Short hairy men

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Why Men Have Short Hair

130 722 views | 5 May. 2014

Since when -- and why --

Since when -- and why -- did men begin cutting their hair short? Cristen investigates the hairy truth behind gender expression and hairdos.

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Join Cristen to get down to the business of being a woman and all the Stuff Mom Never Told You about bodies, boys and the female brain.


clicked because i saw the triforce in thumbnail but had instead a disappointing


To give our friends bald men a relief we make it short as much as possible.


Holy shit. I didn't expect men's short hair to have a story so much more interesting and dramatic than women's long hair.

VESTIGE lifeInfo

Good information

Jim Harding

It is a joy and pleasure to watch and hear you. Informative, interesting and fun! Thank you!


love your stuff she is amazing

Gumaro R. Villamil

I guess to some degree I wear my hair long as a statement. As a small business owner (my own boss), I have no office dress code, so I do take a little pride in not having to wear a suit and a tie, and being able to have/not hide my tattoos. There must be some perks in not receiving a fixed salary...


I think long hair generally looks attractive on men. Not that it's better than short hair, just a preference. Especially combined with a short, neat beard.

Zulma Rivera

Hello do you want to kill me you fucking basterd You Moron

Pink Zeppelin Cult

I love guys with long hair, but today it's pretty rare. I always wondered why...I mean, at most private schools the boys are required to have hair about the ears, while girls can have any length they want.

Black Wolf

I grow my hair like it was my kid and now its time to cut off for army,goodbye and i hope we will meet again...on my face ?


Great video, not as clueless as before buuut still unsatisfied with the answer


Roman Soldiers cuted their hair because they can wear helmets easily and in battle enemy can't grab you and pull you. also that is the best preventive against bugs.

Vidar D

for me short hair is just so easy to maintain.

Sherlockian Fannibal

In ancient Greece cutting hair was a sign of maturity and intering the world of Adulthood!


Long hair dont care my dudes


I have long hair, getting thinner at 49 now, though. I'm jealous of Cristen's hair.


Short hair is for ppl who are slaves of companies and long for ppl who dont have to rely on big companies


Short hair is easier to labor in because it doesnt get caught in stuff or get in the way.

Robert Glass

Most men have short hair so they don't look like A WOMAN!

lil zepher

I'm not allowed to grow my because I'm in the Bahamas and it's against the rules to grow your hair but they allow white people and rastas to grow their hair so it's basically not fair


I have long hair but going back to short hair

Nicholas Nace

I wish I could grow my hair out long but I'm constantly mistaken for a woman and it's kinda annoying....


Do you know what also sucks about NOT being able to grow your hair as a man ?
Jobs that require you to have short hair !!!

Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh !!! I HATE CUTTING MY HAIR !!

justmadeit2-my channel

Very very few men look good with long hair. Ive seen guys with long hair in a ponytail, it just looks wrong. Men over a certain age with long hair looks wrong too. If your hair is thick and you are not over 40 then a minority can probably get away with longish hair...... or if you were in the Eagles in about 1974 !

Bad Andy

No 1 all the way around. That's how we do it in the 843 boy


she acts like guys going to war and stabbing the shit out of each other is some kind of good thing.

every time I watch these videos I respect this person significantly on grounds that she enjoys being a maximum jerk ass.

Stephen Vaughan

didnt really address why the hair styles for men got long again in the 60s/70s...just look at footballers...and thenissues with "crew" cuts and skin head cuts of 60/70.80s...also....and the extreme hair cuts of short back and sides with long mop onto of today etc

RocKITEman _ 2001

FWIW: Two things that I did not mention in my previous comment on October 7th...which YT is not allowing me to reply to directly for some reasom: (1) Short hair IS easier to take care of, although about all I do with my {long and NOT curly} hair now is wash & comb/brush it out; (2) Having my hair 'laying' over my ears & neck has never bothered me, but in warm weather if I DO NOT have my hair tired back, my ears and neck where my hair is resting tend to get hot to the point where I start perspiring. In cooler weather however, this becomes an asset...

Tyler Stevens

Funny I had long hair in college ONLY because women liked it. Sadly, it's a lot thinner now so short is how it has to be. :-(


In India, kings would keep their hair long because they could afford to take care of it due to being rich and so long hair was seen as a sign of nobility.

Dylan Darke

Great video, wish the extreme long hair styles of the 1970s & 1980s were mentioned. They weren't hippy necessarily and they were far more extremevthan anything in the 1960s. I think they were more anti-yuppie and reflective of a Heavy Metal affection for Medievalism and Pagan Renaissance. Men's hair was gorgeous then and even better - no beards.

Ali Mohammond

next: why women have long hair!!

Shunkawakan Okawingha

Ah for the days when men with long hair were feared and strong. We used to build cities just so we could raise them to the ground XD

o3rds old channel

you would be a queen not a king


I get my hair cut short because otherwise it would start curling in the back, and then the front would go into my eyes and also curl in a really strange way (it actually curls into the shape of a heart some days, definitely the manliest of styles). Plus, it takes forever to dry and I have to constantly move it around to get it to not look stupid or be in my way. With shorter hair, it dries on its own in minutes and all I have to do to make it look nice is push it back with one hand.

xxRafael Productions - Rafael Vicuna

Lol that thumbnail

Greg Walker

Most men I know including myself just don’t like the hassle of longhair

Ideology Of Greatness

I just have one question... do LIONS ever trim their manes? I think not.


These days you got too many old cucks who think short hair is the absolute only acceptable thing on men.


We know why, it's called army.
Basically a short hair (and beard) was a staple of the army. (less stuff for opponents to grab into and easier to clean in the most dire conditions, even body hair if possible)
Basically it was a sign that you sold your life and liberty for money, and it signaled you didn't valued your life and that you had more money than the average.
Eventually it became a symbol of self sacrifice of vanity, life, and of a strong puritanism that became a sign of piety for the christian aristocracy and eventually almost mandatory for men.

Of course, rich men, (as always) always found a way to maintain vanity and the display of wealth if possible by showing lavish haircuts just like women always did regardless of hair length.

Rickus Kruger

This was very funny. I think the majority of people think long hair looks feminine on guys, which is not true.


i m metalhead and I've a long hair to headbanging...thrash till death!!!


Because when you are fighting hand to hand, like we did for almost all of human history, grabbing your enemies hair was an easy strategy to kill them. Not a masculinity construct, or fashion, it was about not dying. End of story.


Think you should mention the long wigs as a symbol of aristocracy too, that wasn't seen upon very well during the French revolution, exceptions not included, but it could be a part of the poor, short-haired man's struggle against the rich.

Straight To The Point

Long hair and real beards, I've done it all. God it is a pain to maintain long hair it takes over your life like being a girl.

Chris Hubley

ceser was really paranoid about his premature baldness, which is why he cut his hair short and wore his laurel reath all the time

Steven Davidson

While I know far more men with short hair, I know a considerable number that wear their hair long.

Johanna H

men with long hair fck yeah <3


I think it also has a lot to do with fashion.    I remember in the 1970's guys would grow their hair long.   Do you remember the  "Shag"?     it was a style where the hair would drape around the neck.   very popular in  those days.     by the way,   you are so funny,  with your funny antics and  impersonations,  LOL     thank you!


I have shot hair because long hair is annoying

Thomas Degroat

Whats up with the wonky Sierpinski triangle on the shirt?


I feel like it's culture. If a male wants long hair, he might be worried of the weird looks he will get. People may find it odd.......but WHY is the question.


Men with long hair > short haired & shaved/bald head guys.


Because it's so much easier to have a short hair. I've had both. No reason to ever grow a long hair again.

Mignonne Busser

Very interesting, thanks

William Guy Thilgen Jr.

Once again, short hair on men meant that one had time and resources to maintain their appearence in public, where as poor men didn't.

Mal Thomas

HI long hair and beards are not good in combat. It gives your rival a grab point that is distractedly painful and controlling. Also when we started using wheels long hair gets entangled in them so low status males who used these contraptions cut there hair short (may be the femails who used them as well did) also if your working for a living you either tie your hair back or it gets in the way. so long hair is and always has been a sign that your privileged.

Dario Stipić

You look similar to the host of It's Okay to be Smart :D


Why men want short hair? To not look like women. Why women want long hair? To not look like men.
Why men tend to have short hair throughout history? War. (no fashion, no feminism, no patriarchy, no religion, just practicality)

Dane Logan

Hair is a natural thing from God... it is not masculine or feminine..... it is something God gave every one of us to keep warm.
Society uses gender roles too much.... learn to think outside that tiny box of society's rules and start thinking about God's rules.
Personally every guy has short hair now and why would anyone want to go around looking like everybody else?
Do what you want to do........ don't use something as natural as hair to define gender.

Peter Sommer

short hair has to do with not being vulnerable

muhammad syazwan bin shaik farid

Short hair such a suck


I think you ignored the whole male patterned baldness issue. After all that was why Caesar cut his hair that short and started wearing the wreath of leaves on his head.

James Fleming

Because hair gets in the way of life .Being beautiful and special doesn't do much over a fortnight .
There are sooooo many more interesting things in life than looking good.Thats a female domain.We generally don't spend time on our looks because it's logically meaningless.As long as we're clean-good enough.

Vinoth Shepard

Men can grow hair longer than women

Connor is a THICC SNACC of an android

Both of my male cousins( which are brothers ) have long hair. When they go out in public their mistaking for girls, but the younger brother is cutting hair. The older brother refuses to. Their hair is fabulous I need it.


Do you really have to shout in your videos?

GeTTiT nOw

Remember high hills were made for men only

Cláudio Sampaio

Compare this video to the one about long hair in women. Seems like men are really oppressed by the matriarchy to be so more bound to the current traditions and social status than women.

Claire Nova

Roman legionnaires kept hair short or shaven so enemies couldn't grab them by the long hairs


so ignorant

Fire of Jagz

I want to grow long hair but my hair is too thick so it just grows sideways, fml -_-

Nate fletcher

Surrey but the shorter your hair beard body or head the more you look like a child

Doug Unfunny

I once had long hair but I got with girl who didn't like it so I cut it to please her because i was in wub. stupid me. she dumped me 6 months later. women today don't want to be told how to look but i cut my hair to appease my partner. fucking double standards.


Nice history lesson no hate

Horny Pervert

So I can put my helmet on.


If I look up men with long hair I never find what I'm looking for lol it's usually a guy with medium at best hair and he's squinting very hard?

Davido Star

This only applies to Europe

Local Tavern's Lute Player

The long hair men had in ancient Asia is pretty nice to me

cactusbutthole 2

I'm gonna cut my hair short I am tired of this shit that girls have dresses, boys have short hair, girls have long hair, girls wear makeup and all that. This world sucks.

Um timo

l like it when a man has good long healthy hair on his head.
Ironically, I'm married to a man with a preceding hair line!?

Piotrek Krolikowski

Just easier to maintain when it's shortv

Tam Nguyen

I'm a man and I have really long hair. People tell me to cut it but I find no valid reason on which I have to cut. That's why I'm here.

Pavel H.

Most guys would suck with long hair. Plus not everyone lives in Sweden or whatever, I would hate to have long hair in 30°C like today.

Sherlockian Fannibal

I'm attracted to long haired guys WTF. Idk why tho.


Gender equality is not just for women, otherwise it isn't gender equality.
Gender equality is regarding others as people, rather than as men or women. It is not to do with the physical and emotional (When these get brought into it, it doesn't work out.), but the intellectual and spiritual.

lou leloup

I thought the reasons were : 1) short hair is better for physical activity
2) Men often get bald, and a balding head with long hair looks rather ugly :p

Knez Fikol

No one ever talks about medium length hair. it's always either long or short.


I style myself after Charles I. People often call me a musketeer.


Money and power! I never would have guessed!

markolt r

Well fuck the short hair on my opinion. I like my long hair and nobody not even my mom can stop me.

Emperor Ducky

I used to have very long hair but now I have short hair the reason i cut it was because it was annoying having long hair and second of all i looked like a girl and the third reason why i cut it was because I look much more better with short hair.


Fun fact, the caesar cut came about because Julius Caesar was balding and was really self-conscious about it. He would keep the sides cut short, but would grow the top out as long as he could and would comb it forwards.

Icy Uranus

it's actually in the Bible. Men have short hair in obedience to God so that they do not bring shame unto themselves or their families. long hair is for homosexuals and so-called men who do not work hard

Mr.steal yo manz [john laurens]

Wait, so boys originally have long hair like girls but they just cut very short? Never knew that


Back when I was a kid, I saw men with long hair in movies set in medieval times and I really liked the way it looked. I thought it looked very stately and dignified. I continued to think that up to the present day. I always wanted to have long hair but my parents wouldn't let me. Now I'm a grown-ass man and I do have long hair, and I don't care what anyone thinks about it.


My parents won't let me have long hair, but I really want to grow my hair to the end of my shoulder blades or to the shoulder.

Andrei Cocor

One day long hair on men will become popular again

King Goat

I’m 21 and my manager said I had to cut my 10 inch dreads for my bartender job, I hate the fact that I’m black and my ancestors were brought to this country by force by Europeans, and 500 years after that I’m still forced to follow European beauty standers if I want to make in life, life is the definition of not fair.

Short hairy men

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RWJ Ray William Johnson - SHORT HAIRY GUYS

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The Shape

stupid copied video


0:11 GOD DAY !!!!!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<LOL

Short hairy men

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