cavendish.(that was down to you yet again)They're both nice but the cavendish is my favourite by a whisker.(Ahahaha sorry bro i'm an idiot)Glad you've got your wheels sorted take care and stay safe.

Kevy Shaves

Good shave Chris. Pinaud clubman is fantastic. Nice razor and blade combo, seemed to work great. Jon's 3D printed shave gear is excellent. Cheers. Kevy ?

Stuart george

Good shave mate ?
New moon soap tabbaco flower soap and balm very good , got amerreto, old school , Sorrento, so wanted the complete line so just ordered havanna and union soap and balm ?

Bradley C

Howdy Chris! That brush handle is a play on the Rubber Set 3 & 4. They remind me of a revolver cylinder. Nice work.
I too love my CB Karve Razor. A true pleasure to shave with.
My best to you and Caroline. ?

Kim Gray

Really nice looking brush and bowl today ! Glad the new car came and things are improving ! SOTD: Twig razor, Poraso white shave soap. I never used a single edge razor before, absolutely LOVE it ! Have a great day !!

Steve E

Thanks for another great 'winning' shave Chris. Still awaiting my Winner Blades in the post. Great to see you're on the mend. Keep 'em coming matey ....


Nice shave Chris.
I think you will love the OC plates from Karve. I got B, C, D OC plates about four months ago and I am thoroughly enjoying them. I definitely get a closer shave with the OC plates than the safety bar plates. The good thing with them is, the combs are not sharp and overly pointed like some open combs are, so the shave is very smooth. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on them. Hope yours and Mrs CB aches and pains are getting less and less.

Matt Fox

Just used Clubguy last night. Nice clean barbershop scent. I think my lather had a touch too much water though. If I had to pick a favorite PAA scent, it would be Gondolier. Such a bright scent.


Nice shave there, Brother!
I ordered the bowl from Jon in 'marble'. So just send me that brush for my huge hands and be done with it!!? Jon mailed me today that because of demand after PaulH's mention on his channel he would not ship it until sometimes next week.
Had your ears moved!!?
Have a great week
Stay Safe!!

Bart Bartlett

Great shave. I only have two PAA soaps...Diver Down and Oud Spice. So, they're my favorites :-) Glad to hear things are getting back to normal. Be safe.

Lewis Whitney

Nice shave. I’d say my 2 favorite PAA are Doppelgänger Tricolor and Et Tu. SOTD: Timeless Aluminum, Gillette Spoiler, Wickham Irish Fern and Irisch Moos AS and Balm.


Nice shave Chris. My favorite PAA scents is The Beach.

Tim Shaves

Great shave Chris! I only have one scent by PAA but it smells great (CAD). Karve is definitely a nice razor to look at and shave with.

Ben Smith

Great shave Chris as always! My favourite PAA scent at the moment is CaD. Got a couple on order too love them. Unfortunately no SOTD for me came down with appendicitis Thursday and still in the hospital!

Red Island Shaver

Great shave Chris! I have B-C OC and SB plates for my Karves and I get great shaves with any configuration I go with, favourite PAA scent so far is CaD.... what a great barbershop scent that one is. Have a great day!!

Franklin H. Alden Jr.

My favorite PAA scent is Atomic Age Bay Rum.

Jerry Still

Hey Chris great shave and very nice products.
Clubman/Pinaud makes a Classic Barber Shave Cream that can be used for balm also.
Smells just like the after shave and is only $8.95 for a 16 oz jar good stuff.
SOTD EJ DE89 Barley Personna Red Stirling syn brush Barbershop soap and after shave. Nivea balm.
I have not ordered any PAA soaps still on the list, along with the Karve. Two of my twenty three brushes are PAA.
Give Caroline a hug she deserves it and see you on the next shave my friend............

Jim Will Shave

Karve is nice on SB C. But I'm going to get the D aswell.
I used the Sorrento today, very nice it was too. I shaved with a 1920s Thiers Issard Spartacus full hollow. I think I can guess what your mystery razor is. I'm glad that the new blade worked out well for you. Nice shave Chris.

J Fett

Don’t know what to do Carl. I’m on the Phoenix artisan website. And in my basket I have, chocolate bourbon, atomic age bay rum and diver down. Hmmmmm. £50 shipped and delivered but I’m guessing I’m gonna have a charge when it lands in the country as well. Is it worth the money? Many respects. J.


Nice shave Chris, I have yet to try the PAA soaps as I'm retired and live on a budget. Quick question is where did you get the sign in the background, its pretty cool looking on the wall.


My SOTD was:
Rex Ambassador. Number 2 on first pass, 3 on second, and 4 on third and touch ups.
Gillette Nacet.
Proraso White pre shave.
Yaqi Mysterious Space 26mm Tuxedo brush.
Stirling Soap lime.
Stirling post shave balm lime.
Captains Choice large lather bowl.
And to finish off a pat dry with the Black Sheep Lancaster shave towel.

Pete Andy

? don’t know about small hands, but have heard you have short arms when reaching into your pocket !

New shaving razor

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Shave Nation New Chubby Razor Review

5 119 views | 2 Jan. 2021

Greetings! I hope you are

Greetings! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy!

In this episode, Geofatboy performs a shave with the New Shave Nation Chubby safety razor loaded with a Feather blade.The rest of the lineup includes Geo F Trumper Spanish Leather Shaving Cream, Hot Lava Shaving Brush, lathered in a Shave Nation Ceramic Lather Shaving Bowl. Finishing up with the Shave Nation Wide Stick Alum Block and Geo F Trumper Spanish Leather Aftershave Cologne. Click below to purchase these items. Visit ShaveNation.com for all your shaving supplies.

Please Subscribe and comment. Thanks, Geo.

Shave Gear:

SN Chubby Razors: https://bit.ly/SNChubbyRazor

Merkur 34C Razor: http://bit.ly/HD34CRazorSN

Spanish Leather Shaving Cream: http://bit.ly/GFTSpanishLeatherCreamTubeSN

Hot Lava Fine Badger Brush: http://bit.ly/SNFineResinBrush

Shave Nation Lather Bowl: http://bit.ly/ShaveNationLatherBowl

Shave Nation Wide Stick Alum Block: http://bit.ly/WideStickAlumSN

Spanish Leather Cologne: http://bit.ly/GFTSpanishLeatherCologneSN

Shave Nation Microfiber Cloth: http://bit.ly/SNMicrofiberTowel

Geofatboy's Attire:

Tesla Compression Shirt: https://amzn.to/3kAK31q

G Shock Watch: https://amzn.to/3lU6qzq

Top 10 Videos:

The Mystery of the Red Shaving Brush: https://youtu.be/_io9FsKivE8

Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor: https://youtu.be/2TE4G26pXAY

How to Shave Against The Grain: https://youtu.be/F7jxHtxKwAY

Top 10 Safety Razors: https://youtu.be/wWCYd-dbqks

Eliminate Shaving Irritation: https://youtu.be/CVRRzVVvEt4

How To Shave With a Safety Razor: https://youtu.be/2IuA8HGacJw

How To Shave With a Straight Razor: https://youtu.be/qDR_1hg-xNs

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Have A Great Shave, Have A Great Day!


Mike H

Hi Geo- Great shave and razor review; thank you! A very nice-looking razor! I hope you have a great weekend ahead. Take good care and be safe and be well. All the best in 2021, Geo!

Terry M

Geo?? Smooth shave. Trumper's Spanish Leather is an all time favorite, the girls really like it. Pair that razor with a Simpson's Chubby 3 brush, Mitchell's Wool Fat soap and you'll have a perfect "plump" trio. Great video. Enjoy!

Jack Man 13

Enjoy how you always mention the FACT about how cool and smooth the cream goes on after your first pass when the face is super smooth. I really enjoy that feeling as well my friend!!

Nick Mottram

Cool razor!! Head looks very similar to the Muhle R89.

Renzo Light



Wish you every success with this fine looking razor George. All the best Sir.

Shave Classy


Genko Pérez Blair

Great tool for shave. Good handle. Nice video too and happy new year Geo.

El Tetters

If geo told me the sun wouldn’t rise in the morning, I’d go out with a torch. Thank you, geo!

Gaurav Hegde

Greetings from India. Looks like a nice, short and hefty razor for a well controlled, comfortable shave. Looking fwd to place an order once the flights resume !!

Ian Mayer

Everytime I see Geo coming back with a beard in a blink of an eye, I'm impressed..... he has a strong beard for sure! LOL He gotta be shaving like 12 times a day !


Does Geo's "Spanish leather aftershave "reminds Floid the genuine scent?(talc,tabac,orange zest,ecc)

Jack Man 13

Geo is on fire right now with his YouTube game!
Couldn't help but notice the Parker 92R you reviewed the other day resembled your Motorcycle with the Black and Chrome!
Also quite impressive the fire is still Lit with your passion for shaving after all these years.. Most excellent job, you never know who's watching your videos for the first time

Iori Yagamix

Great shave !!!!


First ?

Daniel Hannon

Awesome video Happy New year

Nathan Rodriguez

Merkur 34C similar razor.... Just, more "chubby" haha ??

Pug Chronicals

Hi Geo, You always talk getting the beard and face nice and warmed up b4 shaving. I don't recall ever seeing you use a scuttle filled with hot water to keep the lather warm..?

Mark David

Nice. The head looks similar to that of the DE89. Does the shave feel similar to the DE89?


Those are some thicc razors. Lol


That's a slick looking razor!

Kewei Zhang

Nice work again.


Now all we need is a chubby soap/cream and we have a set

Giorgos Tsilivis

if only it was cheaper for EU.

Bradley C

Howdy Geo! Nice addition to the inventory. ??

Mehmet Sahin Dilmen

Hey Geo! Greetings from Turkey. Can you please show us how to use the Tabac beard oil as a pre-shave? Thanks a lot. Have a nice year


Geo should definitely use the Mitchell's Wool Fat soap sometime. I wonder if he'd be able to get a good lather out from it before tossing it ?


Perfect shave Geo !


Im new to safety razors i have 2 weeks shaving with my Muhle r41 open comb with green astra blades and i love it, im never using cartriged ever again


Hey geo what is the most aggressive de razor I was thinking a slanted open comb but I don't know if there is any other types also would that be a good razor to use in the first place

RK 516

Beautiful shave Geo, the SN razor made short work of your beard ? plus the “Clear the Runways” sound effects are well appreciated:)


Looks identical to the Stubby (stainless steel handle + Zamak head) which I got on ebay for 19 bucks, and comes with 50 free blades. Imma guess same manufacturer, who customizes the etching on the head for different vendors.

Nathan Rodriguez

Beautiful safety razor, geo. Nice review. Congrats! ?

Bryan Peeler

Well done, what your second razor in the Shave Nation line? Congratulations!

Thomas Magnac

Looks like a Edwin jagger head to me.

Adel Ebrahim

Thanks geo


That razor is a collector's item to be passed down from generation to generation.

The Spectre

Nice looking razor there, Geo. Happy New Year!

[email protected]

Never been so early ?

M. A

7:00 damn right geo ??


I bought my first razor a few months ago it's a merkur 34c and have been using it every other day since thanks to you I just didn't like the feel of modern cartridge razors and the fact that you can't clean them and your basically scraping all the dead skin under the blade

Edward Jassin

Hey Geo!! Nice SN Razor!! Question... "When trying to mix up a lather"...is there any noticable difference with Trumper in the tube container versus the tub container?

ice cold

"Alright Mr. Gekko, you got me..."

Liverpool Capital of champions

Got this razor , it’s works best with a Gillette rubie and super shave x blades ,


hi Geo, same head as 34c?

Chuck La Chancé

Thanks G.
Liking the videos.

Brandon Mayes

Nice looking razor! I have been watching your videos for a few years. By looking at me you wouldn't know it. My face hasn't seen a razor in quite a while. I use to really enjoy shaving! It's a relaxing and peaceful ritual. I lost my old Gillette, probably because of growing up with to much ZZ Top. I'm thinking about seeing what my face looks like again. If I decide to shave it off I will definitely be purchasing this razor! Fine Corinthian Leather! Love it!


@geofatboy have you EVER tried the Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow SE and the Gillette Nacets?????

Вячеслав VVV

С Новым годом! Приятного бритья!

Chuck's Shaving channel #shavelikeyourgrandpa

Boss... the blade,the blade

Michael Rose

I like it!


I have watched a stack of your videos and I'm about to try my first DE shave. Thanks for all the great tips.

Peter M. Winter

Just got this razor. A bodybuilders model, surprisingly heavy. Fits me and my large hands. Excellent, smooth shave, not aggressive, still a close shave (tried with Voskhod blades). Happy with the buy.


Happy new year

William Hunter

Good advertising? but is the Muhle R89 twist still your favourite razor? Take care.


Every one of my feathers have glue on the wrapper and blade.. Are those special feathers? lol