Scaly scalp causes

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Thick flaky Dandruff Causes, Prevention & Treatment - Dr. Rasya Dixit | Doctors' Circle

6 110 views | 22 Feb. 2020

Dr. Rasya Dixit |

Dr. Rasya Dixit | Appointment booking number: 099018 90588

Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetologist | Dr. Dixit Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic, Bengaluru

One of the most common conditions that everybody sees is for dandruff and we differentiate dandruff from disorders of the scalp, which may be a seborrheic dermatitis, a sebopsoriasis or a psoriasis of the scalp which cause more thick flaky scalp and this could cause your hair to be lost in patches or clumps. So it is very important when you have dandruff which is not generally responsible to your regular over the counter anti dandruff shampoos, to meet a dermatologist. The reasons is this could be a marker of something little bit more complicated than a simple dandruff. this could be indicating some skin disorders. In seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis the flakes could be more prominent on the scalp and you can actually peel them off your scalp like big flakes in your hands. Sometimes associate with some bleeding points and the treatment is to use corticosteroid lotions and tar based lotions. You could be given narrow band UVB comb therapy which could reduce the amount of flakiness of the scalp. This could be given in combination with oral medications which could reduce the flakiness of the scalp. So just don’t neglect it thinking it is an ordinary case of dandruff. It is better to see a dermatologist. They case you and give you the correct guidance because these conditions will next lead to more progressive hair loss and other conditions which can be avoided when treated early.

Priyanka Kumari

Hello mam

Bunga Merahmuda

Can people with straight hair have dandruff?

Yaser Harara

So your solution is to go to the doctor


I have hairfall problem since 2 years ....pls give any solution


Mam which shampoo is best for dandruf and hair fall

Scaly scalp causes

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Best Natural & Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dandruff : Dr Berg

93 877 views | 20 Aug. 2017

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Dr. Berg talks about the best remedies for dandruff. Get wild oregano oil pearls, and use 2-3 drops and 1tsp of flaxseed oil and mix it. Flaxseed oil provides essential fatty acids that will heal flaky skin. Oregano oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Rub this after showering and leave it in there. If you do this for a week, it will get rid of it. It is also good to consume oregano and flaxseed orally.

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:

Dr. Berg, age 55, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg’s Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Sahil Agarwal

You are not a doctor first of all bitch!


Is it a good idea to try external appliance of garlic or coconut oil on the scalp? I managed to heal a persistent 3 months long fungal infection (i think so) on my back with just one clove of garlic. The infection started as two small red itchy spots on the back of my pelvis, I think is from the belt and wear constantly grinding on my skin there while I'm working all sweaty in hot weather. So I didn't go to the hospital for that, the spots got as big as the palm of my hand, I tried alcohol with no result. Then when I discovered that it might be a fungal thing, I smashed one garlic clove and directly applied it on the affected skin area. Left the cure on about half an hour, it burned a bit. Lastly I took a shower because the garlic juices are a bit sticky and I hate sticky stuff on my skin. The next day the affected skin started turning harder and in the next days it started pealing off somewhat like dandruff stuff. In a week and just with one appliance, the irritation and itchiness receded. The damaged skin pealed off in a thin layer and the area healed completely, the problem didn't recurred! Hail Garlic! :)


would this remedy help for seborrhea dermatitis and perioral dermatitis Dr. Berg?

Annette Fowler



I can't have zinc, B vitamins or zinc deficiency since I eat 3+ whole eggs daily plus Opti zinc what could be the reason that for my dandruff problem pls help me doctor berg.

Abdullah Raj

If there are other easy tips please mention in your videos

A Barnes

Do not do this. I tried this and lost 50% of my hair volume. I was devastated. The 1st time I rubbed it on a few areas where I saw flakes, washed hair and had a lot of shedding. 2nd time I put all over my head and allowed to sit overnight and hair cane out in clumps. Called Dr. Berg hotline and they had no idea this could happen. I do not recommend anyone do this.

Val Bowers

I added the wild oregano oil to olive oil because I do not have any flax seed oil. I have to say my scalp feels so much better and it is the first time I have used. I had been using expensive shampoos and when I say expensive I am talking about very expensive "scalp cleanser" and my dandruff seemed worse. I have nutritional yeast because I have been on keto and that is a staple but I have not been using it. I opened it when making pizza rolls the other day. Nutritional yeast actually is delicious to me it has a cheesy bran flake flavor so I just ate the teaspoon and followed with water. I will comment again after 10 days of remedy to update effectiveness. Two of my children also are having a flare up so I will update on their progress as well. Thank you Dr. Berg for the information.

Andy Ladd

Has anyone tried this?


Youbare so hot Dr. BERG

Mark Smit

What about gray hair?

Padma Shanbhag

I appreciate ur sincere will and ur amazing knowledge to help others.I am following u for last 3 years.You have helped me in many ways on different occasions.Thank you Doctor.My best wishes r with U and ur wife God bless.

Prncz Marske

Hi doc Berg what if is I don't have an organic oregano oil what is alternative for that oil.. It's OK if I use Castro oil.. I'll try the olive oil before but I will stop it's causes a white hair..
Thank you for your wonderful and educated video..
Have a great day..

Finn Blu

suggestions for very limited

scalp psoriasis

anyone ?

Weana Ortil

Hi Dr Berg... Same remedy for a 9year old girl. Her hair is oily and she has dandruff.


Is the nutritional yeast and brewers yeast works same?

Jack Maxwell

Vitamin d deficiency can caused dandruff ?
Please reply


What really helped me with my dandruff was a combination of oregano oil, olive leaf extract and and caprylic acid. Oregano oil is something I always keep in the house and take whenever I feel like I'm getting a cold, it's amazing for that purpose, but it didn't get rid of my dandruff alone. It did help for a while, but the dandruff always came back. I never tried applying it to my scalp, though, I only took it orally.

Aurelia Serbia

I'll try this. Thank you.

Lisa H

Dr. Eric Berg, how long do I leave on the oils.


I get dandruff in my eyebrows everyday. I hate it, it won't stop!

omsalma osman

I realy can not send aphoto but l can say l lost 30 pounds in 6 months and l feel very good ...thank you so much dr

The Life

Niacin works wonders

Violet LOPEZ

Will this work with children?.. age 9?? Safe to take for kids?

Harry Black Poker

Thanks for the tips, my scalp/face are responding really well to the solution! Please advise your viewers to dilute essential oils before ingesting them (if that's even advisable at all). I burnt my throat with a couple drops of Wild Oregano Oil earlier and now it's swelled up. Hopefully I didn't damage anything internally. After some research I learned this was a terrible idea :(

Antonio Gomez

Does regular oregano oil work?


can i use cod liver oil instead of flaxseed oil?

contato email

DR Berg knows a lot, this information so importante, it make sense, bactéria and fungus OMG all my life dealing with xampus, its amazing to know , Thank you Dr Berg Gratitude

Sean Shekhawat

Hard water & scalp calcification = Hair loss ?

yoruel sanguillen

You also need probiotic guys!!!

Robert Fugere

Kush Kismet says this works - see her youtube video "Best natural treatment for Dandruff | Dr Berg's Method"

maria perri

is coconut oil ok to use on your scalp please help

Pareesa Shirazi

Hi Dr. Berg! My husband and I have been enjoying your videos. I'm a lot of your videos you recommend Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil. Do you know if it's safe to take while pregnant? You can DM at my Twitter @PareesaShirazi if that's easier. Thank you so much!!

Lorenzo Artadi

For two weeks I applied this twice each day (2-3 drops oregano oil, 1tsp flaxseed) consumed it in the morning, rubbed in my scalp and applied it to the problem areas on my face at night an hour before bed. It’s disappeared and hasn’t come back.

Matt Graham

Is there a difference between “wild oregano oil” and “essential oil of oregano”????


What about lemons? Do they help?

uyen truong

If i mix those oil with my shampoo is it gonna work the same way?

Aziz B

Nothing will work with severe dandruff… Period


Nothing beats tea tree oil for antifungal antibacterial properties. But oregano oil?

Oundo Edgar

This is the baddest doctor on you tube. Where others say it can be healed, he says it can be healed.


I start to think Dr. Berg has been spying on me or something, because every video he uploads touches me in a way... like I'm seriously itchy and flaky on my scalp, among many other issues... or maybe all of these symptoms are related???



I have been diagnosed with seborrheic eczema and was wondering it I could put this on my face as well? Thank you.

Anuradha Wickramarathne

wild oregano oil is bit expensive. but combination of wild oregano oil and flax seed oil help me to ged rid of fully dandruff on my scalp. before that i have tried 1000s of remidies to clear the dandruff but nothing works.

Sultana Ahm

Hi dr plz make video on reduce and permanent remove facial hair

Galina Babich

Poison ivy remedy or how to prevent it pleeaseee


Don't they advise against the use of oils in relation to dandruff? They say that oils feed the yeast on the scalp. Correct me if I'm wrong.


Tea tree essential oil is also good.

Ziad Lebnen

Hi Dr. Berg
Please Dr. I have problems with seborrheic eczema on the face and scalp, please dr. help me how do i get rid of it, i have tried everything, shampoo and creams, (elecon 0.1) and more but it disappears a few days and will come back. please dr. help and tell me what to do because I trust you.

White Dervish

Please, make a detailed video for itching scalp. It's killing me.

Sy Eckbe

I just discovered your channel. Very greatful! Im learning so much. Im looking up every issue and it seems you have a video for everything so far. I’ve also just ordered on Amazon your Cruciferous supplement. Making a lot of changes to decrease this estrogen. Looking forward to a healthier and muscular me ;)

Michelle Pep

I was taking nutritional yeast, and my friend told me that actually makes it worse if it’s due to Candida overgrowth. Lol what’s the truth

j l

Choline inositol is the only supplement that completely cured my dandruff. It works by improving liver function. I tried biotin and oregano oil which helped but did not completely eliminate my dandruff. I am relieved and pleased.

Being Human

Did anyone try his recommendations and any luck? ?

Raja Abed

could you please make video about meibomian gland dysfunction and blepharitis

Richie Vegas

how about rosemary oil???????

Sher Khan

Dr Eric , wild Oregano oil is very very expensive , how about tea tree oil or any other alternate


What if I don't have the oils but have oregano leaves and actual flax seeds?

Today Isagreatday

Nutritional yeast ,vit d,zinc...flaxseed and oregano oil


Hi! Can I use rosemary oil instead?

Achaeos Salisbury

There is no flax seed oil in my little town. There is avocado oil, tea tree oil, every damned oil you can think of BUT Flax seed oil. Is there an alternative?

Thee NeuroMancer

Love your show and your advice HOWEVER i put oregano oil on my scalp b4 this video and it melted almost all my skin off in a searing BLINDING pain that would not stop for hours on end, and to make it worse the dandruff came back right not nutritional yeast has almost gotten rid of it bye itself.


Will this work for contact dermatitus on the face as well?

sara mayo

Will vit. B deficiency show in blood work?


Wouldn't nutritional yeast aggravate fungus?

baby pink youngjae agenda

Doctor Berg. My Dandruff completely cleared after starting to take B12, D, Omega3 and A. You should have put more emphasis on on some of these vitamins which are converted into strong Antibacterial compounds by our body.

Asma1449 Gh

After entering my macros in my fitness pal my carb is nearly 40g and almost from greens..can this affect losing weight..or we can neglect these carbs from greens????

Martin M

Hello Dr Berg. I am posting this comment on a non related video in the hopes that you read more comments on your recent videos. It is that I wonder if oats is compatible with ketosis. I was told it is a slow release energy food, and has 7 essentially aminoacids, plus the benefit of being high fiber.

Gabriela Perez


anvitha mysanthu

Dr berg could u please make a new video on how much vitamin d3 or vitamin d should photosensitive people take as we dont get exposed to sun and sources of d3 and tablets .how much d3 should we take in pregnancy -from India


I was told I just have dry flaky scalp, NOT dandruff (not itchy at all)..would this still work for it?


More great advice from Dr. B, but how about giving up your secret of being early 50's and no grey hair?

Angela Villalobos

Can I put liquid zinc directly on my scalp will I have the same effect or do I have to ingest it

Noah Ahmed

Hey dr berg will this work for seborrheic dermatitis? Also does it cause super dry brittle hair? My hair is so dry and brittle and a bit thinner and I am gonna take supplements too but I feel maybe the dermatitis is causing this

Gregory Breen

A million videos and articles on how to reacted and clear the dandruff but only this guy and this video have given a option of how to prevent it. Love your stuff and will be doing this right now. we will see


Thank u

ayesha shaikh

Plz make video on oily dandruff

Sylvain Riendeau

Thank you.

Muh 007

I leave on my scalp for how long?

Joseph Bragdon

I have a son with special needs and he is fed with a g-tube. I wonder how I can get his B-vitamins, etc via g-tube. He gets all his nutrition via g-tube and I am sure we can give him the oregano oil and flaxseed oil but we cannot give him nutritional yeast via g-tube.

Jennifer Dahl

I alway feel like 24 hours after I’ve washed my hair there is an oily goo on my scalp. Thinking fungus.

Jayshree Gosar

Dr berg...you are giving amazing nutritional advice. Thank you so much. I don't eat yeast , not even in bread. Please tell me some other source of vitamin b1 and b2. I am a vegetarian but I don't eat roots like garlic, potato, etc.

Maria Neurinha

What about taking flaxseed oil + wild oregano oil when you dont have a gallbladder? Dandruff is causing my hair to fall out pretty bad.

Peter Dawes

Before I went Keto I had what the doctors claimed was psoriasis but I reckoned it was just a fungal infection. Anyway washing with an Ascorbic acid was cleared it up a treat for weeks at a time, way better than the medicated shampoo I was given which wasn't much better than normal shampoo but left me smelling like a creosoted fence. Since I went Keto, 2 months ago, I guess the yeast infection simply doesn't have enough sugar to live on anymore as it's history now.

Monik Sharma

Results are temporary or permanant ?

Muh 007

I bought both of them from Amazon and I'm gonna try it


I'm surprised you didn't mention ACV as another option. Quite a few vids of ACV related to hair treatment out there, would have been great to hear your version on it.

Nirmal M

Why don’t you please do a detail video on eczema?

Kumar Kumar

Application of oil on the scalp makes dandruff worse....

Karki Leo

Doctor,normally dandruff cant be seen in my hair directly but when i run my finger nail in my scalp a lot of particles comes out every single time and it even comes more when my scalp is wet , i dont know what to do ??

Matias Eskola

Doesn’t work don’t waste your money. I did it for 3 weeks 2 times a day with nutritional yeast and without any results.

ProGaia Mx

2:01 does "the cod" need to be virgin? how do you know? ?

Bashar Ibrahim

Hi Dr Berg!
I'm big fan in your channel, just I wondering I have inching and my dandruff like white spot I can use this treatment.


Dr Berg, you honestly have the most informational channel on YouTube

Becky Vega

Does your hair nail and skin supplement have these vitamins in it ?

Anaïs Verny

Hello Dr Berg coud you please do a video on the dangers of going in and out of keto please? thank you


What about tea tree oil? Is it ok instead of oregano oil?

cultural_month 90

I've tried it, it didnt work out! It makes your hair very greasy



Ali Al7ani

This is very helpful from the first use.

Thank you Doctor


Does consuming something antibacterial mess up your microbiome?