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Nursing Scrub Try on Haul/Review | Walmart Scrub Star

5 889 views | 11 Aug. 2019

This video is a try on

This video is a try on haul and review on the scrubs from Walmart called Scrub Star. I am wearing a size small in top and bottoms in the color Indigo. I am 5 ft 3 1/2 inches and 140 lbs.

Top: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Scrubstar-Women-s-Fashion-Premium-Performance-Mock-Wrap-Scrub-Top/634581164

Pants: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Scrubstar-Women-s-Fashion-Premium-Performance-Yoga-Scrub-Pant/676645283

Meena Syed

Thanks for sharing! I was looking at scrubs but saw these and Srubstars look cuter in my opinion for less money so I wanted to see a review.

naveen_ 001

You're content is awesome can't wait to see you grow big on YouTube
Now it's your turn let's help each other ??

Rose Painter

pretty good stuff

Count of Monte Fisto

A fellow scrub wearer


Those are some nice scrubs you got there.

Sute Art

Keep uploading these contents !! We need it!

Anny Rodriguez

Hello thanks for the review, I can’t find this style on walmart, will you mind sharing a link? Thanks

amber hill

Do they run big or small?

Scrub walmart

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1 029 views | 6 Jul. 2020

Please don't forget to ??

Please don't forget to ?? up the Video, Click the ?, Share, Comment and Subscribe?

Hey guys, I ordered all the scrubs from walmart.com. the Pink Nikes from shoe carnival online and the black from the finish lines website, the black Nikes are super comfortable, they feel like your walking on air.

My Amazon Store :


I will receive a commission

Join BoxyCharm Here:


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Join Octoly here:


Join RAKUTEN (ebates) and get money back:


T A L K W I T H M E​!

♥Business Email: [email protected]

♥Instagram: @Lilcutenurse

♥Facebook: @beautyisrealvent

♥Twitter: @lilcutenurse

Aundria Washum

Thanks for the video. My daughter just graduated with bsn and will be taking her nclex on the 22 of this month. So we needed to see this. Thanks again.

BeautyonAdime with ShayShay

Alright now.. I am looking forward to the shoes... but I too have to wear hospital scrubs.

Judy Dempsey

You are my true soul sister..This scrub haul brought back so many memories for me. I always needed to look great and cute

at work as well. I worked in a Chemotherapy Clinic and we could wear anything with in limits. My husband would have liked to kill me when I bought scrubs for work. But in the end he would always iron and starch every one of them....I was forced to leave the only job I every loved and worked so hard to earn. I was forced to leave due to extreme health issues in 2007 from a botched Hysterectomy . I was 46. I have never been able to return. In 2011 my Colon/Rectal doctor told me the only hope to save my life was a permanent placement of an Ileostomy. I miss it so much. I just turned 61 on July 2. Now Makeup is my passion. At least something good came from it..something that makes me feel beautiful even I don’t


Deezie 617

Sephora is giving healthcare workers 10% off their entire purchase until the end of the year BTW. I’m sure you picked up done stuff from their sale they are having this weekend sis can’t wait for the haul. Tfs #BLM


Anytime I've seen nurses their scrubs had a baggy fit you them. So I think you did great picking the sizes. Does your job give nurses a uniform allowance or do you have to buy them on your own?

Christina Larson

I LOVE those pink shoes!!! Praying for you! -Christina


You look cute in your scrubs and I love both shoes but especially the black with the pop of blue ?​TFS!

BeautyonAdime with ShayShay

Oh and I see your braid/twist that is nice. Gurl irons are expensive, I need you to find that in one of your boxes ?.


Hey gurrlll !!! Are you back in ICU again? Did you like case management? I love the uniforms! Stay safe chile??

21 Yeet

Hey great too see you, I total understand been wearing blues for 24 years(RN). The struggle is real? I am due for new sets starting a “ home health job” loved the haul!

Favored Bri

Happy Sunday. I'm looking to purchase some more scrubs and don't know why I didn't think of Wal-Mart. I like Material Girl design and love those black Nike. Thanks for sharing.

Karen Redd

Hi sis just got here stay bless

Arnett Hyde

??....hope you enjoy your new job.. when your heart is in the right place God open doors..

Naomi King

Oh my goodness. Girl you have lost a lot of weight. And you're looking amazing. Please stay safe ?. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers ?. Love your videos ❤️❣️

The Diva Pain Warrior

I really like your hair. Those shoes are so cute and they'll be cute with the pink sleeves!




Such An Good Work Scrub/Sneakers Haul Sis. You Are Going To Be "Super Cute, Ready & Colorful " Those Pink Sneakers Are The "Business ". Stay Safe & Have An Great Start To YOUR New Work Journey.

Shirley Ann

This a nice haul


I didn't know there were so many different style details on scrubs; y'all nurses are cute! ?? Love the hot pink Nikes! ?? Keeping you in my prayers; TX is getting crazy with COVID spiking. Stay safe! ?????????

mimij ravenell

I love the sneakers ?. I just started nursing school and I'm terrified because I'm older but looking forward to the journey. Thank you for the video they make me happy ??

patrice moore

Sis I'm a nurse as well and all of my uniforms are stretch material. I only purchase Healing Hands scrubs. They are so, so comfortable. Like you ,I do not like skinny leg scrub pants because they do make your feet look big lol. Thanks for sharing sis

Twins Times Two

I love that you’re being extra safe and not wearing your shoes in the house! Stay safe❤️

Monica Ortiz

I love the shoes.


Hair looks just gorgeous. Pink, though. Well you got the other ones in case pink does not work.


Hey hey??‍♀️?. I too sure miss getting the wear whatever uniforms we wanted there's too many uniforms made for us to not be able to. one place I worked at used to let us wear whatever uniform we wanted on Fridays because it was casual day for those of us who didnt want to wear our clothing to work the floor in. now other places want you to wear jeans and I don't want to wear my jeans to work jeans and nice ones are costly.

Alicia Reid

Good to see you . Thank you for the job that you do. May God keep you safe.
Nice haul❤️❤️❤️

Lindsey Blue

I’m not a nurse, but I enjoyed your haul. The first ones were super cute:) I’m a restaurant manager and I feel like I’m always ruining shirts and replacing faded pants. Lord knows you have got to have comfortable shoes! And I don’t wear mine in the house either bc that’s GROSS! Anyone in food service needs to check out Emeril Lagasse’s shoe line. They’re a game changer! Keep the videos coming!! ???

Ashley Jones

That pink set them scrubs pop love it, I love all of the things hauled. Stay safe and blessed. ❤

Dezi1016 aka Désirée

Cute Scrubs Sis, Love the Black Nike too.


Girl, throw those in the dryer with a wet towel and the wrinkles will fall. You are all set! Peace and blessings sis. ✌????

Marilyn Capehart

I like the scrubs, I have never seem scrubs like you’re I am going on Walmart and see if I can find those scrubs. I can’t Understand what you are staying about the scrubs. Thanks for sharing 7-6-2020

Scrub walmart

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2 200 789 views | 8 Apr. 2020

Thanks for watching

Thanks for watching today's video, KAREN MADE HIM QUIT HIS JOB....


Instagram ⭐?: https://www.instagram.com/Scrubby

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Hi, I'm scrubby and I make a storytime video everyday about life stories. I have plenty of crazy life stories that will entertain you if you. If you want more turn on notifications! I upload funny storytime videos everyday.

jullian miller

My name is Julian lol

white death. Lau Larsen

Dont be a Scrub lol it’s a joke not a good one but it is one

Not Your Boo

Can someone please tell me the name that scrubs is playing?

Henning Suhr Nordlien

What game is this? It looks cool

Leah Crosby

6:20 turn on captions,
its horrifying
if this is taken outta context then it said: "go help raj in the backroom he needs help stalking"

Mr Gamer24

My favorite LEGO character is the Minecraft Steve with diamond armor

Gigi fun Gaming

The karen has ascended she has become the manager

Not Joe

Not all white women are like that. My mom is white and she is really nice.

Mason Dolge

Anyone with a helmet

no one

5:35 THANK YOU! I'm so glad people can relate.

Something Suspicious

My favorite is Clone commander

papyrus plays


Glitch Trap

Rajee has swag

Sepanta Aghvami

Whats that game's name?

captain rexx

I got jumped working at a store a i got stabbed abd in thw i was bleeding and a Karen manager said work i said i got stabbed dumdass

Not Silas Matteson

Lego obi wan


Raj has swag


14:00 that guy sounds like he was great and I’m literally 12 and I’m smarter then that lady lol


Scrubs is a liar. It was oscar the grouch that shanked me.

Kaynaan Mohamed

I feel so bad for the guy ngl

Damion Noble

what's the name for the skiing game


this is one of my favorites atm

Nicholas Antosz

In steep, if you move your 2 joysticks toward together, your guy turns, on snowboard and ski. So if you wanna face front, just push the joysticks toward each other

Supa Dakta

The manager lady changes the stocking style: "I want it that way"
The stocking crew: "Tell me why?!"

Skipper Our savior

raj has the biggest swag

Chris yosh

Roge has SWAG!!!!

Flip later 56

In the game play in the background you did a jump at the beginning of the episode is it looks like he snapped his spine

Pomken Dip

what game is in the gameplay, seems fun also please dont be paid

Tanner Edwards

Bruh, my parents are better than her. My parents had ONE rule. They didnt care how tf I did my chores and got good grades. If I wanted to, I could play halo and never study, as long as I made good grades and did my chores right. And Im now a strait A student since 6th grade.

Black Chaim cyan

LEGO Indiana Jones


Should of told them to fire the bitch manager, make the cool manager the new boss, and hire back ur friend with raises lol And depending on your state you can still sue within amount of time. and the company has all ur shifts on record of when you worked. ANd of course witnesses.

Shawn Kersh


Josiah Villareal

Now this is an Avengers level threat

Chunkly Yt

My fav is the main character

Demon Slaeyer

Bro that's technically sexual harrasment

Malik Wright

It's called the a shit eating grin

Josh Booger

Jokes on you I liked it before you threatened me with elmo gang

Tristian Campbell

Not gunna lie some of us do you have crackhead energy

Tablespoon of Funny

roge has swag

PokéLink ;p

Lego Christmas Darth Vader

andwele christian lim

Imagine Margret seeing this channel

The Adrenaline Shocker

I work for Clerk at a store. There, my co-workers are young, middle and old ages and we work as one team and a family.

My manager describes himself to be a father figure. The closing manager is awesome. I got some young people that are managers to. I made friends with the entire store.

I feel sorry for this guy's experience for working with that useless manager at that time.


Boy I missed Julian as a manger and “Margret” was a total a$$-hat!!! Glad Julian came back tho?oh and sorry for leaving u guys behind?but I had no idea Raj did that!!!??

Phang Junxiong

I'm right now also working at a supermarket but so far no manager did whatever your manager did. It most likely because my country's law is more strict than yours.

Dylan Sperring

Jagh is swag


If that was me someone would have got MUDAED!!

Cameron D

im a genius I figured out that at 4:11 there was a logo at the bottom left so I knew I had seen it before from crew 2 then I found out it was Ubisoft and then I searched for Ubisoft ski games and found out that its called Steep
Your welcome

Calla Pratt

Low key, I’d love to play some fortnite with the scrubster


I would have put a airpod in my ear and told her it was a hearing aid


Margaret sounds like Robyn from the Dollar Tree I used to work at. She cut my hours just cause I had a second job, otherwise the customers loved me. She also let the slowest worker off the hook just cause she was an Assistant Manager, yet when I had an off day she was threatening to fire me. The only cool boss I had even said she was tired of working for her.

the word son

he started to get a little crock tears near the end or is it vice crack

Dwayne Wayde

Raj got swag

Lieutenant Simon Ghost Riley

My favorite lego character is the gonk droid


The thing about the meat happened at my store too

Bee12 1

What a coincidence I heard this at school I am scared now

Levi Carpenter-Student

me: hey I fixed the ice cream machine
manager karen: fix it again

Diego Luna

Karen: does something completely messed up then says ”NOBODY CAN CONTAIN ME” Animal control:oh you teasing me you naughty naughty hahah

Tristan and Boba

Favorite lego character, Obi Wan Kenobi


Game name?

limbo ghost

Ok i just feel like some people need a beating

Ramiro Pasillas

Ron is swag more swag than margret and her Karen glasses


Idk how to spell I’m just going off the subtitles but raj has swag

Doge St James

Shit I saw Elmo running away from my trash this morning Bec I pressed the like button.

bernie Wilson

So I had a girl named versper at my school at she made half the staff quit she was a night mare I mean the definition of a Karen was her dumb a baby annoying so for all the Karen out there??

A.J. Stanley

If julian would have just been quiet and let them fire you then told you about that rule privately

BlueSmokey Z

You should've told the owner to fire the bitch or get sued

Jocelyn Hunt

Plot twist: the Karen’s name was actually Margaret and she lied about her name


Sounds like it turned into workplace politics. It happens. Your night time manager was probably doing a great job and was being recognized by someone higher up in management. This would make him a threat to margaret's advancement plans. She set him up for failure through an elaborate plan to boost her status with higher managment.

Levi Carpenter-Student

me: makes a perfect burgur for the customer
manager karen: make it again

Isshin Ashina The Sword Saint

My favorite lego character is my myself

Kirsten Washington



Rajj has swag

Run these Hands

Bro I think me and you had the same manager because this all sounds way to familer


The comment below me is fake

Tanner Edwards

I could have SWORN I heard a discord ping at the end. And no it wasnt me, I didnt have it open.


reply if u saw a black karen

Yugi Muto

Sad part is people who make legitmently fake stories dont know how it is to work at a store, I had so many Karen's up my ass in this pandemic it's not funny

prankster kiddo

I always knew elmo was a killer
Holy cow the end part is amazing the way he talks to marget is like Awsome i never would get that courage to do it

Jacobi Stanley



Wow, that was long... but oddly entertaining

Douglas Haynes

roj has swag

Jeannie Nagy

Do people believe him



Alek Wales

Raju got all swagger like he jagger

Jack Plushie Places

No joke no scam my favorite Lego character is Sonic

Caleb Morris

Did they even have cameras

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Truly disgusting that some "people" would do this horrible thing.

Jacob Boyce


Jakob Tadej Vrtačnik

of course beacuse only commentary youtubers met 20 karens a day yea this is fake you have so many personal stories

big sxy

Love elmo


hey, I live in Florida, there's a large meth head population


Scrubs do you live in las vegas?

Tennis Ball

I just rewatched this again and every time I listen to the story I get so pissed rouje has swag btw how do I spell his name

Joey Burlas

My favorite lego character is Batman

Julian Igo

rosh has spawag

Donut Pig

3:37 hE cUrSeD!!!!!1!!!!11!1!!!

Aiden Banda

Raja has swag and can you do long videos like this

chris smith

So much of this sounds so familiar.


taj has swag

MatieZ !!!

I need to know what this game is someone tell me.