Overtone brown hair

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OVERTONE Update: Blue for Brown Hair

4 091 views | 28 Jul. 2020

I am sad that this did

I am sad that this did not work out, but like I mention in my video, the rose gold had much longer staying power. So I would not cross out this brand as a whole, just this particular color. @oVertoneColor

Product I Used: https://bit.ly/2OVxcsx

Overtone's Website: https://overtone.co/

IG: _sarahmarjorie

[email protected]




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Does the blue fade into a green like actual dye or does it go back to your original color?

Amanda Panda

Blues and greens are usually the hardest to get rid of, if I had to choose between never getting rid of it or it fading to fast I personally would pick fading to fast. But I recently got stuck with greens stained hair and it was awful to deal with. But that’s just me

Ivory Cherry

i hope they give you answers! its so weird that blue did that to you but the pink experience was so much better. If you wanna give them ONE more chance, maybe get a third color to see if the results are the same of the blue or the pink?

Amber Carlson

good to know! love ur channel btw!

Ember Rotten

Also you be using it every time you wash your hair. Pro tip: you can make you’re own. Condition + hair color (it should look like the color you want to deposit if not slightly darker.) I recommend arctic fox. Use it before you use your normal conditioner

i put lean in my go-gurt

you should try blue Jean baby by arctic fox! I had that color and it lasted a while!

Sarah Marjorie

PSA: Overtone has responded to my email with some tips on making it last longer (such as applying heat before washing out), as well as offered an online gift card if I wanted to try out a different product. I'm still debating if I want to try out a new color or not so I may have another Overtone coming eventually.

Mikayla Smith

You remind me of Tanis from Letterkenny and I am LIVING for it.

Shauna Caroselli

What kind of shampoo do you use? I use innercense which is an organic sulfate free shampoo (basically doesn’t create suds) and I think it helps with color fading

Fax :D

I think you should get shoulder length I think it would look good on you ! With the bangs too ?

Eternal Rose

When I used Arctic Fox’s Poseidon shade I noticed the same thing happen where it was coming off on my hands while dry and faded in days so it could be just a blue dye thing


It seems like the overtone is actually toning your blonde hair to make it a blonder. Blue and purple’s will tone your hair as reds pinks and purples will color it

Pippa P. Pod

Wow, I can’t believe the color faded without even being washed! That’s bananas! Did Overtone offer you any reason why that would happen? I see the finally answered you.

Overtone brown hair

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19 958 views | 13 Apr. 2020

Back again with another

Back again with another overtone video this time with orange!

Rachie Anne

Had staining instances that required cleaner but came out really easily once treated. Purple overtone for brown hair was what I used.

Marcelle Mendoza

Hey thank for this right now I’m trying the red overtone and looks good

Jen B.

I love that you did the orange, I've been really debating on whether to get this or not since I thought it was going to be waaaaayyy too vibrant for me since it showed up on the model's black hair on the website/promos. But considering we have similar hair color I'm more confident! Just a quick question though: how much showed up that day that you used it and rinsed it out? Was it more vibrant before you actually washed your hair?

Annie Labruzzo

Thanks for sharing! I also have very dark brown hair. Which would you say made the most difference on your hair: the red or the orange?

Erin Van Lyssel

Just bought this! Can’t wait to see how it turns out for you! :)

Sharrie S.

Are you tempted to try any arctic fox colours??


I’ve been tinting my hair for a couple of years now (I mostly use arctic fox) and I found that red and purple colors turn out the best on dark hair. Also when you let your hair process trying sitting in the hot sun or use a hair dryer or hooded dryer for about 15 min it will really make the colors more vibrant. I also let my hair process for a minimum of 1hr. And I never rinse the color out in the shower. And I only use cold water. I also rinse my hair out in my kitchen sink to contain the mess and minimize clean up. Also, with these color depositing conditioners it will take several normal hair washes for it to come out/fade and during the first few washes I highly suggest washing your hair in the sink vs your bathtub/shower. Since I have Afro texture hair and can go 2-4 weeks without shampoo washes (I co-wash in between) my color lasts for about 6-7 months. I hope my little tips and observations help ?

Jaime Frick

I used the purple for brown hair and my hair is very purple lol my issue is tho it bleeds every shower and I use the Conditioner conditioner but it makes a mess and can you test mixing 2 color together

Elsa Kegelman

How clean is your hair when you were applying the color? I know when dyeing my hair (with Madison Reed) it's advised you do it on like, day 3 hair to make sure any product has gotten out, so it's pretty greasy. But the Overtone website says to apply to clean, dry hair. So should I wash my hair with shampoo, blow dry it, then apply the coloring conditioner, wait 15, and then rinse?

Erika Aguilar

I bought this to use on my very dark hair, almost black. I was hoping to get more of a brownish result than actual orange. Barely showed up and only under good lighting, which was expected honestly. Only problem was it completely washed out after the first wash so it only lasted a couple days for me (and I used almost the whole tub)

Maranna Binder

So now that you've done them all, which did you feel gave the best result?

Erin Sterling

I have the same hair color you do and the pink for brown really worked! THanks for being the guinea pig!


I am going crazy

Kaya Hotz

How long does this last?

Ashley Nicole

how does the orange for brown hair compare to the ginger one?

Serena Boyd

Waiting for green overtone to get here! So fun to watch your videos well I wait!

Overtone brown hair

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dying my thick natural brown hair BLACK with oVertone

397 views | 21 Dec. 2020


IG: marytelevision

Using oVertone 'Rich Black' over my thick, undyed, medium brown, loooong hair.

Find out how I do dying my own hair for the first time in my adult life! Even though that's probably a bit of an overstatement as I had a lot of help from Vinny.

PS- in case Brad Mondo was wondering, all music is from the YouTube creator licensed audio library. Sorry if the sound mix leaves something to be desired!

take care of yourself and i'll do the same!



Like it hun! ? Hopefully you’ll like my friends Content too Your love is appreciated ——> #KaylaShanie ?

Kathryn Morrice

Was your hair ever... blonde... at one point??

Zolyn C

Hey it came out great c: likely the patchiness was a result of not saturating enough- even going carefully thru the sections, if you're trying to conserve dye, it tends to not stick in some places! Next time buy a bunch and really get each section super slimy!


it looks soooooooo0o0o0o good