Plastic industrial barbell

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Piercing My Septum At Home!?

76 817 views | 19 Mar. 2020

I pierced my septum at

I pierced my septum at home on March 16th. Don't be fooled by the footage...I spent a long ass time making sure the clamp was in the sweet spot. If you watched my lip piercing video, the needle came out when I removed the tip. This time however, it did not. I thought the needle was stuck inside the catheter and I struggled for a while trying to pull it out. In the end though I figured out it was still attached to the outer plastic part... It must have been loose when I did my lip piercing since it fell out on its own. It was very confusing and I definitely shortened the footage of that as well :P Otherwise it was a super simple and painless piercing. 10/10 would do again!


00:56 Predictions

02:24 The needle

04:00 The clamp

04:55 The jewelry

06:14 Adjusting the clamp

06:44 Needle prep

07:37 Needle going through

08:24 Needle catheter

09:07 Putting in the jewelry

10:45 The result

11:02 Afterthoughts

11:59 Rating the pain

14:05 Up or down?

15:51 Cleaning



Septum forceps


Hollow catheter needle - 1.5mm (15 gauge?)


Titanium circular barbell/horse shoe - 1.2mm (16 gauge) thickness, 8mm (5/16") diameter


*I don't wear gloves because I have baby hands and can't find kids' sized gloves anywhere


★Previous videos:

Piercing my ear: https://youtu.be/MiPydq24XmM

Piercing my lip: https://youtu.be/MOrEJ0tM_0Y

Lip piercings update: https://youtu.be/co17sEE9IrE


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Arii Pizano

Are u Russian ?

Isabella Pierro

Love it


looks so cute! i want to pierce mine now :))

b ‘.*•.

your eyes are soo pretty!! congratulations ? it looks amazing


You look like Molly Windsor

Jemarriah Odon

Omg did it hurt? I get mines next week I’m scared asf!!


I pierced mine too on march 16 but it was too low so i decided to do it again

Kiyah Monay

Tell me why I was doing breathing exercises with you and missed when you put the needle in?I had to go back

petra r.

OMG!!! i cant believe it! you‘re such a badass!!!! and i cant believe how cute it looks on you!

Mel N

This is a really good video. Very well detailed. Thank you for this. The piercing looks cute
I'm trying to find 12G catheters for my septum and nipples

Buzz Cut

Very very beautiful.
I really like it a lot ????


I thought abt doing my septum but I'm scared because of the pain although it's not my first peircing

Judith G

Wow! You're so brave ?

Hyungwon's Toothbrush

Æ syntes du hørtes norsk ut og det va du gitt lol

Pink Crystals

Wow ?

Chloe Wright

You look like you were born with it, it suits you so much!

La papera più figa Di YouTube


Lashes&Lipgloss !!

I'm inspired.

Douae Benslim

you pierced it super well, it suits you incredibly nice!

Ashleigh Elizabeth Murray

Your nose is perfect for this piercing. I am so jealous. It looks absolutely stunning on you!!

Shelley Meaney

Oh wow! It looked so easy ? it suits you so well! ❤️


Excellent. Well done ?

Helene Dalstein Nerland

Hei! Hvor kjøpte du nålen?

Ainhoa ZRios


lury gary

Its not good for your nose

Bunnie Jatkowski

Really great job and your explanation and prep what anyone getting ready to pierce would want to see and hear Thank you

Genesis W

omg you look so cute with the piercing!! you did so good!


how did you do that so well


I think the hard part is not the piercing itself. Placing the jewellery in is the hard part.

Alexi Levin

this was so cool to watch! i live in Dubai so we have no piercings places either!! i pierced my own septum 2 months ago and my nipples a few days ago :)


Är du svensk?


Hey! Thank you SO much for posting this. I watched your video about a million times as I awaited my supplies to come in the mail. The finally arrived today and I did it!!! It's crooked AF but I sooo don't care!

gg gg

ficou muito bommmmmm


this is actually very helpful, thank you!

Optimized Marketing Solutions, LLC

OMG! Your are so cute!


omg your so pretty get it sis

Jassmyne Fernandez

Omg you have such a calm peace to you! You look super cute! Great job


Whoa.... how old ru

My chemical green day

how old are you? you look like you could be 13 or 25


Brave girl! The piercing suits you! So cute!!!

emily m

i just ordered mine but i don’t have the clamps, will that mess me up?

Just some girl with a bonnet

I pierced my septum through the cartilage by accident and blood webt everywhere. I want to make an attempt to pierce it again. Do you have any advice??

Stefania !

Gorgeous with septum!!!!????????????????????

Hailey Lail

Is she 12? ?

Karolina Naktine

I think you may need bigger jewelry, incase of swelling

Lhynne tot018

i want to try to pierce my septum but i don't know the proper placement of needle . i have 14g needle

terzizzas contortion

I’m terrified of fire. do I need to disinfect the tools with fire?

Lashes&Lipgloss !!


Lyssa Luxuria



You have the prettiest voice ever! The septum looks so good on you btw :)

Jojo Pose

what gauge did u use?? 18g or 16g?


It’s stupid to do it a homeurself

Arianna Ballantyne

Watching her made me think my stupid ass could do my own i feel confident:)


when i had mine done it literally hurt so bad i almost pissed myself


what your size pearching ?

You A Clown

i cant tell if this girl is 10 or 39


Yayyy I'm proud of uuu?

Roxanne Mclaughlin

Not bad. I think you might have went up too far though. But if that’s where you like it, good job at not making it crooked.

Ladaya Keyera

How do I know where the “sweet spot” is??

iron milk

Please wear gloves lol other than looks pretty good ?‍♂️

Roblox Tutorials

Do you think 14 is a reasonable age for this. Since you can flip it and hide it if you want too?

GST Rewa

I love it.

Aaliyah Pahlow



i have a really serious question: after I did the piercing, during the healing can I flip it up to hide it? or can I use a clear plastic retainer?

Michelle Fanning

Really suits you


Hi, what size you get for the ball?

Cronopio Dentiacutus

You should totally do asmr!!! your voice is so peaceful

M.C. Taylor

I just pierced mine. It didnt hurt but my eyes WATEREDD


I can’t believe you had the guts to do this alone at home. You’re braver than I am !

Julia Nowak ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Or, the better way: go to the piercer!


I just bought these needles and I had no clue on how to actually use them. I wanted to pierce my ears so thanks for showing me that I’m supposed to use the plastic covering thing. But why is the needle hollow then

x_mya _

I have no idea where the sweet spot is and I’m kinda scared that when I pierce my septum myself I’ll just do it wrong and hurt myself

Just a random weirdo :P

Hi idk if you will even end up seeing this but just a recommendation for if you pierce yourself again I don’t recommend people piercing themselves at home but I’m not about to say you shouldn’t or anything just next time I recommend you wear gloves I don’t want you to get an infection or anything yk but if you end up seeing this then I hope you have a good day/night

Leslie Caballero

I just ordered what I need on amazon, doing this next week :)))

paranormal activity

Your piercing is too far foward

Malik Giles

i wish i could give you all the likes ever!!!!!!!
the way you talk is rlly nice too lmao


Looks amazing!!!

TeenYogn Pyanee

Your level of cuteness is unparalleled

Zhair Bastien

Es un robot está mina

Tatuador de celebridades

Piercings cuidado fundamental

Miss A

Amazing job! I seen some terrible self piercing videos ??‍♀️? but you did great!! ???? I have my nostril and septum pierced ☺️

Lena Allen

did it hirt

Taya Brown

so informative and looks stunning on you x thanks!


hi im planning on piercing mine in a few weeks but wanted to ask about the sweet spot.. when i go inside my nose to find my sweet spot i noticed that my sweet spot goes from the tip of my nose all the way back. So should i pierce it closer to the tip or more in the middle so it sits a little more back?


With that small of a ring were you able to flip it up?


Så vakker! ?

Alicia Wylder


Candace Arrington

I went and got mine done professionally, they went through the thick part. I knew it wasnt right. I kept it in a while and let it close recently. I'm going to redo it myself.

ʙᴀʙʏ ᴄʜᴀɴッ

i was searching for a video like that thanks a lot ❤️❤️? btw it looks amazing on u :3

Zee .

You made it look SO easy! Looks super beautiful on you! ?❤?

Carli Sabrina

si ma tieni dentro quella lingua1l


Is it easy to feel the sweet spot with the clamp?

Dancing Girl Named Gracy

i like it on you it suits you :):)


I almost passed out when mines was done...you have some serious strength to do it yourself

Ma Ja


banana joe

This girl looks like a 6 year old

Torsten Persson

A wonderful presentation. Very educative. I would like to try it myself.

aufem kopf

You are so sweet. I can sense you have a really friendly personality. Thank you for this video! ^-^

Optimized Marketing Solutions, LLC

YES! I love It!

Eszter Laky

I pierced my septum at home like you did, but mine didnt get as high as you have. Do you think its wrong? Your septum is lovely and sooo cooool:D i luv it <3

Plastic industrial barbell

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Industrial Sonomechanics® at the 2020 White Label Expo, Highlights

565 views | 13 Mar. 2020

At the 2020 White Label

At the 2020 White Label Expo in Las Vegas, NV, Industrial Sonomechanics® (ISM) presented its technology for the production of water-soluble CBD and THC - a turn-key solution that can be used by anyone (not only scientists or engineers) without having to conduct any R&D.

Since cannabis extracts are lipophilic (oil-soluble), they cannot be mixed with water without first undergoing a process called nano-emulsification. If a company is looking to infuse CBD or THC into water-based products (water, juice, coffee, tea, beer, etc.) while significantly improving cannabinoids' bioavailability and accelerating their onset of action, the first step is to produce a water-compatible translucent nanoemulsion.

The company's turnkey technology comprises Barbell Horn®-based ultrasonic liquid processors used in combination with NanoStabilizer® - an all-in-one blend of tasteless food-grade (GRAS) ingredients needed to produce translucent nanoemulsions of water-insoluble bioactive substances, such as cannabis extracts.

ISM also offers product manufacturing services and is able to produce translucent, fast-absorbing and highly bioavailable liquid or powdered nanoemulsions from its clients' CBD extracts and isolates.

Website: https://sonomechanics.com

Blog: http://blog.sonomechanics.com/blog

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/industrial.sonomechanics/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/industrial_sonomechanics/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sonomechanics

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/industrial-sonomechanics-llc/

Plastic industrial barbell

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How To Not Look Stupid Pt. 1- Terminology- THE MODIFIED WORLD

148 375 views | 8 Jan. 2013

In this episode of TMW

In this episode of TMW j.c. rants about terminology- by no means is this a comprehensive rundown of all piercing terms, it's more of an opportunity to vent. EVERY piercer has thought these things- someone needed to say them out loud!





pangeapiercing on Instagram



I remember watching this and keeping it in mind when I got my lower lip pierced when I was 16. Went into the shop and asked for “two piercings on my lower lip” and the piercer just goes, “Oh, snakebites? That’s what they’re called.”. Hehe I just had JC telling them off in my head. 19 now and came back to the video and still makes me chuckle a bit.

Emma Lee

Omg he's dramatic

Have You Checked On The Children

You’re a fucking savage and when you need to let the sass roll out you do it and that’s incredible. Good job. ?

Self Actualizer

The comment section is so cringe lol you dont hear this guy talking like you guys do


Someone's salty


My mother didn't know that when you put in a piercing, there's a hole in your face that may not close up.
She had my ears pierced when I was 5 months old with a piercing gun, ew and knew I still had the piercing holes 16 years later.
She was shocked to learn my piercings leave holes in my body, don't know where she thought I was putting the jewellery.

Brittany Levinson

Intellectuals unite ✊?

Shay Posey

Seems so bitter

Melissa Keller

Thank you for the terminology of the jewelry and equipment you use.

Xel Eliza

I loved this video and I definitely agreed with all of it, expect, personally as a piercer, I encourage my piercees to use terms such as 'Dahlias, Shark Bites, Cyber Bites, etc' because it for one shows me that they did some kind of general research, and it tells me what exactly I'm doing. It saves time and it gets me hyped and ready with my supplies since I know specifics. There are so many different kinds of lip piercings, I support them to have individual names. In fact, the person actually looks dull to me when they come and say they want their lip pierced.. I'm like, where...??? There's over 11 different ones.. please be more specific on what we're doing today. The only piercer I've met in person that is this picky about names, is a piercer who commonly doesn't have the right or sterile equipment and is continuously doing botched piercings that I get to fix.

Dawn Fournier

also, how do i keep a 00 whole from getting bigger. i dont want to go any bigger than that..I also dont want it to look like i need bigger jewelry. thank you i love your shows

Nicole Timmins


Lacey Caraway

Thank You!! As a piercer myself I know how frustrating the terminology is! All we can do is continue to teach!

Hauntress Hauntings

I love watching your videos. I'm starting to get into the industry, and thank fucking everything I found this channel.

Morgan Peralta

The amount of "so fucking done" in this presentation helps me deal with daily idiocy. Thank you, J.C. ??

S.A Impavido

You can feel his frustration and annoyance haha

audrey waldeck

why is this making me laugh so much??

Emily Knoke

Lol i got a kick out of this video it was funny but educational : )

Captain Capybara

In Europe we usually call BCRs ball closure rings instead of bead


Man I wish I lived in Michigan. You're handsome and I am obsessed with your sass. Amazing!

Amanda Blasius

I am interested in going into the piercing business and have been learning for 20 years now. I love this video you are able to explain the information to my 13yr old much easier then I did and I greatly appreciate that. we love your videos and follow on just about everything


jc just looks so sad in this lmao


I love the double angles??


Where does a surface bar go? Like how do you wear that? Im curious now.

MAG Entertainment

How did the industrial piercing get its name??

Cyanide Burns

This is my favourite video in the world.

Jesse Reiter

When they let preschoolers body pierce I will move off planet but maybe with that attitude you want me gone anyway. Also I have more
Involuntary piercings than those that asked for them.

blankface icky

love it. ur hilarious. and vary infomational.. i never hear people talk about the materials jewlerys made of but its just as important as any other aspect. keep it up brozilla.

Lundyn Huhn

Lol. I'm ded.

Dawn Fournier

so how long does it take to go to the next size when stretching my lobes?


"A horseshoe is something on horse's feet! A banana is eaten by monkeys"
"This right here is a surface anchor "
Me: aNcHoRs dRoP fRoM sHiPs!!! ;)

adriana valencia

I would like to work at a piercings place when I’m adult because I’m a weird girl that likes piercings and my classmates think it’s gross when I think it’s so fascinating I look at different types of piercings in class when I’m bored and I like it that I’m taking notes on your videos and I have two piercings

Halia Stone

Gotta say, I've never heard a curved barbell being called a "banana" before. xD I have been guilty of the horseshoe one, but every time I say curved to someone not all that into piercings, horseshoe is a little easier for them to get.


Hahaha! Awwwww, brethren... Yeah. Yeah... I feel ye. Nowadays kids have so many names for things I usually just say, "POINT TO WHERE." (Also, your beard edge is crisp as **. I don't envy your upkeep regimen! Ha...)
Much respect, brethren!!!



Syn DeVil

Damn i wish we had a great piercer like you here!!!

Mr. Bigglesworth

Why is a grown ass man with a pretty blonde beard crying like a cocky little girl???
He definitely talks shit about his customers to other customers??
"Ugh this idiot I pierced earlier asked for snake bites....I gave that idiot two lip piercings"

Music lover

All of the bites makes it easy. I do know common terms but most other ppl don’t and they know bites. Think of it like a nick name

jenna goodwin

The horseshoe part ???

Brooke Lamberton

I feel like no one understands how annoying the term "guage" is when it's used incorrectly, aside from ppl who r serious about the modded community and dont just get mods cause its "quirky"


I honestly love you! You're awesome, I might do the couple day drive just to get a piercing at the amazing Pangea piercing!

Erica Haxton

I went to the piercer I had my lip piercings done at to get circular barbells for them, and when I told him what I wanted, he looked at me really confused until I said horseshoe ring. I was like dude, you call yourself a professional ??

Kassidy S

Somebody pushed his last button lol...much appreciated though


Did ask my usual piercer to get my philtrum pierced and she said "onh your Medusa".
Then yesterday a young lady in a bar in Crete said "oh you've got your Medusa pierced as well", was not even in the mood to correct her as her philtrum was squinty AF.

Martinha Malone

16 year old emo voice "Duuude can you pierce my shark bites? XD"

Little Tom

This channel makes me so happy. Tired of people giving 'advice' using incorrect terminology and information that can actually harm you if you follow it. Also the sass factor is amazing.

Sue Young 15

You could hear the irritation in his voice when he spoke about horseshoe and banana ??

Devil Man

My "eyelets" were packaged as "tunnels" so that's what I've always called them.

Ari Mason

My favorite is when people say "why did you gauge your ears it looks so gross" or "your gauges are disgusting" and I can be like ok first off if you're going to insult me do it correctly

Valley Girl

I am a piercing apprentice and my boss recommend finding reputable piercers online to help learn from! Your videos have been so super helpful!!! I appreciate the technical terminology and the information!! I have subscribed and turned the notifications on, I can't wait to learn more from you!! Thank you!

Rafiki Son

A surface anchor!!


Honestly, it surprises me that professionals use some of the improper terms in this video because I'm a 17 yr old who only hopes to be in the profession one day and I knew all the correct terms. Meanwhile there are people out here on the job for years, putting holes in peoples' bodies and they don't even know the correct terms. Very scary, put me in the field instead lol


Wait so Dick byte is not a thing. lol

Disco Platinum

I had no idea they were officially called "eyelets". Everyone I know has called them tunnels ever since I can remember


sir, we're detecting high levels of sass


Meh... everyone knows what is being referred to when these terms are used. I use correct terms, but I also understand when someone who has less exposure to it use incorrect terms. Then again, I expect my piercer to use correct terms. It must be exhausting to be so anal about something so silly when we all know what is being referred to.


That's really helpful. I'm used to the metric system and we use millimeters to describe piercings and I always get confused watching people using other terminology so thank you for clearing things up for me!

Aleasa Julian

This makes me so happy. Everyone should watch this. I hate when people are like “you have gauges” ? I know they don’t know, but it really grinds my gears.

Corey Roy

Will you make a video about having a tongue bifurcation ? I have mine done and I want to see your thoughts on it


I fucking love this video

Mars Marrison

I feel like you're the only person that gets angry about some of these...

Ronald Owens

Open hoops are bullrings.


I love how salty he is xD it's awesome.


I could watch you talk all DAAAAYY!?

Spooky Boo Babe

I'll admit, I never once hear Eyelets by their proper term

Becky's misery.

So ? much ? sass ?


Why is youtube suggesting this to me? How not to look stupid? Don't get a bunch of piercing and tattoos without considering how they look on your skin or with what you already have.

cherie spencer

where exactly can i order o-needles from? I have look at all my suppliers and still can not find them any where only biopsy punch.


Thanks for stopping me from being stupid.

Gy Gyuri

I was looking through google images, and I stumbled upon a clinic that did ear reconstruction "on gauge piercings"


this poor misurable bastard was molested and beat as a child

jesse k

Thanks guy.

Lia Boo

It's New Years and there is alotta wackiness ova here

Ky Hughes

this video fucking killed me this is so funny omg

Dr. Snuggles

"How to not look stupid"
looks at host

Lol jk, keep slayin boi

Sher Dell

Thank you so much for posting your videos they are very helpful so I can talk to my piercer correctly with out sounding like and idiot. Thank you very much!

Maddii Martin

I love u, you're really funny in a smart ass way. I'm new to your channel so far pretty pleased to be here :D I have 3 piercings so far and hope to get more along with mi ears pointed and some tattoos. Thanks for the education I wish I got this quality from school lol

natalie wells

OMG! So anal. It’s great that he’s so knowledgable about piercings, well I should hope so as it’s his trade, but ...really? Does it really matter, THIS MUCH?! We’ve not all had a diploma in piercing terminology, an quite frankly I really couldn’t care less honey...sorry.

Mars Marrison

how do you expect to sell anything if you're just an ass to your audience?

Kayla Elizabeth

This man is GREAT. Ive been watching all his videos for like two days now. So educational and informative. Proper at that! Love this channel!!

Saul Argenbright

its 2018 and this video is still relevant & hilarious


You are just 9,999% done with everyone's shit. xD

Lenora Hendrix

This is the third time I've ever watched any of your videos & to me, you only did what needs to be done and that is to correct those using the wrong terms. Awesome job !


I got dragon bites. :3. "Kidding"

homicidal rubberducky

this is the face and demeanor of a man who has seen some shit.


your shirt says "pie" through most of this videos and it's great


this video made me very happy

Ree McLaughlin

Please come back?

Linette Knight

Just found your videos and they are awesome! I will definitely be sharing. I'm the wife of a new tattoo artist and we both hate the crazy shit people come up with. Thanks for the knowledge!

Michelle Cali

On which types of piercings is it acceptable for the piercer to use clamps? I've heard there are certain situations where if you see clamps, you should run, like for VCHs.


If I don’t use the bites to describe them how am I supposed to use brevity in their description?


"Show me an industrial on your body you don't have one" ????????????

Kat Long

this video is a visual representation of me trying to explain this stuff to my conservative, baptist parents after 3 years of having stretched ears


cool man, good video.

I y a n a

I wonder if people call barbells "horseshoes" and "bananas" just to mess with him

LeannEllie Davis

Very informative!

༺Heidi Johnson༻

EVERY SINGLE PERSON who ever wants a piercing or mod should BY LAW have to watch this video!!! The "guages" thing and the "horse shoe" thing makes me CRAZY!!? I have 3/4 inch opalite tear drop plugs in this week and I hear "oh wow I love your gauges!" ALL THE TIME! It makes me want to commit violence LOL I know people are trying to be nice but it still makes me lose my mind. Also not too many people know a daith is actually a "doth" piercing as far as my education has proven. And "back in the day" (decade?) when I went in and said I was interested in a doth piercing he knew right away what I was talking about.

Clockwork Tangerine

Never forget when I was a newbie and not being an english speaker myself, every time I heard someone mention "eyelets" I thought they all said EYELIDS and I was like why, what a stupid name for jewelry lmao.

Cassandra DeBaets

Okay, I'll stop calling 'em gauges XD
J.C., you're awesome :)

Gabriel E.

Everybody needs to see this haha