Straightened curly hair

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Straightening my NEW curly cut for the first time | jasmeannnn

352 413 views | 6 Dec. 2020

Everyone along with myself

Everyone along with myself has wondered what my hair would look like straight after my hair cut! So finally I have tried to see what the result isssss.


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Dougherty Ballet Dance Theatre

It look really nice


I remember when I straightened my hair after having a curly cut. The emotions lol

Arinelle Lewis

Sis, that’s called bumping the ends!

Zonun Falguniii

Man I'm telling you the last time i watched her video she was with Corey..and now they broke up?..

Jasmyn Marshall

Lol I have the grey hairs in the middle of my head too!


How old r u

Mia Fa

your curly hair are BOMB !!!!!!!!! love them!!!

Asiah Noelle

Hey Jasmine... it’s been a month. Are you okay??

Kulture Baby

Ion like how they did it. A great cut looks good curly n straight it’s very choppy... they wrong for that

Anissa Steele

My hair is naturally curly and the same thing happened to me. I started getting gray hairs in the middle of my head too. That’s so funny. I also said it’s hereditary?.

keely roberson

Girl you literally got a curly girl cut. It’s not suppose to be styled straight. It’s cut that way for a reason. Did you do any research before getting this haircut??


There’s a lot of pain/disappointment behind that smile

Roman statik Gk hindi

Iam indian I love you एक बार मुझे मेरे नाम से पुकार please

Yuh Buddy

I swear she sounds just like zendaya

Latasha Sinclair

It looks good.

Jamie Smathers

Bro I haven't seen your videos since like 3 or 4 years ago when I watched your curly to straight and I remember the little jagged messed up orange comb but the flat iron looking brush just knocked it out of the park dang

Heathiecat Beauty

Glad you got a curly cut!!! Your hair was too heavy and now seems so much bouncier!!

Devan O'Connor

Your hair is always your best feature even to this day just wanted to let you know

Rihanna Torres

i did the same today with my bangs and layers..i cried. ?? then washed it

Hugo B

Por aqui

Adho Dhaqane

Mashaallah jas???

Airis Graham

Great, flat iron and trim!

Skylar Wooten

any tips for stronger roots? every time I shower and comb through my hair SO much comes out

Rayanna Bryan

OuO noice Besides my hairstyle makes me look like a little 4 year old WHEN IM 11

who else agrees and can relate

champ art

Happy New year celebration
I hope you're well,
Let's stay connected
❤️New subscriber ??

Matana Geraghty

JEEEEZ She looks SO much like her mom!!

Jacqueline Reynoso

You have disconnected layers and it goes into a v shape on your ends



Sata matos

Your hair was so thick before now it looks very thin


why would you damage so much hair

Keilah-raee K

She was the 1st YouTube i ever liked❤️


I have the same texture I’m just so scared to straighten it?

Dr. Simple Beauty 300

Giiiiirl I don’t even recognize you.
You’re like 15lbs overweight

Alissa Grant

✝️warning Jesus ✝️is coming soon✝️share to as many people as possible ✝️you can ✝️don’t be scared God will be with you✝️

Olivia Rucci

How does she rock every hair style?? Like, flawless❤️❤️❤️


Girl I get greys in that exact same spot lol


You look so good!


Never ever ever feather or thin or blend your ends if you're curly. It will DESTROY your curl if you cut into it.

Braundi619 HelloUniverse

This is EXACTLY what happened to mine.... My hair looks terrible straight now. I'm so trying to grow these uglu layers out my hair.

Earl moss

Your hair is beautiful

Mya Reena

2M subscribers I wish ???????? CHILE i dont even have 1K ????????????

Michelle Luciano

I think if you wave it, you won’t notice the un evenness!

Beatrice W Wainaina

I got grey hairs on my short hair too??

Lizzy Renney

The ends look sooooo nice!


Your hair actually shrinks up a lot


I got a”curly” cut. When I washed it at home, it looked terrible. Random straggly strands sticking out of my curls.

Channel Yt


Pamela King-Marbury

Love you too ???

Royalty Bells Cosmetics

They gave you a v cut it wasn’t thin.. but it’s ok some people don’t like the look but it looked fine besides the bangs

Becky Cepeda

Didn't you have some layers when you got a deva cut and colour 3 years ago though?

Thomas Gordon

Nice work ⚡????

Tatiana Benitez

Wow they cut sooo much ? your hair looks so silky and soft though ?

Saphire Mills

I have a comb similar to that brush. I didn’t know they made a brush version so I might get that. I definitely need to trim or cut my hair too ?

Mickey Jones

I was thinking about getting a curly cut but I like my hair to be pretty uniform when straight. I don't know if I could deal with that. I don't straighten my hair often. Maybe 3 times a year.

Angela Buono

you should cut your hair short it looks so good

Denla Eritch

Wow i like the review, im small youtuber, you are one of my idol in youtube, more videos please

Jolly Dayz

My hair was litterly 5inches until i was 6

Shades of Sage

LOVE it ???!


My hair has been shoulder lenght for 4 years?


thank you for this video!! now I know that my hair will look the same when i straight it

Chey m

I had a grey hair when I was younger and I accidentally pulled it out. I cut my hair two years ago (big chop) and I started growing a grey hair last summer!

Rares Negrean

You are Gorgeous ?

Mojca Tomažič

Make an apartmemt tour! (penthouse) You now, your penthouse is my dream home!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Fatmaa a

Is it just me thinking that black girls look indian with straight hair ??

DJ undadirt

What’s upper from Las Vegas. YouTube/DJ undadirt. and. YouTube/F a Mask ?

Noora plays

your hair is so pretty


Se le cayo el pelo por tanta plancha y se le perdio el rizo

Queenstar Abekah

Let’s support each other. My channel is: QueensVintage

yasmine Natural

Curly looks better on you anyway

fewfewfew fewfew

They cut like 8 inches ???

lll l

My forehead is double the size of hers ?


Whyyy did you make a video for this....smh... attention grab...I mean, some people actual live to show off what others may lack. Just wasnt even necessary.

Isabelle Rodriguez

It looked so much healthier long ?

Esmery Martinez

I want to know if u do your hair every days ?

Lilly Prince

They cut so much but it still looks amazing ??

Tori Uptown

wow your hair is super “short” compared to last time. it looks healthier and more like a style now. ?

Jonathan Valjan

Check out my book on my channel thanks you

Kyley Chanel

It is the fight for curly healthy hair or straight neat looking hair. I am just embracing my natural hair at this point.

Layarna Richards

what heat do you have ur straighteners

Hey it’s Dani

Whoever is reading this Jesus Christ loves you! ?


Beautiful ❤❤❤


she kinda looks like avani with her hair straight omg




I love Jasmineee

Mackenzie Phelps

I have naturally curly hair but it is very damaged bc I always straighten it so I’m starting to put it in braids instead. Can you give me some advice on transitioning to curly hair?


Every time she said “my curls still juicy” with the blonde & copper hair
I was like have you seen your black hair?? Girrrl go get your money back cause that’s damage


Much Gratitude

Claudiaaa Mamãe da yohanna

Nossa que linda maravilhossa estou falando do Brasil

Izzie Kittie

Where's the straight to curly video after the trim though! ?

Michelle Rodgers

i know she has GORGEOUS hair...but straight her ends look split and its way too choppy...I feel like for HER its cool bc 90% of the time its curly...but i am not a fan of curly cuts in general.

Yuh Buddy

WOW I never realized until now you sound exactly like zendaya ong

hind abdelouahid

I think I liked it better when it was even


Where did you go to get your haircut?


This is so satisfying! The Dyson dryer looks so cool and I need to get my hands on that Dyson straightening/smoother brush! Been meaning to try chi silk infusion for ages!

Miguel D

Salvation is a completely free gift. Jesus Christ died for our past, present and future sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done.
Believing is enough.?

Ky D

i hate how predictable and boring her videos have become, that’s why her views have decreased. can we finally get a furnished apartment tour or???

Tae lovely

I agree, I straighten my hair once a year to see how long it has gotten. It’s almost close to my butt.?

Yasmin E

Omg I have so many gray hairs as well. Glad to know I’m not the only one ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Coco Sada

Looks soo nice ?

Amazing 08

Who else agrees that straightening natural hair is a workout! ??