How to make an eye

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How to draw an eye for beginners | easy eye drawing

36 views | 10 Feb. 2021

how to draw an eye for

how to draw an eye for beginners

easy eye drawing

In this video i have told about how we can do Easy Eye along with that I have told how we can draw Easy Eye and which material to use to make Easy Eye draw how to draw easy eye


Superrr...art guru ji

Андрій Слюсар


Experts Abroad


Manish Bhatia

Very very nice ?

Vinay K Variable Vlog


Draw It Easy

I'm so impressed! What a lot of skill

Sagar Shevkani


How to make an eye

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How to Draw Eyes ♡ | by Christina Lorre'

1 659 798 views | 22 Aug. 2018

I am finally back! I am

I am finally back! I am soooo happy I missed you all soooo much omyglob! I really hope you all enjoy this video! God Bless!

Free Coloring Page! ♡


HOW TO DRAW NOSES: http://bit.ly/2k1OTY8

HOW TO DRAW A FACE: http://bit.ly/2j5h1c1

HOW TO DRAW LIPS: http://bit.ly/2yHQ43H

HOW TO DRAW HAIR: http://bit.ly/2AUlPfU


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Tombow Pencils http://amzn.to/2hql2dT

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Sakura Pigma Micron pen(For Inking)


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Lakey Inspired: Doing Just Fine

Musicality Beats: Spirited Away One Summers Day Remix

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Send me love Loves! ♡

P.O. Box 835

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[email protected]

Love you guys! You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!

♡God Bless Loves!♡


Milky Sugar

How many timed I used the ✏✏ (pencil) :100

How many times I used the eraser: 738387484828819192938848848484929298383

Angel Rickel

This video will helped me out a lot of my drawings cartoon people thanks



Sabiha Khan

I love ur tutorials, they are so useful❤


Ahhhh!!! This helped a bunch! My drawing wasn’t exactly like yours, but! It was better then the eyes I used to do before!

Ana Catarina Pires Silva - 917629

She: ??

Me: ?

Adalynn Grace

mine looked like deformed alien pickles on top of poop with ketchup on it O.O

sophia vaz


Edwin Wallace

Realizes 1000000000000 things needed and concerned


My eyelash drawing be like: | | | | / | \ / |

Ben finlaw

Thanks for NOTHING

#Pɢ ᴇʟsᴀ

This video was very useful ?✉✉?✉✉?

Black wolf :3

Six years olds: oh cool I’m gonna make it doesn’t turn out good WA


Your life matters ty uwu

Christina Graham

Hey Christina my name's Christina ??

Ashlynn Keps

Omg thank you soooo much this help a lot!!!

Angie Bolanos

Thank you Mine are not like a copy of yours though i love it THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tysm for this- I’m really proud of my drawing! Your really talented and are really good at making tutorials! ❤️


They look like ariana grande’s eyes

Eshuuu XD

I freaking LOVE YOU

Jodie lauren Moore

everyone drawing on paper
me drawing on my phone

Milky Sugar

Another easy way oto draw the eyes that she drew: First make a diamond♦ shape but it should be slept, Next to make it look Realistic give it a slight curve yo the edges, ok now

watch the video

carina ciotti

Her:has the tools
me: alright I got a piece of paper and a pencil


It took me an hour to draw the lashes...

Yanhui Chen

Bad it’s to fast

Nithyadevi Rajkumar

people watching this is in 2021? ???✋?

girl person who draws

Thank you very much u helped me a lot

Deadly_ Sky01

Uhm anyone 2021..??


Was it only me? I always thought white pencils were useless when I was a kid


Actual vid: 1:51

Rebeca Keresztes

Now that's what I call real drawing!☺️

Lisa Griffith

When I tried they ended up being angry eyes

cabinet ent Dr Peerbaccus

Fanx for vid

Cashlyn& Chezka

Its not true


Thank youuuu sooo so soook much for this ! So I’m trying to do a drawing career this really helped me !

Jennie_ XD


Kittentecute •ᴗ•

Her: you need these tools...
Me: “ummm” grabs cheap mechanical pencil

Sumaya Ishmail

Hiw are your nails always sooo beautiful ??

Simply Corn

Me that i am so confused like im going insane.

Me: wHy DiD mY pEnCil lOst itS inK?

Mike Dela Cruz

i perfect it

Small clips

Why do these looks like royal highs eyes ??

Cashlyn& Chezka

But i first first i draw that that's really cute

Tena Vucinic

when youtube theaces you better than school

Janie Markes



Thank you so much! This was very helpful and it came out perfect! Keep doing what you do C;

Evelyn Nelson


AJ’s Life

Her face:




Her: And it’s so simple and easy!



Can you show us how to draw the lips

Jasmine Rivera

My friend be like: "Why does all of your portraits have eye patches on 'em?"

Dragonal Critz

Ugly drawing

Gréta Gógán

It’s really helpful!

Jami Rogers

Wow! Thank you so much

darlem Costa

I can't make the eyes of my doll ?


Everyone getting through the first step:oh so easy
Me stuck on the first step: yi2eviexveifxbe

Milky Sugar

It was going good till

I started drawing the eyes


THANKK YOUUUU SO MUCHHH my drawing is not to good but u made it better thank youuuu ????


This was posted on my bday 2 yrs ago


long ass fucking intro

Aleksandra Munina

is it only me who draws the eyes and if they are not symmetrical( i do not speak english so sorry) i choose witch eye is better and then im trying to cope the eye




I drew won like this and it's the best eye I drew and u taught me how to drawl the shape of the eye AAAAAA

Dalanazi Dalanazi

This helped alottt

Kumihimo Crafts

no one
literally no one


Monifah Goree

christina:ok lets beg.... me:i quit

Bella Selley

This helped me a lot! Thank you! ♥

Also, New Subscriber :)

Maggie Harding


Carmel The Cavalier

Her: Try and avoid making mistakes.

Me looks in mirror: oops.....

Toga Himiko


me when she changes it form a sharp ege to a smooth edge:

hol' up. wait a minute. S O M E T H I N G A I N T R I G H T


I wish I can draw like you but I try!


Her:using different pencils and stuff
Me:Using just a mechanical pencil

シMorgan Marie

This tutorial helped me soo much thank you!!!


I think shes the only one that ACTUALLY helps

Bunny Ragdoll Animation

I think it's wonderful how God made us from dust and took his breathe and breathed into us! And the way you draw actually helps me!


I just started getting into drawing 2 months ago and drawing eyes always was a challenge for me this is very helpful , thank you so much ??

Recht Fase

thank you for everything

S Bell

You literally have my dream art style! Thank you so much for this tutorial!

Ashly Vidal

Pls stop skipping queen???❤️

Emma Gemstone

This did not help at all, you can't explain things, I unsubscribe and I will tell all my friends to not follow you?

Christina Lorre'

I missed you all soooo much!! ✨???

Lady Carreno

My eyes turnee out like chinese ghost eyes .-.


this helped so muchhhhhhhh omggg it looks super good and I'm and I 100% recommend this I got it on my first try and I only used supplies I already have (just a pencil) thanks <3

Mr Cheese

you have soo cute eyes on youur paper but i just cant du it simetricaly so each eye is completly different and it looks soooo wierd

Milky Sugar

Her eyes: ?

Mine: ⚫

HA _0793

Thank you so much you helped me a lot I was having problem and now you just helped me thanks! ??

pr3tybangerbaby 30

thanks allot

Cookie Doh

I can’t even do the rectangle ??

Ram Ram

I luv how she talks bout God, helped me get closer to him

Emma Gemstone

Like you can't even explain I got so lost watching you, you should not be a art youtuber

Rubina Begum

The people who disliked need help there screen is upside down they thought it was a like button XD

Cutie _ gachabxtch

Your eyes look so cute mine just turned out creepy :(

Cashlyn& Chezka

I draw that not true

Hudaibia Ul haq sidhu

Omg it’s sooo beautiful!

Toca Glitter

Her: using a blen thing
Me: looking at My grey finger ?

Ella Hefner

random drawing tip u didnt ask for! When drawing girls, get 2 papers and scribble on one and draw a girls face on the other then rub a q tip on the scribbled one and blend it on the girls cheeks as blush

Xx Bear Cub 99 xX

# raw sushi


Ay if y'all don't have blending tool whatever is that just use a clean ear bud its simple as that!


Her style of holding pen is very good and different. Right ??

lillyz gamplay

I luv drawing anime

Abhirami subramanian

How she draws:

How I draw:

Aniya Graves

I did this with ONLY one pencil no cap only one and wow i love it

How to make an eye

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How to Make A WORKING EYE SCANNER in Minecraft! (NO MODS!)

1 722 949 views | 10 Jan. 2019

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#Eystreem #Minecraft #MinecraftPocketEdition

Damian Chavez

he puts a 1

Hee Yip

Yay now I can use Xbox to make it

johnmar dequinia

eleveator plsssss

Noah Copeland

2:09 lol im dead


can you stop yelling

Clarke Tangye

Outside realized I forgot to say when you go through it it does not kill you when it says access denied you can't go through it it basically doesn't kill you like the mechanism of supposed to kill you just doesn't work the commands just don't work so it doesn't kill you so I'm going to mess with some more so I can fix that too and see if I can fix other things on it and get it to

Julia Ramsay

Dus it work with PS4

Amauris Torres

It did not work i try it and it dont work and he said to look over it i look over it like 20 times and still dont work

Quincy Tejada

U put -1

Dixie Walczak


Lost footage Winter

if your done press numpad9 it sounds like warts, or sports when you play it alot Numpad 1sounds like a bad helicopter SFX but remember to keep yoru finger on it numpad7 sounds like numpad1 but building SFX Numpad8 S SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Numpad3 sounds like sand being dropped 13 million pounds of it

Gazorck Gaming

Bruh you can just break the glass

shadow slam

whats r=

Katy Swire

I did it on minecraft java

Oliver Kaczanowski

my closeing didt work but every is right

Precious Ify

It doesn't work

Aaditya vlogs

Imagine building a whole house just for the eye scanner :P

Lito Laurente

Mandi met

Sreyash Panda

तू कोसा सो गया रात को ही अंडे

Puppet Land

No mods but add-ons

Shivanshu Sharma

O buge make short video ok

Clarke Tangye

Outside just realized when I use my other profile like my other profile with a different name basically instead of it saying on that screen with the other profile access denied leave or die basically says it's on my other profile so like flip flops and goes on my other profile and says it doesn't say it on the profile I'm actually going in it's the opposite profile then the one I named it the wet fruit so I don't understand

Clarke Tangye

I don't understand I use a different profile it lets him go through it

Greg Herrbold

Can't people just break the glass and break in

bil anime

Not easyyyyyyyuu
But working

Clarke Tangye

so when I go through the other profile it face a lesson go through it doesn't kill me it doesn't do anything but says it on my other profile I like my other profile basically says access denied doesn't say on the other profile do you know what I mean it just doesn't say on the opposite profile so when I go in with a draft paper or something that's my other profile it basically says it on my social object guy not the draft paper when it's meant to wet the sort of object I go for it what's both of them go through it's kind of complicated to explain it just what's both of them go through

OM Gaming

This is ? cool

Harry Gold

What about PS4

Clarke Tangye

I tried this I just don't understand how to do it that well also I think there's something wrong with it when I go through it with a different profile for some reason I don't understand it's basically saying he can go through when it's a different profile when it's meant to let him go through I don't understand

Maseisk Cat Mazureac


Damian Chavez


Lox Game play

My videos are not ready ok

Lucas Ashton

Didn’t work for me

adam045 gamer

hold up you forgot the part if they leave cause the repaters wont stop so even if he leave he will still die

Sam Lee

If my position is 299, 71, 19 then what is my cooperate number because it's not working for me and I need it to work please it's for my sister

ray avalos

My friend got MAD???????????????

Starlet GT


Herobrine 130

I dont think it works for bedrock edition

Radioactive Gaming

Wow you copied this from fed x gaming nice way to copy

Neil Li

Can't You Just Ignore The Eye Scanner?

Dude Boy

your so fST I CANT KEEP UP

hossam mohamed


Kaiwen Lin

Me: adds a giant robot in defence when the peeps aren’t me


It will not work and I tried everything. Can you write my coordinates for me please? They are -15,4-43

Shakeel Shakeel

Its easy!!

Colin Anderson

Did this not work for anyone else

Richa Chopra

I would house bedrock for the door and a repeating command block that sets your game mode s

Clarke Tangye

I'm going to mess with it some more see if I can get it to work

Chinasa Uba

well if your name has a space then you should change it i play minecraft on a nintendo switch

John lyko

Thanks mate??



Starla YT

Why my friend did not die??

Damian Chavez

i took for ever to build and it still dose not wrok

Gacha gaming Boy

I couldn’t even find how to replace the block into glass panes until I realized the left repeat block was 2 instead of 21

ryan clarke

he lied no work


Why is this so hard

Cameron Silva

Eystreem it didn’t work for me

XxGacha_AnimexX :3

Your so genius

Pastel Sparkles

What about the wall!

Yuvraj singh

Thier was many command block

jake mike

you have to have one word in your username or it does not work

jerry parlindungan

pls do the java version i only have java


whyyyyy the comparator is just turned on??? i didnt even stand on it and it just light up why it didn’t work? i followed every step i rewind it more like 3 times right now

Vincent Nadal

Thanks for the door! Now I can kill my cousins who are trying to steal

Damian Chavez

i dont get it

Clarke Tangye

I spent two nights I just don't understand why it's not working but I mess with it almost a little bit more and it started working I just don't understand

Lox Game play

But will the glass break my brother just break thing so it want break

Mercy Jalazi

Eystreem is cool I am William

Ogechi John-emezi

Great plan

jhanecy getigan

Me: just broke the glass


You forgot someone can just break the glass ??????????

Dukhobrix A.K.A. B Bricks

Can you do a laser door?

Damian Chavez

at the end of crodnets

Lisa Balaj

ok jordan

Yeet Yeet

Idk how to do this

Rekt Biscuit

What do I do if I have a space in my name?

James Suarez

How do you do that I like your videos

Starlet GT


Clarke Tangye

I just don't understand I don't know what I did I tried and tried and it just lets anybody go through for some reason I go watch your video over again and see what happens maybe I miss something

Marsheler Jeffers

talk to much bro??


Could you make an updated version for java? it looked really cool but testfor isn't a java command!


Ugh like I got 6000000 dimonds and gold and emerald blocks for teh 20 hours and they stole it ???

OM Gaming

Om gaming channel is so good

Dixie Walczak




Clarke Tangye

I mess with it did something and I got to say now access denied but it's still opens up the windows what am I doing wrong

Des White

Cool build, my friends were so mad when they died!

Clarke Tangye

I watch your video for almost two nights I just don't understand it for some reason I tried not tried

Lisa Balaj

if you go back to IDENTITY MATCH quickly it say access denied leave or die

Blake Channel

When You Do Your Videos I Feel Amazing ?


eystream what if we fused the sliding door and now the scanner door would,nt that be cool i luv your inspirational vid,s thankyou

Mona Pentha

You are using mods

Marsheler Jeffers

shut up?



Dan Pfannenstiel

I did every thing you said and nothing happend

Clarke Tangye

I spend some time on it and I got it too instead of actually basically saying you can go through I've been messing with it and now I got to say access denied leave or died now but when I do that when it says it basically I don't understand it let's you go through it it doesn't it like says believe or die like access did I leave or die and it pieces still let you go through it like the gates and stuff open the windows open I don't know what's wrong with it

Zian Miguel De Guzman

does this work in minecraft pe

Chinasa Uba

if your coordinates as a - put it in the command block

Lox Game play

In mincraft

Michael Salisbury

I tried but it didn’t work Jordan