Pale olive skin

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Mixing ALL my foundations | Small Makeup Collection | Fair Olive Skin

180 views | 25 May. 2020



Here I wanted to try using all of my foundations (small collection, I know) and I think I might of created the best formula. I know this is an old trend, but it's actually the perfect thing for me to do this and try to use up my current foundations before buying more. It's a great way to stay more eco-conscious and not give into consumerism.


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Hi, we have the same colors!! So happy! Will follow you. Thank you for sharing~


That lip color is fire, it suits you so well ?

Pale olive skin

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Olive Skin Hazel Eyes Blonde Hair

4 850 views | 20 Jul. 2018

https://club.YourColorStyle.com/online-color-analysis/ ~ Jen answers the questions, what color type am I if I have olive skin tone, hazel eyes, medium blonde hair and can wear silver?

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Sasha Hika

Pale olive skin tones are not always warm. There is cool olive and warm olive. There are plenty of women that are olive with bright blue eyes and blonde hair. Unfortunately, the majority of people are still stuck in a stigma of green people. ?

Evelien vs

I feel like this describes me almost! I have dark blonde hair, with some red glow to it. My veins look green on my wrist, so this makes me think I'm a warm. Also soft would describe me better than deep:) thank you!

sandra mane

its possible to have Olive skin and blonde hair.
even the melanesians are brown skinned who have naturally blonde hair or copper orange.

stfu okiii

I have ivory skin my natural hair color is inbetween medium blonde to dark blonde
my eyes are green blue hazel but there never just blue it's green or hazel if it's
one but manly blue green hazel what about you??

Ju Vi

I feel like I have an olive undertone but I also have blue eyes. Because of that I am wondering if I really have an olive undertone because the people with olive skin I have seen, all have hazel or mixed green eyes. Can someone help me?

Ludwig Wittgenstein

I’m hazel eyed, light ashy brown hair, very fair skin, and I can’t soft or cool summer. Soft summer cast shadows all over my face and cool summer also do it, but the shadows are blue/purple ? edit: but my skin isn’t olive.

Amanda Risley

I have a very similar issue, I'm mostly Greek with some Irish and American Indian. I get extremely brown, in the sun, olive naturally but my hair as a child was a tow head, crazy blond hair with the tannest skin and brown eyes. I never liked the combo, as I became older my hair become gold, then darker, very dark blond brown roots though. I am still able to get lighter blond if I spend time in the sun), skin still dark but now my skin and hair kind of blend in the way they look, colorwise, if that makes sense? I guess muted is the word I'm looking for. As I got older (27 now) my brown eyes have faded to half green half brown which is very odd to me. So it's hard for me to find this correct coloring because these features. Also because of everything already having a gold look on me, gold can just look redundant, So silver flows better with me, maybe that's similar to what this girl' is experiencing?

Maria Myre

She is probably an olive type, she will probably work in rosy pinks, peaches, plums, Khaki greens and bronzes. My guess is that you tans Very easy and get quite sallow looking in the wintertime. Maby you also have quite dark skin under your eyes.

Kayla Avery

im blonde and my eyes are hazel but they change to green with a dash of blue eyes ig

Suckerpunch Sally

Light ash blonde, bright blue eyes, I am a neutral olive undertones with all the vein colors mostly blue and green .fair skinned woman tans easily but generally pale I like silver better who knows if it looks better.

Chara Choppel

I am very light. As light you can possibly be without being an albino. I can wear gold, absolutely not silver. So it does not always hold true that the lighter the skin, can wear both silver and gold. Besides, olive skin tone - could it be cool toned or warm toned olive?

Burger Mister

Jen I think everyone is a thermometer. Cool how Cool? Soft? Warm how warm? But each of us go one way or another. I don't think there is anyone that is completely NEUTRAL. YOU EITHER ARE WARM /OR COOL.