I wash my face with shampoo

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Skin Care Hack: Using Baby Soap as a Cleanser and Shampoo

31 862 views | 9 Jun. 2015

Purchase your bottle of

Purchase your bottle of Johnson & Johnson Baby Soap here: http://amzn.to/2nA5y4X

In this video I talk about using baby soap and baby shampoo on your face and hair. That's right, you can use BABY SOAP, BABY SHAMPOO, and BABY PRODUCTS on adult skin and as a beauty solution! Baby soap is a wonderful and gentle face cleanser, shampoo and body soap for adults and teenagers! Most baby soaps are paraben-free, and hypoallergenic. Are you in a financial crunch? Do you want more product for your money? Can't seem to find the right gentle cleanser for your skin? Look no further! Johnson & Johnson Baby Head-To-Toe Wash is here to save the day!

Productions mentioned in this video:

- Johnson & Johnson Baby Head-To-Toe Wash

You can purchase Johnson & Johnson Baby Head-To-Toe Wash at any local drugstore or on Amazon.com! Happy Shopping!

Leena Maity

Thanks Mr lamorr for this wonderful video


What's that music? I got to know!

Neil Brylle Malunes

Good review :) i use johnsons baby soap, the pink blossom one, it's so good on my skin (body and face). Whenever i tried using different soap and cleansers for testing, i always go back to this baby soap. Well i need to try that top to toe wash cleanser coz it sounds good too :) if it's good for baby, then it's good for adult like us too :)

Allison L

thanks it was helpful

Liann Islam

Use african black soap! For skin conditions.

Novi Andani

i use jhonson or switsal baby shampo for washing my hair, facr, and body. it doesn't make my hair and skin dry

Racchu Racchu

Is this wash glowing and soft body? Or not

Tumpa Patra

It's not suit on my sensitive skin

Cecilie Noble

I just happen to see your channel! Thanks for the wonderful tip! I will be picking up a bottle! ?⭐?

Aubrey Bondoc

I use that as a substitute to Dan Kern's Acne Org cleanser. It's very gentle and will not leave your skin squeaky clean. By the way, what's the brand of your black soap?


Great video! I forgot I have some unopened sample bottles of this that I got last summer while I was in the hospital. I'm going to try this as a face cleanser! Thank you!

Lamarr Townsend Tarot

Thank you for your support! You all are amazing! Please check out the store section on my website for readings, ebooks, and more: https://lamarrtownsendtarot.com/store/


Can I use the shampoo

Channel Dee

Love this review. You speak so nicely!

Chris Voorhees

Good review I just bought a bottle to wash my face, why spend loads of money on expensive face or body wash.


Can i use it even i have an acne and pimples?

Harpreet Virk

My skin is oil sensitive.can i use top to toe wash on my face ???????

J. Briseno-Valderaz.

I believe i have used Johnson and Johnson baby wash before. But i am going to buy more. I also used before the Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and baby lotion too. But , i'm going to go back to it. If they still carry it in the stores near my house ? . I hope the company has hair conditioner too?

I wash my face with shampoo

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Navajo Grandma Natural Yucca Shampoo Part 1 Episode 5

32 715 views | 11 Jun. 2020

Navajo Grandma shows us

Navajo Grandma shows us how to prepare Yucca to use as soap to wash our hair.


Hi Navajo grandma! I'm from New Zealand?? I have Pacific Island/Polynesian ancestry. My mum and her family come from a little island called Niue(around 3-4 hours flight from NZ!) It's near Fiji, Samoa and Tonga, in the Pacific ocean. In the islands, our hair is our pride.. But different islands like different styles. Some like long, straight or wavy hair, some like bushy and thick hair.. Etc. I have long, thick and curly hair. The longest part of my hair is just past my butt, near the top of my thighs. I would like to try this method someday! It's very organic and natural ? thank you for showing and sharing your culture with us❤️?

Slady707 2019

Thank you so very much Navajo Grandma??‍♀️???‍♀️????

Joanne Nez

My daughter in law use to spend her summers on the Rez where they washed their hair with Yuccas


Simply beautiful! I love my Native family and all of our traditions! Thank you for sharing!! ?????

Kayleigh Weldon

Thank you for sharing all of this, it’s very interesting to learn about another culture.

Mimi Mike

This brings back memories of when my grandma & my nali lady would heat up water on the wood stove, pour the warm water in a bucket & wash my hair. They would always have the soap in a blue bird flour bag. I loved the sound of them rubbing their hands together to create a a foamy soap. I'm blessed to still have my grandma & my nali lady around, my grandma will be 91 years old this May & my Nali lady just turned 90 years old on February 5th. Times have definitely changed.

Melvin Dullard

Love you Grandma! You show us the secrets of our ancestors

Dylan Mosley

she does have great hair


Literally every white person is going to run to Whole Foods demanding this stuff because it's 'cultural.

J Mack

Yes thank you! Blessings! I am grateful I will be trying this. My Muscogee hair is very sensitive and super long. I have gone through so many shampoos. This is perfect for my body has started to reject unatural soaps after becoming plant based for 4 years

Estrella De la mañana

We call the root Izote, and we use it for the same purpose.


Nature shampoo for humans. I love that.

Fulana Fulana

Is this like the same yucca we eat in Puerto Rico? It grows in the dirt in the mountains. We boil it, you can grate it to use as a dough.

Lo M.O.

Hello grandma and thank you for this vid! Are these the same as cassavas please? Xx

Vicki Bevington

Wow! I have a yucca in my backyard and lots of hair loss. I will try this. Thanks for the info!

Licha Parra

Just found you today. My roots are from Huichol or Chichimec. We are also from the high rocky mountains of Mexico. My mother would talk about using this, but I didn't understand totally. She said her hair was thick, shiny, & clean. I being born in USA, used VO5 & also had long hair. I too would love to play with it. I'm your new fan! I'm going to learn Navajo with you. Thanks


Grandma! this is off-topic, and thank you for sharing with us and teaching us, but i'd love to know what mascara you use! ?♥️

Pauline Atkins

You are using a lot of Jamaican words
.We say Talaish talawah

Jelly Bean

Beautiful! Thank you for this!

matthew mann


Lady California

Thank you for this blessing of a video. I’ve been using herbs in my hair for a few years now, seeing this brings so much joy. Connection to the land and good for the earth and for my hair. Excited to try this!

Pauline Atkins

How can we get the dry one yucca bush. You are speaking Jamaican l supposed Navajo tribe were indegenous to ??Trelawny Albert Town. Part of a family of man

Lavendar Mish

I don’t have fresh yucca near me. Is it okay if I use the powder form to wash my hair??

Marwa Ayaanle

Hi! I really enjoyed this! I came across this channel looking for natural shampoo, where can I buy yucca root? Thank you


u r such a beautiful women. lookes and soul :)


My Grammy had yucca plants and she used to use them to wash my hair. I have natural curly hair and it really helped to smooth my hair and give more volume. I can still remember how shiny and clean it was. Unfortunately when the state road crew came through and sprayed nasty chemicals in the ditch lines beside of the road, they got heavy handed with the weed killer and sprayed her beautiful yucca plants too and killed them?...I need to get me some more plants.

Marcial Arredondo

Thank you very much grandma Navajo. I appreciate any help and advice you may pass on. It may sound shallow and silly to others when it comes putting so much emphasis to our hair. But what other fail to see, is that our hair , like our vision and hearing , is precious. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. Thank you once again...

Patricia Sweet

I have been away to long from Albq. almost for got how to prepare this. Will teach my little granddaughter.

Amber M

This is so interesting I love it


Wow I'm glad I can across this channel. I love that you share to language as well. Liked and subscribed!

Equinox xo

I love this channel so much. Thank you for sharing <3

Payton D

I love this ? my mom tells me stories how how her grandma would use yucca shampoo. The only difference is she used a nylon hose and a hammer ?

And thank you for sharing your knowledge ❤

Terri B

I loved the yucca shampoo back in the 70's. So I started making it myself

Nurse Nina

I'm so happy I just found your channel! I have yucca outside and never knew it's value. Thank you so much

Nina S

You’re absolutely beautiful.. thanks for the hair tips. ???


Your so beautiful so excited to try this recipe

Elena Fetter

Wow...I need to use this...?
Thank you...bless you

Pauline Atkins

We say talaish

Esmeralda Pooner

Yes city folks rely too much on things from the store with lots of chemicals and worlds they can't pronounce. This is free and cancer free. Thanks

Kathleen Davy

I can see it shining on your hands, the soap

Angela Farias

You can find yuca in Mexican markets


I am so happy I found your channel. Now more than ever we need the healing only nature and spirit can provide us. Thank you Grandma for sharing your wisdom with us. ❤ My dad and I are Cherokee descendents and we have fine soft hair and it's impossible for us to find a store bought shampoo that works for us. We've just started using fresh aloe, coconut oil, jojoba oil, honey, apple cider vinegar, and eggs along side cedar wood, rosemary, and lavender. I'm really excited to try yucca and saw palmetto. Love and best wishes.

isabel n

when i saw you my heart sank, my grandma had native roots in her but we never knew about it until my mom had her dna test but it was too late cause she died recently. You resemble her so much, i promise not in a disrectful way. Your hair and eyes are so similar to how hers were when she was alive.

Julia Martinez

Can you tell me how,or what can I buy that has the yacca in it for hair growth

Sally Mann-cox

Can you make this with store bought yucca

Maria Ponce

How often should i wash my hair with yucca root shampoo.??
My hair is so dry too..

Ancient One

I always wondered how the soap was extracted from the yucca plant. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

mayra reyes

Love this ?? my hair is sooooo thin and falling out . Thank you Grandma Navajo . Even just using a natural soap like yucca, makes me feel full in my heart


The only thing that bothers me is the pronunciation of yucca its pronounced yooka not yuh-ca...>(




That is beautiful thank you for sharing!


I love the idea! I’d like to know if you added water to the yucca juices to make the final product

Marcial Arredondo

Can you also simmer the roots for the saponins?

Anonymous Person

Hi, can I use this daily?

Laura Ellen

Your hair is lovely!! I can remember as a child in the 70s we had a shampoo called Yucca Dew. My mom loved it. I assume it must have had yucca extract in it.

Amy Alvarado

Happy to have found you...Thank you for your knowledge and time?


Thank you Grandma!

Kerri Corser

Hello! I'm so glad to find you today! I received a message about yucca today. Actually the person mentioned aloe, but I heard yucca. Lol
Thank you for teaching the right way.

blueBeanieboos TV

I need Yucca in my life

sunshine44 dexter

Just remember their not the only tribes that use this or came up with this shampoo

Justice Freedom

I'm mix with Filipino and Black I have native American in me as well

Amdh Walenda



I wondered what Yucca was in the shampoo I was using. Had the most pleasant smell! I will definitely be adding Yucca back to my washes. Thanks Grandma ?

fishy fish

Yes Grandma?. I love to learn how other cultures use natural resources. Thanks. I'm going to try it.

Eliza A

Do you think the powder works as well?

Guaribo Ferrer

I am amazed at how the Yucca root is important in the West and Rocky Mountain. I am a Taino Native from Boriken (Puerto Rico) and we honor the Yucca and the Creator, Yucahu the Father of the Yucca. Jajoma (Thank you)!

Yanina Michael

Thanks for share this awesome video. In Peru, the natives Incas, use Yuca for clean their hair (like shampoo) and is a igredient for clothes "lana" too (they use for clean and later give them color). The Yuca make grow the hair faster. Is awesome how far can be the natives of all America, and how share some praxis in their cultures. Greetings

Shar Roon

My neighbours have these, I wonder if they'll notice? Haha just kidding.

Jennifer Bruce

Thank you!

Gabrielle Ortega

Gracias abuela Navajo ??

Kenisha Calder

You just exude wisdom. Thanks for sharing the culture ? Peace & Love ?

Karissa Ferro

Thank you for sharing this with the world

Renee Scott

Where can I find the video on how to wash your hair. ☺️

Felicia Renteria

This is so amazing even just seeing her- she looks like MY FAMILY in her face, hair and voice so much.. my family has strong Navajo roots ? I wish the traditions and lifestyle was passed onto me?

Marcial Arredondo

Is there a transition phase when you go from chemical shampoo to yucca shampoo ?? Cuz I’ve tried soapberry washing and my hair would dry up and brittle. People would also tell me that my hair was detoxing when this happened. What do you think?


Who would give this a thumbs up?! Thais is amazing. Tlazocamatli, thank uuuuu ??


How Often do You Use It

Fantasy Is1and

Thank you for sharing grandma ??


Thank you .


Ya'ateh shi ei Mxchi

Gilarys Rodríguez

Hi! Usually I eat yucca but where I am from we have shampoos of yucca too because it might help to thick your hair. I know the feeling of the yucca that you are saying, it is kind of slippery like soap. Thank you for sharing your knowledge ??

Joyce Stewart

What wonderful family stories!

lamoehak 4

Thank you for this! I am part navajo but unfortunately I wasn't able to learn much from my mother about our culture because she was a foster child given up at a young age but videos like the ones you make help me so much! I'm so excited to learn more from you!!

Paisley Rainbows

I will buy some! Where can I buy some!!!?

Annette Kent

I have a yucca plant that I love and have had for a few years. Thanks for your info?

Marcial Arredondo

Can you mix yucca root with soapberry??

Sam M

Loved this content! You are absolutely GORGEOUS btw!

888 888

Thank you ??

Kali Kali

You're such a beautiful and knowledgeable grandmom. Thank you for this.

Mikelle Callahan

Great video. I found your channel and I love the raw naturalness of your culture. The use of your native language is very beautiful. Very interesting in a really good authentic way.

Justice Freedom

I'm 41 years old


I actually made this last week into a bar form! ?

Luna Stella

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

Julie Lloyd

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and stories, you are beautiful!!?

Cynthia Scott

Thank you so much for educating us. This is so beautiful. Natural shampoo without the chemicals.

Alexis Metheny

You are amazing. Thank you so much for your knowledge and kindness.


The respect you have for nature (not killing the entire plant) makes me feel warm and fuzzy♡ Subscribed!

Sara Nagh

I remember the YUCCA DEW t.v. commercial about 2 generations ago.

Angie Schimara

Thank you for not letting us forget ?

Tye Johnson

That’s awesome ?? please keep you’re culture and lineage alive!!

I wash my face with shampoo

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Always Be My Maybe | Trailer | Netflix

5 204 108 views | 16 May. 2019

Everyone assumed Sasha and

Everyone assumed Sasha and Marcus would wind up together except for Sasha and Marcus. Reconnecting after 15 years, the two start to wonder... maybe?

Watch Always Be My Maybe on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/80202874

SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/29qBUt7

About Netflix:

Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with over 148 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

Connect with Netflix Online:

Visit Netflix WEBSITE: http://nflx.it/29BcWb5

Like Netflix Kids on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/NetflixFamily

Like Netflix on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/29kkAtN

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Follow Netflix on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/29oO4UP

Follow Netflix on TUMBLR: http://bit.ly/29kkemT

Always Be My Maybe | Trailer | Netflix



This is such an awesome movie.. i loved it. Main actress acts so well i couldn't take my eyes off her face.. I'm happy i watched it


So, she wrote a movie just to kiss Keanu?


am back here for the 'piece of shits'

Just Some Guy without Eyes

Movie unrealistic. It's impossible to get yo girl back from keanu reeves.


This looks really Kool but I don't have Netflix bahhhhhh .... so if anyone knows of where I can see it in full ... lemme know! Cheers

Alexis M Wellington

I loved this movie!!!!

The Loner

If my girl left me for keanu, It would be an honor...

Dixie Mpulusu

I love this movie


Imagine loving a girl and she already likes someone, and then realizing it's Kenau Reeves


This was the moment he knew he lost.


im happy

Susan Jones

“I hope you get malaria and shit yourself to death you shitty piece of shit!” Oh yeah, I’m watching this movie ??

Andile Duma

For the first time I watched this movie it wa after my exam,stoned myself and binge watch on it I was crawling of laughter??

Dana Villano


Oliver Oken

i can't listen to that song "always be my baby" without crying

Nikola Tesla Imortal

great script

Ken Hammond

Simon Bolivar statue 2:04 where is this statue?

P.S. Alan

I like the moment when reeves comes

S.Y Yong

when keanu appeared.... i DIED

David Atkinson

I feel like this trailer spoils the movie

Ravita L.

Isn't that Jim??


2:16 Any guy when a chick they crush on is talking about sex with other dudes

vivek gharti thapa

such a great watch.absolutely loved it

Sara Treat

Theodore "Ted" Logan makes a mean entrance :D


when Mariah came in...oh! I must watch this.


This movie was so cute and funny .Watched it last night and loved it

L'Eau Reine

The movie was not terrible. Yikes

Gcina Nkomzwayo

Great movie really enjoyed it.

zhafarina maudy

I hate friend zone

#18 Launio Michelle S.

Okay, I'm just here because of Keanu Reeves. Am I the only one?


I beg of her to make another movie


This movie was soo underwhelming


How ruined the imagine of keanu reeves congratulation netflix , everyday you post a new low quality shit

Roger Takey

Asa Akira? no, wait!

Danica Herrera

Highly recommended!! ?

Rhulani Masia


Aldrian Reza

Agent Cho used to be quiet

Malcolm Harper

Great movie I love it


This movie is straight FIRE

Daniel Scholz

I'm a simple man. I see Keanu Reeves, I watch the movie, no matter how big of a part he has


Keanu Reeves. Asian America's most handsome and talented actor.

Mah Graphs

So, Keanu made a cameo appearance and it's great but who really should've made a cameo appearance in this film is Mariah Carey!!!

Maha Mohamed

Omg the end?? go Keanu ?✌️


Anyone else got chills when “always be my baby started” playing. Mariah Carey has such nostalgic vibes to her music, love it!!!


I remember watching this movie. It was wonderful, 10/10

Psycho_ Maniac13

i saw all wong live and she mentioned this movie. she highly recommend it, not just because she started in it but by the way she described it and things they did behind the scenes sounded hilarious! and now i am here watching the trailer and i do have to say that this movie does look pretty damn funny! she is a great person and freaking hilarious! next time she tours i HIGHLY recommend you guys go watch her

Eyes And Stars

I guess, this is way better than crazy rich asian

Ismene Edecaste

The Keanu Restaurant scene....funniest shit I've seen in a long time!!! LMAO

Elvira Iskakova

Was watching just because of Keanu. ?


You all came for 2:25

Prahar Patel

Average movie


Asian Jim, what are you doing here

Rajrishi Parmar

Fresh off the boat!


Pretty sure every normal guy would leave their girl to go on a date with Keanu.

JC Nguyen

Might as well let Sasha be a Chinese because why make her a Vietnamese when the first food being shown is dumpling and then some plain beef and plain veggies she made. Hmm... sorry I'm wrong maybe Sasha Tran is actually a Chinese ? I'm just salty cause I was excited to see some Viet food or just anything at all I could relate to cause I thought Sasha was a Vietnamese ? I'm still so disappointed cause I got my hope up.

But this is a great movie still

Peter Mccormack

Brilliant movie

John Wick

Jin and John Wick, HOLY SH1T

Kat Krupina

Now i had to watch this after stand up


2:23 GG folks, the one guy that does better than Asians.

Shanelle Goodman

Randall Park may be my new celebrity crush now. I figured Zac Efron hasn't gotten me anywhere in the last 10 years.



JP Huwaè

It’s Mariah Fuckin Carey !!!!!!! Y’all !!!!!

Monica Avitia-Rosales


Fernando Castellanos Lopez

El cameo de kenau fue lo mejor de la peli jajajaja


movie rating 0/10
keanu reeves 100/10

joe p

is that the same actor who plays Jim from the office?


I wish Ali Wong would quit acting and pursue a career doing gloryholes

Freddy Schnipon


Paul Smego

I love this movie it’s so damn funny and beautiful and they picked the perfect song as the theme

kyo kyo

The music is so good

Tichina Reacts

This looks like a hallmark movie. Girl comes home to find the ex bf. But I saw John wick and changed my mind

Kamalika Mukherjee

I lost it when Keanu appears in slo-mo. I KNOW it was probably not funny but pretty tragic for poor Marcus, but damn, I laughed so hard at the flabbergasted look on his face!

setareh a

Vancouver reppin

5 Campers Camping

This movie was 100% perfect rom-com

Jonah J Jameson

He is the king of SIMP


So.......once upon a time,

Kim Jong Un punched Mr. Wick in the face and even called an uber pool for him.

Formed a Band with Dupinder and Azrael the angel of death, and also one of Lucifer's closest sister.

Then made a song about the whole she bang and still lives to this very moment to tell the tale.

What a bed time story ?

Camden Marr

This was actually a great movie in my opinion


To all the cucks i didnt love before......


Awesome video

Tammie Currie

Oh wow this seems really good!

Christine Taylor

This Lady is awesomely brilliant... fabulous xx

Adrian Denson

Man! I didn't expect Keanu Reaves in the end!

shivani singh

If my boyfriend leaves me for Keanu, I'd love him even more

BaBy BaDy

The main lead was so frustrated that he went back to North Korea and became Kim jong un

Ariena Azizah

is it just me or does Randall Park sounds EXACTLY like ryan reynolds........

Roz Wynn

This movie was so great. I almost have something to thank coronavirus for because I never would have seen this in the theater because I don't normally like RomComs.


This looks sooo good

DylanK Chan

I love you, Mariah.❤️


I wonder if using the song "always be my baby" inspired the title or the title inspired the use of the soundtrack for the trailer??

Mah Graphs

Not Netflix failing to make Mariah Carey make an appearance T_T chiilleeee

Lain Iwaku

honestyly we just looked this because keanu reeve lol

Andy Alker

Its weally wong!!!!


i used to think keanu reaves was a badass after watching john wick now i watch this and i think hes a asshole

Malcolm Harper

Well done guys

Sodom 1611

Never advice, i swear this was Top 5 worst movie i've seen in my life

Share The Joy

this looks so fun to watch, they both look so comfortable with each other and it makes the film more interesting and watchable. on my way to netflix to watch.

X Finity

Still waiting for a part 2!!!

Ghost -o-

by the end i was like eh? what the.. he doing..

notbillcipher ?

Nice to see that Asian Jim is moving up in the world...

guns and kithes

2:23 She has to be MENTALLY HANDICAPPED SUFFERING FROM DILLUSION if the Movie doesnt end there.