Popping huge cyst on back

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37 354 730 views | 25 Aug. 2011



Turbo Turd

I for one could go for some delicious nutritious goat cheese

Tracey Stent

How long did it take to come back? Sac still in there


This is why we need universal healthcare.

Judy Weaver


Kathy Reidy

Washing with Dial antibacterial soap will help prevent boils.

Moises Weirich

Tem um humano nesse tumor d pus

Luna’s Mews *Tina Read

love when one of the other ladies in the back ground. saysEEWW I gotta get out !


My only regret is that this video's not in 4k

Rana & Cora the BBD

I have watch this cyst with a Gary attached? since it was 1st uploaded! HANDS DOWN, it's the best cyst EVA!! This woman is a BOSS & a martial art, on cyst extraction!! ????????

Michelle Murphy

She was squeezing the hell out that cyst ?

Imperialx Warlord

Damn I wish I could find the video where they called a cyst George.

Jack Murry

I would love to squeeze that



eric grosvenor

Wow. I bet it feels much better now. Thanks for sharing

ebba ebba

Bu adam sanirim her gün su yerine mayonez icmiş?


She did an excellent job! Not that’s how you do it !!!! Lady you go!!!!

Paul Brown

This is the best you will ever see on YouTube, I know 'cause I've watched hundreds and hundreds of them. 37 million views and counting.

Dorothy Sorge

This has to be the granddaddy of all pimple popping videos. This one started the pimple popping craze

Takeda_ Sucks

Wow this lady is good at popping pimples! Great job ???

Lovey LOVE

I feel like we ALL have a loud mouth Aunt that always MISSES A GOOD CHANCE TO JUST SHUT UP to the point that she is known as a F O O L, I feel like that’s the case in this video of the woman in the background who can’t help herself to just shut up!!

CaCola 337

My kind of gal, Pressed the hell out of it right from the start!


Why does reddit hates me?

Mike Kikuchi

I can smell this video

Paul Brown

She's obviously had medical training and much clinical experience. A pro. You will never see a better job done on a large cyst.

NoneYa BizNas

Looks DElICIOUS : )



John Caroline

Totally the most disgustingly grotesque cyst removal ever. It's so nasty and disgusting that you're just in Awe watching the cyst be extracted squeezing the massive cyst seeing it exit the man's back like squiggly white rope. It's so nasty yet you're drawn in watching this massive cyst pimple at the very 1st cut burst upon all over gooey liquid then comes the delicate dish that I'm sure someone would eat just for shits n giggles.

Rich Lysakowski

was this guy taking oxycontin or heroin before this painful process?

Zac Turf-N-Sports

I am very turned on??

Melissa Chapin

@stonner67 Thank you Gary, for your service to humanity. PS Your doctor deserves 2 medals, for skill and endurance. ☺️??

peggy ochoa

finally someone with guts that go for the kill and good work camera person im impressed !!!!

Free Kids Toys Kids Play

such videos acemice and unhealthy disgusting I never share such a video on my channel ;)

Henry Stickmin


Keep Zit Poppin'! Howard

My God, she's a BEAST!

Bradley Seewalt-Boman

Hope he doesn’t get infection

супчик боршь

KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyone from Shane ?


I think dr pimple popper could have a separate channel for reactions to home pop videos. This lady attacks this with a a vengeance. I’d love to hear dr Lee react to this.

Carla Southwell

I like how she just gets in there. No squealing or retching...right to business!

Delilah Cannady

I really liked the way she kept her cool when it sprayed,some people act like you just shot them with nuclear waste , good job lsdy.


You can feel the relief of the Swiss cheese extraction. Good job.

Aiden Mecca


Sherene Schultz

That is never going away until that sack is removed!


Reddit sent me

Sean Emmett

Initial puncture shoots out like a cannon. That's serious pressure!

Asian SeanOrSomeEmElse

Mum be like when the there is a little bit of toothpaste

Kimberly Owens-Goade

She didn't get the sac out though. She did great, but it may come back since the sac is still there.

Racheal Smallwood

When she punctured that thing and that " sebum mist" come spraying out it really gave you the idea of how much pressure that big ole' thing was under!!!! Damn I bet that felt good when she pushed that crap out of the cyst. RELIEF BABY!!!!!

Unkindled 496

i want to eat it. why do i want to eat it?

Gergő Szabó

she press the hell out of him and that laugh behind wow dude fcked up

skip michaels

This lady obviously ENJOYS her work !

Judy Weaver

All in the day of a trailer park

Abigail P

This lady knew what she was doing!

YMN Jalen

That girl’s reaction was great


591 subscribers

TheObsessivePainter !

Thats relief

Patricia Foster

Good job. But it’ll come right back......that sac will keep filling up...

Celebrity Life


Dabunny Rabbit

I would need a hazmat suit.

blue truck hos

You just lost 10 pounds in just a few minutes..

Andrea Reichert

Ist das ein Fake oder echt ? Das frage ich mich ! Der Mann muss Schmerzen haben oder ist der Rücken örtlich betäubt ???


Oh my fucking God. How did this even happen O_O

Val Inc.

You go girl ! .... Dr. Val


I watched this in the bathroom and when i looked at myself in the mirror I realized my face had gone pale and I was sweating.

beesee Will

Is she working out of her garage .Wearing car washing gloves.

Eric Franke

He is one tough dude! She is being way too rough....those things hurt horribly!

Glass is just hot sand

Death is a preferable option

Dillon Walsh

That must feel so fuxking good to have all that stuff out


No joke i literally puked after this...??

Müjdat Karadağ

onediodan gelenler ?

Tania m Hicks

She means business lol good pop!

Goran Svraka

Now that's how you pop a cyst!

Patrice Roysdon

Nice job and thanks for sharing.


DrPimple Popper eat your heart out over this video. She really did a great job removing this subaceous cyst.

Emir Ashour

To much pork

Taylor Anderson

"Here's a good place to lay this stinky yellow nasty puss lookin' napkin." - On her kitchen table.

Maxi Tarabay

On another episode of "videos you can smell through your screen"...

Javier Olivera

why i come back here? after so many years

Nacy Koko

good job. one of my favorites

peggie kensicki

With that initial squirt I’m thinking lidocaine

Bekah D

ah, the video that started it all

Heather Miller

He was a real trooper about it, but that lady was a champ at getting that cyst! She seemed like a professional, not scared like most amateurs on YouTube!

Marie Wraight

Easy squeezy cheese

Sheryl Klug

So freaking cool


Wow, that's a big one, glad she used gloves at least......

Sergio Rocha

why am i drooling?


Thumbs up? if you did throw up (at least a tid bit)

Stephanie Blum

I knew she was a nurse or a Dr. You could tell by how she did the procedure and the words she used. What some people don't know is first it didn't hurt him because she used Lidocaine...that is what flew on her arm when she lanced it and a lot of times when you squeeze a cyst it doesn't hurt...you actually feel relief from the pressure. Boils hurt but cyst don't hurt that bad.

Ohlordy 456

I can smell this video

Regina Moore

??? it just gets better with time.. made me JUMP AGAIN!

Melissa Chapin

The video owner, stonner67, made an 8 second video of the patient Gary’s back all healed. Its in his list of videos, or here’s a shortcut:



Is there a follow up anywhere? I'd like to know how he's doing and if it's grown back.

Luke Stoner

She just John Wayned that thing!

Curry Wilkinson

The one that started it all.

Guillermo Fernandez

A classic....

Princess CheeseBurger

She stuck her FINGER in the hole and dug shit out !! That woman has bigger balls than anyone I've ever met!

Ashura Zengetsu




The Escape of Notions

Gary’s cyst. It started my fascination

Eugene 47

What a waste of good cream cheese!

Popping huge cyst on back

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Cyst on back

227 537 views | 22 Feb. 2018

Pimple popped

Pimple popped

Rolonda Jackson

Some of y’all comments are hilarious ?

zombiebitme 420


Stephen Woods

Pathetic in the extreme.

Bridget Bewley

I think this is a boil not a cyst ?

Carla Ross

Well this person does not know what they are doing. They need to cut it to drain it & the patient needs antibiotics

Stanley Whitner

You could actually hear her cyst erupt. ????

Mike Simpson

Dang this is a arguing bunch

WhiskyTango FoxTrot

You can tell by the color of the pus coming out that the smell of it was nothing less than the smell of death.. blah. Foul:(

Oum'Unique Davis

The hospital would have charged yall $10,000 dollars to do what yall just did and don't forget the sack because if you do get it it will come back with a vengeance

Peggy H

How did that poor girl sleep with that infection?

Melissa Kelly

I know it’s been a long time, but we would love to know how this turned out. I hope it healed quickly.

David Matos

Who filmn


This looks extremely painful. Hats off to all involved.

Jan Collins

The conversation is priceless! Hope she's better.

Renee Mungia

She is getting on my nerves


We need more just like to watch!?

Jacqui Hampson

I've never seen ANYTHING like this before
I hope you went to a doctor


that needed a surgeon to give some lidocaine and to be properly drained.

Renetta Daniels

Always use cold water, for the burning sensation, that's gotta be very painful

Pamela Tollett

Did anyone else hear that thing explode or was it just me???

sanjay rodriquez

That damn child talk too much!



Kari Ynes

Oh, and whoever was recording didn't keep it on the cyst so didn't get to see the gusher

uncle jemima

Needs smellovison

Geicy Kezia


hanna scherr


wolfofrhodeisland X

Love that little kid. "Mom you gonna bleed to death" funny as hell

Cicero Sousa

Quando for gravar coloca um pessoal que sabe gravar

Jodie Richardson

That's a awful ! I hope she survived this!


How the heck did she give birth when she's creating so much in front of her poor kids!

Melody Koontz


Joyce Dione

Que agonia, filma direito saporra kkkk

Sandra Fontes

Tinha que drennar

Bryan A.Cal

What a waist of everything all around.

Melody Koontz

real nice family

Barbara Barela

Poor girl, that looked so painful


What adult could have seen this cyst and not taken the child to the doctor's or the E.R. It's heartbreaking. It's infected and she needed antibiotics. 80% of cysts contain staph or MRSA. Hopefully she got treated and no one in the family was infected.

Renetta Daniels

Those paper towels sound ruff, hope she gets medical attention, infected.

Paul Brown

Did that ever get healed ?


I wish I could have been there to do this one but they did good

Renetta Daniels

Pour cold water to stop the burning....that's severely infected. See a doctor.

Valencia Essex

???im so weak she said "it doesn't stink that bad" an he said "yes the fuck it do"! ???????

Jodie Richardson

I do hope that this young lady got some actual Medical help pretty soon after this procedure. Great video in a sick kind of way. Thank you for sharing your hard work and valuable time .

Kari Ynes

She needed to get in her car, drive to the dr. get it lanced open, cyst out, sac out

Jozetta Henry

There isn't any green stuff boy you seeing things

Being Nancy

https://youtu.be/pi_9rM0JSXg. Ripped off your video. The link is above.

Crystal Richeson

shes tuff, bless her heart I know that was horrible, I hope she got better

Jodie Richardson

Does anyone know how it ended! Is she still alive and well! I certainly hope so.HEY GIRL. YOU NEED TO CALL A BEOTCH! LET HER KNOW HOW YOU'RE DOING.... PLEASE POST ANOTHER VIDEO OF HOW YOU ARE NOW


Doctor please !

Anita Haynes

I'm watching this yet again because this is the biggest cyst/abscess I've seen. I get these under my breasts and under my arms and they HURT like hell I feel her pain so badly. Yall are so patient and funny at the same time. The son has me laughing with his commentary. I do hope these do not continue to come back on her. This kind of stuff makes me want to get into the medical field to help take care of people like her because understand the pain she feels.

Susan Way

What was the end result? Did he get the sack out (core) has it filled back up?

Gary Lassiter

That should be called pimples in the hood

x24 agthorn

now shut the f#$% up and let your man save your nasty a$$!


She tells that caring little boy to shut up one more time, I’m coming thru this iPad and smacking her right in the mouth!!!

S. Campbell

Not thinking he's done this before! Pretty brave!!

Jeremy Winston

Bless your heart u got a heck of a high tolerance for pain.

Being Nancy

There is another channel who has uploaded it as their video. I wanted to report it, but wanted to make sure you haven't started another channel. If I see it again, I'll make a comment to you with the channel name. ⛄⛄⛄

James Stephens

Worst camera job.
Don't people know how to pop a cyst and get it over with?

Susan Way

Can you put a vid up of what it looks like now??

wolfofrhodeisland X

Quit acting like an ass and let them drain that nasty cyst on your back.or go to the dr like a non ghetto citizen

BlueVenom Productions

Need to break up the adhesion's under that big clot and also get the sack out or that will keep growing and become an abscess

Nancy King

She needs a doctor

Aubree Timmons

I understand she is in pain but she was rude as hell, telling her kids to shut up. She was also rude to the man helping, like damn go to the doctors then! I would have stopped!

Gessica Botelho

Bolei com esse vídeo,ela devia ter ido ao um médico,sem nenhuma higiene,correndo um sério risco de infeccionar
Isso ai ou e um um furunculo com mt puis ou um absseco mt infecconado
Deve ter doido mt para deixar espremer isso deste tamanho

Casey Michel

And now Everyone there has mrsa


Oh god....Dr, dr

Mike Frain

Camera kid needs a lesson in shooting film

janice brown

i love this video i have not laugh this hard in a long time I'm not laughing at her pain the child and the husband are so funny and poor mom keeps telling them to shut up like that's going to make it hurt less, the child did a excellent job taping this thank you so much for posting, but please get a antibiotic so it wont get infected and come back. one luv

Oum'Unique Davis

Talk about for better or for worse thru sickness or health man he there all the way for you

krystle reeter

This video everytime... I laugh my ass off!!! U all are HILARIOUS!!

Teresa Walker

Did she ever go to a doctor or hospital?

LifeSuchAsThis !!!

Pull the core out pleaseeee

Lisa Kaye

Y'all got Stevie Wonder running the camera for you??? Lol

wolfofrhodeisland X

I wonder if shes still alive.not cleaning that absessed cyst out could be fatal


The parents speak to there son like shit absolute disgusting the way they speak to him

Peggy Word

She is one tough woman and that man was very gentle

Beverly Fincham

Get that root out


That little boy was so cute, and all she kept doing was telling him to shut up. I know she was in a lot of pain, but he was just trying to help.

Melody Koontz

needs to be packed after draining and antibiotics!


Best cyst draining I've seen, still should of took the core out??

Damian Corbin Jenkins

Any update? Is she ok?

Joey W

I guarantee its still as bad, most likely worse, i hope she finally let someone help her

Dinah Freeman

You can afford an expensive Iphone, and this girl can’t afford to go to the doctor? Can’t understand people’s priorities.

Tish W

Anyone heard of tweezers? Mom needs to quit yelling and just squeeze the damn thing.

Clara Romero

It's been a while but..update on this please!

Rob Miller

That kid in the background was annoying

Gary Lassiter

She should have went to the hospital and get that looked at and treated

Debra Beck

Most annoying video if a cyst being popped ever!

Damian Corbin Jenkins

Is she ok now?

Cynthia Riordan

Okay, first of all, get the kids OUT of the room--and put on a pair of gloves.

EraserRain Lantier

This perhaps the 2nd worst cyst infection I have seen online. That eruption it did is a first for me. If something like that causes pain and "burns" it's not a bad idea to drain it, but afterwards you need to take yourself to the ER. More so if it has a strong smell to. They are all red flags that it's not only infected it means cell are dying at a rapid rate. This seems like it's close to becoming narcotic in that area. I don't care for seeing doctors over the bill, but a case like this is extrem to get me to see one.

Thanks for sharing this. Hopefully it helps others after seeing this.

sonia carvalho

Deus me livre, nunca vi um negócio desse tamanho, credo!

C Suthard

You did goog Papa! ??.. next time tho,maybe dont waste so many paper towels. It will wipe off if you get puss on you. That while bulb that pluged the opening was the sack wallmof the cyst. She'll need to see a doctor to have that removed, as she will definitely need anisthesia.

Elisabeth Townsend

I know that one hurt. Hope you got some antibiotics and healed.

Guyneth White

Why didn't he pull that plug out and let all the infection come out

Gary Lassiter

Why don't these bozos go to the damn hospital you can see this is over their head

Lime Head74

RIP my ears!

Renetta Daniels

Use ? OMG


Never fails, first thing right after the pop you get that "OMG THAT SMELLS" from everybody.


Terrible camera work, unsafe and unsanitary pop/ drainage, she’s wriggling all over the place...

2/10 video

Popping huge cyst on back

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jonny favors

Dickhole knee really caught my attention....dude can piss out of his knees!!! That's a unique talent...

Mocha Joe


Mocha Joe

Poor coww

carloine moroney


XxrobloXx-for life

Its ew but satysfying

J-man 1017

So couple years ago I decided.to grow my beard out. And my neck has always had problems like ingrown.hair, razor.bumps etc now.I have a hard thing on my neck like a bit bigger than a bb and I can't figure out if its a hair ,cyst or just star tissue from me picking at it sometimes if I mess with it it gets bigger and say I squeeze it and if I pinch from the sides of it.itwill stay vertical then if I.squeeze on top and bottom it'll stay horizontal .. I have these hard pumps all over my body also anyone have any clue

Glenna Sue Muckley

I betcha that cow felt so much better. Poor baby ?