How to get rid of black marks

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How to Remove BLACK Scuffs on bumpers (black marks)

5 539 views | 27 Mar. 2020

How to remove those

How to remove those hideous black marks from your bumper or doors without any special tools.

Christian Mateus

Wow life saver ! Did you polish and wax after ?

Rhema Sosimi

Thank you so much bro your a live saver

Jessa Quezon

What do you mean by “compounding” them? I’m about to go to my mom’s tomorrow night and I have a very similar scratched surface as the one you have on your bumper and I was wondering where I could buy the acetone and the wax asap

Tracy Mayes

Great information!!! Thanks!! Thumbs up

Husky 123

Great video I do know how you feel when your vehicle gets scratched thank you for the video very informative


Nice video brother keep up the good work


Insurance shouldn’t be like this in the U.S ??‍♂️


Sucks that happened to ya. Good info. I’ve been wanting to get some Wypalls for a while and u convinced me to get some ordered. Keep up the great content!


Im here cause on got scuff marks on my oclous quest 2 controllers from hitting it

Underground Paint King

nice vid bro!...acetone worked great