Olive skin tone foundation

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My MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid Shade | Olive Skintone | glambymyra

184 227 views | 10 Jul. 2018



All About My MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid, Pro Longwear Concealer, & Studio Fix Powder Shade & Mini Review

I always received a lot of questions from my Indian & Pakistani followers about my MAC cosmetics foundation shade and was like might as well just make a whole video on it and add in other MAC cosmetics complexion products. So hopefully this helps you guys with color matching and you get to hear my thoughts on the products!


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MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid Foundation “NC35”: https://go.magik.ly/ml/dkjm/

MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Concealer “NC 42”: https://go.magik.ly/ml/dkjn/

MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation “NC 42”: https://go.magik.ly/ml/dkjp/


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Nileema Patel

your skin looks amazing!!!

yourwayof style

Thanks ?❤️

Aseel Albeyari


Poulami Sarkar

What is your nars concealer shade?

Silvy Bose

Heyyy. I know this video is old but have you looked at the Mac C shades? They have some pretty good true golden olive tones. They worked better for me than the NC.


Thank you. I have the same problem with anything deeper than nc 35 in the liquid foundation but I need to find the balance for the powder because the nc35 is too pale.


I don’t get this. How are you using an NC 35 foundation with NC 42 concealer and powder?! You look about my shade and I use NC 41 powder and NC 42 concealer?

Ruchi Sachdeva

Have a question : you suggest that we buy foundation lighter and dark concealer and setting powder in the video ? . Btw love your videos

Laura Regina

beautiful video! I also used macs foundation in my videos, it’s bomb af?


Were the same color :)

Aseel Albeyari

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️amazing video

Vanessa Andrade

Nw 35 our Nc 35?

richa jain

Hii D, which shade u used

Kavitesh Chand

My shade is also NC35 ?

Matthew Lapping

Have u tried nc38 that a olive base


Mac nc42 makes me look more orange

Amanda Summerfield

I love the prolongwear concealer but that pump is horrid! I’ve wasted so much product because of it

aishwarya aishu

U have great skin.. this foundation looks superb on u..n I'm going to buy ?

A 13

perfect make up.......!you are stunning!!!kisses from Greece


Sorry but i dont agree with u about buying a pump is waste of money. I use EL and struggled without pump bec of many youtubers and my friends said, dont buy and waste of ur money. Enough was enough and i bought mac pump on black friday and i swear it was the best decision. I can reuse it again and again and it isnt waste of money. I personally think if some1 can afford buying and using expensive products then they can spend another 4 or 5 pound as well. If u want to be messy and dirty with ur foundation then it is ur choice but i am happy with reusable pump which is cleaner and safer. I recommend buying a pump to the highest. Dont always listen to others.

Justme Yram

do you have any drugstore foundations and if you do what shade do you use because I’m your exact color and it’s very hard to find my shade

Dr Fashionista Girl

M NC 25 but it looks too dark on my face .what should I do maybe it oxidises n also my under eye look cakes after concealer and powder

Darine Khalifa

Hi what is the brand/name of the brushes that you use they are very good

vijaya c prabhu

Which shade is best suitable for medium skin tone,,as I have little dark tone than you so please suggest me


I'm Mexican and this is my perfect shade!! Thank you so much for this video!!

Raweena Changoer


Crislene Nunes

Sua base é a NC 35 ?

Daisy Palacios

I'm sorry to say this but your skin looks washed out. I think you need a more yellow foundation and should try nc37 or even 40.

Ruchi Sachdeva

Great video .. please do a video on how to choose foundation colour , concealer and setting powder shade ..

Moushumi Islam

Please suggest me a channel where I can find someone of NC 42-45 range. Can't find anyone!

Azi Hussain

What shade are u in Mac face and body?

Supreet Dhillon

Hey hun, whats ur shade in maybelline and wet n wild for reference. Coz i have nc35 but i feel like its little dark for me

Shakera Ali

This was super helpful ! I use the face powder in NC43 and I recently bought the foundation in NC42 and concealer in NW35

Mrs Esra Özel


Munish Gupta

Foundation looks as if it is light for your skin

mhatre 123

Cost plz

Lika Felix

Qual a sua cor?

Blessd Nina

Lipstick shade and blush you have on in this video???❤️

Raisa Alam

Wow this foundation looks great on u. You have really nice skin mashallah ??

Oh Keh

What’s your shade in Estée Lauder double wear foundation? What’s your skin type? Have you tried Mac prolongwear in nc38?

Ebony White

My foundation gets too orange to! So I’m going to go lighter and just bronze if I need to.

Ap M

Hi please let me know what lipstick that is the colour is lovely


Can you do a review of the Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice collection next? ?

Maria G Xivir Garcia

I’d hope you review other Mac foundation ?? & the channel please ????

sai nichal

Is this good for dry skin.?. And plg make a vdo about Dior foundations for your skin tone

Shivya Bansal

I know the struggle. I’m Indian and nc35 has the right undertone but it’s light.

Rinku Rai

For dusky skin.

Myra Chaudhary

I hope this answers a lot of your guys’ questions and helps you guys when finding your own color matches in foundations I mention! :) I know it doesn't match perfectly but thats the struggle with olive skin tones - gotta make things work!

Titiksha Dhal

Is it me or does she really look like Sana seed from kuch kuch hota hai ?

shruti roy

U luk lyk suhana khan

_ AlizeBamm

Nw33-34 works for me and sometimes I use nc45 (little dark though) studio fix powder . Hope e this helps someone

Miriam Ribeiro

Nc 35 ?


OMG girl tell me about it. The concealer pump is terrible. I always try and get half a pump worth of product and it always end up being too much!!

Buvneshwari Sharma

Thank you sooo much. Finally i found someone with my shade. Thanks alot ❤️ i have seen people using dark foundations. Soo thanks❤️ love from India ??


you should try out the shade C40 in the studio fix powder foundation. I could never get my colour in the NC range.

Muneebah X

Do u think nc35 is lighter than nc30

maha munshi

Is that foundation good yellow tune ?!

Fatima Adnan

Try nc38. It’ll be a better match for you

sai nichal

Which foundation is darker NC 35 or NC 45?

Anam Uvais

This the first video I saw urs, I have the same shade of foundation, concealer, compact powder, can U plz plz tell me what lipstick were u waring, I personally struggle a lot to find good shade of lipstick that look good on such olive skin , n the one u wore looked to pretty so plz tell me.

Fatima Adnan

Has anyone tried the foundation in the shade c40? I’ve heard that it’s for medium skin with olive undertones.

mango juice

is this foundation for dry skin or oily skin ?

Preeti Gautam

Hello mam ... indain Fair tone k liye Mac studio finish consealer ka kaun sa shade sahi rahega plzzzz bataye

Deanna Alisha

Do you recommend this over the pro longwear foundation by Mac? I've been using it for years.. scared to switch

Manai Ghosh

NC 35 is also my shade but what shade in fit me ????

Olive skin tone foundation

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Juvia's Place Magic Foundation | Shade ARUBA | Medium Olive skintone | Zara Lipstick

3 225 views | 12 Jun. 2019

Hi Guys!


Hi Guys!

Here is a super exciting review on the new Magic foundation that Juvia's place recently released. I love the brand and here is what i think about it.

You can get it here:



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#juviasmagicfoundation #juviasplacefoundation #zaralipstick

Thahira Tasneem

Apart from being yellow,it looks beautiful on you.It has completely covered the marks you mentioned.Pls give us an update after you try it out for some more time.


Looks so good on you☺??

Deepika Ram

I am curious to try their concealers but not sure about the shades for concealer

Priyal Ramlugun

What's your equivalent shade in Huda beauty foundation?

Revathi Revz

Wow you're so beautiful without makeup akka? Love the review❤️


It's not even yellow, it looks lime green.

Keeping Up With Neha

That was a really helpful review now I am thinking of getting this foundation?

Sumona Moon

What is the SHADE?

Shakera Ali

Way to incorporate so many product info in one video !!! You need to be leaving fashion and accessories details in ur info!!!

Bushra Salam

Omg the lipstick also looks so awesome.do you think there would be any Mac dupe for the Zara lipstick??? Thanks

Kirthy Kolluri

It initially looked very yellowy but as you mentioned, it looked really beautiful once you gave it the time and the whole makeup is done. I feel like giving it a try when I find some good coupons. I just bought 2 foundations based on ur recommendation and should start using them before buying a new one??

swetha vaddi

Really wanted to get my hands on! But unfortunately also saw some reviews that ot doesn’t on textured skin ..
although it looked yellow on you after entire makeup it really looked nice. What are you top high-end foundations?

Nishitha Vunnam

Formula seems promising. But shade looks yellow, are there any other shades that would match our golden skins better.
Awesome review ??

N. K

Wow no makeup look your skin is flawless by the way lipstick choose every time awesome you look more beautiful this video ma Sha Allah ???

Nells Salomon

What color are u on MAC ? or in other brands Just for reference please ??

lg st

Thanuja.. this foundation looks great on you. I assumed it may not look so good knowing your skin is on drier side..however your recommendations has me taken for a spin. ??


Lipstick shade is beautiful. I am debating to get this foundation as it looked too high coverage but it looked very nice on you and better as the day went by

lania hosain

What is the foundation brush?? BTW nice video