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Tony from A&B: Deep Set 5 | 4.5 hour livestream DJ set [@Anjunadeep]

217 086 views | 20 May. 2020

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Tony from Above & Beyond with an epic Sunday deep set, livestreamed from his home in London. Broadcast May 17, 2020.

Buy Above & Beyond merchandise and music: https://anjunastore.com

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1. Cliff Martinez - First Sleep

2. Lee Burridge & Lost Desert ft. Junior - Lingala (Gorje Hewek & Izhevski Remix)

3. Volen Sentir - Heimarmene

4. Dubtommy - Covenant

5. Modd - Vishaya

6. Vangelis - Ask The Mountains (Marcelo Vasami Remix)

7. Volen Sentir - Vdol Po Rechenke

8. Kasper Koman - The Blind Navigator

9. Alex O'Rion - Envy

10. ID

11. Nocturnalism - Ambra (VØSNE Interpolation)

12. DAVI - Home

13. Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Timo Maas Remix)

14. James Blake - Limit To Your Love (Daniel Bortz Edit)

15. Guy Gerber - What To Do (&ME Remix)

16. After Burn & Aman Anand - Move Me (Hot TuneiK Remix)

17. Eli Nissan - Arpu

18. Sébastien Léger - Rocket To Lee's Little Cloud

19. Lauhaus & Mario Franca - Audience

20. Ki.Mi. - Cloud Vibes

21. Jody Wisternoff & James Grant - Nightwhisper

22. Ben Böhmer - Little Lights (ID Remix)

23. Bent - Swollen (Ben Watt Vocal Mix)

24. Volen Sentir - Sirun

25. ID

26. Andre Moret - Reflected Shadow

27. Portishead - Roads (Golan Zocher Bootleg)

28. Dousk & Jorgio Kioris "Ozaki 8" (Golan Zocher 3am Remix)

29. Matter & GMJ - To The Stars (Tripswitch Remix)

30. Sébastien Léger - Lanarka

31. Ben Böhmer ft. Malou - Lost In Mind (Volen Sentir Vision)

32. Rampa ft. WhoMadeWho - Tell Me Are We

33. Liam Sieker & Ewan Rill - Essence

34. Guy J & Clarian - Night Rescue

35. Rich Curtis - I Think Therefore I'm Spam (Golan Zocher Remix)

36. Paul Deep - Dogma

37. Armonica - Zama

38. Sébastien Léger - Ashes In The Wind

39. Matt Rowan "Gotcha" (Kostya Outta Remix)

40. Golan Zocher & Choopie - 1991

41. Guy J - Synthopia

42. Kamilo Sanclemente & Giovanny Aparicio ft. Velveta - Forgiven

43. Matias Chilano - Red Line

44. DJ Zombi - Octopus (Cid Inc. & Orsen Remix)

45. Frost - Overtones (PROFF Remix)

46. Dosem - Extraction

With thanks to the ID-spotting boffins on the official Above & Beyond Reddit for helping type out this epic tracklist!

Live dates: https://aboveandbeyond.nu/tour

Website: https://aboveandbeyond.nu

Facebook: https://facebook.com/aboveandbeyond

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aboveandbeyond

Instagram: https://instagram.com/aboveandbeyond

#Anjunabeats #DeepHouse #LiveStream

Michael Hicks

Sir Tony McGuinness ☘️??

Nina Chester

28:24 That sample sounds like "Little Star" from the Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack (Leonardo DiCaprio and Clarie Danes). Love it. Thank you!


Portishead - Roads -> Best remix by far is Sultan & Tonedepth (better than the original tune IMHO)

Jon Wood

Amazing set, so so good. Can we listen to these livestreams anywhere else other than Youtube? I prefer not to have a video playing just to enjoy the audio. Keep up the outstanding work!

Lucifer Jesus

Best shirt! Cheers!


G'day Tony, pass us the salt -mate ? :D you guys rock. Appreciate being a non-raver but VERY VERY VERY much enjoy my own personal sessions with your teams of tech heads. Thanks dude. Come n visit W. Australia sometime n let me know. We can chuck a prawn on the barbie together mate ;D salt optional... tunes - NON NEGOTIABLE !! :) ♡richie in Aus.

Matthew’s Jammin’ Java Hut

Actually started crying when you cut in Portishead. Unreal bro. Keep it up sir

Dmitry Rekun

Кто палец вниз ставит? :(

Sean Prescott

... Great Shirt Tony...??

ashwin ms

There a track link for davi- home (number 12 in song played list)

Reino P

Tony, u r the best!

Mr Watton

That T-Shirt! ha ha. Great set, Tony :D

Facundo I Cordero

3:00:00 Excelent track!

Saptarshi Das

Omg. Am I blessed?


why do I feel so loved with these streams

Aishah Abdullah

That Portishead song snuck in like a mother.


Dear future me: You danced with the baby (8wks) from 2:34:45 - 2:53:53; she fell asleep :-)

Attila Gal

this mix is the mix of the year 2020 mate!

MJ Shishavi

so cute! awesome beats! thank you!!!

Laura Vega

It's the first time since lockdown started, I've been productive. These sets are giving me lifeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Thank you <3


thank you for running these at home. They make working from home so much better day-to-day

Andres C.A.T

Eres un maestro i love


Smooooood as butterrrrrr

axel casale

Matias Chilano ??


Woww. No wordd. Really loved the 4,5 hours deep set provived by Mr Tony himself. Really kept me motivated during work time?

Hector Ramirez

whats the name of track 25 all it says is ID

Andre Bravo

Amazing set, thx for sharing!

Ruslan Strelba

MORE BEER!!! 1:14:28

Kvizac Haderach

Thank you for Vangelis 26:46!


good mix, like your music, but i like mick jagger too!

Patricia Gaju

Mick Jagger its your father !

Stefanus Randy

What's the track name at 2:15 - 2:20? Goosebumps!!! Love you Tony & Anjunafamilly <3

Riv3r Mendoza

i was listening to your music on sirius radio. AWESOME LOVE IT SO MUCH <3 at 65 im totally digging the sounds..beyond beyond. tysm for sharing your talent

3D Dad

anyone knows where are deep sets 1 to 4 ? can't find them.. Thanks


who in the world down votes this... its awesome.

Alan Stephen Doherty

Love the T-Shirt

Omega Sparx

Bro this mix is slamming!

Endy Briceño

Buenísimo Pura Vida


Subscribed! What tune is at 1:40 please?

Dav0 G

Love his T-Shirt

Toxic Ghost



69 thumbs down? Can only assume those unfortunate few came here looking for guns n roses 'cos this fine ass piece of Anjunabeats magic is one for the archives.

Chad Reitsma

Nice opening with "Will she come back?" <3


always the best


I fell in love with the trippy track at 3:11:00 ?
Great set throughout! I had a great time at work ?

Johnny Deep

This is more Progressive house than deep! ✌️??

Michelle Jenkins

Thanks, man! 4 hours of music! The dedication is amazing!

Andrew Samuel

i actually said Hi to him when he waved his hand at the beginning lol.

Cristian Fiks

december 2020, i keep discovering great set´s of you.... keep doing it,
everyone is enjoying it

Chris Johnson

pretty soon Tony is going to run out of label tracks and have to start scouring soundcloud for up and coming producers to play.

Michael La


Norm Yip

I just got commissioned to work on large abstract paintings for an office lobby in Hong Kong, where I live/work. The brief was to do something 'electric' that was filled with colour and excitement to enliven a dull area near the elevators/turnstiles. Then this appeared on my list of recommendations. The tracks are wonderful, and help set me in the right place/zone to create and get lost into the atmosphere. I so much love this type of trance music (forgive me if I don't know the correct terminology) and glad there are limited vocals. I'm at 2:30:32 into the set. Thank you.

Sean McGrath

Where can I get that t-shirt?


1:20:00 >>>>> Makes me shine :)

Denis Rodriguez

Sebastián Leger - Ashes in the wind está canción me volvió a conectar con esa parte del amor que están bonito y especial que solo este tipo de canciones te pueden hacer despertar ese tipo de sentimientos lindos y hermosos que llevamos dentro y más cuando estás con la persona que amas con el alma, gracias por esta linda canción ????

Richard Francis

Always a pleasure listening to your tracks literally got me through some tough times in my late 20's. Even now when working out at the gym or on my laptop running my business, these tunes keep me sane. ? Thanks guys cant wait to see you next year.

Haider Malik

"Who the fu*k is Mick Jagger;" you ask? The guy Tony McGuinness made famous!

Carlos G.

3:28:00 Phew!!


2:03:08 Tony decided to put it into top gear... brilliant

THanK _S.

This start is so beautiful. Had to come back to this today to place my head in a place of joyful nostalgia. I miss the external sessions; though working at home with this playing loudly is soooooo beautiful. You're wonderful Tony. Thank you again.


Fellas these are the best deep house mixes I've heard.

Hugh Sagonda


Pamela de Groot

THAT T-shirt ??

Bruno Cardenas

03:40:56 :O !! someone has de id? beauty <3


Simply Awesome ! became an Above & Beyond Fan since 2002 ... seen them live twice in my life , can"t wait Tony upload the : Deep set 4 3 2 1 these four live sets!


I have searched for Tony’s Deep sets 1-4 but cannot find them, maybe they don’t exist!

Sean McGrath

Sure hope that is 9:10 pm or is that a fizzy water he just took a swig from? Thank you for the mix Tony!

Ruairi Mc Glinchey

Where is the time stamp legend???

Joseph Miller

wow, this is nice --- first time here - I usually listen on Spotify

Rob Steele

Oooooh love it bassline so deep

sun shine


Dante Petrin

According to Reddit 2:16:00 is Fingerprint - Babydoll White (Mem Aleph Remix). Sadly it doesn't appear to be released anywhere.

Ángel Morales

Gracias Tony por tu sensibilidad.
Eres único.

Felipe Rojas

Where is Deep set 1, 2, 3, 4?



Cynthia Le Bosse


paul preston

I absolutely love this set. It looks like Tony was enjoying himself as well. Great job!

5 stars


The shirt!


Always loved A&B, and Tony mixing deep? Great set, loved it!

tommy my

solaris to the fore

Bruno Cardenas

03:36:00 id? awesome! thanks :)

Gerald Schön

Tony ??

Zac Zach

lol i want that shirt

George Luka

Such an amazing journey <3 Thank You :)

Ruairi Mc Glinchey

Anyone know what the track is around 1hr 27 is? Love his reaction at the breakdown.

Rodrigo Pascali


Mitch McGrath

Whats the tune 3:48:30 seconds in?

Stoner Strains

That shirt has me ?.

Daniel Battaglia

Tony soy de Argentina...65 años recien cumplidos Above & Beyond " hasta la muerte ritmo sangineo ..viceral...se esta adentro o afuera de ...ABOVE & BEYOND...!!!

jocelyn chavira

Every year a number is added to us.never give up what makes you dance. Life is beautiful if you embrace yourself. The fire within us is forever. ?


Whats the track at 2:50:00?

Hüseyin Saldıran

you ar the best tony love you

Antonio Henrique



Your Deep Set broadcasts on SiriusXM Chill led me here. Thank you, sir. I've been dancing all month.

Brooks Riverstreams

Fantastic and such a mindscape being created, so deep and luscious...thank you Tony!
Does anyone know the track names at the transition around 51:19? And again at 55:16?

stany Papaioannou

2:16 Name track ? top set !!! Gratulations


Sat here shaking my head. 37 years on this Earth, I love everything from Bros, Scooter, Queen, BFMV, Trivium, Dimension, ArminVB, Ugly Kid Joe, Nirvana, Jimmy Eat World, LimpB, Eminem, Snoop, Vivaldi, Mozart, Green Day, Ben Bohmer, Delerium, OceanLab, Michael Jackson, Juicy M, Key4050, Brennan Heart, POD, Goo Goo Dolls, Rammstein, Foo Fighters, The Offspring, Deep Purple, Boston, August Burns Red, The All American Rejects, Nickleback, Metallica, Guns n' Roses, AC/DC, Pat Benatar, Creedence Clearwater, Sting/The Police, Whitesnake, Journey, Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch, Eric Prydz, Pendulum, The Prodigy, Cappella, Judas Priest, Slipknot, SoiL, most Clubland albums, most Euphoria albums, Dash Berlin, Faithless, Darren Porter, FatBoy Slim, Diemonds, Jorn van Deynhoven, Gareth Emery, High Contrast, Adela, Madonna, Cher, Nero, Drowning Pool, Seether, Billy Idol, Incubus, Parkway Drive, Plan Three, Ellie Goulding, Skrillex, Lasgo, Wheatus, Corona (the artist, ha!), Rihanna, Culture Beat, KLF, Tinie Tempah, Pulp, ok... guess what I did whilst listening to this set, haha! But yea, My music taste varies, It's not often I find one single band or artist that i'll constantly love all of their work... but Above and Beyond... I love literally everything that Jono. Paavo and Tony put together. I find it heart warming, emotional, inspiring, motivational, electric.. ok, you get the idea. Brilliant set, thank you and as always, <3 you all and everyone who reads this



Frank dupont

I love this guy

Overtone reddit

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LITERALLY EVERYONE Rips WOTC Apart Over Tone-Deaf, Inadequate Ban Announcement

12 284 views | 29 Sep. 2020

Everyone from every group

Everyone from every group with every opinion and every background came together to agree on one thing today: WOTC's ban announcement was garbage and needed to go wider. Let's read some of the absolute rage from people who waited months for Standard to get fixed by rotation and found it to be worse than ever THEN WOTC said they'd fix it and fixed nothing. You can't possibly find a better way to piss people off than this.

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João Alvaro Nunes

Wizzards is so bad at their job that they got SJW's and r/freemagic to agree... that's another freaking level!

Salad Top

I honestly I just moved to historic to use my uro temur deck

Vasyl Park

"?" as in that's the statement "Question Mark," about why standard is such shit.

Brett Andersen

Things get worse outside standard too. Wizards, also, revealed the first few cards of the walking dead secret lair. They are mechanically unique AND eternal format legal.

Isky Mate

This might actually convince me to make a twitter account...

Scutes-R-Us Mtg

Free scutes to all just play a land. So come on get your scutes .


in case you didnt look it up already and read my comment: they print a legacy and commander LEGAL mechanically unique secret lair card you can not get anywhere else (and its stupid because its a twd character as a normal magic card, not silver border or anything)

joel quinn

Mill is awesome but I agree with everything else

Lochlann Niddrie

I think cat was 3 days later

Chris Henderson

Hi des hope your doing well love to see another video
Wish i could play a game w you and chill ok bye

Tainya Gaming

You know what's sad, I got a Command zone "marvel strike force ad" before the video. Disgusting

Minecrafting Mew

Question. If you don't like standard, and you know cards are being made for things other then standard, why play standard? Cost? You can make a great commander deck for 20 bucks. Power level? Play groups are self stabilizing. If something gets out of hand, it can be addressed. Oh, I put a lot of time and money into this deck that rotated out. Doesn't happen in commander. So again, why play standard if you clearly don't like it?

DJ Vinyl

Will dog boi eat the potato?


When your asskissers are against you you know your doing something wrong

Matthew Turner

Bolas’s greatest trick was dragging the spirit of MtG to the Shadow Realm with him.

Liam Colligan

Bronze symbol? Ban.

Kenny Smith

Onmath really isn't the whole problem. It's scute swarm, lotus cobra, cultivate that enable the hell out of Onmath. The only real way to effectively stop that deck is board wipes and Ugin. And oh by the way that deck also plays Ugin soooooo yeah Ugin needs to go too.

Ban those cards and Onmath is almost nothing.

Passed Judgements

They're passing us off over the blatant scam that is Secret Lair walking dead. Didn't like secret lairs but this sets a dangerous precedent that's nexus of fate on steroids all over again


LMFAO! WotC low key blames netdecking.


I think WOTC doesn't like net-deckers...


Im not playing standard until omnath and scute swarm are banned


I just started playing magic the gathering arena yesterday. I've been around the block with card games but never touched magic in any way until now. Seems fun at the moment but i'm sure the more i play i'll start finding problems. I tend to get caught up in the initial fun of a new ccg and it takes me a bit to figure out all the kinks with the game and the company behind it. So far im only disappointed there's no log for what happened on any given turn (unless im just missing it somewhere) and i'm not a huge fan of the fact that you're limited on how much gold you can get a day as well as xp. Which reminds me a lot of hearthstones shitty business modal, which I detest and the reason i dumped hearthstone. The business practice in which "hey this is a free to play game where you can get enough to be competitive if you grind enough hours a week. But we are going to limit how much you get from grinding during the week so you'll have to pay us money eventually to be any kind of competitive in our game." I get that free to play game devs need to make money somehow, and they are a business at the end of the day. But i'm starting to feel like i'll actually never get anywhere in the game based on the fact i'm limited on how much gold and xp i get a day as a free to play player. I'm unemployed at the moment. Might be able to spend a few bucks on the game here and there, but that probably wont get me anywhere still but staying constantly stuck at the bottom. Guess I'm gonna have to wait until i get a job again to spend regrettable amounts of money on yet another game just so i can keep up and have fun playing it lol. Also seems weird seeing them ban cards they make for the game because people find really effective ways to use them. Doesn't make me want to use any of my wild cards lol


What deck is he playing? Would like to build it.


"Happy Halloween! We hope you don't run into something scarerier than state of current standard meta"

l0l A N00B

They gave me back my mythics from uro... bet they didnt see the omnath coming!!!!!! But fr... why ban uro when he's not even half the problem.


Are they still paying for cards or tourney entries?
If so, they're all bark and no bite.
Pun intended.

munchie 3777

Just ban forest altogether ^.^ there problem solved xd (jk jk)@[email protected]

Amozui Lucimox

Just left some tasteful, respectful comments. I really want to fucking cuss them fuckers out

Moonshine Spaz

idk how this came up on my reccomended list but im not disappointed for clicking on it. personally i dont play Magic. i play Yugioh and i have to say......this guy.....is 100% right about the current state of YGO....granted it doesnt seem like its THIS bad its not good either.

Video was very entertaining to watch btw even though i dont play the game.


ngl desolator ban wishlist would be a fun video, granted he rant with 100% anger lol


Would love a post rotation full ban wishlist. Possibly with tiers like “must ban” “unpopular stuff I want” and “nuclear waste”

Bluered lover

When you're getting ripped a new one by Commander Quarters, you know you've fucked up.

Alex Mendoza

You're killing it with the thumbnails


I’m gonna take my wild cards I get back and go get Omnaths ???

Alex Wilsenach

Put the dragon the damages whenever a creature enters the battlefield into this deck

beni Stoneman

The only set that was decent meta wise in the last 5 years was dominaria. Who designed that set? Oh yeah Richard Garfield. Time to play keystone. We really need his vision back in the game for it to be a game

Nathaniel Fischer

Guys net decking is nothing new. Its literally been around since 1995 in the early internet with ernham djinn armageddon, necro decks etc. Its really difficult to build a competitive deck that one of millions of other people hasn't played. The issue is wizards design philosophy for cards is about as logical as critical race theory. The cards they are printing looks like they are designed by a child that just discovered the game and made up their own cards with a wall of text and mana symbols drawn in crayon, that does everything and you cant do anything about it. I miss the days of magic where decks were streamlined and had weaknesses that could be exploited by a good player with a game plan. Im not saying skill doesn't matter, it's just it matters less now. The defacto best deck in the format literally is the best at almost everything and is almost un-exploitable. You cant attack their mana, if you play discard even if you empty their hands they will just draw another stupid oops I win card that will blow you out. If you play a heavy counter deck, they can just side in a bunch of their own counters and force through one of their never ending bombs. Their design philosophy is complete trash.



Dave Mueller

Standard needs a restricted to one list. If MaRo wants Commander cards in new sets than they have to be understand that Commander lowers power of cards by making one per deck.

SuperBoss Giovanni

You should do a livestream where all you do is read out twitter replies burning WOTC at the streak


its not even banned in brawl. formats gonna be landfall control or lose for the rest of eternity


Yugioh basically only has one format, over 10,000 cards, it's essentially vintage lite or legacy-esque. Comparing it to standard MTG is shit logic. Plus the game is fundementally different, with no mana, the game is essentially all free casting, good luck balancing that shit. The ban list is just part of the game now, in fact its usually something to look forward to. I don't want MTG to be modeled the same, I switched for a reason.

Garic B

Include automatic trigger animations as part of the turn timer.

Adam Bandurak

Well, what were you expecting? WotC to actually concede they've fucked up? No chance.

Sean McClung

I thinks it's just time to except that magic is a degenerate game now.

Pocket Lint

Des, your honest opinion. Would you approve of restricting certain cards to 1 or 2 in a deck instead of bans. True some cards need full bans. But others, maybe restricting how many.

Trailguide Alex

How hard is it to ban shit. Pokémon can ban shit quickly, an N lock down deck topped once and they nuked that thing from orbit quickly, Unknown with an alternate win condition that was seen as almost impossible was busted and they banned it. Its not like it's impossible to do and not make a profit


Anyone else think it's weird that they made a new emote about a swarm rising when Scute Swarm came out? They knew what they were doing. There was no accident, all of this s*!t is on purpose and pure greed on their part.

Dan Law

I just uninstalled MTGA. A friend told me about it and I'm an old school MTG player, been playing since around 20002-03. Within a few days I realized it was rigged. It stacks the decks and chooses winners and losers. It's obvious! The fact that WOTC would allow this has turned me off of a game I once loved. I swear I'll never play MTG again, not even with paper cards because I lost trust in them to not undermine the integrity of the game they made believing it will help profits. I'm boycotting MTG for life.

I suggest any MTG player do the same. Warn others as well.

Most importantly, if you do play, do it with paper in person, never online. Also, don't buy their merch, just cards, avoid giving those greedy bastards money.

The Elder Dragon

This is why I’ve been looking into other games like keyforge and X-Wing Miniatures. I just want to have a game that is fair and managed at least semi well.

dakota wolf

WOOOOW WOTC is going with Trump tactics to try and avoid criticism these days? OH THE HYPOCRISY. Blame the the players for their apathetic and dysfunctional ability to manage a healthy meta for gameplay that isn't infuriating.


Well, 4 Mythic Wildcards? Ooh, now I can craft an Omnath playset ...

Daniel Shelly

I will say man, Magic has jumped the shark. Walking Dead cards that are tournament legal (if that is the case) is the beginning of the end in my opinion. Or the game will eventually morph into something unrecognizable. Why not Secret Lair: Gilmore Girls . This is the moment in Star Wars Ep. 8 where Leia went Superman flying through icy

Robert Thomas

Here is a possible solution. UNBAN all banned cards BUT limit the number of that card in a deck to one or two. But they should pair these type of decks with similar decks! And the rest of johnny players can have fun playing against other johnny decks

Jebust Christ

Did they not notice that scute mob can practically make paper magic unplayable?


I think they should reprint affinity and artifact lands, Necopotence, Yawgmoth's will, Tolarian Academy and let those busted decks compete against each other.

Joshua Sager

I want to force Mark Rosewater to play a series of games against some atrocity of a deck that combines Oko, Uro, Ugin, Omnath, Fires of Invention, Scute Swarm, and all of the Ultimatums, just to drive home how badly they have broken the format. Their play-testers clearly lack imagination if they didn't find ways to break at least a dozen of the cards they have approved, within the first few hours of play-time.

Hunter Homer

I'm so glad I play commander and not standard. I'll never get into standard i actually like playing further than turn 4


Wizards needed to ban more bunch of fuckheads

Arthur Volts

If all their employees support the far left nonsense the company seems to spearhead, no wonder they can't release a set or product without it being a disaster. General play testing doesn't seem to exist. Their internal testing is obviously a joke. Curious how many of their employees are on hormone blockers or estrogen injections. That shit will fuck with your head.


Luckily I play four other card games and am going to start playing a fifth

Austen Stokes

I'm not gonna lie, after their SJW card banning because some degenerates cried over 20 year old graphics I'm loving seeing WOTC getting totally BTFO'D.

zaknyfein z

Corporate idiots who have zero clue about the game are in the driver's seat...


I can confirm that both yugioh and magic are mismanaged.
Both of them have a single card that warps an entire format around them.

Dio Brando

Worthless of the c***s Wotc


I love that you can trace the problems to just after the sets that were loaded for being balanced. That was also the last I heard about the amazing in-house playtesting team made of proplayers, in-house designers, and external designers. I wonder how many of those people were let go when papa Hasbro heard they hired more employees instead of printing money.

Robert Edgemon

I remember when they banned agent of treachery. Waaaay after it was relevant. Just when it was annoying. So after they made money I assume.....I don't give them money anymore cause it's a waste.


Mengu and a few other content creators have said repeatedly uro is not the problem pointing to their opps ridiculous boardstate achieved without uro multiple times.


Can't wait the secret lair video, that might do you in for the week lmao

Dasein O’Seven

So, uhhhhhh.... I don’t play Standard and I hate Twitter, but I’m tempted to sign up just to laugh at MaRo and his ignorant self-indulgent bullshit. Anyway. Des. Quit Standard. Quit Arena. They suck.

Robert Edgemon

Like it or not, uro was a popular card, and I used it alot. Plus it was probably the best card from the set. Unfortunately, landfall itself is the problem. But they can't ban it cause....money.

Dakota Bunnell

I mean, everyone does get an opinion.

Mister Anon

I agree with all your statements for they are BASED. Wizards of the Coast must understand they cannot do some sort of Woke Kamikaze. If they are to ruin Magic and Dungeons and Dragons, it would seem like Corporate Suicide.

Andrew Hoffman

The problem is these cards are just to [email protected] powerful. Why does wizards keep thinking that a card with CMC 1/G/U should be able to, on "Enter the Battlefield" OR attack, gain 3 life, draw a card, AND put a land onto the battlefield!? I get there's some hoops to jump through to keep the creature around, but even as a sorcery, this is too much!

Seriously. Why does it gain you life? That did NOT need to be on the card. The other titan (Kroxa) only had two abilities, but for some reason WotC is still hard-on for Simic!

And that's just Uro. That's leaving out cards like Ugin, Teferi (Core 21), Lotus Cobra, Omn4th, the ease with which players can STILL have 3+ color decks, etc.

Salad Top

Hmmmmm yes let’s make cards for the money... seriously it’s like WOTC forgot that Magic is a card game ?


Quitting standard until the format is managed better means jack shit because Historic is completely fucking retarded. Quitting standard means quitting arena completely. I sign in once every 3 days to do 3 quests which equates to a little over 2 hours a week and I don't even want to do that anymore.

Giovanni Tyre

Can you make a desolator ban wishlist in its entirety

Would love to see the full list lol

SDoren _

Bring back mana burn. And ban everything des said.

Alina Volana

Zendikar Rising introduced so much BS, and rotation got rid of so many of the cards that kept me sane for the past year, that standard is completely ruined for me. Historic has its flaws, but at least I can still use my fun deck from before the rotation (+ Gaea's Blessing from even older sets to combat mill).

Dominic Ortega

I think Lucky Clover and Escape to the Wilds should have been banned as well. Just those two alongside Uro.


Every standard set that came our recently broke every format.
Oko -> everything's an elk.
Uro -> too much value and that 3 life is too much for quick decks to handle (burn in modern for exemple)
Companions -> everybody come buy your companions, if not you will be beaten by ones who did buy them
Omnath -> here's a free card draw, 4 life, 4 damage even worse than uro? Yes! ... wauw.
What's next... a 1 generic 1 blue 1 green card that says search your library for all your lands put them into play, you gain life for every land you put into play this turn you gain an emblem that says: if you tap a land shuffle a card from your graveyard into your library if you have no cards in your graveyard you win the game every time you win the game you draw a card, you gain life for every card in your hand
if this card is in your opening hand you may play it without paying it's mana cost
if this card entered the battlefield from your hand copy it
landfall= every time a land entered the battlefield this turn run to your house and look in your collection of cards
put every land card you own from outside the game onto the battlefield
if the table makes a disgruntled sound or your opponent looks fed up you win the game
you win every next game in advance for every land that entered the battlefield this turn
you win the game if you won the game this turn

Erol Kaplan

I think when they delete the Price Tag on the cards the playrate would be even higher

Leeroy Jonson

It’s funny you refer to a more fair deck based around Uro


I also think commander is being pushed way too much. I mean the power creep is getting insane.

David Lawrence

Uro was not the imposter

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Desloatormagic thanks for another great video, yeah I think everyone is taking a dump on wizards lawn or in some cases putting a bag of dodo on their porch after setting it on fire. So, if people think banning Uro is going to fix the standard format you must be out of your collective fracking minds!! Who in wizards is pushing simic BS utter nonsense!! I stopped playing magic after revised then picked it up with the release of Dominaria- but the last few years of standard have been just painful to weather. Seriously, is WOTC intentionally trying to kill paper magic cause that what it feels like. Not a rocket scientist here but not targeting the ramp cards and or the cards the allow for cheating mana, lands and or extremely oppressive like Ugi is moronic. You took out Uro what about: lucky clover?? And Omnath??!! (hate this stupid broken busted BS card- I encountered it is flipping sealed- if it is broken in limited than its going to tactically nuke the standard format. Cobra!!??? So, who in their right mind thought bringing back landfall with cards like cobra, scute and omnath!!?? Lost in limited to a guy who pulled 3 fracking scutes- you know how annoying it is to lose to 30 1/1's in sealed.... I hate to say it but my zendikar rising experience was the worst in over a decade- fix this broken trash now!! O, yeah and I watched scute get mutated going from spamming the board with 1/1's now 3/4's??!!! Even when you try to remove this BS you play land thus causing the scute to replicate more.... I just had to endure getting my favorite card and deck rotating out in standard; Feather was powerful but broken like this trash- now the format is broken beyond belief and its worse than fields of the dead..

Doug Davenport

Uro is powerful, but you can play around him. Omnath/Lotus Cobra/Scute Swarm/Mutate is the problem.


Great video Des, and great message. So SICK & TIRED of this woke-ass, libtard, incompetent and idiot-ridden company needlessly fucking up an otherwise good game because of their scathing ineptitude. I couldn't care LESS about the standard meta - they have fucked it up 8 ways from Sunday . . . Thank GOODNESS we have a historic format now, or I would be beyond furious.


Peyton Sullivan

wow man. i use magic to play with my brother who lives in TN (im in chicago). we are both competitve so yes we netdeck and change things according to the cards we want to play. we used to look forward to arena now its just bullshit. we started to rent the decks we want to use on MTGO rather than play on arena... maybe thats what wizards wants.

wizards if youre going to print the cards make them playable. i still buy paper magic and love playing it, but if they continue to print an overpowered card every set that interrupts standard and eternal formants then i cant wait to cash out.


Why is being B.L.M a bad thing tho?

Jonathan Lowdell

love the rant go off


I'm in conspiracy theory territory here but any chance WotC is tanking standard to create a Yo-Gi-Oh type format?

Sketchasaur Rex

You seem smart and crafty enough, make your own tcg to beat MtG. I'd chip into the crowdfunding for that.

Flying Pussyfoot

I 100% knew that those money grubbing bastards wouldn't ban the new cards that are ruining a subjectively already ruined standard. If you think that they give a shit about the average player that wants to create fun decks and play against a diverse group of decks please remember what the warning signs of a stroke because your brain isn't working!


need to sell more lotus cobras whats next reprinting birds of paradise in standard


Next ban and restriction announcement oko unbanned . Not joking wizards would they are that stupid. After this ban announcement I uninstalled arena because banning just Uro yeah I think I’m quitting mtg

Robert Edgemon

My favorite use of uro was drop a hushbringer, then uro comes out a 6/6 for four and you don't sacrifice it. The black/red titan also. And bridge troll....why was uro banned over any other card.?

Lucas Liotti

Time for me to make a guess: since they refuse to ban ugin, they're going to ban fabled passage and blame the overpowered landfall cards on the fact that "fabled passage allows players to consistently trigger landfall and fix their mana, so its now gone"

matthew radabaugh

I think the tweet about the PR team is actually a fair tweet. Think about it, the PR team has to deal with shit that they have no effect on while play design is barely being harassed, it feel like the situation Twitch is going through.

Rowan Potter

In said tournament over 60% of the players played omnath, and 2 decks had a higher win-rate then omnath. Those decks were sultai control and gruul adventure. Uro is the only reason sultai control was good, and the two decks to get in the top 21 were temur adventures and gruul adventures. In summary 3 decks stand a chance against omnath and two of them are worse off than before the ban, therefore while uro needed to go eventually in the immediate future it made things worse. Thanks wizards......

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oVertone Honey Brown Coloring Conditioner - Over Red Hair

10 494 views | 16 Apr. 2019

oVertone's Newest 3

oVertone's Newest 3 Earthy Shades: http://bit.ly/2uZR57P

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Hi friends!! Sorry I've been MIA since forever but I'm back :D

Got a new hair tutorial for you all and I'm super excited about this one! I've partnered with oVertone to create this video for you all...yayy for sponsorships! oVertone has just launched 3 new shades in their color range and I'm stoked to share my thoughts on them in this vid. I was gifted all 3 new shades and ahhhh omfg they are so pretty I LIVEEE.

Today I'm using the Honey Brown Coloring Conditioner overtop my already red/orange hair. I'm really pleased with how everything turned out! And I swear to you guys that my hair looks different colors depending on the lighting lol. In bright lights it looks a lot more red but in dimmer/indoor lighting it seems more brown/rusty copper. I'm here for it. What do you guys think?! What color would you try?! So many choices lol.


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Sleepdebt - ICU


⚛️ Sleepdebt



maddy cakes

Hello ☺️ can you tell me if overtone fades out, how many washes? Also, how often should you use overtone? Thank you!!

Whitney Girl

so happy you're back! i missed your videos so much <3 you look gorgeous!

Suga Cane

Welcome back


Omg girl! Where have you been! I'm glad you're back. I've missed watching your videos.


hey. glad you uploaded. i missed your videos!! i was wondering if you heard of wave formers already? they are all over youtube at the moment and since you and me have similar hair types, color and stuff id like to see you trying it!? i dont know maybe :) im from berlin btw

Donya Hanna

We miss you and I hope that you are doing well in all of this craziness! Hope to see you soon, <3

Rayana Bromley

Idk... to me that’s not even remotely brown

Suga Cane

Congratulations on the sponsor

Artist Asha

OMG you're back!!!


You look so pretty yay I’m glad that you’re back♥️♥️

Nickeil Genesis

What shade would you try?!?! Which was your fav? Would you try any other colours?
Here's the site with all da colours uwuuuuu: http://bit.ly/2FXvZgx.

Also hi how are ya?? I've missed you guys T^T ???


You are the cutest thing I've ever seen. I love your look. I love your curls. How the hell do you not lose your curl pattern when bleaching???? I need to know because I've been there and I want fun hair but I don't want to lose my curls

Lil Reiko Gold

Welcome back

snazzy jft

Where was this in 2011 when I needed it most ???

Tori Monique



Your hair looks so pretty!! ❤️???

Natsu Fuji


Solis Of Dreams

Damn. I haven't seen you in a long time. i hope that means we can collab and do more work together in the future. You know you get my tracks free for life.


Your hair is amazing. If I bleach my dark brown/ black hair blond, it would be in the shower, my lap, all over my house. Not cute like you.

sarah rivers

You are gorgeous!!?


Ahhh missed you love your hair it’s so vibrant and beautiful!!

Joey The Moose

YaY New Video, now... Tattoo Tour video! okgo!

maddy cakes

I just ordered the rose gold! I'm excited ?

MoonDiamondz _

✨I’ve missed you fam !✨

Bailey Hairr

I love overtone! I currently use the extreme red. My friend is wanting me to dye my hair back black for her wedding. It took me so long to get my hair this red color so thinking about dying it back black is upsetting. Do you know how well the browns and black overtime fades over time?

Nelly W

I am so happy to see you back!! ??

Whitney Roberts

Hi babe ?

K. Atkins



cam ploo

so excited to see u IDEC if it’s sponsored, luv u

Ali C

Welcome back friend

Renata J.

I've missed you!!! ???