Retinol acne worse before better

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TRETINOIN CHANGED MY SKIN, How I got rid of my acne, Before and After Pictures, I cleared my skin

11 150 views | 6 Nov. 2020

I’ve been using tretinoin

I’ve been using tretinoin for about a year now and this is me sharing my experience with you! I’ve added before and after images for you to really see the difference and changes in my skin.

I know in the past I made videos on how I got rid of my acne and how I cleared my acne scars, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and red spots (PIH/PIE). I also made a video on my diet and lifestyle that helped me clear my acne. However last summer I stopped keep up with my good habits. I started eating sugar and stressing a lot. And It was all down hill from there.

I also started using The Ordinary’s Salicylic Acid, in hopes that it would heal my acne. Sadly it only made it worse.

But I didn’t lose hope, I did a lot of research on tretinoin before using it because I wanted to make sure what I was putting on my skin. I told myself that I won’t see quick results but my skin will heal in time. And it did!

I still have acne prone skin, I still break out but now it has reduced immensely thanks to tretinoin. I am also able to prevent dark spots, red spots and hyper pigmentation because of tretinoin.

?Current Skincare Routine:


- I don’t wash my face

- Apply sunscreen

- If I feel dry, I use the Cerave Night Moisturizer


1. Cetaphil daily facial cleanser

2. Acwell toner (Sokoglam)

3. Mugwort essence

https://www.yesstyle.com/en/home.html? rco=TSEKI2019&utm_term=TSEKI2019&utm_medium=Influencer&utm_source=dynamic

4. Good Molecules : Peptide Serum


5. Good Molecules : Niacinamide Serum


6. Cerave Night Moisturizer

7. Aquaphor on lips

8. Tretinoin

⚠️ Caution: Tretinoin is a super strong vitamin a product. Compared to other retinoids and retinol products, tretinoin is the most irritating. There are side effects that come with it such as dryness, dehydration, flaking. So make sure you do your research and understand what tretinoin is before you make a decision to use it.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, dermatologist, aesthetician or anything in the skincare field. I am not telling you or recommending you to use tretinoin because I am not allowed to do so. Make sure you ask a dermatologist about using tretinoin or use at your own risk.

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Feel Beautiful

Hey ,
Where in nepal did you buy tretinoin cream?

Annaliza Pornobi

Please help me to find best tretenoil

iancurtiswishlist _

hi i really liked the video and i'm so happy you're back : )
could you maybe tell me which exact tretinoin/brand you used?

Amaani Mehra

You’re back!!!

Annaliza Pornobi

Please advice me thank you

Eva Coppens

Hi, I follow you now 3 days and I like you and your vids! I think my skin is purging now but I’m not sure.. It makes me really sad and depressed, also bc I get called out as ‘ disgusting’,... Btw I’m 15. Because I think my skin is purging I have a question. How can you really see if your skin is purging? Can I maybe send you some pictures to your insta of my skin before I think it was purging vs now? I support you!! <3 btw your skin looks amazing!! Keep on doing!

Ananya Baliger

hey did this work for your acne scars as well?

Tenzing Yega

Would love to see vlogs from you ! ?

tenzin dakar

Retin-a just wasnt for me. I used it for about 1 1/2 year, not only it didnt help it made it way worse than it already was. i am investing my money rn on microneedling. Just trying to keep a simple routine with niacinamide

Mageh Lan

Can tretonoin tighten pores?

Anthony J Moore

Does everyone purge or is it certain people


I bought a tretinoin based cream called retacnyl 0.05 but I'm a little scared to use it

garima sharma

Can someone please help me. I am using 0.025% Tretinoin and my face is becoming one shade darker have no peeling just some pimples not any other side effects. Is it normal ??

kaushik goutam

Did you experienced purging in your 2nd month... And was there any improvement in scarring till then... Coz its 2nd month and i started purging now... There was no purge in 1st month...

Iknoor Gurung

What is you skin type ???

Jo Himagan

this video is so relaxing <3

Sweta Bhashkar

Thnkyou so much for your all information for this cream❤️


I am so happy Tretinoin also worked for you ???

I made a video on my channel talking about my experience w/ Tretinoin and how it cured my acne as well if it is of any help to anyone starting their journey! ☺️

Nathalie Demarco

whoa your skin looks amazing!! ? the difference is insane. i so wanna try tretinoin but im scared of the purging. did you deal with any pitted scarring afterwards and if so, do you think the tretoinin helped with that as well? ?

Retinol acne worse before better

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16 776 views | 21 Jan. 2020




My 3 month tretinoin cream update is here and the tretinoin purge is real because my skin is actually in a worse condition. However, I know that’s due to the purge stage...So I’m holding on and hoping to see more results within the next 3 months!

I am currently using 0.05% Tretinoin cream/Retin-A.

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Please if you have any questions don't hesitate to leave a comment below (◕‿◕✿)

Kamila Dobska

I thought it will never get better for me but I'm on my 6th month and I'm starting to notice a real difference. How often do you use it? I was very careful so after almost six months I'm working on using it every other night and before IT was every 3-4 days. Do you use spf?

Kajal Chauhan

My skin getting worse during purging... ??? How long it takes recover from it please tell me??? Does it work on oil production to prevent it

Ar H

Hey girl,i watched ur mistakes video and asked a question about aloe already lol..i just got mine here in canada from a pharmacy outta my doctors prescription..so i assume its legit?but i only paid 5 and the remaining was covered by insurance(whole price was around 27CAD ,is this gel legit?its Retin-A (tretinoin gel,manufactureres brand,0.025)

Jazlynn Morales

Im on 3 months with tretinoin and my face looks horrible , i have so much pimple texture on my face and since i get alot of whiteheas my family always looks at my face an be like "ewww what happened to your face " they keep saying i looked better without it but these comments are keeping me going :)


Omg I’m 3 weeks in and the purge is hitting me and I used epiduo before!
Thank you for the video and sharing your experience!
It’s such a tough medication to stick too!
I wish you the luck and hope this purge stops for you ASAP! Xx

lazy girl

When doing a acne video please remove your make up


im like one month in and ive noticed its made my skin smoother but ive been purging for almost 2 weeks now. its fine ig cuz theyre whiteheads and theyre gone in a day or two but im hoping my skin gets better by august. i have noticed that it dries my nose more than other areas of my face.


i’ve been on the cream for 6 months now and my face still breaking out and everything

Har Sh

@The Tough Twenties I am having purge real bad. i have been prescribed with clindamycin in the morning and tretinoin at night. its been 6 weeks, acne is becoming worse. so after 3 months did acne go away? what about the scars? i am really really worried. can you please share your experience

Saraf Momota

I burned my skin by retin a.i was using retin a every single day.it looks ugly.what to do please help


it's part of the process , dont stop using it

Dominique Janelle

this is my second month i wen to the doctor and got prescribed feb27 and my purging started closer to the end of march so 2weeks ago ..i hope it will get better

Salman Awan

I've been using it for 3 months, initially I only applied it once a week, then twice and now I apply it 3 times a week. But my skin has actually gotten worse and new pimples have started to surface, I am too demoralized to continue. Does it even get better or I should just throw the medicine away?
Thank you.

Megan Davids

My skin is extremely dry and flakey ??? I look horrible

khusi sheikh

Hiiii... I used this cream and so many breakout my face.... tretinoin used a 1 month complete...
So you are used tretinoin cream every day..?

bol la

Lol I also quit using tretinoin...coz I used tretinoin for my acne pitted scars coz it says dat tretinoin is the best topical treatment for scar..but u kno wt...I hav clear skin except my scar..but after using tretinoin..I break out continuously...I kno dat I am prepared for purge..but purge never stop ..it keep coming...I wil hav clear skin in 1 week..n next week i wil break out.... So yeah I quit using coz I don't want to create more scar coz of tretinoin.....n my skin stops breaking out. ...I guess it's not for everyone....every skin is different.. so yeah...I know dat u also stop using tretinoin....??


fuck tretinoin. gave it four months, and i’m a lot better since then

Miranda Ryan

I am in the exact same boat! I hope the next three months yields some results for us both

Trangg Changg

Hi. Ive been using tretinoin for 2 months. My skin is still purging and pouring too much oil in face all day. I have many scars and hyperpigmentation after acne due to purging and not have any irritation. So i dont know whether i should stop using tretinoin or not? Please reply me. Thank u so much.

Charlotte R


I’d love to recommend my dermatologist to anyone who needs one, just because I KNOW personally how horrible it is to have bad skin and how relieving it is when you find an empathic and amazing dermatologist.

Dr Sunil Chopra has been the specialist on ‘Ch4 Embarrassing Bodies’ and on ‘ITV’s 100 years younger‘, he’s won loads of awards and is literally the nicest guy! (I promise I’m not getting sponsored for this, just being honest)

He’s sorted my acne, scars, hyperpigmentation and anti aging and deals with all skin problems and specialises in all races of skin. So I thoroughly recommend.

Look up his credentials for yourself!
Dr Sunil Chopra
London Dermatology Centre
69 Wimpole Street


N. S

Thank you so much for this video. I’m going through same the same thing. Breaking out like never before. This seems to be the case for many people using tretinoin. Stay strong ?

kannada vlogs

I din't really know it was called purging and their was a phase called purging ..I thought it was my new facewash..now its all clear o continued using tretinion and I still do and I ll

Samantha Islas

Loved your video!! I’m currently in month 2 and my purging is SO BAD!! It’s so hard not to get discouraged when my face is covered in acne? I can’t even look at myself in the mirror anymore.. I hope this ends soon

Sri Hema

Can I use retain a all my body

Deborah Burrows

I’m 60 and still trying?

Amenuo Kezieo

You are so pretty girl n I'm happy for your skin

Rushma Thapa

Did you get it prescribed from the nhs? I’m trying to get my gp to prescribe it

Andréia Meyer

Keep going girl!!! It does get better! Do not give up. You’ll see amazing results. I went through the same thing. All the pain will pay off ❤️❤️❤️

gaby lovatt

Did you use the cream all over your face even though you only get acne on your cheeks & chin?

Wei Han

Our breakout area is the same. Chin mostly then cheeks but never forehead.


Oo my god finally i found someone who is going through the same sideffects as i experience i get big cysts on my temp side and its not going away its so embarrassing and sad at the same time i m also using 0.05% dose ? i m just waiting for these stupid cysts to go away


Keep going! It really does get better ~ give it 6months to a year to really work its magic. Good luck!