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BILL NYE Starts my Machine!

26 666 views | 8 Aug. 2019

I built a chain reaction

I built a chain reaction machine for WE Day and Bill Nye started it! The goal was for it to be 15 seconds long but very visually appealing for a live crowd; so you get to watch every trial run for watch time purposes.


Sprice Machines ► https://bit.ly/2FaA8LS


Sprice Machines creates complex chain reaction machines and vibrant domino art. Our team plans and builds custom projects for advertisements, TV & film, and live events. Sprice Machines works with advertising agencies to design the perfect project for their client's objectives. Other services include brand integration, domino rental, video production, and editing.

Business Inquiries ► [email protected]


Instagram ► http://www.instagram.com/spricemachines

Twitter ► http://www.twitter.com/spricemachines

Facebook ► http://www.facebook.com/spricemachines

Website ► http://www.spricemachines.com

BUILD YOUR OWN ► https://bit.ly/2QQnx8Q


Logo/Intro/Outro ► https://bit.ly/2JWbcuD

Music ► SYBS - Fond Memories


DakSen The Fox

Now that my friends is why. SCIENCE RULES!!




Wait August 9th?
What’s it called :D


Third. And nice video!

Nighster77 Skyhightower

Bill nye's the science guy








Boring! Too many bloopers!

Gil Gudoy



This is amazing!! Bill nye looks so much more different and i can never watch him without thinking of the video “The world is on f**king fire!” Lmao

lazy vibe sesh

last time i was this early, jojo siwa had a hair line

Sangeeta Sable



Someone got a link to the rerun?




U do know that bill bye is really just a paid actor on a show called bill nye the science guy

demon Blood

Science is the way

Surajit Chakraborty

Too bad.

Tyler Tea

Bill Nye and the Sprice guy! Sick video bt

Micajo Domino

Very cool!

milan snel


Angie MontoyaCuri

Wait what?!

Eric Prybylski

"science ruuulezz"

10 year old me - "BILL BILL BILL BILL"

Anya Albright

I got an advertisement from Google with Bill Nye in it while watching this...?

ASA origami


Kiran Edwards

That’s cool


Ccengineering is more better

Michael Mullen

To me, you’re my Bill Nye.


I'm late...
Is there a clip of it somewhere?

Ryan Evans

Bill nye is a menace... cognative dissonance my ass.

The Compliment Guy

Well, that machine worked despite the number of fails. Awesome chain reaction machine as always!


Cool I am #36 to comment

My starts

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Starts and Ends (Live) Hillsong UNITED

3 738 000 views | 26 Apr. 2019

Starts and Ends (Live) by

Starts and Ends (Live) by Hillsong UNITED, recorded live at Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference in Sydney, Australia. Listen to our album People at https://united.lnk.to/peopleID

Instagram: https://instagram.com/hillsongunited

Facebook: https://facebook.com/hillsongunited

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hillsongunited

Website: https://hillsongunited.com


My soul thirsts for things I can’t explain

In my bones a beckoning to pray

If my heart is a battleground

My defences run both ways

The flesh is a beggar and thief

But there is a Spirit-man awakening me


When real life and peace won’t make amends

When all these starts

Start feeling like these ends

Like the world is unravelling

And I’m bound to come undone

There is a Shepherd a Priest

There is a Comforter who comforts me


And my soul finds rest

Where it makes no sense

There the blood sets me free


All my old regrets

All my brokenness

All my failures redeemed


And it feels like grace

Where I stacked my shame

There the cross stands for me


All the things I’ve done

All the times I’ve run

All my dead ends redeemed


And it looks like hope

Where my heart was broke

And His heart broke for me


Lay your burden down upon

Down upon Him

Lay your burden down


Jesus my rest in peace

My reconciler

You’re my every good thing


I surrender all

All I’m living for

You’re my every good thing


You’re my amnesty

You’re my split wide sea

You’re my every good thing


All my days and nights

You’re my death to life

You’re the wonder I breathe


You’re my can’t explain

First and last refrain

You’re my every good thing

Words and Music by

Joel Houston & Brooke Ligertwood

© 2018 Hillsong Music Publishing

CCLI: 7124909


why is there an advert in the middle of the song?

Petra Cain

It’s beyond ridiculous YouTube that u will interrupt a song to bring a commercial. Stop the nonsense. You won’t force me to subscribe and update YouTube. I will just buy my music and stop using u period. Enough already



Clodoaldo Rodrigues

Senhor tira da minha vida essas pessoas que estão querendo a minha derrota


Stunning worship song, one of their best.

Gash natt

Yes Lord in 2021 ,My soul thirsts for the things I can't explain"

Absaroka Nightowl

Jesus + Hillsong = You're my days and my nights, you're my every good thing and Im so grateful so blessed. xx


This song came from his heart! I love the passion and the words are so deep. Praise Jesus for their gift.

Jazmin Arnold Gonzalez

God is so good... he loves us and our highs and lows

Kevin Mbecha


Rayan Ahoua's

Jon song???

jonatan joel

Escucho a hillsong desde "unidos permanecemos" y desde ahí empezó todo mi gusto musical sobre este grupo , Spotify me marca siempre a hillsong en el top 5

Thabang Morule

This album “People” will go down to the history books of the best gospel album ever made ???

I LOVE GOD, Do you?

Wowww, Hallelujah, Whoever reading this, I pray that God visit your home with healing, blessings and miracles. Amen.?


I ❤️ this song!

Leese H

“And His heart broke for me” ? Love you Jesus ??

Nii Djata

GOD bless Hillsong!

Teco Santos

Meu Deus do Céu. Só Esse Solo no Piano já Estou no Chão. Chorando.


16/11/20 4:38am ...having Communion, snuggled on my couch ✝️ = ♥️

yeeina herrera

Hi, I would like to share my personal testimony. I was forming a line on the first day of high school when suddenly I had a feeling of falling backwards losing control of my body, I woke up in an armchair surrounded by the principal, my teachers and my parents scared and crying.

They rushed me to the emergency room and doctor gave me an MRI . I was diagnosed with a congenital cerebral arteriovenous malformation(AVM)-an abnormal tangle of blood vessels which ruptured and caused bleed on the brain , that's why I lost consciousness.

Therefore , doctor prescribed me Epamin(anticonvulsant) to take three times per day ,which helped me to avoid fainting and severe daily headaches. I knew that I had to take my pills for my rest of life, but there were times when I forgot it, so I fainted at any time or place depending on the help of strangers. I remember when I was on bus on my way to the university to take an exam and unexpectally I fainted when I woke up I saw everyone looked at me strangenly I ‘d been unconscious for one hour .Thankfully the man, who was sitting next to me , helped me to get off the bus and called my parents to take me emergency.

Until one day, I heard on the radio about the healing miracles of Jesus , I decided to attend the Christian church, they taught me the word of God and I gave my life to Jesus.I had faith and decided to depend on God not on pills It’s like I walking on the sea in the middle of a storm . I knew that the Lord would guard my steps in the unknown.From that day on I had faith in Jesus and decided not to take pills anymore and got rid of pills, believed that God would only sustain me and guard every step He is walking with me every step of the way.

Then a miracle happened :Jesus healed me¡. Nowadays I am healed and healthy, I don’t have bleeding and headaches anymore ,It’s has been 6 years since God healed me I don’t faint anymore because of his grace. God is faithful and powerful.Praise the Lord¡

So I can say that God is real, he is alive ,he is miracle-worker , he transforms lives, he can make the impossible possible God heals, liberates, restores ,forgives and transforms life. I invite you that if you are going through any problem or illness, come to Jesus he is the solution,decide to believe all his glory will be revealed in your life in a supernatural way. God says to you “I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”(Isaiah @), “For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you” (Isaiah @).
God bless you¡??

Georgina Siaw

You are my can't explain ?

Jennifer Gachukia

I know Joel on the strings. I've never seen him on the keys. This song is sincerely on another level. Holy Spirit breathed, word by word.

Juliette and Sephora

hi ! i'm 13 yo and i'm french! I listen their music since the containement and I learn english with Jesus !! 
God it's so kind with us i I love him ❤️

yavase solomon

Hey guys, can someone please explain the part "If my heart is a battleground, my defenses run both ways.", I've been pondering it for months, but It's just too deep I guess LOL (literally anyone, say what you understand from that line)

Jimmy Adkins

am I bad because all I listen to is Hillsong

Syvel Angeles

Please don't put the ad in the middle of the song because someone is listening to this while praying or doing his or her devotion. Imagine how it feels like when suddenly the ada came out in the middle of crying to the Lord?

Wisdom Jere

My favorite song

Sarah Bywater

I have always loved music, i really feel music feeds your soul. I am starting my path with faith and God and christian music makes feel close to him.. it touches my soul in a way no other music does. Hillsong have been the biggest influence in this.. i just want to thank you for the fantastic music you make ???????


Thank you Jesus for all your blessings!

Patricia Baloyi

I love this song, respect to the writers of all the this beautiful lyrics they are definitely on a high level of understanding God. Thank you guys for allowing God to use you again and again. Amen and amen.

J.A. White

What an AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, INGENIOUS, —not enough adjectives— song.

Rique PantuaJr


liliana piffary

You may read a short text the Present for free on the website Global Truth Project.The book is about the truth of life and it shows the full picture of life for the first time so that you may stop being deceived by the world and be able to follow the steps of Jesus.A life- changer!



Joe P

sound of angels. thank you Hillsong

Karen Ferrier


Grace Bywhomistand



This song is so powerful!!

Nyasha Musanhu

best song of all time

Karen Ferrier

Joel is a vessel of God...my favorite songwriter..just love hillsong United

Bunmi Gbologe

Thank You God! Don't know why I had to check the meaning of amnesty.( I cried and Laughed after checking).

Leonard Low


Love Peace


Clodoaldo Rodrigues

senhor tira dentro de mim essa vontade de não lutar pelos os meus objetivos glória a deus

Thulani Thamane

Tonight through this song, i am inspired and comforted in Him whom i lay my burden down upon.., whom i cant explain.

Jimmy Adkins

Let's ride the wings of the spirit into the presence of the Lord and stay awhile was Hillsong United

Gabriel Sian

The lyric that start at 4:07 so simple yet so powerful?? glory to his name


I just love this song...

gen 10 ✧

this song just means so much to me. a gem.

Liz Radhay

Hillsong writers, singers ,musicians they are truly blessed.the lyrics definitely is conviction to the soul..Joel and brook sounds amazing..

wiliam ahab

Im child of god

nomhle Ncube

Joel is just a beast when it comes to musik

Moses haruna

2:10 And my soul finds rest
Where it makes no sense
There the blood sets me free

All my old regrets
All my brokenness
All my failures redeemed

Chedler Castel

May God bless you guys in the name of Jesus christ

Karen Ferrier

People is my favorite album, then live in Miami before...

ronald hr

The most beautiful song from this album

Kgalalelo Siele

My favourite in the whole album???

Abbyangel Moraba

My god??????

Nikita P

It is the first time I hear this song, it is everything I needed to hear today. ❤ I love you Jesus. ❤

Danko Nešović

Impressive! ?

Ashlyn A

This song is extremely unique... I absolutely LOVE it!?

Jamaal Rush

I love this song so so much thank you Jesus


"His heart broke for me", I don't deserve that, yet he loves me with all my brokenness.

Lance Swancutt

Thank you for this song:)

eleni f. Vlachou

i can find think imagine no other worship leaders but these who are so connected in vocal talent, in heart and in total submission to Jesus, in humility- children of God who reveal thru lyrics and melody such a heartwrenching personal confession of their gratitude for where they were and where they are..only because of Jesus.. The Cross...His Blood. Joel, Brooke Jad JD Taya and the Irish worship leader too- thank you for accepting the mission God gave you.

Kelly O'neill

Thankful for this ministry.?

wanjau grace

I have repeated this song more than once

Kim Bower

Amen. I have been loving this song since the very 1st time i heard it!!

gavarni Leonce

ST4TIC3HOCK is Gavarni Rene Leonce is Jesus Christ Emily Slayton is brooke frasier and is an abomination. Sing about yourself kissing david gullet bitch and offering God a kiss bitch

Manishimwe Dynah

I love this song especially in this moment."Lay your burden down upon
Down upon him","Jesus my rest in peace
My reconciler
You're my every good thing"

Genesis Sivirichi

love the whole album, such a gift from God


I know I am supposed to be a disciple but there are still many things I have faith you will help me change about myself. Please purify my thoughts, may my eyes be fixed on you and not on what this world offers. Jesus died for me. I pray that power that raised you up may live in me so I can be reborn.

Tuntun Asi

I hope this song have official translation to Bahasa Indonesia ??. So everybody in Indonesia knows what is the writers song's meaning.

I wait it.
Thank u.

mary littlefield


Lay your burdens down upon, down upon Him,
Jesus you're my every good thing.

Patricia Baloyi

Oh man this song for me I can meditate it's also my prayer song as I silently go through the lyrics, I feel the warm beautiful presence of his mercy on me , oh what a beautiful song this is a masterpiece. Amen and amen

Vijay Malczyk

Blessings. Can't stop listening. Your songs are truly anointed. The Lord bless all of you. If not on earth we will see each other in heaven I want to say thank you. I truly love Hillsong group and songs.

Keren Eloni

Why is this song not famous ??
My favorite part "you're my every good thing"?

Elson Ricardo C.Sousa

Música muito bonita.???

Elliott Azim


Oluwaleke Abodunde

Hillsong!!! Oh my God!!!!!

Renan Grassi

The thing that I can't explain

Jesus Deity

Clarity. We need clarity.


arvee villacorta

The first things that prays are well being to strengthen my spirit

Nonsindiswa Dlamini

"The flesh is a beggar and thief" ?


Me gusto cuando sale godzilla

Evans Malinga

Everytime i start listening it from 6 minutes i suddenly start speaking in tongues


You feel the presence of the Holy Spirit? listening to this song. The essence of the cross described here. The pure love of Jesus Christ our God.

Gianella Calpanchay

probablemente una de las mejores letras de hillsong

Arsalan Bardsiri

Jesus my rest in peace!

Royal Babie

this song right here... ?❤


I love song!

okello george

i would give anything to go back to 2019

Jhonny Delgado

no debería aparecer publicida en medio de esta canción

Gash natt

you're my every good thing.

Patricia Cohen


I LOVE GOD, Do you?

The Light of God surrounds me.The Love of God enfolds me.The Power of God protects me. Wherever I am, God is, and All is well. Ameen

Ikechukwu Ruben Okoye

This Song...?❤️❤️❤️???

Natália Costa

The "lay your burden down" is my FAVORITE part!

My starts

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Roasted Pig Starts from $100 Up at Orusssey Market | A Day Before Chinese New Year in Cambodia

6 482 views | 10 Feb. 2021

I visited Orussey Market

I visited Orussey Market in the morning of Wednesday, February 10th, 2021, a place where they sell roasted pig, fruits, flowers, cake for Chinese New Year offering. Today is a day before Chinese New Year but lots of roasted hogs are selling and people coming to buy. The price for a roasted hog starts from US$100 to US$300 depends on small or big roasted pig. It's US$12.50 per kilo for roasted duck. Longan fruits from Krabei island is US$10 per kilogram. This price should be the same for tomorrow the Chinese New Year day in Cambodia.

This Video is using Canon G7X Mark II Camera.

I hope that you enjoyed watching this video and find a relaxing place to visit in Cambodia.

You can click Subscribe to receive update videos.

If you have any comments, please write them down below.

If you enjoyed the video, please click LIKE or SHARE it.

Check out this video: https://youtu.be/xZ2ca4X92Bg

Check out my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2AEkWunWQ5m_85k-kJwxXg

This channel is creating to promote Travel & Tourism of Cambodia, a small country border to Thailand, Vietnam, and Lao in Southeast Asia. Angkor Wat temple is the most well-know tourist site in Cambodia. We rich in natural resorts, mountains, waterfalls, sea, river, secret culture, and lifestyle. I sure hope that you will support and enjoy my efforts in this channel. Thank you!!

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Travel-with-Me-807614436057090/?ref=bookmarks

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bmbwworld/

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1643073915983007/

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/369954143394471/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/btmakarabywin

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/btmakarabywin/

Blogger: https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=1172743766506713689


WOW!! I have never seen so many BBQ/Grilled Pork!!!

Matt's shortvideos

Do ethnic Cambodians also celebrate Lunar New Year?

Vincent Hun

Cambodian roast pork is simply the best.

hong chork

Hello, from Arlington, VA ,USA. Happy Chinese New Year to your family.

conan le barbare

This year, he will be special with the covid no fireworks and not too many People

Bruce Sieverts

Happy new year , I hope it brings good luck and good health to one and all. I wish there was a market like this in new Zealand.

Inte Dinensak

You deleting my comment or youtube does? :(

Yıldız Çetindede

Yum yum?????

Vincent Hun

i would love to get one BBQ pig!!!