Retin a and glycolic acid

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Evening Anti-Aging Skincare Routine for Mature Skin ~ Retin A, AHA, Antioxidants

319 429 views | 26 Apr. 2013

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Style, Beauty, Anti-Aging, & Health for Women in Their Hot-Flash Years!

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Here's my evening "get un-ready with me" skincare routine. I use tretinoin and alpha hydroxy acid on alternating nights because they can't be layered on top of one another. After thoroughly cleansing skin, and applying antioxidant serum to eyes:

On tretinoin night: wait 15-20 min. then apply tretinoin, then apply more antioxident over tretinoin, then apply moisturizer.

On AHA night: apply AHA immediately after washing face, then apply antioxidant serum, then moisturizer.

Products used:

Almay Oil Free Makeup Remover Pads

Simple Makeup Remover

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Clarisonic Mia 2

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum Fragrance Free

Prescription Tretinoin 0.05% (Retin-A)

Paula's Choice Resist 5% Alpha Hydroxy Acid Serum (Glycolic Acid Exfoliant)

CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizer

Cetaphil Body Lotion

Smith's Rosebud Salve Lip Moisturizer

Nail Polish: Essie "Come Here"

G B d F F R

hi Angie, i have been watching your skin care routine many times and was just scared to start with retin a cream . but today i finaly started using this. i put the cream just a little bit and very carefully. i wonder if you use eye cream ever? thanks. And thanks for your videos. cheers.

Barbie Lockett

Thank you for helping all of us, with the products you use and why.. Barbie

Cute Girl

is this still your same routine in 2016?

Julie Pollard

Hi, can you tell me if this is normal.... I used retinA .05 for the 1st time a few nights ago, only a pea size amount and applied to face then a bit more for neck & hands. I applied moisturizer after 1 hour cause my skin tends to be dry anyway and went to bed! but i have not experienced any side effects (red or flaking) and it's been 2 days, just wondering if this is normal? i plan to use once a week to start for a month. but read up on a lot of ppl warning of all the side effects. I am used to at home microderm abrasion & also needling so not sure if that has something to do with why my skin is not flaking or red? maybe it's used to shedding already?? any comments you have are appreciated since i am brand new to using the retinA! thanks;) just want to make sure i'm doing correctly..


I have a martixl serum from isomers. Can I apply that after a retin A cream at night?

Rosa Alba

Nice arms by the way! what's your work out routine?

Erik Garcia

I just had a question cause I’m on retin A. Do you use the Clarisonic day and night

Maria C. Delgado

Hi Angie, what do you mean you're vibrating all of you?, it was very funny. Thank you.xxoxo.

Judy Howell

Very informative. Thanks for taking the time to make this video. I am just started Retin A and I needed good information. You are great!

kathy burris

Very superficial women. She just care about her physical appearance. Well off course she gets paid for showing other womens different brands of products and brain wash womens to go and buy the product so they spend and she put money on her pocket. After playing all day with wrinkles, hair, brown spots etc... do you have any time to reach for God? Because he doesn't care about how old you are and how many wrinkles you have,,,( not judging) just a suggestion!

Glitter Nails

I put Retin A around my eye and the lids. It’s worked wonders. I make sure to be very careful and the cream to be fully absorbed first. No problems with it and the tiny wrinkles around the eyes- gone!

Ms O

Your close up mirror being on your big mirror is genius and I’m thoroughly ashamed I didn’t think of it myself.

Shelby Stevens

Hi Angie,

Are you still putting your moisturizer right on top of the Retin A? I just started using it, and I get home so late that I simply can't wait 20 minutes after my Retin A to put on my moisturizer, but I fear I'm diluting it. Have you found that it still works well? Should I use .1 to make up for the dilution?

Thank you so so much! I've been watching you for years but only just now was able to start getting Retin A.

Maria H

“I place the eye pads on my eyes...with them closed”. Lol...reminds me of the fan belt installation instructions to turn engine off first. Funny, Angie!
I had a hankering to watch some of your older (I mean, past) videos on

Rosa Alba

I love your videos, you offer very useful information.  I know this is an older video so I hope you see my comment, can you use AHA with retinol since it's not as strong as Retin-A?

Sandeep Kaur

If i don’t put retino a near eyes how can i get rid of eyes wrinkles . Please Answer me


I've been using otc retinoids for several years now & will begin using the generic retin A starting out at .25. Wondering if my skin is adapted how many nights a week could I use it before stepping up to the next strength? I love your routine & plan on following it. Thanks for the tip! I'm 64 with minimal lines & wrinkles, but want to slow it down in the process. Love your videos!


Have you done a more recent night time routine video?

kathryn kilpatrick

Would you be able to give a review of the Neogenesis products?

Guy Levy

You are adorable.
Unfortunately, don't think they have any of these products in Israel
I'll go check...

Andrea Schmitz

Hi, Angie. I love your videos!!!! I'm starting with retinol this week. Should I stop it in the summer months? Thank you!!

Heather Malace

I hear you say you use the cerve night lotion for your night cream then I hear you say u use the olay micro sculpt regenerist what one do u use or do u feel is best? Thanks


I like your Videos, but this one made me real angry. Wasting water, like you did is horrible.

richies wife

Do you have an updated day and night routine.


well on PC website they say you can use a BHA or AHA together with ratin A.

Maria Angela

I noticed the retin a made your face red. I'm scared to use it with all the effects just scared me. I like my routine but I like to switch up sometimes

Brenda Arsenault

Love your videos
Who does your botox
I am in Massachusetts
I believe you are also


I had success within six months of starting this
routine, plus I used a baking soda and lemon mask to exfoliate
every now and then. I'm mid-30s. Thanks Angie, and I hope this help you, ladies!


The water running gave me major anxiety


Hi Angie, Thanks for this video! I've just applied retin-a for the first time today following your video. After you applied retin-a you came in with two more lotions which you did rub around/over the eyelids and around lips. Isn't that going to rub the retin-a into those areas? The skin around my eyes is too sensitive to take a gamble on that. I've just not rubbed anything directly over the eyelids and under eyes after retin-a (to be on the safe side).

Constance Johnson

I'm starting the lowest strength tret tonight . Does that mean I can never get my eyebrows waxed?

Elvira Yazar

Can I use ratin a without discription from the doctor?


Hello great video. I just used my Tretinoin for the first time while watching this video following your steps. I have a CeraVe cream with all the ingredients you named but it also has salicylic acid in it, can I use that?

QuranSurahs /Waziaf

you are lucky to have cera ve in US but in australia we dont have this in our drugstore.but thanks for the great information on retin a very helpful.

Brandi Sodemann

How much does retin a or the generic cost ?


I have used Dr. Perricone's Cold Plasma and some of his other treatments. Have you ever used his anti-aging products? I have to admit that I am not sure that it is doing my skin any good. Thank you! I really enjoy your videos. (And I have seen your Dr. Perricone non-makeup, makeup video.)

J2 CC McRay

What eye surem do you use to help with wrinkles? How is it used? day / night? You look beautiful!! I feel like I'm again fast for my age. I do have a child with special needs so i do have stress and that is a huge part of it. so Im trying to keep the age that I feel far away.... ha, ha, ha

Nalini Maraj

too complicated. Its not simple.

Row Deo

I do not know how I raised eight kids with store bought crappy make up that I hardly noticed except I put on a face everyday. I never worried because genetics plays huge roll on appearance and health. I am a Greek and have been young looking and even now at 74 people say I look 50.

Un día con Silvia

retain A is under prescription i know that, but now my question is: Vitamin C Serum is under prescription as well?

Christina T.

thank you so much for the demo. it really helps me to get the step-by-step instructions. I am really looking for wrinkle solutions now. there are so many products and claims out there that it gets confusing.lol lol. so tks for the clarifying steps and why. I'm new to your channel so I appreciate all the info from a consumer. best to you :).


I love your video's and am so happy that I found your channel!!! You explain the use of products in such thorough detail which I greatly appreciate!!! I learn something from you every time I watch your video's!!! Thank you, Shelly??

Rene James

I want your skin.?. You are lovely.

Gary McCaffrey

I started using 0.05% retin-a every night straight out of the gate. I didn't get any irritation at all. Maybe my skin is used to harsh products after using benzoyl peroxide every day for so many years.

Hedy W

Oh.....the sound of free running water was cringe-worthy!

Claire Owens

Can you believe the sheer amount of comments here about the waste of water? What on earth is wrong with people. They are just parroting each other. If you want to make such a small point then let one person make it and give it a thumbs up. If you have nothing original to say don't say it. You are sitting there using electricity, paying for the internet, on what is essentially a pretty superficial video so you are obviously in a good enough position to be able to indulge yourself, and yet you are sanctimoniously going on about 2-3 minutes of water running from a tap.


water kyo best kar rhi Mad woman

Ana Martinez

O my gosh turn off the water!!!!!!!!!!!!


Angie you said that you want the Retin-A to be the first thing that touches your dry face, but I see that you have already applied serum to the face. I'm in the process of adding Retin-A to my skincare routine and am confused on how to apply. Some people apply it after the washing/toner and others after washing/toner/serum.

Barking Spider

You do need to wait especially with a moisturizer with Ceramides.


Angie, I'm confused! In this video you said you need to wait before you apply the retin A. But in a recent video you said to put it right on and not to wait; am I confused...been watching to many videos but I'm so happy to have found your channel and I have learned so much! I just got my timeless vitamin c and co Q 10 serums and can't wait to start them, are they strictly for daytime or can it be applied after the retin A? Thank so much!!!

Suzanne Bess

I'm 60 and have always been told I look young for my age. Mother nature, however, is beginning to take its toll and puffy under eyes and hooded lids are now my nemesis?. I just found your channel and have been watching you for 2 days now. In watching your nighttime routine you put on Oil of Olay AND a moisturizer. Why both?


Hi Angie, I've started with retin A in low % and so far so goog. But I have a question...can I use a dermabrasion kit (home use,not doctors) or the Ordinary Bha+Aha while on Retin A. The only other acid I use is Vit C 20%and glycolic toner 5% in the morning. Thanx


Hello from 2020.

steph soppanish

I wonder how many of the people complaining about you wasting water are water wasters themselves. I sure hope they are paragons of environmentalism! Why don’t you focus on the actual video content instead of nitpicking ? Shit happens. None of us are perfect

Sylvia L.

HI Angie, What is the strongest or best over the counter product you recommend in place of Retin-A? (I don't have insurance, getting a prescription isn't an option)
Thanks :)


Helpful as always, Angie! Thank you.

kk t

it's really was the person's job to ask you and make sure you weren't used retin-a or if you have any conditions before waxing. they were very irresponsible. they shouldn't be telling you that you needed to tell them, you definitely didn't know.

Tree seer

Can you start with the 1% ? Or is that too much to soon?


Great Video, but what happens when you stop using? everything comes back, like wrinkles, better skin without acne ect? because you said, the minute you stop, it stops working ?

Alexa Bustamante

Hi Angie I don't know which product because u have so many

Karen McKinney

Love your videos going to try Retin -A for sure. Question: Your arms look amazing could you share what you do to keep them so tone? thank you


Also. Do you shave your face , the vellous hair? Or have thoughts on that. Thx

Nicole Henry

seems so complicated, is there a simple one product cream... wash.. cream done? I'm just not a fussy person and I like simplicity. any suggestions

Adore Eternal

Thank you so much Angie for all your little tips and advice. I have just recently found your channel. I am 45 and you are a great inspiration that taking care of yourself can have great benefits. You look fantastic and I so appreciate your channel. Thank you Angie from Australia.


This has been really informative for me, thank you so much. I had no idea you couldn't use retin a with exfoliants. I've been using La Roche Posay Redermic R for a while, and i use it on top of DDF Glycolic 10% Exfoliating Oil Control Gel. Should i not be doing that? It's 0.3% retinol (0.1% pure Retinol 0.2% Retinol linoleate)
I've also been using it every night, and more than a pea size amount. More like 2 peas. But i've never had any irritation. None at all. I'm 32 and i don't have a sensitive skin in any way, i can use pretty much anything and my skin has never reacted badly to a product so far. Does that mean i can use it every night if i want to? Or should i really alternate it with the exfoliating gel? My skin has improved since i started this routine. Would they really cancel each other out if i kept using them together?

Mila Pineda

Any recommendations for skin brightening

Lee Worden

Angie don’t listen to the people who are angered over your water wasting! This was not a video on water conservation! Never thought someone could get so angered over that. I got your back love! Thanks for the knowledge you gave me in the video. I’m waiting for my insurance to approve the retin-a and I will hopefully start it soon! Happy new year!!!

Rabab Murad

Nice.. thanks for the tips. But please save water. Why is the tap kept running for all that time?. All that pure clean water wasted!

Nalini Maraj

so I should not use AHA with retin A ? How should I use both products together ?


Thank you for the explanation about the Retin a strength. It is very important fact that consistency is the key.

Gigi Davis

Hi Angie, love your videos. I've been using Retin-A for 2 months now with little irritation. I see that you use moisturizer after applying yours. My doctor said that applying a moisturizer right away decreases the penetration of the actives. The longer you wait to apply moisturizer the longer the active of the retinoid will be able to penetrate. My derm said to use a good moisturizer the next morning. This is one reason they came out with Renova after a few years of experimenting with Retin-A. Some ppl simply couldn't take it and needed the emollient added in Renova. Retin-A + Moisturizer = Renova.

I see so many different ways of applying on You Tube I'm confused. ?‍♀️

Lee Worden

I’m about to start my journey with Retin-A and hope it’s a good one! I was hesitant to do anything about my skin health because I don’t really have wrinkles yet, but I do see some sun damage and small spots. I did however battle the thought that it wasn’t manly to want to make the effort to improve and prevent some aging issues, I guess I’m getting my crisis due to the fact I just turned 44. I watched some of your videos and will take your advice on going slowly and building up. Thank you my love for the knowledge and advice you gave me. I’m ready to be a hot and flashy dude! So ladies watch out! Lol

Nouf Harbi

and what time of the day do you use the timeless vitamin c serum ?


Thank you so much for sharing your experience! What do you think of the gel form of tretinoin vs the cream one?

Brandi Sodemann

Who gives a crap on how much water she’s using or not using are you paying her water bill

Fiona Cahill

I love you, I have twice now found you have a video answering the very questions I was in need of answers to! The Clarisonic video and this Retin A one. Thank you!!
I am 48 and just thinking about things like Botox and Retin A . I have good skin luckily thanks to my Mother and Father both. ...but I want to help keep it this way as long as possible. I was wondering exactly what you have answered here in regards to what I can and cannot still use with Retin A. I am going to go ahead and order some now. love from Ireland ♡♡

Carlos Huezo

i was watching this old video and you said you switched between rertin A and AHA acid becouse you could not mix them. This theory has changed it seems? Now it is not only safe, but it is better? Please explain
At least it is what I read from Paula´s Choice web site.

Tree seer

Can you do glycolic peels if you’re also using retin A?

Tanuja Poorun

Meat and dairy use up much more water.

Jan Salvador

great video! ?

Vijaya Raghavan

Hey ji// I’m use tretin o.o5// after use this cream,how to clean my face??

Irit Klauz

dear Angie, this CeraVe moisturazing lotion contains Parabens!!! please don't use this. it's harmful and unhealthy. In addition please don't recommend this for other people. Except from this, I like your vidios very much and I appreciate your hard work and the great tips you are giving us. I learnd a lot from you about anti aging. thanks!

Susan Koop

Didn't realize you could put moisturizer over Retin-A. Thought RA had to be solo in order for it to work properly. Anyone else think the same thing?

Beauty Business Essentials

Very naturally pretty:)

Jenni Whallon



Why do you use the Clarisonic brush on your eyes?

Linda Sanger

you did not use it for two minutes.

Alexa Bustamante

I'm 40 years old my skin is getting so damage


Don't you use eyelid cleaner? Great stuff.

Elvira Yazar

38 years old can use ratin a I have a lot of hyper pigmentation,I’ve been watching your skin care routine,I love it and starting making a list to buy! ?

Edith Hensley

When do you use Vitamin C?


Be very careful applying Retin A people, it can really irritate your skin baaad!! Very tiny I mean tiny portions. For sensitive skin 2 or 3 times a week

Shari Cook

Angie, thanks so much for the incredible knowledge you are sharing. I have printed off and started your skincare regime. I am a Cosmetologist of 32 years plus a prior Lancôme counter manager. I am in awe of your knowledge of ingredients. For the first time in a long time my Large pores are looking good and skin is more refined, oh yeah no clogged pores!!!

Jen K

Soooo...I can’t wax my facial hair anymore? Like, for the rest of my life?!??

Alexa Bustamante

Hi!! Angie I'm so confused which of your routine to follow u have so many ...please help me wiich one should I follow is my first time that I'm using retin A

Fun After Fifty

I just have to say Thank you for being so open about your routine. I have much respect for you and how well you take care of yourself and share EVERYTHING. You inspire me. I am always surprised when people have to call out the little things. You are so Beautiful and a class act. Thanks again.

Regina Long

Hello Angie, you look great on retin a. Iv been watching for a while and I'm using retin a for 2 weeks now. My face gets more wrinkles each time it dries the dead skin to the surface. I now want to use an AHA. Over here in Japan we don't sell Cetaphil etc or anyother brands that I have seen the ladies on here use. I wonder is it okay to use our Japanese brands so as long as we have similar ingredients included in the Japanese brands? I'm 55 years, may I ask how old you are? You look younger than I do?

Christina Thompson

Hi Angie! I'm confused now. I thought you were supposed to wait 20 after retin a to apply anything else? Another question, after sunscreen, aren't you to wait 20 before makeup for that as well?
I watch all your videos and love them all! Thank you for all you do! ChristinaT.

Slane Design

retinol does travel, no matter how far I apply it from my eyes I still have double vision the next day after using it . But it definitely gives results!!!