Straightening hair with perm solution

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Hairstyling Ideas & Treatments : Straightening Hair With a Perm Solution

18 395 views | 28 Jan. 2009

Straightening hair with a

Straightening hair with a perm solution requires finding a product made with ammonium thioglycolate, the active ingredient in all perming solutions, and use a product with high viscosity that sits well on the hair. Straighten hair using a perm solution with beauty tips from a professional hairstylist in this free video on hair care.

Expert: Amelia Smith

Bio: Amelia Smith has been styling all types of hair for more than 10 years.

Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

Champion Red Sox

is glatt also good?

Izaiah Martinez

where do i pjurchase this??

anne williamson

Does this take a perm out or just straighten it


To avoid perm solution running,you mix it with plain flour!

Rodneshia Thomas

hair isnt determined by race but a persons wave pattern. There is no such thing as a Caucasian perm.

Helleborne B.

I work at SallyBeauty Supply and the other day, a woman came in and told us about this, so I had to look it up because well, that's incredible! Your video was very educational on how it actually worked and I'm glad to be able to explain it to others if they ask. Thanks!(:

Straightening hair with perm solution

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How to : Straighten hair with perm solution

45 views | 23 Dec. 2018

Straighten hair with perm

Straighten hair with perm solution

Are you planning to get your hair straightened through a perm solution? Perm solutions may have two different effects on hair: they can either straighten the hair or they might curl the hair even more. That’s why it’s very important that you do the proper procedures if you want to get best results for your hair. Read on:

Prepare the things you will need. Perm solution kits are available at salons and beauty stores. Apart from perm solution kits, you should also have the following: protective cape, rubber gloves, petroleum jelly, hair clips, flat plastic clips, a wide tooth comb and a spray bottle. Prepare your hair. Before performing the procedures, you should let your hair produce its natural oil by not shampooing it for about 3 days. The natural oils from the hair will help protect it from the perm solution’s harsh chemicals. Also, you should test the product on your skin; follow the instructions for doing this from the product insert. Start the procedure. Once you are ready to straighten your hair, comb the hair and remove all the tangles. Put petroleum jelly over the following areas: the skin near your hairline, the neck, the forehead and the area around the ears. The petroleum jelly will protect them from burning in case they get in contact with the chemicals. Also, wear gloves and place a protective cape on your shoulders. Part your hair. Divide your hair right at the middle horizontally starting from the ear part going straight right to the next end. You can do the partition according to how thick or thin you would want the hair section to be, or how you can handle the hair properly. Using the hair clip, secure the top portion of the hair to clear up the lower portion; this is the portion that you will first work on. Spray water. Do the next procedure onto the lower portion of the hair. The hair must be damp with water before you apply the chemical solution. Start spraying some water on the lower part of the hair, focusing on the tips rather than the roots. The tips of the hair are more prone to dryness when the perm solution is applied and that’s why they should be dampened by water. Mix the solution. Get a small container, put the perm solution into it and mix the solution according to manufacturer’s instructions. Once the solution is ready, you can now apply it to the hair starting from its roots . Then, gently comb the hair while supporting it with your fingers to keep the strands straight. Do the procedure on the entire lower part of the hair until the solution is completely infused on every strand of hair. Finish the lower part. When you have finished the whole procedure, you can now set aside the lower portion of the hair. Place the paper that was provided in the perm kit and wrap it around the tips of the hair. Fasten a hair clip downwards to exert more pressure onto your hair and to keep it straightened.

Do the same procedure to the top part of your hair. Wait. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how long you should wait for the chemicals to do their work on your hair. Afterwards, check on the state of your hair by removing the clip. Apply neutralizer. Put the neutralizer (which is part of the perm kit) directly to the hair, allowing the neutralizer to penetrate every strand of the hair. Rinse with water. When you are done with the neutralizer, you can now wash your hair. Be careful not to turn the hair upside down too much, and wash it in one direction only. Rinse well using shampoo and use conditioner as well. Finish off the process. Remove the excess water from the hair using a towel then let it dry entirely by using a hair blower. Be careful not to disrupt the hair for the next 24 hours to maintain the straightness because the chemical is still working on it.

Straightening your hair with perm solution will require a lot of work, so be sure that you have at least a half day free to complete the process. Enjoy!